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  1. what crimes or criminal offences are theres pricks actully guilty of?
  2. I allways said hand Borris Johnson for high treason; you yes all 3 of them lined up together hung for high teason would be great!
  3. Thanks! I hade one of Borris and one of Bill Gates but could not find matt handcock Going to line them all up together you see
  4. Which T-shirt do you like best? (please see the files attached) Thanks The Persons Persanol Reprosanative of "james freeman (of the land)" Out Side of His Persanol Capacity
  5. Did he make reference to this in any of his books or talk shows or videos long ago? Anyone please?
  6. Hi there I am putting something together and I am wanting a photo of matt hancock behind bars Anyone with any images please? Thanks
  7. Hi I am putting together a little story of past predictions that David Icke made that came true So anyone got some quotes for me please Much detail as you can please including things like the date and a link to referance point Thanks
  8. until

  9. OK thanks for the advice! So Singapore is the place to do my reserch then How do you think Singapore banking will be effected by the great global reset and do you think if you dont take the vacine they may close down your account?
  10. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6255486/coin-base-crypto-currency/p1 Why Singapore?
  11. from what I have hered about it, is its make or loose every thing and no good for long time savings
  12. Piers Corbyn for mayor of London (Let London Live!) Election rally; 3rd of April 1pm; Speakers corner, Hyde park, London Join us as Piers speaks at speakers corner campaigning to become mayor of London Expect other groups to show up as well (including the usual greedy jealous little diddums infiltrators that want to steel the entire show to them selfs) Let hope we get the 50,000 turn out that we had on the last one two weeks ago Please note: As Piers is standing for Mayor of London, this is a political campaign and we are exempt from corona-virus
  13. Anyone any deals with this bank please they can say was good or bad I read bad things on wikipida that happened in 2008 https://www.coinbase.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coinbase Complaints On February 16, 2018, Coinbase admitted that some customers were overcharged in error for credit and debit purchases of cryptocurrencies. The problem was initiated when banks and card issuers changed the merchant category code (MCC) for cryptocurrency purchases earlier that month. This meant that cryptocurrency payments would now be processed as "cash advan
  14. If one was to invest in gold and silver. Is there a way you could have it stored where you do not pay a storage fee but are paid interest on it because the persons storing it for you are trading with it (the same way you save money in a bank and the bank uses that to lend money to people)
  15. I tried a quick duck duck of it and I can not seam to find the acutual video Anyone with a link to it please A youtube link would be better has I have softwhere that can download it Thanks PS this is the video that got him banned right?
  16. I remember a time ago i was in the airport with time to kill so looked at an expencive duty free on the bottles of wiskey for 300 quid The man said it was more of an investment as they go up in value over time But I was more intrested in investing in something that I have it stored away safely with out hording it in my flat
  17. The term crypto rings a bell! A quick duck duck relveled several expernations that I did not understand Who or what would you use as an agent to store such money? Thanks
  18. What with these inspections going on with my land lady; I do not feel safe doing so any more
  19. Have you heared of the WeRe bank by any chance? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WeRe_Bank
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