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  1. The bottom line is... Will such "worthless little eating shite/ scum-bags" except it any road!
  2. Have a look at this and tell me what you think? Thanks
  3. Hi anyone know anything about the coach load that went from Manchester to Londons protest last October. Where the nurse from Preston came down on it Trying to find name of the company that hired it you see
  4. what crimes or criminal offences are theres pricks actully guilty of?
  5. I allways said hand Borris Johnson for high treason; you yes all 3 of them lined up together hung for high teason would be great!
  6. Thanks! I hade one of Borris and one of Bill Gates but could not find matt handcock Going to line them all up together you see
  7. Which T-shirt do you like best? (please see the files attached) Thanks The Persons Persanol Reprosanative of "james freeman (of the land)" Out Side of His Persanol Capacity
  8. Did he make reference to this in any of his books or talk shows or videos long ago? Anyone please?
  9. Hi there I am putting something together and I am wanting a photo of matt hancock behind bars Anyone with any images please? Thanks
  10. Hi I am putting together a little story of past predictions that David Icke made that came true So anyone got some quotes for me please Much detail as you can please including things like the date and a link to referance point Thanks
  11. until

  12. OK thanks for the advice! So Singapore is the place to do my reserch then How do you think Singapore banking will be effected by the great global reset and do you think if you dont take the vacine they may close down your account?
  13. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6255486/coin-base-crypto-currency/p1 Why Singapore?
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