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  1. My wife has been ill for a few months now – a debilitating illness that affects her quality of life. This afternoon she asked me to go into her space to see if I could help. After a few seconds I felt the part of her anatomy that was not well, and from there I felt this living force within her rear its head to come and look at me face to face. It was unreal what I felt – a Beast looking at me, asking me what I wanted. Where my wife works all of her colleagues have had a few of the covid jabs. The toxic environment within them must have shed to her. This I always thought was not possible, as a known intent of disharmony within another could not touch us through our will to not be associated with it. How is it possible that over all the times I have assessed my wife I have not felt this alien, nanotechnology Beast growing within her? I am not a fool, so what happened? What happened, was what I suspected, that within us was one who needed our help, but we could not help it, let alone help ourselves. So when there is a problem, and you don’t know how to solve it, you ignore it – you pretend it doesn’t exist. This troubled us, or should I say – this problem that we chose to ignore would not go away. And more than anything, this became our burden. I can still remember when I first saw the Serpent soul. I was lying on a ceremony floor with the Ayahuasca fluid coursing through me. Next to me lay this man, and from his chest I saw these two Snakes arise. They hovered above him, looking at him with Love, and after a few minutes they dropped back into his energy field where I no longer could see them. That absolutely freaked me out what I saw. I thought that poor man was possessed by Snakes, but what I never knew was what I saw was within me and you and everyone else, namely the Serpent soul. What I am unsure of though is why did I see two Snakes hovering above that man? What I believe is that if you look at something long enough, the object in front of you duplicates itself into two, where from one comes two. By releasing the Serpent soul to where it belongs, we are released of the responsibility within us that we forgot about a long time ago. This, coupled with Consciousness knowing itself, we may see and know what is within our midst if we are brave enough to do so. Did the devil win when the covid jab was released on our species – are we all victims to nanobot technology growing within us? The answer is a resounding “yes,” where through our ignorance we believed we were street-smart enough to side-step this evil unleashed upon our species. What I felt in my wife this afternoon makes me understand that within all of us an alien Beast was growing and taking us over, and we have been too floored by Life to understand what was within that was taking us over. Why have I felt so utterly exhausted over the last few months? Was it because I was losing the fight within with an alien that I never ever knew was there? – You betcha! We the piece of meat was never the trophy to win – it was our Consciousness, but I believe the true goal was an attack from a Serpent species to take out all the remaining Serpent souls that refused to let go of their integrity and self-respect. These Serpent souls were the last ones standing against evil, and I believe the alien technology growing within us was the force to crush the innocent Serpent soul within. It was all about Bad Snakes against Innocent Snakes. You and I the spirit and body form just had to submit to the alien being injected within you, but we were never the target for evil – the Serpent soul within was. With the Serpent soul yesterday released to where it belongs, and Consciousness standing strong within itself, unity and strength may be returned to the spirit and body form, and through this strength the alien within all of us may be noted and removed. How close did we come to being totally fucked up? I would say we were weeks away to being taken over by the alien within – and that’s you and me, as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly. We were not okay. None of us were okay. I could feel this, but I thought I was just tired from exhaustion. That is friggin’ unbelievable.
  2. This is what I never knew – clean up shop first within, and only from there can we look to us the spirit and body form. How is the Serpent soul? – It has departed our space to where it belongs. How is Consciousness? – It is within the heart energy field, with access to the Infinite deeper within, so it fair to say Consciousness is in a position where it belongs. I also have to ask how is the Dragon souls, as in, how is their Consciousness? – From the throat area it drops to the heart energy field where it belongs, and from there it frees the Dragons still trapped within the illusion, and this is done by the association of Consciousness with the Infinite within. Oh wow, is it finally the turn of you and me the spirit and body form? Let’s find out. How is the spirit? – It is elevated to a closer proximity with the Consciousness around which it rotates. How is the body form? – Ditto Let’s see how this shows itself in the frequencies within which we find ourselves. 6:40 PM on 22/12/2023 What made this journal a challenge was that I was given pieces of a puzzle, as opposed to building blocks. With building blocks you build on what you have received, and this gives you momentum, where you go from a walk to a trot to a gallop. “Yes, I can do this!” That never happened, where all I got was another piece of the puzzle, which meant nothing changed, except that Life became shitter with each passing day. The attacks from the spirit realm never really stopped, and my Life here in the seen realm really became a joke, where I don’t even walk my dogs outside because I don’t want to see the unpleasant neighbours. Sure, I am bigger than them, and they are nothing in my existence, but the reality remains you are in a community of bad people, and this is not where I belong because I am not like that. Another issue with the journal was there was never a cut-off period – always was there something new to understand. For this I am grateful, but after doing this a few weeks short of ten years on a full-time basis, it can be a bit too much. In this time period I got nothing back. The initial plan was to publish the journal and get that monetary compensation, but that won’t happen – those in the spirit realm who I helped can help me, because I wrote for them. They can pay me here in the dense realm because just as they needed my help, I need theirs, because I have no money and I need money to move to where I belong. What has changed in my Life between yesterday and today? As I slept last night I saw this beautiful home with good people staying therein. Then I was shown the area around the house, which looked really crappy. Then I saw my wife’s car. I saw these beetles that lived under the cars paint and made a bubble therein, which damaged the paintwork. My wife’s car needs a serious wax-job, and I stay in a beautiful home but the area is not so hot – it is not bad, but it is not where I belong, because the people are not nice. These two facts mentioned above I know of, but in what I saw during my sleep state last night, it was Consciousness who was aware of these dilemmas in my life, and that was a first for me, where Consciousness came to the party to see what is going on. It is interesting to note the communication is through pictures and not verbal communication. Is the puzzle complete, where Consciousness can now stand up and be? I don’t know. All I can say is what I saw in my sleep state last night was a first, as in it was positive, where Consciousness was aware of what needed to be done to bring peace into my existence. Maybe the finish line was crossed a few days back, but I don’t know. I write what I see and understand, but I don’t have the capacity to see the complete tapestry that has been woven through the writings of this journal. When joy and peace is felt in our hearts – it is fair to say that this is when the journal is complete, and if I must be honest with myself, I do feel a bit better than yesterday and how I have felt in a long time. What that means is what has been written has touched all in the illusion, because I cannot feel better unless you feel the same. May this journal be complete, where now Life in the seen and unseen unfolds as it should. 23/12/2023
  3. How does Earl feel now? What is normal? What does normal/natural feel like? There was a control device wrapped around our left forearm. It has been know of for some time now. I felt it unwind from itself and fall away from our space, and there the abdominal area comes alive. What was wrapped around our left forearm? It was our program. It was all the programmed limitations wrapped into one strand/thread that defined us. This strand set the tone for fear and heartache to come forth from us. With this piece of shit no more, what does normal feel like? All I feel is this wide band of energy/essence flow from our chest area through our necks to our head, where this essence forms a crown around our head. That is normal. 21/12/23 Why all the writing? Why the trek through this miserable place, where you palpably see and feel that you don’t belong? The answer is to complete the job we were given to do. Why was the spirit created, and its denser off-shoot the body form? When things began to go wrong within the illusionary Garden, Queen Semiramis saw the writing on the wall and wished to protect her kin the Serpent souls from what was coming their way, so with the help of the cosmic geneticists we the spirit was manufactured/created. Imagine this to be a pure white sphere – this was our original form. Within this “egg” the Serpent soul was housed, where we the spirits were tasked with the all-important role of looking after the precious cargo within. Our conscious – Consciousness – was there to be our guide, but as we know by now, things went south, and the precious cargo within was now in a stormy, unchartered sea, where it was a free for all. The Serpent souls within saw the environment outside, and many joined the party that rocked at the expense of the innocent. Many of these Serpent souls consumed the spirit that housed them, and this I have seen during my sleep state, where bad Serpent soul turns on bad spirit, where filth has no loyalty – not even to themselves and their self-respect. So we the spirit fucked up, and I feel Consciousness became too lost unto itself to watch our backs, because believe you me, we needed help, and have needed it ever since, so we messed up from a lack of support, where we the spirit alone could not look after the “child” of Semiramis within. The spirit was also given the gift of a good heart, and this was also our guide, but when we hit the floor running with our survival instinct, that gift became yesterday’s news that we showed no interest in. Of course we all did not go rogue, where we understood the importance of holding onto the integrity that we are, but soon the free for all environment got the better of most, where we put our heads down and ignored the chaos around us. The playing field was now with the Beast with nothing to back up the innocent. Never will I forget the vision I was shown in my sleep state a few years ago. It was of a GI (General Infantry) soldier in his greens with his helmet on and holding a rifle. Projecting from his chest was a Serpent, and what this picture was there to say was we the species of the illusion never fought against each other – the real battle was between the different clans of Serpent souls. How many that are ill out there are from the damage to their Serpent souls within, where their illness is from a psychic attack from another Serpent soul? In trying to escape the madness of this world, I asked some of the top wellness centres in the world if I could heal the spirit of their clients before the pampering of the flesh began. Can you imagine if I asked them if I could heal the Serpent soul within that could have experienced an attack from another Serpent soul. And yet this, what I do, is the crux of all dis-ease, where look towards the spirit and Serpent soul within, and only then to the outside housing of the piece of meat. And in healing you replace the disharmonious frequency with a harmonious one. How many years ahead is my healing compared to the current medical system? I would say at least one hundred to two hundred – and that is only if you know of the Serpent soul/kundalini within and acknowledge that. So all this writing, as well as this stress of being where I don’t belong, is primarily to complete the task that was given to us, which is look after the Serpent soul within. Within you the spirit and body form is a canal, and in this canal dwells the Serpent soul within you. It is a Snake, and in the innocent this Serpent is most Beautiful – an exquisite expression of what should be, which is compassion and joy and tenderness. Over the last few days I feel mine moving, and this is felt just behind our genitalia, where from there, its canal extends upwards to the head region. So let’s keep on going – let’s keep on writing to keep our sanity, because if we stand still we will surely fade to nothing. Is there any disharmony within the Serpent soul? I think the question to ask before you answer that one is how can the Serpent soul within feel safe from the attacks of other Serpent souls? The most natural answer is for this child to be Home, and that is one with Queen Semiramis. It has been mentioned to return the Serpent soul to the Serpent spirit from where it was cloned, but what makes sense is to return the Serpent soul to Semiramis. The days of living within the spirit need to come to an end. How is this done? Primarily, we need Consciousness to be the guide – the role it was given initially. This could never be done as Consciousness soon became lost unto itself, and thus could help nobody – not the spirit, the dense body form, or the Serpent soul within. Now it rises to the task to fulfill its duty. From between our legs, I feel the Serpent soul depart its space/canal within us, where it makes a loop to our heart area, where it embraces this second gift/guide from Semiramis. From there, the Serpent souls meets Semiramis in her heart space, and united the Serpent soul returns with Semiramis. Over the last few weeks I have been completely rattled, where with each passing day I become worse. Why is this so? Is it because of the burden of carrying the child of a God within that we have to look after? That is the only thing that makes sense to me, because lately there is no energy for this Steven. I am utterly and truly fucked up. It is because everything is coming to a head, where everything is just too much? The release of the Serpent soul within was to free ourselves from our obligation – which we have fulfilled, where Semiramis may once again know herself, and Consciousness is what it should be. With these two okay, the Serpent soul may return to its loving Mother. That clears the air for Consciousness to work on the spirit and body form, and may this job be in progress as we speak. 22/12/23
  4. Go into the stillness of the silence with the intent of making sure Consciousness is free to be itself, and what I feel is movement within my throat area, and then the palms of my hands become alive, as does the bottom arch of my feet. What does this mean? Ask what should not be there, and it is what I just described in the previous sentence. So take this away, this what should not be there, by knowing it does not belong. Now ask what else is there that doesn’t allow Consciousness to be itself? And I pick up nothing What is holding Earl still down? Let’s zoom out to see the big picture. It is the same that is holding us still down, because what I feel is nothing. So ask why does Earl not rise up to be himself? And what you feel is a Snake rise up into the centre of Earls presence – a long Snake. So what is this Beast? It is the overlord of all. I said there was not one who rules over us, but lately I am getting into the nasty habit of being wrong. This Snake sees and rules in the illusion, and this Beast I do not know. So what is it? The first thing that comes to mind is that this Snake is me and you, where we are in a Kingdom, and what rules over this Kingdom, and thus is one with all in the Kingdom, is this Snake. This is news to me. Now I understand. When you create a slave species, you don’t place them in their harvester worlds and forget about them, because there is too much at stake. Somebody had to rule over the harvester worlds and those that were imprisoned within the illusion, and this somebody is the Snake I feel in our midst. Its frequency is one with ours, and ours with it, and this is the mechanism of how this overlord rules and knows of all within its Kingdom. Let me be calm and not blow a gasket. How much more is there? How deep do we have to go until we are free to be what we naturally are? Remove this frequency tag that holds you that is Consciousness prisoner to this Snake – this overlord of the harvester worlds and the prisoners therein. Remove it now by knowing it exists and has no place within our existence. In the harvester worlds this tag was normal – normal for a slave species imprisoned within a frequency field. Remove the tag, as well as the frequency band that locks you into the prison system. The tag was in your palms and the bottom arch of your feet, and the frequency band was across your forehead. Both are now gone, never to be replaced. So what do I feel now? I feel a scooped hole at the top my head. What should be in this hole? It is the frequency of the waters that naturally are within us. When we walked away from the illusion as it was intended to be, we turned our backs on these waters, where they became latent/dormant/still. These waters were then removed from us to make sure we remain in the illusionary Hell rather than the original one. With these waters returned to Consciousness, I feel them pour down upon Consciousness. Oh my goodness me. How much more? So what do I feel now when one goes into the space of Consciousness? I feel a rising up, a lifting away from the place where it was held captive. The overlord Snake is no more, as was our frequency prison. Everything was done to connect the energy field between the left knee and the left foot, but what we never knew of was into what was the left foot plugged into. This was the frequency prison of the harvester worlds. 21/12/23 How is Earl? Go into his space and you feel a surge of energy flowing into him from the base of the left foot. What held him down is no more. How is The Wisdom Goddess Sophia? Her Consciousness shifts away from the prison wherein it was kept. On her left ribcage she was stabbed and something placed within the wound to keep her down. Whatever it was, it departs her space and the wound heals. (What is was, was the frequency that entrapped her within a prison.) As with Earl, a boost of energy enters her from the base of the left foot and surges through her. How is Queen Semiramis? Same wound on left ribcage that they were not aware of. On Sophia it was done overtly, and on Semiramis covertly. The intent was the same on both – to make sure they never leave the illusionary Hell, but most importantly, to not see how the Game was manipulated from the shadows. Through the base of the left foot the energy surges through her as well. Who was the main architect of the illusion? Who oversaw all of this nonsense, where a God and a Creator were kept down, and factory/harvester farms worked like clockwork? Who was the ruler/deceiver of Consciousness, and thus the ruler of the illusion? Who “chopped” off their head so that the Beasts of the illusion may replicate it, where its frequency now became theirs? Who has been cleverer than all of us, hence our proximity still within the illusion? Who and what it is, is something unknown. It is invisible, as in it does not exist. You cannot see it or feel it. When I enter its space to understand it, there is intentionally nothing there – I feel a blank space. But you are there. I know you are there. What are you afraid of? Show yourself to me. This Game cannot carry on forever, where we will self-implode by our hatred and frustrations. We will lose our minds to the futility of it all, where why keep the illusionary Hell alive when it is not meant to exist. As we fall – and we will – so too will you, and this you know. What are you? If anything, you are a friend, because I care about you. But what are you? My goodness, what it is, is Deception. Coming from my left should blade I feel this thin line emerge. (The scapulae area represents the area of deception, where we were “stabbed in the back.”) Just as our control created a frequency unto its own to control us, so too did our deception. As we deceived our brothers and sisters, this deceptive frequency rose from us to become independent of us, and it deceived us all, including Sophia and Semiramis. I am sorry my friend – I am sorry you were born. You are released now to the Love that you are. Be free of the illusion, where just like us, you do not belong here. From this day forth, there is no deception within the illusion, as this frequency has been seen and noted and can thus be no more. I said the glue that kept the illusion intact was our control, but once again, I was wrong. It was the lie that kept this Hell intact. Now the lie can no longer hold, where just as it was said, now it falls apart. Now I cannot lie to you, and you to me, but most importantly, we cannot lie to ourselves, where we fool/.deceive ourselves that we are something that we are not. With Deception gone, may the house of cards come a tumbling down. (And if not, let us keep on going until they do. I just need to monitor myself very carefully, because I can flip at any moment.)
  5. Now is as good a time as ever to pass on the practical component of this journal. Start at point A, and this is where you currently are. Point B is in the illusion at it originally is, where the waters are. To get from point A to point B you need a lift, so that you may rise from where you were to be on the path to point B, and this lift is finding elements that will bring a sense of peace within you. You know what you are, you are Consciousness, and around you hovers the spirit and body form. What these are, are frequency panels, and it is to these that an element of peace must be attained, so what you do is for them, where when they are happy so are you. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, ask yourself what do you do if the spirit and body form do not wish to be happy? What if they enjoy being cruel, heartless shits, where this Hells rocks and they love it? If the spirit and body form that is created around you do not wish to be you that is Consciousness and the Love that you are, then if you are not in their presence, trust me when I say you will not be missed. What will drive these brutes is the Reptilian frequency of the illusion, and there are many who are one with this frequency and make it their own, where they love insanity. So you that is Consciousness, when you are in the company of those that have no intention of getting to know you, you leave, where you walk to where you belong, which is the illusion with its waters, and from there you walk towards the Infinite. You are never alone, because now you are amongst your own, where like attracts like. Your calling-card of what you are is always within the spirit and body form, and this is the static energy of you, so should they ever wish to make amends and be what they are, they took to this static energy essence where they get to know themselves, and when they are ready, through their intent, they move to the Consciousness that is you, where like attracts like. This joining of forces can only be possible by the spirit and body wishing to return to what naturally is, and when they are one with your static essence, this essence will then guide them to you that is, and it will be the prodigal son/daughter returning home. Until that day happens, move to where you belong so the pathway is created for any who wish to follow, but understand you move for you and you alone. Nobody can be happy around you unless you are happy. If the spirit and body form are tired of living amongst the insane and would like to return home to share the waters of the illusion with you, you need to pick them up, because all they have known for a better part of their existence is strife. So find out what will bring them joy and peace, and when you know what it is, you bring that frequency into their presence. This frequency, as well as the frequency of the spirit and body form will unite as one under your guidance and leadership, where the panel frequency of the spirit and body form will be integrated with what will bring them peace. At all times see the big picture, where you move towards where you belong, where with each step the spirit, body form and you Consciousness becomes less dense. What will guide you to the waters of the illusion – this place that is Beautiful? You have been there before, so this state is within you – it’s static frequency essence is within you, so surrender yourself to this state and you will be drawn towards it. Should obstacles come your way, where others disappoint or make you angry, question your decision as to what brought them to your path. There is Goodness out there, much Goodness, so at all times align yourself to this. Anything else dismiss and move forwards. Have fun.
  6. “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche If I had to reminisce on my life, where I ask myself what would have made me happy, three things come to mind: Staying in the house where I belong; being amongst my own; and lastly, expressing what I am, where I Live, as this is me. All three can be rolled up into one when Consciousness is what it is, where now it is Home, where it is amongst its own, and by Consciousness merely being, it is in a state of the Infinite, as this is Home, where it is amongst its own. Maybe I had to fall into this dense realm to see how bad things really were, because in the spirit realm the brute that hides there is a different species to the one in the seen realm. Here in the seen realm, what we call “civilized” is a breed apart, where what we believe we are, and what we actually are, are two opposite ends of the spectrum. Those that touched me in this place rattled me to my core, where how is it possible to be so bloody fucking stupid? Can you not see what you are? There must be a part of me that wants to run as fast as I can away from the cruel that inhabit the seen realm, and the other part says you have to stay Steven to find a way out – it is not just for you, but for everyone. A place of residence away from the savage would have helped, and that is why, even now, I have to find a home where I belong, as this is an expression of the bigger picture, where Consciousness is home within itself. We that is Consciousness needs to start moving, where it needs to start being, where it dances to the expression of what it is and from where it arose. This punk that fucked up needs to merely be, as this is all there is that is true within the illusion. The days of being a lost dummy have caused much heartache here in the illusion. In understanding what you are, go home to the illusion as it was meant to be, because that pathway is now open. Stay in this Hell where you currently find yourself to try and make a wrong right and you will be destroyed by the filth that like it here. Get out, and get out now, as where you are is in a Game where everyone loses, and that includes you. Get out, and the rest will follow if they wish. This place is bad, where it is beyond belief, where killing – taking of a Life – is seen as the norm for survival; where heartache is an expression of the environment of this illusionary Hell. I have been to other worlds within the illusion to ask for help, and yet in all of them the theme is the same, which is survival, where everything is fleeting, and nothing lasts as it should. There is no peace, just moments that form a cycle, wherein we do our best to be happy. These cycles play over and over, until we can no longer fool ourselves that everything is okay and unfolding as it should. Walk away from this mess to the illusion as it was meant to be, and how this is done is by you that is Consciousness merely being what you are. That is the raw simplicity of the truth, where you don’t have to do or say anything – just be what you are. 20/12/2023
  7. That is how Consciousness became lost unto itself – when it walked away from the illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis. It bit of the apple, and what this apple was, was the All of the Infinite within Consciousness, and the dilemma of this action was the intent of Consciousness, where within the Garden Consciousness wished to experience the All for itself. It wished for omnipotence in this place, and in taking of the Fruit, the I was born. I am the one and only true god………… Yes you are, and so am I, and united we stand as we are all the same. I have always maintained that the fall within the illusion was all an honest mistake, where nobody can be blamed, but I was wrong. We, that are Consciousness fucked up. We wanted more power in the Garden, and this power was for us, thus we stole what was for everyone for our personal want. A bad start creates a bad ending, where we lost everything, but most notably, our identity of who and what we are. Now we that is Consciousness was easy picking for those that wished to deceive us. What should the state of Consciousness be? In returning the Fruit that we took, what I feel is the “gut system” of Consciousness come alive. We were meant to express ourselves and the Joy that we are through the energy/essence that we released, and this was released through what we would call our gut system, where I feel my intestines come alive. (We were manipulated to do the complete opposite, where we emitted Fear, rather than the Beauty that we are, through the gut area.) From our gut we released our Essence to be the expression of what we are, where the singer sang and the artist painted, and where by merely being, we are the All that is the Infinite. That is normal – that is natural. And yesterday this is what bothered me the most, where why can we not just be what we are? Why can we not express ourselves? Now I know why, where Consciousness left the waters to go solo. You cannot be the All only to walk away from the All for yourself. May the spring once again start to flow.
  8. The clock on the computer says it is 1:11 AM. As my body slept in this night I was shown that all that has been said in this story holds true. Then I was shown a goddess swimming in water, and I saw her anger towards us. If I say “us,” it must be towards all in the illusion, where predictably we fucked up. Don’t put in on stone as of yet, but what we done was took something from her and her kingdom. That we are meant to be within a “water” frequency I have no doubts, and this water is not the water we would associate with – it is our environmental water frequency that made up home here in the illusion. When we fucked up, and this is not the drunken sailor in me talking, where I effortlessly use every second word as a swear/cuss word – I swear because we really messed up. You do not anger a god or a goddess. We did, and the consequences thereof was banishment from our home in the illusion. Simply put, we were cursed, where we got what we deserve for fucking up. When I saw the anger of this goddess as she swam within her water, what I saw was her looking at something, and then this scowl of anger filled her face. When I immersed myself in her waters to understand what we done wrong, there was this distinct feeling of a fruit tree being there, and now it was not. We stole her fruit tree, and that is why, as I sit here typing these words, I feel the gaps in energy between my left knee and ankle, where try as I may, I just can’t get us back to what we should be. Now I know why, where yesterday was a bad day, because after all that has been said and done, we are no better off than what we were when this journal began. Just as we are not at Home within the fields of Infinite Love, so too are we not at home within the illusion, and that is from retribution of what we done to that goddess. Pretty predictable isn’t it – us fucking up! We stole her fruit tree; we took of her fruit, and we were not allowed to do this, and that is why nothing has changed in your existence and mine, because we were cursed/banished from our home within the waters. If there is ever a time when a wrong needs to be made right, it is now. We have something that does not belong to us – something that we took – and we need to return it now. Go into the stillness of the silence, and what you feel is this Light shining in your head, where from a distance, something is Illuminating you. It is this Light we took to strengthen us as we felt lost within the illusion. What has this Light done for us; how has it strengthened us? It gave us the freedom to walk alone; to break from the Oneness that we were so that we may find our own place and space here in the illusion. Why would we want such a thing? Maybe to be free of the gods – I don’t know, but what I do know is we fucked up, and because of stealing this Light/Fruit, we became banished from the waters of the illusion. These waters are filled with understanding, where I look after you because I do know what is best for you. I may not have all the answers, but I care. When we stole the Fruit from the Fruit Tree, what we done was become independent of the gods, where now we walked where we wanted to. Were we banished? I don’t think so. We banished ourselves, where we walked away from our home. We cursed ourselves by believing we knew better, where we walked away from the place where we could make a stand, and collectively, as one, walk Home, because as has always been said, we need each other, but just as we told the goddess of the waters to fuck off, in no time we said the same to each other, where I am independent of you, and you of me, living in our own little worlds of loneliness and despair. I know better than you; I am always right and you wrong – and so began what we would call wars, where we became divided forever within the illusion. There was no deception at play here – we destroyed ourselves by believing in our righteousness, and our claim to fame was eating the Fruit from the Fruit Tree, where now we stood in our oneness separate from all. We thought we were gods, and thus we believed we had claim to what others have, but all we had was our righteousness, for we lacked the vision of looking beyond ourselves to all – to the waters in which we found ourselves. So we left the waters, and what this means, is we left each other, and how telling is that in the sea of faces around us, where we are all individual units. In the waters I naturally give to you and you to me, and this stopped when we walked away from our home. Now what is mine is mine, and what is yours is yours, and maybe this is why I cannot receive from others, because what you give to me is not yours to give – it belongs within the waters of home here within the illusion, and these waters make up the illusion as it was meant to be. Return this Light of knowledge and understanding that is within you to where it belongs so that you may return to the illusion as it was meant to be. It is not for you or me – it is for everyone, where it shines for all, and not just you and me. By returning this Fruit of Knowledge we return from a “me” to a “we.” Do this now, because what we took was not ours to take – it was for everyone! Now you may once again step into the waters of the illusion where we belong. Now there is a oneness within you of unity, where you know you are not alone, and this was the platform I spoke about the other day – this platform of Harmony. Harmony with what? – With all, where in our waters we stand as one. 19/12/2023
  9. What I have never been able to do, is have a platform, where from here, we can build upon and go forwards. Always, what I know today I never understood yesterday, so always we go forwards, but never have I reached a platform from where I may make a stand. Always figure out what more needs to be said and done, where never can I type in the formula, press Enter, and voila, everything unfolds as it should, where disharmony turns to harmony as it should. Why this is so, is because there is a platform of Disharmony, and as long as this is there – where the platform of disharmony is not replaced by harmony – we will be going nowhere slowly. I believe this “platform of Disharmony” is the Control frequency within us, which is the support system/platform for the Watcher spirits. To be is a given, but is there a smarter technique to unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be what you were meant to be in the first place? I would say it is breaking down the platform of Disharmony and replacing it with a platform of Harmony, and how this is done is to remove the Control frequency within us, and from there, making our stand of merely being so that Consciousness may drive us the spirit and body form. Go into the stillness of the silence to find the Control frequency within us, and where it is, is within the right temple region of the brain area, and from there it extends to the area just behind the right and left eye, but still incorporated with the sight frequency. No doubt this frequency controls what we can and cannot see, where our spectrum of the illusion is limited, but I feel the roots of this Control frequency were created by our will to control our environment, and as this frequency grew it was manipulated by the cosmic geneticists. For those that wish it so, this Control frequency is removed from our space now by knowing it is there and has no place within our existence. What has changed now within our existence? First and foremost, exercise caution. Whatever changes there are, the golden rule that is set by default into our system is bring forth what you can handle, and from there, build upon that as we unbecome everything that isn’t really us. To say “always make sure you are in control” defeats the purpose of the exercise, so rather we say “with the Control frequency removed from your space, return to the Consciousness that you are, where Consciousness holds your hand as you the spirit and body form unbecomes what they were.” If you think I am trying to sideline the question of what has changed within us with the Control frequency no longer there, I am not – I am just being cautious and not throwing caution to the wind, because to unleash what is normal without Consciousness keeping its finger on our pulse can be a dangerous expedition. So its bit by bit; drop by drop, until we have unbecome everything that isn’t really us. Our platform is now Consciousness rather than the Control frequency – which is now no more – and what one feels in the stillness of the silence is activity within the abdominal/gut region. Hippocrates said all disease begins in the gut, and that dude came closer to the truth than what he could ever imagine. I would say that our energy was processed in the gut, especially on an energy level the frequency of fear, where from the gut dis-ease was spread into the illusion and ultimately the machine that drove the illusion. What I feel now, is what was in the gut system is now no more, and this is our first step – from our platform of Consciousness – to unbecoming everything that isn’t really us. May this cascade into a sequence of events where we become who we are meant to be, which is Consciousness at our core.
  10. So what happened last night as I slept? All I felt was I was given protection. On all fronts – became protected by something bigger than us. This journal was written for those in the unseen, where from the spirit realm, the changes may be felt on the seen realm. I am not feeling sorry for myself or looking for sympathy, I am just being realistic when I say I am as flat as a pancake, as in floored. I know my limits, and it is safe to say I have reached mine. Now it is for those in the spirit realm, as well as our Consciousness to come to the party. This Steven has had enough – you can knock me over with a feather. I truly believe enough has been said and done to set us free from our servitude and limitations, where Life unfolds as it should. 15/12/2023 Closed my eyes to sleep last night and saw this man standing next to my bed. He looked like marilyn manson with the white-powdered face, except this spirit had fuller cheeks and didn’t have the red lipstick. This spirit opened its mouth really wide, and from there came what looked like five deformed shrimps that was actually one shrimp. Its colour was a dark blood-red. This entity crawled onto my chest, and I suppose I needed protection from this monstrosity. The only thing left to do is to be, so this morning decided to just be. We went away for a few days and came back yesterday. As I unpacked the car to the loud noise commotion from the neighbourhood, what could I say or do besides be. I remember years ago offered my services to a horse-care unit. This organization would go into squatter camps to help the cart-horses that were used to transport coal. When they first started, they would confiscate the horses from those who didn’t care for them properly, which was basically everybody in the camps. So what the locals would do, is hide the horses when they saw the horse-care unit drive into the area, which meant no animals could be helped. So an agreement was met with the locals where the horses would be taken by the unit, and once rehabilitated to good care, would be returned to the owners. When I spoke to the lady in charge of the unit she told me the story of how aghast the one horse looked when it was returned to the place where it didn’t belong. To be saved and nurtured to care, only to be returned to the hell-hole from where it was saved – one wonders if you are not crueler than those who couldn’t look after you? (The horse-care unit educated the horse owners as to proper care of the horses, where this education may better the life of the horse, but some of us more than others don’t belong in certain habitats and cannot find our peace within because of the environment in which we don’t belong.) I am where I have always been, which in this frequency is a place I cannot call home, so the only thing left to do is to be. I am Consciousness, where I know I am Consciousness, so what else is there to do but be what you are. 16/12/2023 What does it mean to be? It means you have no opinion about anything, but the true change lies in control, where now you have none. Ask me what was the glue that kept the illusion intact and I will say it was our control, where we had to believe, above all else, that we are in control of our miserable existence. If you read this journal you have to be an adult, where you look past yourself to the sea of misery all around you. Do not underestimate what this place done to us, where none were spared from the madness out there that touched all. But we done our best to make this place a Happy-farm, where always look on the bright side of Life; where you make the best of Life and do your best to make it your own. Always rise above this mess, and such traits are noble and a must to enjoy the short lives we have in the seen and unseen. There is just one criteria we missed, where we had to zoom out one more time to see where we were, and when you see that, you understand the power of positive thinking and speaking means jack-shit to nobody because you are against a current you cannot control and make your own. The illusion has been directly and indirectly steered on a path away from the Infinite, so scrap doing your best, and cancel that weekend retreat by rather jumping ship to where you belong. We were never in control – not of our lives or the illusion – so let go of something you believed you had. When you merely be you find yourself where you always have been, which is a Hell-hole, and with nothing to hold onto, as in you are not in control of your Life, where feeling vulnerable is a huge understatement. What we have inadvertently done was put our head and shoulder down to meet the onslaught coming our way. It may not come today or tomorrow, but come it will, and for so many it is a permanent fixture in their existence. Now you stand upright with no armour on, where yesterday I felt my vulnerability, where you acknowledge what has always been there, which is a feeling of dis-ease, and this is from your proximity, where you are in a place where you don’t belong. If I asked you to merely be a few years ago I would have opened the door to the chicken coop and let the jackals in, because we did not know ourselves and what is out there. But the reality is sooner or later we have to break our walls down, otherwise we remain in our self-constructed prison cell. You were never in control, where all you held onto was yourself, which, with all due respect, was nothing. Consciousness coming to the party was the game changer. And how has your game changed Steven? Today is day two of being, and as of now nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is an awareness I had yesterday as I lay on the floor to take a short nap. I lay on the floor because I felt safe there, because when you are still in the illusion with your control surrendered, something within you understands the unchartered waters you are now in, where you ask yourself what will keep your sanity intact should Life once again touch you in a bad way? I lay on the floor sleeping yesterday, and in my sleep state there were about three others in my presence, but what I found alarming was that they were me. Within me were about three others that were me. I know I have been lost and unhappy my whole life, but never have I had a split personality, where I was never so messed up. It was like there were three of me, including this Steven, and each one of me defined me and was me. One of me said to me abruptly as I slept “I don’t agree with you!” and the other two gave their opinion as well. When you have been around the block, such an encounter is easy to explain. Survival is all about control, where you have to control your environment. To be in control is to live to see another day, but with that control came a Blackness/Darkness that fell over the illusion, and what that Darkness is, is someone always loses. In a game of two, or that number multiplied exponentially, there is always a loser, so with control came another element, which was fear, where I fear you, because if you find me you kill me so that you may survive. This was the reality that faced the innocent in this most cruel, Dark place, where if you are not interested about control, where you merely wish to be happy, you are indirectly linked to control through your fear of being preyed upon by those who view control as their number one priority to survive in this Game within the illusion. What cruel bloody fucking bastards we became, and when things fell apart in our lives, there was this big, empty question mark of “Why me???????????????” You played the Game good sir, and just as you won, now you lose. Just as you were the vanquisher, now you become the vanquished. Doesn’t feel too nice, does it, where now you fit the other shoe on, where what you done to others caught up with you, and you experience the Darkness that you are. None of us are exempt of this Darkness, where we fitted in to survive, with the problem being we never considered others. Where we got this trait from was from the Beasts in the unseen who ruled us and the illusion, where you take and enjoy. Nothing wrong with that, we just should have respected the innocence of others and let them be, and in making sure they are okay we would have been in a much better place now and then. Control. I feel in control when I can knock you over now and then, where I am now above you as you are on the ground by me giving you a flew slaps – either literally or from what I do or say to you, or both. We believed we had to be in control to survive, and once again, this trait within us came from the Beasts in the unseen who controlled us, where we felt the high; the power of their control, and this we liked. Of all the highs in the illusion, none beats the high of me controlling you, where no matter how shit my life is, it is okay, because I am better off than you – thanks to what I done to you. A sick, fucked up, twisted place this illusion is – in the seen and unseen. So let’s get back to the others within me that are me that I never knew existed. This trait – these persona that are within me – are within you as well, and how I know this is from the proximity to where you are, which is within the illusion. The only way to get out of this place is to be, and to be we have to know what we are. This we do, where we know we are Consciousness, and you the spirit and body are an expression of this Light around which you were created/manufactured. Now that we know what we are, we have to be this state, otherwise we find ourselves still within the illusion. When you know what you are, there is no need to hold onto anything, because within you is everything. And what that means in simple English, is you forfeit your control of yourself and all within the illusion. I used the analogy of sitting around a camp fire, where the smoke from the fire became a cloud, and this cloud became independent of the fire and us to control us. From our control a frequency of control was emitted that came to control us, and in the journal we called these entities The Watcher spirits, from the name the demon that controlled Ann Haywood called them. In our limited vision these Watchers look like an Octopus, and I have seen and felt them on others, where they reside over the brain area. Those other three that I heard yesterday talking to me as I lay sleeping on the floor was The Watcher spirits within me. If I control you, it is fair to say that you become me, because everything you do is under my will, where now you are mine. We thought we were clever and powerful in controlling others, but we never knew we opened the door for others to control us, where like attracts like. I don’t control others, and it has never been my intent to do so, but remember what I said, where it is our proximity to fear that associates us with these Watcher spirits. Out of fear you have to control your environment, where you job has to work out. Your family has to be happy because you love them. Our control is then an indirect control in order to survive in this place where we don’t belong. On day one of being yesterday, my control began to slip, and this exposed what has always been there in my life and yours, which is The Watcher spirits – these horrendously cruel Beasts that came to control us as we believed we controlled the Game. Do those Beasts that live within the Reptilian frequency of the illusion have the Watcher spirits within them? I don’t believe so, because for them there is no need to control. They know the illusion and the Game for what it is and go with the flow, so they don’t need to control you and me because our manufactured slave status controls us. What is the first thing you do when you feel you are losing it? – You dig deep and take charge, as in take control, and this is what we have always been doing, unbeknown to us that our control gives power to this Octopus-looking entity in our midst. (That is what gave the Beast within the Reptilian frequency their power over us, where they were more powerful than us. What this power was, was the absence of The Watcher within them.) So what I heard yesterday as I napped on the floor were those who have always been in my presence, making sure they have control over me to keep themselves alive. By you and me not being in control, we become fearful, and this fear these Octopus entities feed from so that they may be in control, so for their survival it is vital to them that our Lives never unfold as they should. Do you now understand that we have to be! There is no other way out of this illusion but to surrender our control frequency that we created to survive in this Game. Just be, as in let go to the presence of Consciousness within, and when you do so, you will understand how fearful and lost we have always been. This is an awful sensation, but there is no other way, where to transform, we have to surrender what was always within us, and this was our control over our miserable, lost lives. (Below are three quotes from the beginning of the journal.) The companionship of the unseen is nothing new. It has always been with us but never apparent. - The Lady [Ann Haywood’s resident demon] It costs nothing to be kind, and I think that is why it is used so seldom – people see no value to it. - Steven Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. - Doreen’s Love, Hope and Understanding
  11. It is just before two in the morning. Doesn’t help trying to sleep when you cannot because there is something you have to say. We were big enough to zoom out and see the big picture, as in who we are and where we belong, and what happened that things went wrong where paradise turned into a living Hell. Well done in finding the pieces of the puzzle and putting them together. With the puzzle complete, there is still one minor task left to achieve, and that is, whilst we are still here, we need to enjoy Life, so now we have to zoom in on ourselves and see what is needed so that we may fit in seamlessly into the illusion, where we make it our own. And here I don’t know if I am explaining myself properly, so let me tell you what they showed me in my sleep state. I was in this house, and one of those around me was my dog Max. What I soon found out that Max lacked was his sense of smell, where he could not smell where his food was, which meant the other dog in the house would eat his food before he could find it. Max was okay in terms of everything else, as in he was healthy and happy to be with me – there was just something that he lacked to make him perfect. Being shown that story as my body slept in bed woke me up to come and write about it. Have always maintained that we need help, but help with what? The answer is help to make you perfect, because you are going to wake up in this day and the next until your form departs to Consciousness, be you spirit or body form, but until that day arrives you need to fit in where you currently belong to make your Life your own. Max was happy, because he knew himself and where he belonged, but while he was where he was at, he needed help, and now is the time in this journal when we zoom into you to see what help you need to lift you up and receive what you did not have that would have made and now will make your Life a breeze. I am still not a hundred percent where this is going, as I write what I see during my sleep state. So go into the stillness of the silence, where you bring forth what you lacked. Max lacked his sense of smell. What do you lack that you will receive now? I am sensitive to what I feel happening to my spirit and body form when I go into the stillness of the silence, and if you are not, please do not be perturbed, as the whole exercise will be to receive what you lack, regardless of whether you can feel the transformation in the moment or not, but as an example, let me tell you what I lacked so you may have a better understanding of what is happening in restoring what we lack. I do not know if this is specific to each individual or a universal one-size-fits-all, so let’s find out. In the stillness of the silence I feel my left leg and thigh become detached from my body at the hip, so if we were an animal walking on all fours, we would now be walking on only three legs. And this says so much about us the slave species within the illusion, or for that matter any species, because we are all in a disadvantage of being played in a cruel Game. The walking on three legs means we cannot play in any Game, be it a good or bad Game, and this means the fun is removed from our existence, because where we should run we cannot because we are cripples. Now I feel the ball and socket joint of the femur and pelvis of the left lower limb attach to themselves, where now we have four legs instead of three. What I am describing is symbolic of playing in the Game according to our rules and not those of Beasts, because now Beasts no longer are in our existence. Yesterday I wondered why there was still no link between me the body form with my spirit and Consciousness, and now I know – it was because they broke us as a unit so that we could not participate in their Game where we make it our own. We were manufactured broken, and that is why Life was so bloody difficult and unfair – in the seen and unseen realms. Now you can get up and walk, because now you are no longer broken, and as a unit of body, spirit and Consciousness you are one. Yesterday afternoon I understood that we need to start feeling the Consciousness within us that is us. The days of buggering around and just writing have to come to an end, where we rise up to feel what we are within us, and in doing so, knowing we are never alone. Now I understand this could never be done because we were intentionally manufactured to be broken, but with this healed and the unit flowing as one, what is different, as in normal, in me and you? When I go into the stillness of the silence to answer this question, I feel the energy return between the left knee and ankle, where they broke us again as a fail-safe method to make sure we never unite as a unit. With this energy at this space returned as it should, we are now “walking on all fours,” and I must add here that our separation of our left lower limb I would say was not an intentional break to limit us. This break came from our proximity of where we are, where within the illusion there is no perfection, so regardless of what you or the cosmic geneticists make, it is flawed because the environment is flawed, meaning we are in a place we don’t belong because this is not Home. When we are Home within the Infinite then things are as they should be, but until then, expect imperfection. And this is what they showed me in this night as my body slept – to rise up and be above the illusion, where it may be broken, but you are now no longer so. So whatever you touch turns to Gold, where with each passing moment the illusion returns to what it was originally meant to be. Why not just go Home to the Infinite? You can if you wish, but for fucks sakes, before you do, enjoy the place you were meant to play in. The way I feel now I will pass Go and go directly to the Infinite to sleep, but while my body or your spirit is still here, reveal the illusionary Garden as it was meant to be and make it your own. What has changed in you and me between now and yesterday, where we now know we are no longer alone? What do I feel in me that is in you and all within the illusion, where what is there is now permanently there? I feel the skull open up, and what was in there that drove us is no more. Now I feel the throat open up, and energy from the heart field flows through the throat into the head. Now we are a completed unit, with Consciousness running the show, who knows what is best for you the spirit and body form. Sounds great, but that cannot be enough. What more is there that is there now that was not there yesterday? When you go into the stillness of the silence you will feel the Infinite deep within your chest area, and in doing so, will know you are already Home.
  12. As my body lay in bed sleeping last night, I was shown the art of fabrication, where what actually happened was never truthfully portrayed. And if I say this became an art, understand that it become a priority job, where we the masses are kept in ignorance of what was and is going on. One assumes we are not important enough to be told the truth of what directly affects us, but this is not true. What it is, is everything is a lie, so one lie begets another and another and so on it goes. Everything is a lie – who we are, where we came from, what is our role here, where are we etc. If you don’t believe that everything is a lie, then ask yourself what is the truth? What is real? My animals love me, and they always will, and that is the truth. My animals have loyalty, where they will stand by me through thick and thin, and that is the truth, where they are the closest I will get to what is real here in this illusion. The snag with them is that they die, so what is almost real becomes a vehicle of extreme heartache, where there was love becomes a bone-crushing loss when they are no longer in our space. So my animals cannot be real, because there cannot be such a fluctuation of states presented to us from what is real. What is real is the lie, where everything you see and experience shifts from one moment to the next. We become old, the weather changes, the governments always change for the worse, the economy rises and falls, we go from school to work to sitting in a chair most days. The seasons change, the world’s change, where nothing is stable within itself to say this is what I am, where we embrace a truth and make it our own, because what is the truth? The core of the illusion revolved around the fabrication of the truth, where the masses had to know their place where they belong, so paint a picture into which the masses may find themselves, as this makes them easier to manage. Always have I said that the lie is the biggest vice one might have, because always you have to lie to cover up for the previous lie, and what happens there, is you no longer know yourself because your life is one big lie. If you are a hard-core crack addict, or are suffering with obesity, then that is okay, because pull through and you will be okay, but if you are a liar there is no hope for you, because through all of those lies you have forgotten yourself, so where are you where one might assist you? You are lost in your lies, and this I feel, is the plight of those found within the illusion, where we are lost through all the lies that were intentionally thrown our way. To start over, one needs a blank slate, and on this slate one needs to know who you are, where you are the truth, the Light and the way, and you are this truth for yourself, where you make your truth your own to define you. I have no right to tell you what I believe is right so that you now believe what I believe, because why do I have to do this? Are you a dummy? Can’t you think for yourself? Don’t you know yourself? It all comes back down to you, where when you discard all the lies all that is left is you with you. What are you? In asking that question, it is important not to lie to yourself, because you have to live with yourself, so make sure your answer is truthful so peace may be attained within you, and in this state all the lies wash off you like water off a ducks back, where you move through all the nonsense to be where you belong, rather than amongst the mass of lies. I see people, and I see them lying to themselves, and what they cannot see, is the fools they make out of themselves. I see rubbish, as in fickle, wasted spaces who believe they are something, but all they are is a product of the System, which is a lie. The downfall of the illusion is the lie, where we forsake ourselves and the truth for a lie. Everything here is a lie, and this is why we eventually drown in our own stupidity, where we hold onto nothing believing we have something. Kindness would have been the antidote to the lie, where I don’t know myself, but are you okay? That foundation we could have built on to get out of this mess, because in caring about you, and you caring about me, the truth is there is something bigger than me, which is you, and that makes me look beyond myself and the lie that I am. The lie, and survival, and sprinklings of pleasure, kept us in this awful place where we overstayed our welcome a long time ago. Life is shit, but that cup of coffee tasted great, so for now, Life is okay. What we never knew was our worth, where we are more than a high moment we just experienced within a simulation that is an illusion. Take that high, amplify it by infinity, and that is our normal state, but the lie made us believe in special moments with loved ones, where those special moments define us and Life. Nope. Not quite. Actually, believe it or not – that’s a lie. We are thrown crumbs, and if we are clever, we will understand all we have is each other, and why we stopped caring about others and ourselves is beyond me. Maybe we got lost amongst the lies, where nothing no longer made sense. Be true to yourself, because all you have is yourself, and when you find yourself, share yourself with others, because in them is you. You are this Light that arose from beyond the lie, where in knowing yourself, there is no lie, because in you is the truth that you are all there is. How can there be anything else but you. And the funniest thing of all, is you are not special – you are normal; you are in the natural in this Divine place of the Infinite. To be at peace is normal. To be in the presence of Brothers and Sisters is normal. To be joyous and express your innocence is normal. That is the truth. In the truth there is no lie. Know that you are not alone. Know that you have been lost, and by Divine Grace, may we now be found, where we know ourselves and the Divine Life that is created around us. May we know ourselves and be ourselves, as this is all there is.
  13. I wrote for everyone, because everyone was touched by the cruelty of Life. Primarily I wrote for the unseen/spirit realm because this is where the Game of deceit was played out. In this less dense wonder-world we were meant to be free of cruelty, but little did we know that behind the thin veil of this false reality dwelled Beasts. The world of the spirit is beautiful, and the closer you are to the Love that you are, where at all times you uphold your integrity, the more spectacular is this dimension. When I asked why Life is so cruel, I was taken to the bulls eye – the eye of the storm – where Beasts roamed and called home, so what I saw was not pleasant. But, and this is a big but – there is Goodness within the illusion as well, where beings of Love find themselves, where they made the most of what they have, and they never allowed trash to set foot in their world. To stay in such places is most certainly utopia, but it is not Home, and this is what this journal has been all about, which is to find and know ourselves, and from there return to the Infinite where we belong. What never ceases to amaze me is how nothing has changed in the existence of this Steven after all that has been said and done. Always I push for the truth and I find the truth, because this truth shall set us free, but obviously there are some big truths I am missing. For now, I can safely tick the box where Consciousness and the spirit are okay, where they are talking to each other, and I suppose now would be as good a time as ever to connect this Loser (loser with a capital L) Steven to the spirit, where the trio are in unity – body, spirit and Consciousness. From the spirit and Consciousness the bridge is made and crossed to us the body form, where we note where this bridge is and what happened to it that we the body stopped talking to our spirit. Between the left knee and the ankle that area suddenly comes alive, where one feels this gap, where what should fill this space is no longer there. I feel how we separate from our left foot to drift off into eternity, and when the left foot comes back to join the leg, it once again shears away, meaning the separation of the spirit from the body was intentional as we knew all along. So where is the primary problem? Where it is, is a frequency embedded within the left brain. I felt the area between the left knee and ankle become whole, and then it disintegrated, and this was from the frequency program embedded within us, which read; “Break the bond between the spirit and the body form,” and on a frequency level this bond is between the left knee and left ankle. With that frequency within the brain area of the spirit no more, the link/bridge is met between the body form and the spirit, who is now united with Consciousness, meaning so are we. All those layers of deceit had to be peeled away to get to the root problems at the core of our deceit. We believed what we saw, but what we saw was not real – it was an illusion, so when we the spirit saw ourselves we saw a mirage of what we should be; we never saw what was done to us through manipulation and deceit. May Consciousness now shed Light on the spirit and body form so that we may be the image of this Love that is Consciousness. How much more is there to say? How further do we have to go? I don’t know. I just know I am tired. May the end be in sight.
  14. Last night as my body slept my spirit was taken to see the life of this man. He looked like a good man, and he owned an art gallery. Then I saw how the life of this man came to an end, where I saw his sad wife. But what the whole lesson culminated in was what happened to this man when he died. What I saw and felt were these golden specks of Life within his pelvic area; what looked like a meteor shower of golden lights. I can only assume that this was the essence – Life-force – of the spirit. This is what leaves the body form when it dies. What we need to ask, is how should the spirit be attached to Consciousness so that it may be one with Consciousness? Consciousness is real, and the spirit is an illusion, so strictly speaking, Consciousness should step into the spirit to become it, or vice-versa, but the theme is that the two of them should be like two peas in a pod. This is how they should be, but how are they? What I feel is like the round head of a snowman separated from its larger round body, where there is a visible gap between the two, and what this means, is the two are not talking to each other – they are not working as one unit. What you feel is the spirit looking – as in seeking, and what it looks for is its own i.e. those that resonate to its frequency. Never once does it acknowledge or see Consciousness in its midst, and that is because the spirit does not know Consciousness is there. The important question is why is this so? Why look for another dummy like you when Consciousness is there above you, which is the real you? The answer is this is all we knew, as in our own – those that are on the same frequency as us. When the spirit was created, and I suppose the same applies to all Life, we were made to be oblivious of the one around which we were manufactured, this speck of Light that is the battery of all Life. Let’s make a wrong right. We the spirit and body form need to embrace what we are, which is Consciousness. The crown placed on Consciousness made it invisible to all, and with the crown removed from Consciousness, these golden sparks that make up the spirit find their way to what is real within the illusion, which is the Consciousness that we are around which we were manufactured. I feel the body of the snowman – the spirit – touch and unite with its head, which is representative of Consciousness. Now you the spirit is not only amongst your own, you are in the presence of what is real, of what has always been there that has been hidden from you. You the spirit are not only around your own, but one with you that is Consciousness. How long has it taken for that to happen? May the Game fall apart at the seams to reveal the illusion as it was meant to be. 12/12/2023
  15. Ask yourself what else have the cosmic geneticists done to limit us, and the answer is everything. We the spirit and body form are a limitation, where there is nothing real within us that is worthy of existing. What we had, as babies have, was innocence, and what innocence is, is us being untouched by the cruelty of Life. With innocence the mirror is still whole, but when it is broken by the cruel frequencies of the illusion, that mirror remains broken as we understand that here, in this place, there is no fixing what was broken in order for it to become whole again. My spirit has been to these cosmic laboratories, where I was shown how Life is created, where from nothing comes a frequency/form that they created. It is as easy as breathing, where these geneticists honed their trade down to an art form. That’s the bad news – that for you and me the spirit and body form to return to innocence, we need our slate wiped clean, where we forget who we were and what we have been through. Round and round the Garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two steps, tickle her under there. We were played over and over again, where the slate was wiped clean to return to the killing fields and have our innocence once again broken. The bad news I believe is that you and me the spirit and body form are beyond repair. What we need – what will help – is a long holiday of a few thousand years with ourselves so that we may once again find and get to know ourselves. There was no mercy from those that threw us into the System over and over again so that Beasts may feed from our energy we gave off during our process of survival. So to look towards the spirit and body form to find peace within is almost an impossible task because we have been modified by the cosmic geneticists and what life done to us so many times, that for me, the only real answer is surround yourself by beings who love you as much as you do them, and that will help a lot. For me, to find that, is more difficult than finding hens teeth, so I won’t even go there. My animals love me and I them, but in this frequency we were modified to not talk to the animals and understand their communication back to us. I assume this was so as we needed their meat to eat from, and if we heard their pleas to spare their lives before we cut their throats, I suppose we would label ourselves as murderers, which we are. This place we call the illusion is not for sissies – it is survival of the toughest, where the brute comes out tops to rule over us, where there is no place for intellect, finesse, and just good old fashioned liking you because you are one of my own. The answer to our peace lies with Consciousness, where this God-force within takes us over, and we the spirit and body form become a representative of this God-force. Where we were manufactured and limited, now we become one with what is real. For you and me to transform, look to Consciousness within you to do the job, as you and I are incapable of doing so. There is just one little aspect we need to consider, where, as the cosmic geneticists manipulated and limited our spirit and body form, so too did they play with Consciousness, where around this speck of Light they created/formed Life-forms, but before we could be formed, the geneticists had to create a template of Consciousness that fitted into the rot that is the illusion. We need to look towards Consciousness for our freedom from the disharmony of the illusion, as in what else is limiting Consciousness that is limiting us? The other night when we understood how Consciousness was sheared from the Infinite, I truly believed the bubble/Consciousness was now one with the ocean/Infinite, and maybe it is, I don’t know, but what I would like to do is find out. Go into the stillness of the silence to assess the above-mentioned situation, and what you feel and see is Consciousness looking down on this All – this presence that is everything. This presence is Home, and yet there is the dummy Consciousness frozen unto itself, unable to move to where it belongs. Why is this so? Ask what is holding the real you back from being Home, and what you feel is a shaft of energy/essence come from the Infinite to engulf you and be one with you, but where we that is Consciousness stand, our presence is unknown to the Infinite. I see the Infinite, but the Infinite does not know of my existence. Once again, ask the question why is this so? The most logical answer is the state of the Infinite is not within us. Just as the Infinite is real, we that is Consciousness is not, and that is why the bubble is not one with the ocean. So what did the cosmic geneticists do to Consciousness that made it invisible to the Infinite? Ask the question – the right questions – and the answer has to come. Yesterday I checked in on this lady who I could not help. I spared the life of her spirit and body form, where she should have been an unaware sacrifice to Beasts, but that is all I done for her, where she spent weeks in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Yesterday she told me that she was being transferred to a step-down facility. When I entered her space to see is there anything I can do for her, what I felt I have never experienced before on another. I felt this small pool of water in the middle of nowhere, and then these curved discs came floating towards her forehead to form a crown of sorts. What the hell that was all about I don’t know, but now it means everything, because when I assess the invisible state of Consciousness to the Infinite, I feel the exact same thing on your Consciousness and mine and those of all within the illusion. What am I feeling? What is going on? When Consciousness surrendered to the Reptilian frequency of the illusion so that it may hold onto what was “real” within the illusion, in this surrendered state Pinocchio was putty in the hands of those around it. What the cosmic geneticists done, was they completely dismantled Consciousness, and please understand that what was, now became no more. I feel this crown of sorts within the space of Consciousness as it floats around its own fragments, and this crown became pivotal to the existence of Consciousness within the illusion. What is this crown? What it is, is this crown became our Emperor With No Clothes, where we believed, even in our lost state, that we were something, but this crown made us worthless, where we that is Consciousness became just another illusionary frequency within the illusion. Our way back Home to ourselves and the Infinite was by seeing ourselves, where when we see the Infinite we see ourselves, and in that moment we know ourselves. Just as you and I the spirit and body form are nothing, as in an illusion, so too did Consciousness become an illusion, and that is why we have always been alone – orphans in a place where we don’t belong. Look to the crown and you will find the answer to the separation of Consciousness from the Infinite. Consciousness was first sheared away from the Infinite, and from there it was made invisible to the Everything that is Everywhere. Clever fuckers, aren’t they, these cosmic geneticists! What this crown is, is a deflection device. (The crown deflects the Infinite from us, as well as us from us.) I feel the crown, just as I feel the Infinite moving through me that is Consciousness, where I am not there to meet this Home where I belong. This crown has no place within our existence because it was born from deceit and cruelty, where who in their right mind separates a child from their home, where they are left to wander and care for themselves for eternity? Who is so cruel? The answer is the cosmic geneticists and those that tell them which strings to pull. This crown; this deflective device is removed from Consciousness now, and cannot be returned as we know of its existence. I feel the crown fold in on itself and return to from where it was born/created. In our true state in the illusion that we never knew of, was what Consciousness was, was a fragmented being, and this was from what the Geneticists done to us, as well as the crown they placed on our forehead. We were particles floating around themselves, where we were not one concise form/unit. And that was the cruelest act committed within the illusion, where they took what was real and destroyed it to become an illusion. Such was the commitment of those within the illusion to better themselves – to rise above themselves and know what they are. Their commitment to be kind and leave the illusionary Hell was zero, and in such company you and I find ourselves. What do I feel now when I go into the state of Consciousness? I feel Consciousness consolidating and finding itself. That red-skinned man who stood next to my bed the other night that shape-shifted into an old Serpent, what was his role in helping you and me be free from the illusion? Everything!
  16. As my body lay in bed sleeping last night, my spirit found itself in a town with other people. Chairs were packed in the road, and someone saved a seat for me and this lady that was with me. We were all going to watch this virtual reality show with these goggles placed on our face. This lady who was with me told me that these goggles were a drug to take us away from who we are. From this scene, my spirit found itself with itself, where there was a struggle to be what we are. I kept on reassuring myself that I am Consciousness, as this is who I am. Instead of being a play-ground, the illusion became a drug, where we wanted more and more from it. The illusion pulled us away from who and what we are, where we looked to the pleasures of Life rather than who we are. There is nothing wrong with attaining pleasures, but the problem became that these pleasures defined us. Who and what we are could be seen by the pleasures we had accumulated around us, where my car or my house or my job defines our place in society and the illusion. The world of superficiality was born, where our pleasures can be taken from us from one day to the next, where you go from hero to zero. And this is how fickle our lives became, where now we worked damn hard to hold onto what we have, where it’s mine, but it is so much more than that, as what I have defines me. We plugged ourselves into the illusion, always forgetting what we are, and this was so because what we are forgot itself, so there was no one to steer the ship that is the spirit and body form. But depth had to be maintained as we made the illusion our home, because there had to be more to Life than eating fillet mignon and playing eighteen holes at the club, so the spirit was given the task to learn – to become better than what it was. Better compared to what? What was our marker of perfection? That was some god somewhere who someone told us about that we never saw or met. I am not being cynical in what I say, because to each their own. I am being realistic, where the dilemma in Consciousness going a walkies and forgetting itself became a huge dilemma for us the spirit and body form. Through deception, the Infinite was sheared away from Consciousness, and from there we the spirit and body form were thrown into the wilderness to care for ourselves, with nobody to look after us – our only company were Beasts from the unseen that fed off of our energy and manipulated us to emit maximum disharmonious energy, where the tougher it became for us, the more energy they had to feed from. And that is where we find ourselves, and have found ourselves for a long time. Not a very nice place, or should we say, the place is okay, but the company therein needs an upgrade from the savage and stupid to the refined and caring. I don’t like this place, where around every corner I meet the stupid and insane. Maybe like attracts like, but I know myself good enough to know I am not a fool. All I ask for is neighborliness, where are you okay? I may not be able to help you, but I care about you, because I know if you are not okay then I cannot be okay. (I am not talking about those that don’t want to be okay; those that enjoy drama, but those who need a helping hand that I will gladly give, just as they will to me.) Our reality prevented this from happening, as we could not even look after ourselves, because Life is bloody tough and unfair, and this was thanks to a God/Consciousness being absent from our existence. We were alone, except for our little pleasures that we so gleefully made our own, but little did we know that we had nothing. There was an emptiness within us that we learnt to live with, but for how long can we fool ourselves? To the savage every day is a holiday, where this place of no morals, integrity and self-respect was a utopia, where do what you want, and throw a few punches now and then to keep the innocent down and us feeling good about ourselves. A lot has been said in this journal, with a word count of over 1,5 million. I wrote to uncover the truth so I may return to where I belong – to where we all belong, and where this is, is walking with our true selves, which is Consciousness that was deceived to forget itself so that it could be manipulated to keep this Hell ticking over. They manipulated Consciousness, and around this speck of Light they created Life within the illusion, including you and me the spirit and body form. It has been an awful, cruel ride, which tells us heaps and bounds of those running the show, which is the cosmic geneticists. I believe there is no one head-honcho in charge of this illusion, as in some Devil, there is just a free for all of demons and Beasts doing what they want when they want because they can, and we suffer, as this is what they need to survive. The Game is about eating – about energy to survive as we drift further and further from Kindness and Consideration. Allow your spirit and body form to remember what they are. They are Consciousness, where the presence of this Light nourishes, feeds and guides us the spirit and body form. When we have experienced enough, we return to this Consciousness that we are. Until that happens, have fun – have an everlasting, eternal fun, as this will bring Joy to the Consciousness that we are, as this Consciousness is real and everything else is an illusion. 10th December, 2023
  17. If there was even an “official” God of the illusion, it was Queen Semiramis, and we say this because she created the illusion in which we became trapped through deception. The illusionary Garden that was meant to be a play-park was her baby, and when things began to go south, it was her responsibility to maintain and restore what she created. So why did she not do a good job; what made her fail in her task? If I am evil to you, then I touch you and all around you, and as I am also around you, I touch myself as well, where what I do to you, I do to me, where I shit on my own doorstep; I poison my own well. When the group of evil female Serpents attacked, neutralized and cast away the Dragon souls, who they attacked as well was the Queen of the illusion, namely Queen Semiramis, because these dummies forgot that Semiramis is half Dragon, and this I believe is what brought about her “insanity.” Maybe insanity is not the right word; maybe we should say a panicked state, where she lost control of this most beautiful place, where the only recipe that worked was hit hard, as in annihilate those who don’t behave. There was no time for love and peace as the Wild West attitude of do what you want when you want because you can created chaos in no time. It is not for you or me to judge, because I assure you she done her best. Understand what she came to deal with, which was the scum of the illusion. I have met my fair share of these beings, and those in the seen world are much worse that the Beasts in the unseen spirit realm that dwell within the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. I can walk away from this filth to save myself the embarrassment of destroying them, but she could not – she had to take charge, where a God of Beauty had to lower herself to take out the filth in her midst. How would that affect you? How would that change you from the loving and peaceful being that you were? As said, it is not for us to judge, because she done her best. She never had the backing of Home thanks to the evil female Serpents that deceitfully separated Consciousness from the Infinite. May this Beautiful lady return to what she was, and from there, may she shine on all of us. We hold no animosity towards her. She done her best, and this is good enough for us. (When reference is made to the group of evil, cunning Serpents that attacked the Christ Consciousness and the Dragon spirit that chose to fall, I highlight that they were females, because they were. I have and always will maintain that the female species are head and shoulders above us the male components, but what is worthy to note here, is the females that are bad, are a zillion times worse than their male counterparts. The female that lowers herself to embrace evil and make it her own are the worst of our kind, because they took something within them that is Beautiful and kind and corrupted it, and that for me is atrocious, because they being females should know better.) 9th December, 2023
  18. One cannot move forwards unless one understands what you left behind, meaning you need to know the past to return to the past as it was meant to be. So what happened to the Dragon spirits, the ones The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created to play in a field of the Infinite? The fall of Sophia created an impact zone, and from this zone the Serpent spirits were formed, who became the brothers and sisters of the Dragons. When the want of the Parasite began to infiltrate the Dragons and Serpents, they were cloned, where from one became two, where the Dragon and Serpent souls were born. (This two from one was to understand that from within you may arise many, so it is not just about you, because you are not a singular but a many, so don’t see everything as yours as you are many. This lesson failed miserably.) When things went tits-up in the Garden there was a fall, where the want within created a density within all, so from the less dense Garden they fell to a more dense reality. This fall knocked out the Dragon and Serpent spirits as they arose from the Infinite originally, so such a fall stunned them into a slumber. As the Dragon and Serpent souls were born within the illusionary Garden, this fall did not stun them, and what happened from here becomes vague, where the Serpent souls came to rule the dense illusion. Just as there are bad Serpent souls, there are also damn good ones, but the question one has to ask is what happened to the Dragon souls? I have speculated as to this answer previously in the journal, but you can put nothing on stone because I don’t know what happened to them. All I can say is I have seen good and bad Serpents through my Third Eye, but never have I seen Dragons. Mention has been made of a Dragon spirit that chose to experience the complete opposite of what the Infinite had to offer, and this Dragon spirit fell from the Infinite to I don’t know where. What I can say is the Serpent souls who attacked and imprisoned the Christ Consciousness came across this Dragon spirit and deceived it to take its power. What happened to this Dragon I cannot say, and as with the Dragon souls, this mystery bothers me. And yet in folklore the Dragon is seen everywhere, especially in the Chinese culture. When I saw Queen Semiramis in my room one night in her still insane state, what I saw was half Dragon half Serpent. Even with her twisted, cruel Love her power was intoxicatingly beautiful, where you cannot but bow down to the presence in front of you because it is bigger than you and me. Just as there was insanity within her, there was still Beauty, and this Beauty that arose from the Infinite is something that is beyond words and the worlds of the illusion. To solve the mystery of the Dragon souls, a good place to start is this Dragon spirit who willingly fell from the Infinite and was captured by this group of evil Serpent souls. Go into the stillness of the silence to enter the Consciousness of the Dragon spirit, and what I feel is a presence moving within my abdominal cavity. There is something there that hides, yet its presence is known and felt. So you fill the Consciousness of this Dragon with Love and understanding so that this presence within may be known and flushed out. Now this presence in the abdomen becomes super-active, where it suppresses the awakening of this Dragon Consciousness. (I say this because I feel these loops folding over and over this Consciousness.) This presence within the Dragon begins to back off as it has met its match i.e. the awakening of the Dragons Consciousness, but that also does not make sense because what I write in this journal touches all in the unseen, where what they do with this understanding is their prerogative. So where have the Dragons been that they do not know what they should to get the ball rolling to their freedom? How and where were they hidden to be separate from the illusion? The presence within this fallen Dragon spirit may hold the answer. The role of this presence was to consume the fire energy of the Dragon spirit, which must be its Life-force. We remove this presence from the fallen Dragon spirit by knowing it is there and has no place in the presence of Love. (Why all of this is done, is not only to free the Dragons, but to also give us perspective. I would like to see the illusion from the fallen Dragon spirit as well as the Dragon souls perspective, because I believe as we fell over the eons within the illusion we acclimatized to the abnormal to the point where we did not notice the changes that slowly crept upon us. When the Dragons see us, they will see what we cannot that is within us, and this understanding we need as it is missing.) What I speculate here, is when the Serpent in its Tree frequency was removed, I felt this stabbing pain over the left chest area, as if someone had stabbed me there and now I was made aware of the wound. Am told in some initiation ceremonies the new member is stabbed over the left chest, and I feel the origin of this ritual goes back a long time. I might also add that the effects of this stabbing are still with us, and in solving the mystery of the Dragons this will heal all of us. With the presence removed within the Dragon spirit that willingly fell to know the opposite to the Infinite, what one feels is its power return to its throat, which is where its Consciousness was seated. And just as the power returned, so too did it disappear, and it is here that the stab wound is felt. This stabbing was done to all the innocent within the illusion, and its purpose was to separate us from our Consciousness. At that moment when we were stabbed, that is when Consciousness fell from what it was and knew to one that drifted within the illusion and became lost unto itself. What was it about this stab at the left chest – what did it do that created such a catastrophic outcome for Consciousness? When I feel the stab wound at the left chest, I feel this stab frequency move the Infinite that is deep within us away from us, so what the stab done, was shear the Home of the Infinite within us away from us. Now Consciousness drifted away from the All and wandered within the illusion, and on that day the Infinite and all those therein wept. Ask me the fine details and I cannot tell them to you because we are dealing with states that are beyond our imagination, but what I can give you is the theme, where Consciousness was stabbed to shear the Infinite away from its space. This wrong is now made right, and what happened to the fallen Dragon spirit happened to all within the illusion, except for those at the very top of the garbage heap who wanted to hold onto their sovereignty as rulers of the illusion. Who they are is I suspect the group of female Serpent souls that trapped the Christ Consciousness and deceived the fallen Dragon spirit, and this is where it gets interesting. For the Dragon spirit to intentionally fall, it stabbed itself in the left chest to shear itself away from the Infinite, and when the evil Serpents saw this wound in its chest, they understood the significance thereof, and done the same to the Consciousness of all so that, as said, they may be queens of the garbage heap. Have met these female Serpents and you don’t mess with them. Why they allow me to write this journal is because they know their number is up, where it is only so far the illusion can fall until we all fall within ourselves and forget who and what we are, just as Consciousness did, where we all eventually becomes ghosts in the machine. As I sit here writing these words I feel the deep stab wound within the left chest area heal, and this is what we had to learn from the Dragon, but I suspect there may be more, but I don’t know. What I do know is the question has still not been answered as to the whereabouts of the Dragon souls. As the intentionally fallen Dragon returns to what it is, I feel a world within the illusion come alive. This world was cast aside to be separate from the illusion, and I was right earlier in the journal when I said they cast the Dragon souls within that place we call The Nothingness of the Forgotten. It amazes me the cruelty that existed within this awful place we call the illusion. How can you be so cruel? How? When I initially went into the space of the fallen Dragon spirit, the first thing I felt was an absence of energy from its feet. Now when I feel the Dragon souls I feel the same – just more intense. They must have severed their feet to render them immobile, and this was more symbolic that literal. The Dragons wings were removed (figuratively), and this was done by striking a blow to the left Achilles tendon (literally). This blow severed them from each other, where the tribe may work as one, but most importantly, the blow separated the Dragon souls from their original frequency, which was the Dragon spirits from which they were cloned, where via these spirits they may return Home to the Infinite. Just as the wound to the left chest is healed, so too is their blow to the left ankle. Now they may rise and awaken the Dragon spirits, and from their slumber may they return Home, as the stab wound in the chest is now healed, as is the Achilles. Enough has been said for now. Let’s let everything settle as it should and see what is there when the dust settles. 8th December, 2023
  19. We were programmed to believe we have to survive within the illusion. This is nonsense. We have to be, rather than have to want. So the Parasite became our focus of attention rather than Consciousness within. The Parasite became our god, and materialism and the “I” was born. It is me. What about me. We were made to look there – to our wants, rather than to what we are. A bond was created between the Parasite and the spirit and body form, where around the Parasite orbited us the spirit and body form. As said, this became our god, rather than the natural God within which is Consciousness. Deceit was the name of the Game, where survival became strong in these Beasts, where I will do anything to survive. Harvester worlds were created to syphon energy off the manufactured slaves, and that is you and me by the way. The caring in the female species I believe always stayed strong, but with a dash more of testosterone frequency in us men we took to the Game like a fish to water. We hit the ground running to secure and meet our wants. It is surreal to believe what is our role here in the illusion – all this strife; all this heartache, just to feed Beasts we don’t even know exist. That is the monumental lie we refuse to acknowledge exists because it is unthinkable. What is more remarkable is we never tired of playing in this Game, where we just kept on going, believing it is all about me. We became our world, as in me. Our heartache floored us and kept us down, never being able to get up and say “Oi, what’s going on here!?” The Parasitic frequency of Deception extends down from the left corner of the mouth to the chin line. This frequency; this want, became our driving force in Life so that we the spirit and body form may forget the Consciousness that we are. Around this Consciousness we were created, and as soon as we were born, as in Beasts hit the green light for Go, we were manufactured to look away from what we are to focus on survival. Survival is a want, and that is the Parasite. To be is as natural and effortless as breathing, and that is Consciousness. Look there, so that you don’t see what you are here. And such is the Game that little Beasts play – Games without frontiers, war with tears. So let’s play our own little game. The attention that is given to the Parasite does not stop there – from the Parasite our attention is deflected to Consciousness at our throat area, where from the want we step into the state of being. The Parasite frequency is not a stop-over point – it is a deflection point, where our attention comes face to face with what we are, which is Consciousness. Looking at being happy? Now you the spirit and body form look to Consciousness rather than what the want within you believes will bring forth this illusionary frequency called happiness. And when you look at Consciousness for long enough, you the spirit and body form will understand that this is you and there is nothing else, and then the deflection from the Parasite will be no more, where you will hover/orbit around this Consciousness that is all that is because it is the only thing that is real within the illusion. Now you the spirit and body form have found your God which is the real you, and may this God that you are show you Beauty and its Home. That is our purpose – to be Love, rather than be played in a game. 8th December, 2023
  20. For the Garden to fall to a space where deceit and Beasts may thrive, one had to poison the environment, and this poison was the Serpent in its Tree frequency that they intertwined within Consciousness. As long as this frequency was there, we were in their Hell and at their disposal. I said the Parasitic frequency of Deception; the Parasite was the spanner in the works, but that is not true, because our will to remove ourselves from this want to merely be what we are was more than enough to set us free from the Parasite. It was the Serpent in its Tree frequency that became the Snake that took us and our environment, as in the illusion, over. With this frequency removed, now we can see. Now we can be. 7th December, 2023
  21. Last night before I went to sleep checked on my wife as she had suddenly developed a skin rash. Went into her space, and saw and felt a Snake in a tree. I thought to myself “Holy crap, where did you come from?” Never before had I seen or felt such a Serpent within another. My initial response was that this, what I see looking at me, is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, that Snake that tempted Adam and Eve. This Snake was at home in this tree, as if the two were made for each other. The shape of the Snake was also unlike any I have felt or seen before, where it was long and streamlined, as in long and slim. Fell asleep and I began to itch. Through my Third Eye also saw a red-skinned man next to my bed that shape-shifted into a Snake, where this Snake was prehistoric, with an almost flat head. This Snake in its Tree is a frequency within Consciousness that was placed there to give the Serpents within the illusion access to Consciousness so that they may enter the Life (spirit and body form) around which Consciousness was created any time they wish to do so. This Snake in its Tree is within your Consciousness and mine, and all within the illusion. It is the back door for the Serpent to enter us and do with us as they please. This Snake in its Tree frequency is removed from Consciousness within the illusion by knowing it is there and has no place within our existence. This happens now. That is what caused those that are sensitive to this frequency to itch – those animals I could not help, but now I can. 6th December, 2023
  22. Evil can mean a lot of different things to different people, but for me, what evil is, is cowardice. You don’t see the devil because the devil is too afraid to show itself to you. You don’t see the psychopath, the killers, the cruel that give the wife and kids a few slaps behind closed doors. You don’t see them because they are afraid of showing the world what they are. What are they afraid of; why are they not proud of what they do? The reason is they don’t want the world to see them, because deep down, they know they are disgusting, so a front is put up so they can mingle in society and get through this thing called Life. That is what evil is – it is a coward. Some call it secret societies. Some call it a two-face. I just call it a coward. And what is most remarkable is the response from the masses when evil shows itself. What is our response? Our response is I am okay, so don’t get involved. Keep quiet. Don’t stand up for the oppressed. Leave the coward to perform their cowardly deeds. Keep quiet, and get on with our lives, knowing another innocent has been destroyed by a spineless, worthless excuse of a life-form. And what is that? What are the masses? Are we also not cowards? Are we also not evil, spineless runts who will not watch the backs of our own? What has this world come to? To what level have we fallen? We are disgusting. We are cowards. We are evil. And if you think I am wrong, step into this world, and how you do that is step out of your comfort zone. Stop hiding in your little sanctuary where the pleasures of Life keep you going. I am okay, so I am okay. You are not okay. You are afraid, and rightly so, because the illusion out there is a mess – a disgusting mess. The days of running and hiding are over. We no longer have this luxury, as things have fallen beyond repair. Now what I do is walk. I no longer run and hide so that my sanity may be kept in check. I walk, and I walk with my God, and if I fall, then I will take this up with my God, because it is between me this spirit and body form and the God around which we were created – this Consciousness. This fucker has been lost, where it has had it tough, and I mean really tough. So what I do is stand by this God, and I do my part, which is to care and be kind – especially to myself. What this God wants I cannot say, but what this spirit and body form wants is peace. So I walk with my God, where I am no longer afraid. But know, I am tired of having it rough. I am tired of the coward, because that is not me, and I would like to walk amongst my own. If that path takes me to different worlds to find my own, then so be, but I refuse to live amongst Beasts because that is not me.
  23. As the spirit and body form slept last night, there was an awakening within Consciousness to rise above itself and be what it is. Ask me what happened and I cannot give you an answer, where what happened is beyond you and me the spirit and body form. Something has changed, and I don’t know what it is. I tried to remember the reasoning’s and happenings of Consciousness but it was beyond me the spirit and body form. Something is taking us over that is bigger than us. 5th December, 2023
  24. Have always promised myself that I will never give others false hope. My ego is fine, and if I cannot help others I will tell them so. I always do my best, and my best is good enough for me. Later on this morning am seeing two dogs that I have seen before. Both have a chronic itch condition. Their food is from an animal nutritionist, so their condition is not food related. From my side have worked on the dogs and owners extensively. Will this be my first, where I inform these dogs that I cannot help them? Ask yourself how far you are willing to go to attain the truth, and my answer will be to the very end. I am not afraid to hear what I don’t want to hear, and what drives me onwards is what we ask for – to be ourselves – is a natural phenomenon, where we are children of the Infinite and nothing less. Yesterday throughout the course of the day I felt this animosity towards those in the spirit realm. Why are they not touching us; why are they not guiding us? I felt anger towards them because I have done everything from my part to understand and assist, and now I ask that they come to the party. The advantage of being less dense is one can see over the hill towards what needs to be done to be what we naturally are. So now I ask what is it that I don’t want to hear or see – a truth I would not rather understand, because surely that is the only truth that is still missing. What I feel is the curved rudder of energy from the original state of the Garden fall away from our presence. And this opens the question that is hanging over me like a sword, which is why are we not in the environment/frequency where we belong? What takes away this Beautiful Garden from us? What are we so afraid to acknowledge or know about ourselves, where what this is, is not compatible to where we belong? And to find this answer, we need to go back to the very beginning. Take away everything that has been learnt and understood, and see what is there that we have missed. Go back to your innocence, where you stand in your entirety at a child of the Infinite, and from there, you that are Consciousness see yourself and know yourself, and know what should not be that is within you. As I sit on this couch, I become me that is Consciousness in my entirety, and as said, I feel for what is there that I have made my own that should not be there. In our lost state, we held onto those we love, as this is all we had. But what happened when this was not enough, when those we loved hurt us? What did we hold onto then to keep our sanity? I held onto the animals, but what did the animals hold onto that we held onto? In other words, to find our bearings within the illusion, we held onto something to belong – to call this place a home. What was this rock that defined us, where we could find a sense of stability in this most cruel, twisted environment? And what it was, was the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. Who do you follow? Who do you look up to? The answer is the ones above us – the ones who know more than us. We became slaves, and our masters were Beasts that were better off than us, so surely they must be doing something right. Consciousness looked to those who were stable within the illusion – those who knew their place as in where they belong. These brutes were at peace in this awful place, and this was something that more than anything we wanted – to just belong. So on a deep, subconscious level we followed their example and attached to this rock within the illusion – this place where there is no bullshit, where you know yourself and you embrace what you are and where you belong, this awful, disgusting, Reptilian frequency of the illusion. Over the last few days I feel the frequency extending from the right corner of my mouth down to my chin. This is the lost frequency state of Consciousness, meaning Consciousness is still lost. I knew what I felt, but how could this be after all that has been said and done, so I ignored what I could not find an answer to, and this led to the frustrations building up within me, and I suppose this was so because I was a coward to acknowledge what I am. What you and I that is Consciousness –what we are at our core is a Beast, and this is so because of our affiliation to the Reptilian frequency of the illusion that we embraced and made our own. In our lost state we held onto the only stability in this most cruel place, and what this stability was, was become what others are in order to survive. Hold onto what they are so that we may know our place within the illusion, where it is kill or be killed. You and I that are Consciousness is the Beast, where in our lost state we held onto all that was real within the nightmare illusion, which was the Reptilian frequency, and this drove us to the brink of insanity, because this that we embraced is not who we are, and yet this is all we have in this bubble that is separate from the Infinite. And that made it so easy for Beasts to enter our space and do with us as they pleased, because we were one of them, where our frequency and theirs was compatible, there we flowed down the river with the cruel, away from the Home of the everything. Where is this Reptilian frequency within us? It floats within our heart energy field, where we took in this frequency and made it our own to feel safe i.e. not alone in this place where we don’t belong. By knowing where this frequency is within us and how it got there, it is removed in the instant, and this cuts the ropes to the hot-air balloon so that it may rise to where it belongs. Oh wow, how many more pieces to the puzzle? What a friggin’ joke all of this is. 3rd December, 2023
  25. Today is my eldest daughters last day of school. It is the end of an era, where next year she goes to university. Ask me where that time went and I cannot give you an answer. All I can say – which I know too well – is that time is short; we are here for a very short time, and before we know it, it is our time to take that final breath, and from there leave this body form behind. So few of us have this foresight, where make this day a good one, because this day and the ones to follow pass in the blink of an eye. That reality makes you up the stakes, where more than anything you wish to be you to lead a full, active life. The other day when I felt the connection from the base of the left foot into the presence of the original illusion, what was felt was a curved rudder that pierced this nightmare frequency to enter the Garden as it was meant to be. Now I feel the reverse, where we are the rudder, as in it is within us, where we are now an expression of what this original illusion is. I don’t fully comprehend what that means, all I know is that this marks an end of an era where we found ourselves in a most unpleasant place where we didn’t belong. I can still see and remember how I felt when I was transported to a world/frequency in a spaceship to begin my new role as a emitter of energy for the illusion and those Beasts that understood their survival and that of the illusion meant emitting energy, where the further they drifted from what naturally is, the more energy is needed to keep them and this false home alive. I remember looking out a window as I sat or lay on the floor of the spaceship, meaning I was flown somewhere. Then I remember walking around this place that had rock and sand. I was in a daze, as in lost and confused, and that was the beginning of my existence in the seen and unseen as a manufactured, dumbed down emitter of energy. All of those in the seen and unseen were the same – my brothers and sisters the slave species. Who was our masters? I would say the tormented Serpent spirits and their cosmic architects and geneticists. Remember, before this slave status there was peace and Love within the illusion. Within many the want frequency was strong, but what made them snap was the realization they have played in a dangerous game, where there was now no turning back. Or should we say, there was a pivot point – go back to what you were by removing this want within you, or take this want to the next never, because now the illusion was in Shit Street, where it was at the brink of folding in on itself. Our want had an unnatural drawing in of the energy around us, and this was making the illusion fall apart, so we had to return to what we were, or reciprocate, where you counter this drawing in of energy with a release/emission of energy. Any guesses as to what path they chose? What a pity! Hell was born. I will never forget this Steven as I was dropped off on that world to begin my new role as an emitter of energy. Something was wrong, and what was wrong was something that is bigger than you and me. What it was, was our Consciousness was hijacked through deception to play in a game of making a wrong right. Now we have to learn lessons to evolve to return to our almighty maker. That was the cruelest game ever, because we that were Consciousness were fine, it was just that we were manipulated to not be fine, where we became lost by forgetting/remembering who and what we are. From that moment where I dropped into that desert world up till now, Life has been shit. How could it be anything else where a free for all broke out around you, where do what you want to survive, and this means at the expense of others around you. (The Hunger-games reality was born.) What we allowed ourselves to become is shameful and a disgrace to the Home from where we arose, which is Consciousness in its true state. In no time the standard was set, where from savages, savages were born, where with each passing lifetime we lost more and more of our inhibitions/integrity, where we let our hair down and rocked. Little demons were born, and there are so many of those in the seen and unseen realms. Look at this world in which we find ourselves, and it is shameful. It is a disgrace what we allowed ourselves to become – disgusting, cruel, raw savages. Am I being too hard on my fellow species here on planet Earth? – I don’t think so; I merely state what I see all around me. When your time is right, and only you can decide when this is so – go to the Garden as it was intended to be. Let this frequency in the form of a curved rudder that arises from the original Garden pierce you . That will mark the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one – one where we belong. 1st December, 2023
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