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  1. Thanks for all your comments. At least today I feel a bit better. Just had one of those days yesterday I guess. Perhaps venting some anger and frustration here on the forum actually helped a bit. Usually I don't talk much to other people about this, I have a very close and dear person to me in my life that I can talk about these things with which is incredibly good, but that being said sometimes it might be a good idea to also talk to others who know and understand the basics of whats going on to get the feeling that I or we are not alone in this. That everyone in this world are not mindless sheeple. After thinking about it and reading someones comment I think the main difference between sheeple and people who easily get whats going on is that important moment in their life where they consciously realized that a lot of what we see and are being told is complete and utter bullshit. And that we made a decision to not care about what other people think about us and just focus on being ourselves, to be authentic and to strive for the truth no matter where it takes us. We opted out of the fake race. I think that opens the path for us to develop and grow. The sheeple are simply people that are not ready to take that leap or simply made the other choice and are therefor stuck in an infantile and easily manipulated state. Some people are just not ready to be woken up and I know that. Some people will never be. But when it comes to family you almost feel an obligation to wake them up no matter what. Anyway, I posted a clip on another post and I thought it might be funny for you guys when speaking about trying to put some sense into sheeples minds or even just talking to them. Have a good day folks and lets enjoy the insanity of our days.
  2. I saw someone enjoying my "verbal diarrhea" text. If you laughed at that and want some visuals to go with that, I have that for you. Most of us depending on how long we've been into this topic have certainly had our share of interactions with people (sheeple) who just don't get it. I think you will really enjoy this and know exactly what this means and feels like. Hope you are not too sensitive. These days when sheeple open their mouths I always see this clip in my mind. Thought I would share this golden egg. Enjoy you day...and meals.
  3. Thanks for your comments even though I know most of it, and I think like you guys on good days. But you know how it's like certain days especially after having the retarded conversation with someone who doesn't realize that anything is wrong... It can boil your blood and the anger, frustration... it needs somewhere to go, and I always try to hide it in conversations but afterwards it needs to come out. Maybe I need to purchase a punching bag. I know the underlying mechanics of cognitive dissonance, I know that many good people are sheeple and are just too kind and gullible to understand the great deceptions and evils of our time, or that many young people are still just young and inexperienced and don't even have a fully developed brain yet and are subjected to sinister propaganda in schools and on social media, or that people have past bad experiences and are weak and cant handle hearing about an evil agenda and just refuse to accept it, but that doesn't make it any damn easier... Its the fact that I know the ways they indoctrinate people and my failure to pull them out of it. I hardly even get the time to mention Edward Bernays or propaganda before they zone out or want to talk about something else or ignore my messages or attack. And my disappointment with my family members. If I could wake up and see this why cant they? Why am I the only one trying to be an adult here (in my family) while the others seem to be careless children trapped in adult bodies believing talking heads on TV, caught up in the matrix,... doing matrixi things. Why me then? Why can I see it and not others. Why do I feel instinct and others not? Its like living in the movie idiocracy. Anyway, my times of trying to "wake" someone up is over. I don't have the patience anymore. I think at some stage an adult person is fkn responsible for what information they bring into their heads, from what source and what conclusions they draw from that information and for how long they ponder on things. Its annoying that we are only as strong as our weakest link which is the sleeping masses and we will consequently all collectively suffer from the bad decisions and beliefs of the sleeping masses. Guess all we can do is just trying to live our lives as decent, honest and authentic as we can and witness the crazy stuff that's coming our way. It still bothers me.... Imagine how beautiful, wise, funny, loving and healthy the sheeple around us could be or could have become with proper knowledge, wisdom, parenting and guidance... Think about what we COULD have had...the world we could have had, the lives people could have had, the inventions that could have been made, the relationships that could have been formed, the civilizations that could have been built, the books that could have been written, the suffering that could have been stopped... If satanists didn't rule the world.
  4. Feel the same way as the OP. Look at them out there.... seeing the dead eyes of people....the non interest, smug faces or hostility when trying to simply explain a few things rationally, respectfully and with the best of intentions... Out of care and concern,....sometimes the person just starts rambling, covering you in verbal diarrhea consisting of loosely formed phrases resembling TV talking points... and they wont stop! They don't let you talk, they just increase their output and they try to look as serious and formal as news anchors when regurgitating half digested propaganda... Or they try and pull rank, "I'm a Vet you know and actually covid resembles a disease found in cats and I think I know a bit more than a laymen like yourself bla bla bla. " "That sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory to me, why would they lie to me?" "Covid is definitely real, I see it on TV, people are dying in droves, whats wrong with you? This is not the time for your crazy theories, why would Bill Gates depopulate the world, listen to yourself, you sound crazy!" These days it pisses me off to... berserk-like levels. I have officially lost any patience whatsoever with people that cant figure out that the world is deliberately taken into a very dark and sinister direction in the year 2020. Face-masks, Face shields, Dots and lines on the floor, BLM, government oversteps, police violence, violence against the police, mass invasions into Europe and elsewhere, Antifa, Bill Gates, vaccines, islamisation, normalization of pedophilia, George Soros, the celebration of the ego, empty virtue-signalling, divorce rates, the James Bond Villain Claus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, Anti-white, pride festivals, Anti-family, Anti-morals, feminism, globalism, climate change retards, the general and consistent dumbing down, the covering up of immigrant criminal behavior (reference Sweden), gang-rapes, gender confusion and on and on and on and on I see it everywhere, in movies, TV shows, games, ads, news and even though I don't watch TV myself (Since 2004) I end up in circumstances where there is a damn TV on somewhere and the nonsense spews out from it. People buying these propaganda machines as huge as 2 doors and drilling it to their walls, they cant get enough of it you see, they need their latest covid news in ultra HD, so they can scare themselves up, they raise the volume up and up and when the damn nonsensical commercial comes on you get a f***ing heart-attack. They (sheeple) love it. It's too late.... We are too late.... They love their servitude...they love their masters... And they will turn on you in heartbeat if you don't wear a mask, don't get the vaccine, speak about an agenda or anything else that in the slightest way contradicts what they've heard or seen on TV. They will CHEER like lobotomized apes when the vaccine comes, you will see. We are already THERE. Yes people are waking up to some extent but at a rate that is way too low especially considering the covid scam which SHOULD have woken up a lot more people then it has. Look. If people want to bring a wild, adult tiger into their house and insist that a tiger is a vegetarian and completely harmless its only a matter of time before the universe, truth or whatever will deal out punishment for refusing to accept reality. It's just the way things work. The universe doesn't care if a small, cute wonderful and innocent little 4-year old girl gets harmed or killed in the above scenario or that one of the persons in the house was against bringing a wild tiger inside their house, or that one of them hoped and prayed for an external savior, the rules are the same for us all. Likewise we are about to receive a collective punishment for refusing to accept certain truths, like that a group of very powerful and very evil people are using organizations, media, celebrities, companies, education and people in powerful positions to persuade us to participate in our own enslavement and to our own doom in regards to our current human configuration. Once we get the vaccine we will be irreversibly altered in some way. And our behavior patterns have already been drastically altered. Its unavoidable in a way I believe. Certainly it COULD turn around but I think that if that will happen it will be much later than we imagine and come at a VERY high price. The way the chess pieces have been setup at this time it almost doesn't need any guidance anymore. Even if all the nasty pedo-satanists would magically disappear, things are set in motion that drives itself. I'm thinking of Covid-hysteria, BLM, Antifa, Feminism, Gender Confusion, Climate hysteria, the out of proportion LGBTQ, Government overreach, ruined male female relations... It's practically self driving at this point... Sure they (NWO) need to close the deal but there is so much damage that have been done already that we haven't seen the bill for yet. And I know it sounds dark and defeatist as they say but that doesn't mean one should give up. And with any luck the NWO might do a real big ooopsie or two and in that case all the bets are off. But as it looks currently and nothing is done to change our current trajectory which I don't see any indication of,... we are fked, yes. And I don't think time is on our side either. It's just a ride anyway I guess. Too bad it turned out to be one of those scary, blood drenched, horror-haunted-house rides and not a fun, cool roller coaster ride. But it is what it is. Since people refuse to wake up to whats going on here we ALL have to receive the fruits of the NWO.
  5. Lately I feel as if there is no point in doing anything anymore. I've been aware of whats going on in broad strokes since 2010. I've read two of David Icke´s books early on and have since gone through a plethora of authors, lectures, documentaries, philosophers, clips, podcasts and presentations. I've tried talking some sense into people early on when it comes to the most obvious low-level stuff such as corruption, banksters, UN, Agenda 21 and so on with varying success but for the most part it's been ineffective. Don't make the mistake of mentioning lizards early on btw, you will only make that mistake one time even if you put it in a very, very hypothetical context. These days I don't bother with anyone outside of family which I do on occasion through a link or two but I know they never click on them. What bothers me the most though is that my family members refuse to acknowledge even the slightest hint of anything being even a fraction bit off from what is the official TV narrative. It's as if a protective wall has formed around their minds and are completely incapable or stubbornly refuse to even consider that for example vaccinations might not be 100% reliable and safe or that covid stats are inflated or that mask wearing is ineffective, unnecessary and might even have a negative effect on their health. Not to mention the loss of our freedoms when it comes to what to wear and not. Their views and beliefs are so intertwined with their ego, pride and self and they defend themselves and the official talking points very aggressively. Just today I talked to my little sister who has 3 young daughters about whats happening in Melbourne and the lengths the state and police are going to in order to keep people "safe" by dragging them out of cars and throwing them to the ground etc and I said she should be happy that she is Swedish and lives in Sweden where the rules are a lot more relaxed, at least when it comes to Covid. And she simply responded by saying that she wished that Sweden had implemented a law forcing people to wear masks. She didn't have an input at all apparently about this Orwellian overstep in Australia. I'm not even sure she knows who George Orwell was or what the book 1984 was about. And with raising 3 young kids and tending to her career as a Vet I don't see how she has the time to figure things out even if she wanted to, which she doesn't. Thing is... Even though I know that the ever-present propaganda is screwing people up and that education and mainstream everything is doing its part to dumb people down I just can't help myself from detaching more and more from people who don't get that the world is headed in a very bad direction and that it's getting easier to see every day. It's like I've lost interest in trying to help people anymore. It's like I'm starting to view people the same way the satanic NWO are viewing people. Mindless Zombie-Idiots who are easily manipulated. Here I try to give important and solid information to seemingly intelligent people like my mom and sister and find out they are not interested or care at all about whats going on. Like serving a delicious 5-star meal to a pig and it even refuses to taste it. After 10 years of trying to wake up family members using different approaches and that they still in 2020 cant figure anything out tells me that we are in some deep shite with the fabled awakening far far off and that we will see history repeat itself with all its horrors. The only one who slowly starts to realize that at least some things are off is my old dad. Incidentally, the ones in my family who cant figure anything out and are the most hostile are all females. I don't know if anyone of you have found it more difficult to wake up females than males or if it's pretty equal? Don't mean to offend females here its just my own observation from my own experience. What do you people think? Do you think we are in for some really rough times and do you think we can get out of this mess? I think that IF we can get out of this it will be very far off and it will come at a very heavy price. As it stands now I think we are in too deep, with too many statists, TV watchers, authority lovers and order followers floating around.
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