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    aggreed! And Mr Icke should of gone ahead with hiring some kind of venue regardless as all his fans will be there to support the venue going ahead But this is out of our little hand and we as ever are in the dark; things at the top have all been planned for us this way So online streeming it is
  2. until

    Thanks! But I think its a bad idea streeming it as opposed to a proper gig. Hear is a man condeming the tecnocratic socity over the plandemic hoax. Only to play along with it
  3. until

    I though I read above that they where selling tickets for the event?
  4. until

    where is the event being held?
  5. So they say there may be a cyber attack on the banks and everyone will have there own money stolen from there bank accounts So if they where going to do this and you had money that you wanted to save but did not want to loose it to inflation or the cyber attack on the banks; what options dose one have Anyone invest in gold and silver? Anyone hear use cryptocurrency? Anyone do foreign banking? (I heard Singapore banking is a safe place)
  6. I just dont get it right! every time i see it, its still there! but no one ells so I guess it must be only me
  7. er....Its a man with long hear and a mustache; praying or doing some kind of ritual
  8. I will come back 24hrs to see if anyone has spotted it, but hear is the image, happy hunting
  9. Thanks for your though-full comments and those of you that voted! The reason I ask is because in the Great DI podcasts he sates the goverment are having a rethink and backing down Watch the first 5 minuts https://www.bitchute.com/video/QMG2LDkmaqrL/
  10. will there be another lockdown this Autum/ Winter And if so when do you think it will be
  11. anyone seen an images, stroke photos of him being jailed please?
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