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  1. Well at least they have bothered to relies the start date in due cource Shame about the rest though But knowing what that bitch at SOR is like I would not put it past her to change the start location to Hyde park Corner the night before so they can steel there jellus little didums. So keep your eyes on the ball falks and watch for there next trick
  2. dose it start at speakers corner, Hyde park? Please can you confirm if it is speakers corner and not Hyde park corner in an attempt to stitch Piers up so they can steel the show for them self Do you know where the march is and where it will finish? or again are they saving it to the last minute only to be resiled on whoopee do Facebook (for those that carry a childish yuppy smart phone) so they can brake up the march into there own little groups and steel there jealous little didums? (as they always do)
  3. Have they anounced it yet (UK) what they are doing?
  4. Well it allways used to work before on that browser and now it has completly stopped! did you find the same thing? If so I am thinking its a bitchute issue coz I have just tried it on tor onion and it got further but still no play please see image below So blame it chute ay Yes dose work on that other site thanks!
  5. well again Gareth states there will be another lcokdown in his video at the very begining https://www.bitchute.com/video/yypB0oSnckY0/
  6. well I though there was another lockdown happening before then
  7. I you watch the DI podcast https://www.bitchute.com/video/kXn4dYELt8Hh/ at 1.32 Gareth states there will be another lockdown for christmas/ mid december Anyone any further info on it please? Thanks
  8. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-medical-exemptions-proving-you-are-unable-to-get-vaccinated
  9. After contacting the DHSC several times trying to get proper legislation to the exemption, It now appears they have decided to change the rules Exemptions for domestic use If you have received a trial vaccine as part of a formally approved COVID-19 vaccine trial in the UK, you will be able to prove your status through the NHS COVID Pass or with a letter confirming your participation in the trial from your trial site. See Residents in England who have taken part in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials below. If you’re unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons There are a small number of exemptions for individuals who have a medical reason which means they should not be vaccinated, and in some cases should not test either. Medical exemption status cannot be based on testing alone. You can apply for proof of evidence that you have a medical reason why you should not be vaccinated and/or tested. If you are eligible for proof of medical exemption, or a carer obtains this on your behalf, you will be able to use the domestic NHS COVID Pass wherever you need to prove your COVID-19 status. Currently, businesses and event organisers in England that choose to use the NHS COVID Pass as a condition of entry can decide whether or not to allow in people who self-declare that they are unable to be vaccinated or tested. Businesses can continue to accept people who self-declare that they are medically exempt until mid December 2021, from which point, have to use the NHS COVID Pass to gain entry in the same way that people who are fully vaccinated do. Your NHS COVID Pass will not show that you have a medical exemption. You can find out more information including how to apply for the NHS COVID Pass to prove that you’re unable to be vaccinated and/or get tested. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-covid-pass#vaccine-clinical-trials
  10. until

    aggreed! And Mr Icke should of gone ahead with hiring some kind of venue regardless as all his fans will be there to support the venue going ahead But this is out of our little hand and we as ever are in the dark; things at the top have all been planned for us this way So online streeming it is
  11. until

    Thanks! But I think its a bad idea streeming it as opposed to a proper gig. Hear is a man condeming the tecnocratic socity over the plandemic hoax. Only to play along with it
  12. until

    I though I read above that they where selling tickets for the event?
  13. until

    where is the event being held?
  14. So they say there may be a cyber attack on the banks and everyone will have there own money stolen from there bank accounts So if they where going to do this and you had money that you wanted to save but did not want to loose it to inflation or the cyber attack on the banks; what options dose one have Anyone invest in gold and silver? Anyone hear use cryptocurrency? Anyone do foreign banking? (I heard Singapore banking is a safe place)
  15. I just dont get it right! every time i see it, its still there! but no one ells so I guess it must be only me
  16. er....Its a man with long hear and a mustache; praying or doing some kind of ritual
  17. I will come back 24hrs to see if anyone has spotted it, but hear is the image, happy hunting
  18. Thanks for your though-full comments and those of you that voted! The reason I ask is because in the Great DI podcasts he sates the goverment are having a rethink and backing down Watch the first 5 minuts https://www.bitchute.com/video/QMG2LDkmaqrL/
  19. will there be another lockdown this Autum/ Winter And if so when do you think it will be
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