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  1. in November thereabouts i joined this forum. i know i have said it before, but i am saying it again, and i assure you that this is the last time i will say it: it is my time to depart this forum. is there anyone out there who feels they are in a rut and would appreciate a helping hand? does anyone want me to enter their space and see if there are any blockages that need to be removed? i am a good person with a good heart, and those of the same standing are allowed to enter my space and none other. this offer is made as i sure would have appreciated it if someone helped me. so i am only doing what i would have liked others to do to me, as now i am in a position to help others. i will not give you feedback on what i picked up as the transformation within your existence should speak for itself, and this transformation is what i wish on all, which is joy and peace and contentment. this offer is valid for 48hrs from now. if you wish my intervention let me know within this time period. i will not return to this forum after that.
  2. Of course you will be tested, just as I was last night in my sleep state, to see if you are ready for the return of your natural gifts. You the strand is testing the spirit. My advice is remember that you are merely passing through on the way to Home; you are not here to stay, and strive for excellence, not perfection, as perfection cannot be attained within the illusion. In other words, be the best that you naturally are, which is another way of saying just be yourself.
  3. It is now that I would like to speak about the Cosmic Thief. In the million plus words written in this journal, there is not one word – as far as I can recall – that speaks good of this entity. I have known of him for years, and through our limited vision and understanding, I have seen this entity. He is just that – a thief. What is rightfully ours; what should come our way, in the seen and unseen, he takes. That is why so many the worlds over are sitting on the bones of their arse, as in they have nothing. This has been the role of this Thief – to take from us. I am sure there are many like me, who feel they should have, as this is who and what they are, and yet they live each day from hand to mouth. Others just drift, living a life they know they are not meant to live. This is the role of the Cosmic Thief: He takes from us. And once again I have been wrong. I have slandered others when I knew nothing about them. One of the worst experiences you can ever encounter is to be in a place where you don’t belong, as in you are in a job or relationship, or even just at a party, where every fibre of you shouts “Get out of there – you don’t belong in that place.” We don’t listen, so the experience lingers, and we eventually rack up a few of these Lifetime experiences. We are in a frequency where we don’t belong, not only in this illusionary world, but the illusion itself. Despondency soon sets it, which leads to disillusionment. Nothing makes sense, but we have to make the most of what we have, so we persevere, putting our best foot forward and always looking on the bright side of Life whenever we can. On the surface we “get on with it,” but beneath the surface our spirit is bleeding, because as try as it may, Life is shit. When this reality hits us in the face, what we do is throw the baby out with the bathwater, as in we say stuff it to everything, as now everything is a chore. (I am not talking about times of abundance, when there is a good laugh and the wine tastes good – I am talking about the underlying reality of being in a place where we don’t belong, and for the life of us we cannot understand why we are so unhappy.) The key word is “disillusionment,” and this is where the Cosmic Thief comes into play. Our natural state is abundance; to never want for anything, but when despondency and disillusionment set in (from being in a place where we don’t belong) what happened was that we saw the plough in front of us, and not our natural gifts of abundance. We got stuck in living, trying to make sense of this mess, and as has been said, we only saw what was in front of us and not around us. So guess who came to pick up what we left behind? That’s right: The Cosmic Thief. He is not a thief; he is a collector of what is rightfully ours that we chose to abandon. What I am saying is that Life is not tough – we made it so through our disillusionment of being somewhere where we don’t belong. We should have held onto our good cheer and our natural bountiful gifts while we figured out a way out of this mess. We never literally counted our blessings as we forgot about them when we found ourselves in an unfamiliar place. Over the years I told this Cosmic Thief – this fucker as I called him, to give back to me what was rightfully mine. How could he do this when I was the one that threw my abundance away and held onto the reality of Life is shit? Wow! Talk about Steven being unreasonable! Talk about Steven being cruel to the innocent! I am sorry; I apologize to this entity for my ignorance and lack of understanding. You are not a thief – I am a fool. The trick is to be bigger than what we are – to uplift ourselves and others, as there really isn’t time for anything else. (You uplift through the joy, peace and contentment that you are, and this is done by knowing what we are.) What I do now is uplift this entity that took what we left behind. You are Love my friend; you are this strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness at your throat area. Be this strand; be this what you are now. From there, I ask that you please return to us the ignorant what we left behind – our natural bountiful gifts. You be our Santa Claus, as you know what gifts belong to whom. Thank you for your assistance and your Love. Those that wish their gifts returned to them will shine forth for you to see. We thank you for your help. We lost our way, and have now found it through this strand of Love within that we are. As long as you are in your reality/frequency, receive your gifts and play with them. Let us be joyous, as our time here is limited, as soon we will return Home. With your gifts always be thankful. Always be humble.
  4. Last night in my sleep state my spirit found itself in a public place of sorts. There were two snakes slithering around – absolutely awful looking things. These reptiles were in a frenzy – they did not know where to go or what to do. Then I found myself in another public place. I was in this food kiosk serving people, and I was in a bit of a flat spin as I could not locate the products that the customers wanted. In this flat spin, I suddenly realized that the crowd was silent and all looking to the right. What they saw was something from the paranormal that froze them in disbelief. A mass of seagulls were flying towards them. When I saw the birds they were overhead me, and as I lay in bed my body form felt the pain inflicted on the spirit as these birds pecked with force on my left neck area. It was written in the journal when Consciousness made its presence felt. From my experiences last night, I surmise that Consciousness is now sweeping over the unseen to rock - putting it mildly – their existence, hence the frantic state I saw last night amongst those that dwell there. Whatever this shift; this transformation means, I am indifferent to it, and I say this because I know what I am. I am Love, and this is all that matters. Yesterday was an awful day as I saw how the pressures of Life impact on my children. This is not okay, but I know that things will be okay. Love is Love – it is what it is, and sooner or later it will touch us and blow us away in more ways than one, and that moment will be joyous. If that moment happens, or doesn’t happen, is also okay, as I know what I am. I am Love, and everything will be okay. The Life of the Beast is over. They might not know this, but I do.
  5. When I closed my eyes to sleep last night I saw a Human looking form standing there looking at me with aggression. From there, layers of him began to peel away to reveal the literal monster within that he was. He could not enter my space. Saw a female that had a pale face with a long neck behind her, and nothing else but this neck. She did not look kosher, and once again, could not enter my space. Fell asleep and was awoken by this Human looking female crouching over me. She brought her pet snail with. This snail was about half the size of her, and it kept on licking me as a sign of affection. The female worked frantically on me, as in her time around me was limited and there was something she had to do. My throat area was worked on, and what they done there your guess is as good as mine. (My guess was that she was learning to harness the power of the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness located at the throat area so that it may be awakened in them. If this is so, they never understood that by seeing the strand in another spirit, the strand is awakened in you in the moment by seeing this phenomena and wishing it within you. That is all that is needed to awaken the strand within, and of course through simple intent.) What I want to say, is that over the years I have seen some weird and scary entities, but what came last night, as in this female figure and her pet snail, this made me stand back and understand that there are so many worlds out there. We are not alone, and never have been. Our world is one of many, and what this understanding does, is allows us to zoom out and take perspective of ourselves. Stop focusing so intently on your life and how shit it is – I really think mine is worse than yours, and I know a few billion on this planet have it a million times worse than me. Take that intensity down a notch or two; those static edges that focus on us as in “this is all there is, and boy, is it tough!” Your life is one of many in this world, and this world is one of many out there. Take this understanding and see yourself and your life as a whole, and not just an isolated part. Now, from this perspective, see your whole life – the past, the present and the future – and imagine your life to be one that is well lived, full of joy and peace. As has been said, zoom out and see the big picture of your life – do not be caught up within your skin that this is all there is; this tiny little me. The universe is teeming with life in dimensions and time zones that are just out of our frequency band. Expand your world; expand yourself to go and visit these places, and most importantly, live the life that you have to its fullest. Remember your breathing in with intent whenever you can. There are two wolves within you, the one called Love and the other called Chaos. Chaos will call often, but Love will be silent, waiting for you. By breathing in with intent when Chaos calls, you drift into the space of the stillness of Love – the everything. From this place you can dance with Life and see what it and the worlds around you have to offer. Start playing in this dimension and others.
  6. Went to sleep last night and was awoken to see this horde of snakes slithering on the bed. Few move more silent than a snake. Fell asleep again, and my spirit and body form where awoken by the spit of a cobra. I felt the droplets and heard as the snake hissed out its venom. This Serpent was one I have not seen before. The top part of the snake was the forehead and eyes of a man, and the bottom part was the snake proper. What was happening here was that the individual who crossed over to embrace the Reptilian frequency was been taken over by it. What I saw of this man in this snake was the remnants of what he was that was fading with each passing moment. When I saw this sad setup I couldn’t help but remark at what a downright rotten mess we have all gotten ourselves into, and the saddest thing of all is that it is so unnecessary. Why did we not just consider others? This half snake, half man came to rest on me. It was as wide as my body. I fell asleep, not interested in those within my space. Why were these snakes, and this massive cobra in my space? For me, it was the end of the line. Those sitting on the fence need to decide now on what side they wish to fall and be a part of before things in the seen and unseen begin to rock. Choose now, otherwise Life will choose for you.
  7. The other night I woke up from my sleep state, and through my Third Eye I saw this large snake around me. As a cat would rub against you as a sign of affection, this snake rubbed against me, pausing now and then to lie against the crock of my forearm. She was madly in love with me, and I remember her saying “he’s mine,” implying that she had found the love of her life. From there, I felt the frequency of this Serpent extend into me through the usual passage of the base of the left foot up into the leg. She knew of the Game, and I say this because she restored what was removed from me, as in I felt the parasitic frequency of Deception return to extend from the corner of the left side of my mouth. The passage into Steven through the base of the left foot has long been closed, but she found a way in, and even now, as I write these words, this snake it doing its best to establish itself within me so that we may be partners. She is not nasty; she is not mean; she is one of the masters of the Game, and to her the Game is what it is – the eternal that all she knows and has come to embrace. The obvious question, is what is it about me that allowed this Serpent to enter my space? Within me, and it is small part within me, but nevertheless is there, is this animosity towards my wife. (This animosity is valid, as she truly fucked me up.) When I looked in the dictionary to describe animosity, it gave the synonym of “hostile,” and this is true, as a part of me has turned my back on her, which is sad, as the spontaneity that should be between loved ones is not there. This disharmony within, and no doubt it has been there over many lifetimes, as we have met before many times, this animosity is the crack in my frequency that allows those from the illusion to enter my space. (My wife was chosen as a partner in this final leg of the journey as nobody else would have put up with my nonsense. The way out of the illusion has consumed me, resulting in me doing nothing but focusing on a way out. I have not contributed financially to this family once over the last sixteen years because I have not had the funds to do so, thus rightly so, anyone else would have kicked me under my arse and terminated the relationship. So as much as the sicko that runs in my wife and her family truly fucked me up, she has made amends and bettered herself, and no doubt I am to blame for not being a provider.) There are often two sides to a coin. The Game is about cause and effect, where the Game acts, and we react to it. Our reaction is what keeps the illusion alive within and without us. Beasts in the seen and unseen need our reaction so that what they give out comes back to them, as in our energy by us reacting to them. When I see a lie, I react to it by informing the party that what they say is not the truth. If we keep quiet, Beasts do what they want when they want because they can – because there is no opposition. But when you tell a fool the facts, and then walk away, the fool is made to face their lie, and this is the beginning of the end to their game, where sooner than later they will self-impose as a lie has no place where there is Love, which is just beneath the illusion. But how do we get to know ourselves by seeing the fool that we are, and in my case, this animosity within me? It must be over seven and a half years ago that mention was made in the journal about the importance of breathing with intent. I never truly understood where this concept fitted in, so throughout the journal I went back and forth speaking about this breathing in with intent, but what was said never really slotted in, where I could make this act of breathing my own as I understood it. Now I do. I am talking to the spirit as well as to the body form/personality: When you breathe in with intent, as in you are aware of your breathing, you are focusing on yourself, as in “how am I?” From there, you allow Consciousness that you are to engulf you, which allows the fool/disharmony within to show itself and be expelled. In a nutshell – become a pure vehicle for Consciousness to express itself. Make time to assess yourself through this breathing in with intent. This eliminates the fool within, and as for the fools without that are part and parcel of the illusion, you no longer give them attention/energy, as you are focusing on yourself. This draws you further and further away from the illusion and its players. Know yourself. Know what you are. You are Consciousness/Infinite Love using this body form/vehicle to experience this reality/frequency. Master yourself; be your own best friend.
  8. Almost thirty years ago had to participate at a building institutions educational program as part of the university I attended requirements for their holiday-time further learning program. Remember the lecturer at the paint section telling us that if you want to paint a structure, first paint what you cannot see. And this is true within the illusion: if you want to make changes in the seen, transform the unseen first, as the unseen controls the seen. As I sit here writing these words I am telling you that as of this morning, the transformations in the unseen have awakened within the seen and will be revealing themselves. As pissy as it has always sounded, talking about a good heart, those that have held onto their integrity and refused to buckle under the Darkness, your time to shine has begun. To those that let go, where it was a free-for-all at the expense of the innocent, your time has also come. Now you will face your music; you will be held accountable for what you have done – the savage you have allowed yourself to become. May you have mercy on your soul.
  9. Now all that’s left is to get myself right. Where I have gone to get what I understand has destroyed me. There is nothing left inside of me. I am broken.
  10. Just as I have known of the parasitic frequency of Deception within, so too have I known about the Watcher spirit. The difference between the two, is that the former is confused innocence, and the latter is just plain nasty. This Watcher is something that I have not seen, but have felt its presence in others and myself. How it looks in our limited sight and imagination is that of an octopus, and I say this because when I feel its presence in others I feel an octopus. It sits over the brain area, and dare I say it – to be open to being wrong – it is the brain in that it controls the brain and us completely. This dude is master; the Big Kahuna. If you ever wondered why we are so limited; why we are such a bunch of dummies, look no further than the Watcher spirit. The role of this Watcher is to ensure the Game is kept intact, and for this to happen, those in the Game need to be regulated, namely us. I mention this Watcher now because in trying to heal my wife of underlying nags, earlier on as I lay down and went into the silence and her space to get to the root of her problem, what was found was a cancer frequency within her, the kind that doesn’t show itself, and when it does, the walk to the grave is a short one. Years ago I saw this monster that spawns its frequencies within us. This monster emits the frequencies that we call cancer. The link between us and this monster is the Watcher spirit, because just as with every other component within our lives, the Watcher decides when and how we die. People like John of God were taken over by entities that overrides what the Watcher facilitates and controls in others, where these entities say no to what the Watcher said yes to, and this is wonderful, but this dude still limits us by placing us in a tiny-weeny box and keeps us there. Of course efforts have been made to get rid of this Watcher over the years, so what has changed between now and then? For one, the parasitic frequency of Deception has been removed from our states, and what this does is wrestle us free from the claws of the illusion and its Reptilian state. We are in the illusion, but not of the illusion, and this detaches us from the Watcher spirit. But I promise you, this entity will hold on for dear life to us, as this is all it knows – to do its job of watching over us, making sure we stay put in our limited little box. So what we do is remove the parasitic frequency of Deception within the Watcher spirit in our midst, (we allow the Watchers state to mirror ours) and what this does is pull its fangs where it has no hold over us. If it wants to stay, then by all means let it stay, but it stays to be compatible to us, which is us being free of wants, making the want of the Watcher to control us no more. As long as you are within the illusion, know what you are. By knowing what you are, you are free of wants, as you have and are where you want to be, doing what will make you content. With the Watcher gone, so is that silly voice in your head. Know what you are, and then merely be. You are a biological computer that is driven around by Consciousness, and the ride will be one beyond your wildest expectations, be it trekking through the Andes or the joy of merely being around those you Love. Stop thinking and stop wanting. Just be, which is an expression of Infinite Love. I know what I am, this biological computer. Many don’t enjoy smoking cigars – I do. Many are content with catching the train – I don’t. I am not better or worse than others – I merely know what will make this biological computer content within the illusion. Of course, the golden rule is do not harm, and what this means is uplift others whenever you can. Merely be what you are, and from this foundation allow Consciousness that is around and within your throat area to take you over. For the first time in a long time you are hacked into by Love. Enjoy the ride.
  11. Between midnight and two this morning rode patrols in the area. Went to bed, and as I closed my eyes to sleep my spirit/astral form was taken somewhere to be shown something. This was a first, where I felt myself being transported. As I lay in bed, I was moved downwards slowly and gently – I was moved between the cracks of time and space. When a certain level was met, my spirit was pulled backwards through time at a high speed. This movement stopped, and then I was floated to the left, and then I stood still, and was shown what I had been brought to see. I travelled through the matter of the illusion, so I was not on the Earth or below or above it – I was in the matter of the illusion. I waited and watched, and then I saw this movement. It was a worm of sorts, with a bulbous head that emitted a faint red glow. What I was shown was the parasitic frequency that arose from the state of curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits in their field of the Infinite when Semiramis told them to come and place in her Garden. Their curiosity took on a shape and form within the Garden/illusion, which I was shown last night – this larger than life worm. From there I saw this line of people sitting against something with space-suits on. They were going somewhere. From there a man and woman was shown with their spacesuits on looking at each other. Their state was one of goodbye, as in this is the end of the line. This image of them standing facing each other zoomed out, and what they stood on was the mouth of a large serpent. The mouth closed and engulfed these two entities. What was shown here was symbolic, where the frequency of the parasite took over the Serpent, and the Serpent began to rule Life-forms, where what we were was within the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. In other words, the Garden was transformed to what would become a living Hell, where it was one against the other. Efforts were made to do things right, but they all never knew of the cause of the problem, namely this Parasitic worm that would create a state called Insanity in those who never held onto their integrity. Then I was shown this long rectangular window frame. Beyond this frame was the stars and the cosmos, or more specifically, the matter that made up the illusion. Around this frame was the earthly worlds of the illusion. From these worlds the Parasite was pulled, to be shown against the backdrop of time and space/matter within this window frame. Then I saw this Parasite go to its home that was within a tunnel of sorts. It curled round and round to fit snug in this tunnel, and when it was inside, this Parasite fused in with its surroundings i.e. it became camouflaged where it looked like the rock-face it had wormed into. What this means is that this Parasite is one with all Life within the illusion. It is within you and without you – literally. There is no evil. The seven deadly sins: pride/arrogance, gluttony, sloth, lust, wrath, envy, and greed, these sins all arose from a want, and this want arose from one question: “What else is out there?” We know what we have, but what more is there? This was the question asked by the Dragon and Serpent spirits when Semiramis told them of her Garden. Never has there been a bad intent. Never has there been deceit – the invitation of Semiramis was meant well. Even with this Parasite that took form within the Garden – it merely wanted to know what else is there. It did not know where it was, who it was, or why it was there. Everything was unfamiliar, so to make things familiar it took and made them its own. But this was never enough as it never knew itself. So it took, took and took – it wanted, and more than anything, it wanted to know itself; what it was. That is why we are all so fucked up: We don’t know where we are, what we are, and most importantly, what we want. But this is not us talking, it is the Parasite within and without us. To heal – anything – one needs to know three things: where is the primary problem; what is the cause of the problem; and there is something bigger than us, which I call Love, which is what does the healing. That is how I heal – through understanding, and in the moment the problem is no more. One cannot help but feel sorrow for this Parasite, what I have come to call the parasitic frequency of Deception. (Deception, as we never knew it was within and what was happening to us as a result of this infiltration.) Why we were shown this Parasite last night was to set it free. I have known about it, but never seen it, and in truth one cannot really know until you see and meet. When this happens, knowing becomes understanding. Please heal yourself and this Parasite within, and what we mean by “healing” is set you and this Parasite free. Release it with Love to Love through your understanding of what it is and how it came about. What we would call Evil arose from a state of curiosity from the spirit children of Semiramis and Sophia. This curiosity took form within the illusionary Garden. This is the primary problem and the cause of the problem – of all problems/disharmony within the illusion. We talk about the innocent, and the first innocent was this Parasite. Set it free within your existence with Love, so that it may be Love and return to the place from where it arose, which was a state of curiosity within a field of the Infinite. From this state in this field it becomes one with the Infinite. So be it. To this Parasite I say: “Sorry my friend. Your creation was an honest mistake, and for that we are sorry. Be at peace now; be within the fields of Infinite Love where we all belong.”
  12. what is important for me is self-analysis, where i open myself up to understanding who and what i am, and more importantly, to who and what i am becoming. my concern for myself, is that when i see a favourable response to what i write, that i am enthralled by it. liken this to being in kindergarden, and teacher giving you a gold-star sticker in your homework book for good work. when you see that star, it that moment you see the world looking at you, and what the world sees it likes. of course i am no longer in kindergarden, and what i write is for myself and the innocent, so what others think of what i write is irrelevant to me. but a part of this is not true. what i am trying to say, to m574, is thank you for saying thank you for what i write. to myself, i surmise that the road has been too long, and i desperately need a pick-me-upper as i am exhausted. that Consciousness is showing itself i am eternally grateful, but equally so, i am grateful to people like m574. thank you!
  13. That is the trick in not understanding – make sure you understand fast. The shift felt in my body forms yesterday was beyond worlds, meaning for me, that it was an act of Divine Intervention. What this realignment within was, was the insertion of a weapon of sorts within the astral/spirit form. Never for the life of me would I have thought that my spirit would one day have to fight. Over the last few years I have been aware of how my spirit has been attacked and possessed, and what got me through this was the love that I have for the animals. I filled myself with this love and this allowed me to repel these invasions, but these acts of aggression have always been inflicted by one. What happens when the one become thousands? What I insert below was written in the journal years ago: “When our spirit was created, it was a glorious being of pure Love. It was magnificent, and knew nothing of a state of disharmony, as such a state did not exist. Then over a period of what we would call “time,” the spirit was lied to and made subservient by an entity that came to rule over a domain, where a constant state of fear and uncertainty were needed for this entity to survive. The spirit and its body form were kept in constant fear, so that our energy of disharmony may keep our ruler alive. The state of the spirit was altered from a being of Love to one of disharmony. We began to resonate to the same frequency as our overlord master. One can speak of energy vortices or chakras around the spirit and its physical forms, but know now that these energy fields were running on a state of disharmony and not the Love that they were intended for. When our spirit succumbed to the control of this most evil god, it was branded, as one would brand cattle with a hot poker so that all may see to whom the cattle belong. The energy of the spirit was branded so that it may be limited and locked into a state of fear or disharmony, and thus stay under the total control of the one that fed off its energy. Then to make sure that our spirits have no escape from this world governed by fear, a curse was placed on the spirit, and this curse went something like this: “You are inferior and a lesser being; know your place and look up to me.” (It never made comprehensible sense that the Human race would bow down to, worship, and give thanks to a god that causes so much destruction and suffering on planet Earth.) What is of utmost importance for the spirit to understand is that the spirit accepted this curse. In most cases when Steven removes curses from spirits and their off-shoot body vehicles, the spirit has to be reasoned with that the curse that they accept is not normal in the presence of Love. A curse causes untold hardship and suffering from one generation to another, and thus the spirit needs to understand that what has been inflicted upon it has no place in the presence of Love – which is our natural state. In order to be free from our overlord master, the spirit must not accept this original curse. By the power of the spirits free will, the spirit needs to discard this curse that was imposed at the beginning of time. Our existence of suffering derived from the original curse became a habit which we took for granted and accepted as our lot. This stops now. Our ruler amassed a legion of fallen angels, and these entities all required our energy for their survival. A gateway was then opened between the world of the Human race and these vicious, cruel beings so that they may have a constant food supply – namely our energy. We called this gateway the Bridge of Haman. Every night for the last few years I see the Energy Parasites that come and feed off of our energy. I also see the ones that place curses on us, as well as the assassins that kill the physical body vehicle of the spirit, namely us. No doubt there are many other armies of entities that answer to the call of this ruler or master. What is of paramount importance to understand, is that our spirit has never been actively involved in our lives. The reason for the “absence” of our spirit in our Human existence is because the branding of the spirit placed it in subordination or slave mode. The ones who branded our spirit had control to do with the spirit as they please, so while our spirits may be within and around us, their impact in our lives has been zero. Please understand that the spirit is not aware of being in a limited, subservient state as a result of its forgetfulness of being One with Infinite Love. Why do they want total control of our spirit? Those that manipulate from the shadows want possession of our spirit, because the spirit has an infinite energy supply through its connection to Infinite Love. It is this limitless energy supply that they want, so that they may live forever without having to covertly parasite/feed off of our energy. Everything that they do is from the shadows, or covert, because they know that our free-will, coupled with our understanding of the truth, will make their game obsolete. Only the spirit may surrender its life force to those that cursed and branded it, which it of course will never willingly do, so every malicious intent directed towards the spirit has to be done covertly so that the spirit may not be aware of how it is played from the shadows. The big question to ask, is if our spirit is not controlling our lives, then who is? There are two factors that are controlling our lives: The first is our inherent goodness, which is through the direct link of our heart energy space to Infinite Love, and the second factor that controls our lives is, dare I say, a Watcher spirit that ensures that our human form is always in chaos and kept ignorant to the truth. “Is Steven saying that we are all manipulated by an unpleasant spirit?” Yes sir and madam, he is saying so! As the native-American saying goes: “What life we lead is predetermined by which of the two “wolves” within us we feed – the one called Fear or the one called Love.” And yet even there, by living our lives with the best of intentions, we always are, and always have been, at the mercy of despicable entities, because we do not know of those in the shadows that play out their covert game to gain possession of our spirit. Until now. Through the spirits awareness of how its frequency was altered from Love to disharmony, the spirit now makes a wrong right, by once again resonating to the flow of Infinite Love. It is also vital that the branding of the spirit at the area above the neck and on the fingertips be removed, as well as the curse that placed us in automatic submissive mode. The Bridge of Haman, namely the portal that allows these entities to enter our space, will be eradicated when our spirit once again becomes a magical omnipotent being, and takes its rightful place within our heart energy space. The power of the Demiurge, the one we would call god, as well as that of her kin, must no longer have control over our spirit and our lives. Where there was meant to be beauty and abundance for all, they sowed death and destruction. They abused their power, and thus it must become no more. We shall remove the shackles that they placed on the spirit, so that we are no longer in their servitude. Only when they may learn to express Love for themselves and others, will their power once again be re-instated. When we remove the spirits branding and the power that those in the shadows have over us, the spirit will rise to its natural state of Love, and from this level can we begin to heal and take the steps back Home to the time before our existence became a living hell. May we all be free of our low vibrational frequency prison. To you and your spirit, our message is this: “Do Not Be Afraid”” The part to take note of is: “Our ruler amassed a legion of fallen angels.” Two nights back I was awoken by the spirit of a female who stood on the opposite side of the bed. I woke up from my sleep state, and through my Third Eye I saw her standing there, holding the spirit of our cat Cosmo. Cosmo jumped from her arms to the floor, and then this female leant forwards to tell me something. I remember lifting myself up onto my left elbow to get closer to her, and from there I placed my right arm around her as a gesture of “it is really nice to see you – come closer.” She told my spirit something which I could not hear, and then she turned around and walked away down these stairs. As she walked it was clear she was in an accident of sorts as her movements were restricted. When I saw her holding Cosmo, I also noted that parts of her face were missing. Then I fell asleep again, only to be awoken by another female. My spirit had given of its energy for her to eat, so when I awoke from my sleep state and saw her, I saw her devouring my energy. My goodness me – the Beauty within shone through her for all to see. The first female spirit mentioned above had been attacked, and the second came out of hiding – hiding to avoid being attacked. This is the “fun and games” happening within the frequencies of the illusion. Last night the “legions” came for me. It is seldom I hear those from the unseen, but last night I found myself in a place surrounded by entities. They were talking to me, antagonizing me as they moved closer. I grabbed whatever sharp object that was around to keep them at bay, but then they all attacked. I began to breathe through my nose with intent. My chest and abdomen rose and fell as I breathed in an out, and with each breath this weapon within destroyed those around me. This weapon shredded them and they just disappeared. Yesterday I wrote: “When you feel this tired wave sweep over you, lie or sit down somewhere and allow this alignment shift to take you over.” Now that is cheeky of me – telling you what to do. What I write is a journal, and a journal is something private. I write what I experience and see so that others do not have to go through what I went through should they want to understand why Life is so cruel. What I post on the David Icke forum is not only intended for the less than hundred people who read the posts, it is for all within the unseen. Those two females that came to visit two nights back are two of infinite numbers trying to cope and survive in these frequencies of the illusion where few care. They never knew of the parasitic frequency of Deception; they never knew what happened to Sophia and Semiramis, and the Dragon spirit that chose to fall from the Infinite, only to succumb to cruel and deceitful Serpent souls. I also never knew of this, and that is why the journal is called “What the Animals Taught Me.” Through all what happened, the animals were there to tell us the tale. Thankfully I chose these masters of Love to listen to. Now those in the unseen also have this weapon to repel these legions of Beasts as the Beautiful walk Home. So understand that I am not so much telling you what to do – I am telling all within the unseen that want a way out of this mess what to do. This “weapon” now within their midst’s is from the Consciousness within them that they have forgotten about. This weapon is just another expression/element of Consciousness. What you and I have underestimated in the control those from the shadows; these Beasts, have had over the innocent. Evil has reigned supreme, and thanks to our forgetfulness, as well as not understanding how this Game came about, we have never had an antidote to these legions that destroy through brute force. You never stay and fight. You walk Home, but along the way, this weapon is your safeguard to repel Beasts as you walk. Breathe in the Consciousness at your neck area, and this fires up the weapon within to destroy Beasts. On a different, but also similar note, yesterday I watched the Netflix documentary on John of God – the spiritual healer in Brazil who allowed spirit entities to enter him to perform miraculous healings. To those that wonder why I call this place, as well as all the worlds of the illusion “Hell,” it is because within all of us is a Beast, and only Beasts are found in Hell. That this man; this John of God could do so much good, and then equally, could do so much bad by sexually abusing others, encapsulates the existence in which we find ourselves, namely that we are in Hell. Now I am being cheeky – I am telling you what to do: Rise above the Beast. It was primarily the man of the species that became the savage; the brute; the hunter. The female became the nurturer, and the man the provider. The one held onto their innocence, and the other let it go. Man forgot his innocence, but saw it in the female, and what he saw he liked and wanted, and the only way he knew how to take this what he liked, what he never understood, was through the sex act. I am not talking about willing consent between two adults; I am talking about man being the hunter, and the perspective of how man sees the female. And I assure you, that as a teenager, I was first in line, with all the boys I knew around me also standing in this line. The female was seen as an act of sex, and Wow, how primitive us brutes are. When I hear of marriages being broken from the man sleeping around, and one sees the shattered spirit of the female partner, I understand the big picture. I understand how us men have been played – how we were dumbed down and manufactured to be savages, and how those from the shadows play with us to have sex with others. The more forbidden the fruit the better, as the energy it releases to those from the shadows that wait for it is a seven-course meal to die for. And yes, many females are just as cruel as us men, and I would say that the ones that are bad are worse than us. I am thankful they are in the minority. As for the Game within the illusion, the men energy/frequency are the muscle, and the female energy are the main orchestrators. The illusion was ruled by ghastly females that forgot their Compassion; their good hearts. What a pity, as they had the strength to lift us out of this mess. Would us brutes have listened and followed – most unlikely. To us men: Find once again your innocence and make it your own. We are better than this Game. Be the Beauty within that we are. To the females: Show us the way Home. We will follow and walk side by side, sharing the Beauty of each other.
  14. A tiredness swept over me, where I had to go and lie down. When I lay down and closed my eyes, promising myself to rest for just a few minutes, I found myself in a place where I did not know where my physical body was – I did not know where I was and how I got there. Then the “geometry” within me changed; I felt the “co-ordinates” within me shift, where a realignment shift was felt of the energy within. When you feel this tired wave sweep over you, lie or sit down somewhere and allow this alignment shift to take you over. What is really happening I cannot say, except that there is an alignment within us that is to something that is bigger than us – it is to something beyond worlds.
  15. People talk about Consciousness, and I don’t really understand this big word. The other night in my sleep state, as I have already said, I found myself in this jungle, where I looked up into the darkness of the jungle canopy for something hidden there. What came forth was this strange looking creature. It was not cute or imposing, it was just unfamiliar. What I was shown was something that cannot be described in words or pictures, and what I saw came to settle over the throat area of my forms. What I was shown in that “jungle” was Consciousness, which is another word for Infinite Love, or what Steven calls the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness within us. My mistake was calling this “thing” within our throats a time device of sorts, but this “thing” is Consciousness, and in truth, it is anything and everything you may wish to imagine it to be. Mention has been made of using this device/Consciousness to travel to the past and future to make wrongs right, and I feel this is needed to go forwards to be what we are, which is a vehicle for the expression of this Consciousness. Now when I sleep I travel to different time/life lines, and from this bird’s eye view that Consciousness has, Life plays out as it should have, where wrongs are undone and prevented from happening. What we are trying to say is that the spirit and body form are been healed to be a purified form/state in which this Consciousness may express itself. But this is not what I want to talk about. Over the last few days it has been wondered what causes a person to become insane, where their actions do not make simple, basic, common sense – what they say and ultimately do is mad/insane. These imbeciles have always been there, but now that pressure has been placed on the worlds of Hell, these nasty’s are popping out everywhere for all to see. What makes the insane insane? There are two states within the worlds of Hell: There is the frequency/pattern/flow of the Reptilian state, where it is about me, me and me, and of course, always take for me. Then there is the state of Consideration, where it is nice to be nice – it makes Life worthwhile to be amongst your own kind, where others want to laugh and be joyous as this defines and expresses our heart energy field of Consideration for ourselves and others. Why others become insane is because this is what naturally is within the illusion. This place, with all its worlds was a place of Joy, but the parasitic frequency of Deception; a worm frequency, took us over, and for many they fell into this slipstream of “be outright bloody fucking nasty – just because you can.” Many held onto their good hearts, but the disaster was that these kind souls were not fighters, as this is not who and what they are, and rightly so, so what happened was that the kind remained silent while monsters in the seen and unseen took over the lands and worlds within the illusion. This has been our downfall – that we remained silent and dumb as chaos unfolded before our very eyes. This we understand, are we are not made to shout and put up a fight – we just want to laugh and be happy. We never understood that the nasty and cruel are cowards. When you stand up to them you expose them, for all and themselves to see, and this puts them in their place. Our uncertainty of being in an unfamiliar place rocked us to our core, and this removed the spine of many, and this we understand. The reason why people and entities in the seen and unseen become insane; where they lose their consideration for others, is that this joining the ranks of the nasty to become nasty was a survival mechanism within the illusion. Now you do and say what you want, and this is natural, as now you are slotted into the Reptilian state. I am sure those moments of destroying the innocent were euphoric – it must have been a remarkable high to cross the line and embrace and be and do the unthinkable, which is destroy those that are kind. This is why those that are insane embrace this insanity: it makes their lives more bearable; it is easier to cope in this unfamiliar place, as now they are in the slipstream of the Reptilian state i.e. the cruelty of the worlds of Hell. That these fuckers see their arse is inevitable, as they go against what is, which is the Love beyond this thin veil of the illusion, but the disaster is that their wicked ways destroy many. To man-up and say sorry takes integrity and self-respect, which is lacking in these Beasts, so what they do is huddle in deeper within this Reptilian state/frequency, as here they are protected from the state of Consideration. But what these fools are doing is drifting further away from what is, which is beyond the veil of the illusion, which is Love. They become more insane as they understand that it is not nice to destroy; there is no fun in destroying others. Up till now this has been the ways of the Game: Hold on tight for dear life to your Consideration state until the insane destroy themselves and everything returns back to “normal,” only to be met with more insane Beasts, or give in and become a Beast where Life become easier for you. If you can’t beat them, join them. What has changed within the Game is Consciousness revealing itself and making itself felt. This changes everything, as now you do not have to fight each day to hold onto your kindness and state of Consideration, as with Consciousness now you simple be. In being this Love, you be where everything naturally is, and what this means is that you are no longer bombarded and in the presence of insanity, as this Reptilian state/frequency is not a part of this Consciousness. You shift away from the state of Beasts to merely what is. These Beasts should have chosen the high road over the easy one; they should have held onto their integrity. What awaits them is not your or my business. Walk away – it is their mess to clean up and not ours. Now they see themselves, as now there is no one to attack but themselves. I won’t shed a tear for them. I am indifferent to them. I walk away to be this Consciousness that we are.
  16. It is just before three thirty in the morning. Spent about the last hour figuring out what had just happened in my sleep state. Last night I closed my eyes to sleep and I saw, smelt or felt nothing from the shadows – those from the unseen. This was not me; something was going on and I did not understand what it was. Fell asleep after about an hour of tossing and turning, and then my astral/spirit form found itself in a place with my wife’s spirit form. At this place we were going through the motions of in the process of having intercourse. I pulled myself out of this heightened state and saw the face of a giant next to me, who was breathing in the energy of our activity. At that moment I understand what had changed: Those from the unseen were no longer travelling to me – I was going to their worlds/frequency and into their space. What was inserted within the neck of the spirit the previous night was a time travelling device. Throughout the existence of the spirit it has been caught in a time loop, as in this is your existence in this life/time period to make the most with what we were given. This loop is played out until complete, only to lead to another. The spirit has never been able to break these time loops, where it can alter the past to affect the present, and similarly, alter the future so that the present leads to the wonders that we altered in the future. Last night as I fell asleep I never knew of this time travelling device within the throat area and thus wandered into one of the worlds’/frequencies occupied by giants. This travelling to other worlds has been done in the past and written of in the journal, but this has been the exception rather than the norm, and most importantly, it has been to find a way out of this mess, whereas now with the time travel device we are playing with time. I woke up after being in this world of this giant and was disappointed by the turn of events, as if I went to monsters or they came to me, what was the difference, but the more I understood, the more I realized that this freedom to travel between time loops – those that have happened and will happen – this changes everything. Understand where we are at: We want freedom for all, and this freedom is in the dimension/frequency/world where we currently find ourselves, and this freedom can be defined as peace, happiness and contentment. We also want freedom for the spirit, so that it may depart these never-ending time loops and move towards the space/place beyond the illusion into the fields of Infinite Love. What we want for us – this freedom – we want for all and sundry; the door is open to all. Many may choose to be played within the illusion and stay where they are, and this is their choice and not ours, but for those that choose to embrace this gift of the time travel device, one criteria needs to be met before it can be applied, and that is that this gift is used for the benefit of all and not just yourself. This is how it works: In truth, there is no time – there are only moments in history. That history can be of the past or future, and what has happened or will happen will determine where we are in the present. So what your spirit does with the time travel device is go back to all the time loops it has been in, and as an example, where you should have turned left in the road but you turned right, now you change this moment so that the outcome was favourable rather than a disaster – for you and for all. You might say that it is not for us to interfere in the fate/lives of others, but my goodness me, that merely sounds philosophical, whereas the reality is very different. Wouldn’t you like others to change your existence/life for the better? Wouldn’t you like to be given a lucky break around every corner? Life is meant to be joyous and not one of suffering. Understand the big picture: We are walking Home to peace, joy and happiness; we are walking to where we belong, which is the amalgamation with Oneness. While we are here in the place where the spirit and body forms find themselves, let us be joyous, and how this is done is by living/being in the moment, but the past and the future affects the now, so to be at peace now we have to transform the past and the future. As your spirit went to the past to transform the now, so too it goes to the future so that every moment leading to this future is one of peace, joy and abundance. Remember, by touching yourself with this blessing, you touch others as well. And then there is the real us, this strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness within. With this time device, this strand goes back before the beginning of time – it goes back to the place from where it arose, this place within the Infinite. This strand is now one with Oneness, and from here, it goes to the time before the Wisdom Goddess Sophia fell. During this time, when Sophia is planning the creation of the Dragon spirits to play within a field of the Infinite, this strand turns back time to stop the fall of this Wisdom Goddess by making sure she stays within the “borders” of her realm. Now the fall will not happen. Now the Dragon spirits will be created, and they will play in this field of beauty, and Sophia will be joyous and one with her children. When the children have finished playing they will return to the space within Oneness from where they arose. What would have happened - the illusion frequency – will not happen, and you and I and our spirits will never exist. There is only Love and nothing else.
  17. Over seven and a half years ago I asked the question: “Why is Life so cruel?” I received the answer, and then some, and now I ask a new question, which is: “Am I in a position to look after myself?” We are not in a place where we are meant to be, both within the spiritual and the physical illusionary realms, so we need someone to hold our hands and be there for us as we are in an unfamiliar place. Until there is Divine Intervention we need to make sure that we are looked after, and how this is achieved is by you looking after yourself, as others have their own lives to lead and cannot lead yours as well. There is a flow of energy from the heart space to our head area, and from there to everywhere else. But remember to ask yourself what do you want; where do you want to be? It always comes back to you knowing what you are. I can integrate myself into this Reptilian frequency of the illusion and become master of many, but this is not who and what I am and where I belong. We are looking towards what is real and where we belong; we are seeking to become what we naturally are. Join your local secret society or cult and you are looked after and have the edge over the sheeple, but guess what – sooner or later you see you arse, and then some, as one cannot build a foundation of anything within an illusion. When I speak about Beauty, I am not referring to vanity or lust or envy – I am talking about a joy and bliss and peace that is within that shines for all to see. While we are here within this frequency let us be joyous, and this joy is from knowing what you are. Money makes Life easier for all of us, but it cannot buy happiness. My advice is take a step back and allow the flow from the heart energy field to transform and surprise us. How you join this joy ride is by knowing what will make your heart sing. If you do not know what this is, then allow this flow within to guide. From the heart space this energy field travels to the head area, and in doing so, the strand at the throat area is touched and awakened by us knowing it is there. With all of this being as it should, surely we are in a position where we are looking after ourselves? Surely with each passing day more and more of what we naturally are becomes revealed to us? What I am trying to say, is all that is left now for us is to enjoy the ride? I don’t know. One of the ways this question will be answered is when I see beings of Love through my Third Eye in my sleep state. The attacks and possessions I have been able to deal with over the years, with help here and there, but to see Loved ones in my sleep state will show that the Game has changed forever more, where what was will never be the same again. 8/20/2021 I normally smell or see those from the shadows when I close my eyes to sleep, but last night I was awoken by feeling them. I felt something large and round slither on the inner side of my thigh, and this woke me up. What I saw were Dragon souls, but what startled me the most was that they were drunk. Remember, I see what makes sense in my limited range of reality, so as I may have seen them as drunk and making fools of themselves, maybe they had just awakened and were finding themselves. Then I saw these shadows around me – they had a round head and perfectly square bodies. They crouched over me, as if saying something to my spirit or others within my form. Today in my waking state it is as if I am understanding this Steven – how baby-like and lost he is when he sees himself for what he is. How fragile are we all. May this awareness of how “small” we are be a sign of the ego and personality losing themselves so that this force within from the heart space may come to the fore. 21/08/21 Yesterday I knelt down and gave my dog a hug as she was lying on the floor. As I held this pose I said to myself that this is the end of the line in terms of what we know as “love.” Beyond the feeling of that moment was going into unchartered waters – beyond our limitations of what we have been allowed to see and know. And this is also now true with regards to what I see in my sleep state. What is happening to us is beyond what words can describe, which is a fancy way of saying I don’t understand what I see and experience. In my sleep state last night my spirit found itself in a jungle. There was an overweight man standing there looking up at the trees at something moving within them. What he was looking for revealed itself. It was a creature about 30cm long. What I saw I didn’t really like – it looked a bit creepy. Then I found myself once again back in bed with my body form, and this creature was in our presence. It came to settle over my throat area, as in it became a part of my throat. I spent the whole night being and filling myself with Love to expel this entity if it was bad and unwelcome. (As has been said, what I see now I don’t understand – it is beyond good or bad or what we understand.) Point to make is that something has happened over the throat area and don’t know what it is. We are in unchartered waters; what is happening to us is beyond our limited programmed state. 22/08/21
  18. It is not natural to be cruel and unkind. What is unnatural came to be seen as the norm. There was a time when those that controlled the illusion meant well. There are moments when I see that lost Beauty of Life, especially in the finesse of the females of our species – that strength and control and oneness with everything that makes their presence larger than Life. We were created in a cosmic laboratory, but let the truth be known, we were created to be Beautiful – inside and out (our presence alone was one of awe and wonder.) If you remove yourself from what you naturally are, which is Oneness with the Infinite, cracks began to shown, regardless of how Beautiful the picture is. When the flaw in the System reared its ugly head – that we are in a place where we don’t belong – the era of “let’s do things right” was no more. Now survival reared its ugly head, kicked in and touched all. What I am getting at, is that we were downgraded from what we were manufactured to be when we became a slave/food species to those from the shadows. Within us is still this upgrade that was downgraded. With this covid hoax, I have lost all respect for those with the titles of doctors, professors or presidents, as academic accolades merely are a cover for sick, demented people that spend their days in great hallways and historical buildings. These naïve, spineless, limited beings however do agree that there is “junk DNA” within us that is junk because it lies dormant and no one knows its specific purpose. This “field of unknown matter” is what we were originally manufactured to be. Do yourself the honour, and favour, of awakening/activating what you were originally meant to be. We talk about needing help and about the Infinite showing itself, and this will be as this is all there really is that is real, but for this day, and the next and next until we depart this illusion, why don’t you be what you are – what you were manufactured to be when those that ran the illusion were still kind. In your subconscious mind view a thought, or a piece of toast, or a bird drinking water from a bird-bath – whatever you experience, allow it to pass through you so that it doesn’t stick and you see this as all there is. This places you in a position of “there is more than meets the eye.” From there, awaken this mass of matter according to what you can handle – too much of a good thing will literally kill you. I have been to this world/frequency we were meant to inhabit, and it is Beautiful beyond words, just as we were manufactured to be. (As has been said, this Beauty I sometimes experience in the presence of females within our species.) How did they shut off our gene pool? I go to the time when we were what we were, and from there I feel what they done to downgrade/dumb us down. I feel this spiral rotation/presence at our heart space, and then I feel it being shut down. The heart/compassion/empathy/peace/joy ruled over the head/manufactured programmed body form, so when the heart was shut down our connection to the Beauty within and without was no more. The heart and head need to once again be One. Open this “bank vault” of the heart once more. I felt this spinning sensation as they locked this opening to our heart space, so what you do, is just unspin the lock through your will and intent so that it may once again open. With the heart space open, what was once active within our heads will be once more, and that will be Beautiful.
  19. Miracles are to be expected. From there, miracles are to be seen as the norm. A synonym for “miracle” is Divine Intervention, when the Love from the Infinite shines through. Fair enough, what you will see will no longer be as it was, but more importantly, it is what you become through the confidence of no longer walking alone that matters the most. There really is no other way but forwards. What was suppressed; what was denied to us is now ours, as this Love is who and what we are.
  20. When I closed my eyes to sleep last night I saw this dude in a black robe with the hood over his face walk towards me. He was from another world – not Human looking, but he had the attitude of twats the worlds over. He saw himself as some or other Jedi warrior. He stopped in front of me, took on a gun-slingers stance, and then I decided to look no more – this guy was on the other side of the mirror and not in my space. Felt something over my left jugular vein – this was no doubt the damage he inflicted on my astral form, which soon faded. What happened from there was that I found myself in this place of wonder and beauty. It was a beautiful place. As I gave attention to the place, I also knew that I was giving those in this place energy, but whoever lived there would not show themselves to me. I remember asking this world-class animal communication, who also makes contact with the departed, if those in the spirit realm have to eat. She said no, and I will take her word for it, as the readings she has given me over the years with the spirits of my deceased animals were top-class. (For closure, when finances allowed, I asked this lady to contact the spirit of my pet so that if there was any message from their side it may be known.) Two nights back this group of females came to drink from my energy. I was awoken by the one standing right on top of me. Her skin was as white as snow, and within her was another one of her. As I looked at this maiden, the lips and eyes from the one inside of her broke the skin line at neck level so that this one inside may also drink of my energy. Wow, that looked freaky. Those caught in the loop of live and die and be reborn no doubt spin through this cycle many times, and I believe the communicator who says that those “above” do not have to eat. Those that decide to stay in the shadows of another dimension and prey on the uninformed no doubt have to eat, and why this is so, I can assume is two-fold: They are going against what naturally is, which is Love, and they want to stay there permanently, and this requires effort/energy, so they have to eat; and secondly, eating is a pleasure and distraction from the mundane of Life. (As below, so too above.) What was seen in my sleep state over the last two nights confirmed, and reminded me, that there are many highly evolved beings trapped within the illusion – that unfortunately also have to eat. Years ago we were on holiday at the sea. In my sleep state I saw this spaceship dock outside, and within were the crew of a dying race. The crew on the ship was searching for another energy source to save their species. The point to make is that Steven has experienced the runts/Beasts that feed from our energy and destroy us – we were detoured from the world we were meant to inhabit and then we were modified to be a food source when this Game in the illusion began to fall apart. But there are others in different realms that reject this Game and refuse to prey on others. When they stole from my property last week I told my gardener that I would rather die than steal. Such a statement sounds bold but is not realistic to many, as Life is about survival at any cost, but there are those within the illusion that have seen through the Game and are holding onto their dignity and integrity – they refuse to buckle and be absorbed into the System where you take at the expense of others because you can. How these dignified, pure entities have survived within the illusion I don’t know. What I do know is that it has been survival and not a pleasure cruise. (Maybe they took from those that willingly give, rather than take to take.) We hold on to survive, but what are we – an illusion. Having abundance must be great, but all we really want is peace and contentment – to be what we naturally are, which is this strand of Godness within. Now when I hear a thought in my head I choose to ignore it as most of the time the thought is not a pleasant one, and this is so as there is so much chaos around us. We need to shift our reality from what we have always known to the unfamiliar that we have forgotten. Say goodbye to the existence you have come to know. Let go so that there is space within for a different reality – one that is behind the one staring you at the moment in your face. The tighter we hold on, the greater we feel are our chances of survival, but why would you want to survive within an illusion? Let go, and in doing so, you allow the Infinite to reveal itself.
  21. When I closed my eyes to sleep last night, I once again saw the unseen – what is out there, hidden from us. What I saw were two faeries, each about 30cm high. They held what looked like a fireman’s hose, and from this hose came purple air that they sprayed upon me. But it was not them that caught my eye – it was what was behind them. There was the face of a man, but this face was faded so I battled to make it out. This man was looking on at the faeries with pride and joy. While I focused on this man, to see if this whole setup were friends or foes, some animal entity was in the foreground of this group. It moved sideways to get to me, as in to approach me from my side. It soon became clear this group were there to destroy. What came from the hose I felt inside of my body – it was a disharmonious energy ball the size of a marble – maybe to cause a clot in my system. This man was the “daddy” of these two faeries that went rouge – became nasty bitches, and this moving “thing” was this man’s pet. Daddy was on the way out, but most probably never knew it. His faded appearance was from the Nothingness of the Forgotten calling. There is the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good are doing their best to hold onto their sanity and survive. The Bad, well the bad just enjoy being bad, and if you expect a transformation from these Beasts in the seen and unseen, then you are going to wait a long time. As for the Ugly – God bless them. This morning was awoken in the early hours by my daughter going to the toilet. As I lay in bed, I decided to throw myself a wobbly, and I asked where was the core disharmony within my body forms. What was felt was the parasite at the corner of the left side of my mouth extending to my chin. Semiramis saw what The Wisdom Goddess Sophia had created for the Dragon spirits, and she too wanted such a beautiful paradise, so she created the illusionary Garden and told the Serpent and Dragon spirits to come and play/create there. Within a field of the Infinite a new state was created, which was curiosity (what else is in this Garden?), and this was harmless, as within the Infinite everything just returns to what is, but within the illusionary Garden this state took hold and the parasitic frequency of Deception was created, which unknowingly infiltrated those in the illusionary Garden, producing a new “child” called insanity. This was the beginning of the end, but what you need to ask is how do we complete this story, and in doing so, make a wrong right? All the suffering and sorrow that has ever existed was never meant to be. And let’s be fair to all – it was nobody’s fault that this shit happened. Of course, The Wisdom Goddess Sophia exceeded and fell from her realm, and her impact zone created the Serpent spirit, with Semiramis as their queen bee, so if you want to point a finger, point it at Sophia’s fall. But my goodness me, it was a harmless accident that unfortunately snowballed to a living hell. If she had not fallen, Semiramis would not have been “born” and neither would have her Garden and the parasite within, and most certainly I would not be sitting here writing these words. How one closes the loop and ends this story is obvious: Sophia awakens the Dragon spirits and Semiramis awakens the Serpent spirits, and these two mothers inform their children what happened to them – the story is told in full. Now what the spirits do, is release the state of curiosity within their forms, and by doing so, the Parasitic frequency of Deception is no more in all within the illusion. That is how one breaks the cycle of insanity, where we take at our own expense, pulling the innocent down with us and destroying them in the process. Over the years I have tried to release this parasite within all. I have been to a world where this parasites cycle was complete there, as in it took everything where there was nothing more to take. All you see is desolation – there is nothing left. It was then not obvious to this dummy called Steven, aka “me,” that this parasite can only be removed by the ones that created it, namely the Dragon and Serpent spirits that entered the Garden with their state of curiosity. I believe that you and I cannot awaken these sleeping goliaths – only their mothers can do this. I think I asked too much of the Dragon and Serpent souls to perform this task. When I said that nobody is going to come and help us, it was said so that we may get off our arses and transform the frequency fields within which we were limited, but I have always maintained, and always will, that we need help. This help comes through the awakening of the Dragon and Serpent spirits by Sophia and Semiramis. The sleep-over for these spirits is over – they need to wake up, be told the story, and then remove this state of curiosity from their forms, thereby removing the parasite and insanity from the illusion. This morning as I drove back home after dropping the kids off at school, the sun shone through open pockets in the blanket of cloud. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if the Infinite done the same to us – where it shone through and penetrated the illusion. May this come true, as I want to write no more.
  22. Without feeling sorry for myself, yesterday I thought of the life-skills my parents passed onto me as a child. There wasn’t much to think about, as they passed on zero info as in how to get through this maze called Life. What I have learnt is this: · Know what you are, where you are, what you really are, and where you belong. · You can achieve anything you really want, as long as you understand that beneath the surface of what you are in your reality/illusion/frequency is the flow from the fields of Infinite Love. Tap into this flow whenever you want, as it is always there. · NOBODY is going to come and help you, and this is so because you do not need help. You create to transform the reality you are in. · Play in the unseen and you will pluck the fruits in the seen. · Always be kind, especially to yourself. The crime in our area is increasing, and they stole from me. Went into the stillness of the silence to resolve this issue, and felt/saw this nasty spirit walking around our area. (The crime here in this country is first and foremost carried out in the unseen realms. The Black people use their culture of talking to the spirits, and some of these spirits are used in the crime network in the seen world. The spirit travels around the area to be targeted, sees what is there, and informs the people in contact with this spirit what can be stolen where and when.) When you know of the cause of the problem, you just be, and what you are turns disharmony to harmony. Yesterday when I read the ongoing insanity of this covid nonsense, went into the stillness of the silence to resolve this issue. Felt uneasy sensation within my right eye. (Saw a puppy yesterday that had an allergic itch. The vaccine toxified the body, and the body saw this altered disharmonious state as normal. On this spirit/astral level of this dog I felt a blackness and no energy over the right eye. This signified that what should be in the body and spirit system was altered/re-written.) What was felt over the right eye with regards to this pandemic scam was the will/intent of disharmonious entities to re-write our biological programme. Behind the right eye I felt this internal boil of sorts – this was the force pushing for the transformation of our society and existence. From there, I just let things be, as in the Love that is takes over and turns disharmony to harmony. After a while I felt that internal pustule sac no more. The point to make with those two examples, is that if you want transformations, you make them, as nobody else will. Sue is waiting for Mary to get things done, and vice-versa, and eventually nothing gets done. You make changes because it is your life that you must live for, and nobody else is going to do it for you, as they have their life to lead.
  23. What I am to write about now I don’t fully understand, so I can’t fill in the details, but nevertheless the end result of what we should do is the same. We are living in more than one time line. Picture yourself in a maze. You walk in the maze, and you find yourself at a dead-end. You do not know where to go to, so you stay there, but you know this is not the destination where you should be, so a part of you departs to continue the journey to where you belong. And so the ball rolls on – this part of you finds another dead-end and settles down there, while another part of you continues the search where peace may be met. The end result is that parts of us are scattered throughout time loops, so we can fairly say that we are living different lives at the same time – just in different time/reality loops. What I experienced in my sleep state one night a few years back was the abduction of my spirit to dwell in a different time loop. Please understand that this happens, and it is the norm rather than the exception. During my sleep state my spirit/astral form found itself in the western part of South Africa with its pronounced Cape-Dutch architecture. I was walking around looking at the scenery and the buildings. From there, I was travelling on a road. To the right I heard this man singing. Then I veered off the road, and at a hump alongside the road – at that specific point – my spirit was ambushed by other spirits. Something was thrown over me. My spirit pulled itself out of this trap, but what should have happened, was that these spirits that laid the ambush would take my spirit to their time loop wherein they are trapped. (If you drive past a dilapidated town for example, where nothing is happening, in your reality there is nothing there but broken buildings, but in someone else’s time loop i.e. in someone else’s reality, the town is vibrant and alive with people coming and going, and of course the local residents. Those that are in this reality that we cannot see are spirits caught in this time loop.) So if their plan/ambush went according to plan, a part of me would be found in this time loop. Those that ambushed me would have convinced my spirit that this is the real world, and that I have always been here – I just forgot and went through a time lapse. Why these abductions of the spirit to a specific time loop happen I can only assume is to add flavour/excitement/something new for the spirits caught in this place, but i don't really know for certain. The man singing as I travelled on the road was to distract my spirit, and then I was veered/bumped off the road to the specific point where they waited to pounce. Who knows – maybe their plan did work; maybe a part of me is still caught in their time loop. (In hindsight, I would say that this is the truth.) There is strength in unity, so we need to amalgamate all the parts of us to one unit, so it is up to you to draw the parts of you out of the realities/time loops in which they find themselves. Of course, you and I are also caught in our own time loop, just as the other parts of us are, but we have understanding of our predicament so can do something about it – for ourselves and the other extensions of ourselves. You go into the stillness of the silence, and you merely allow all that was to be within you. You cannot see what you are, but others can, especially those parts/experiences of you that wandered and forgot from whom and where they came from. You go into the stillness of the silence, and you allow yourself to connect to the extensions of you – to those of you caught in different time loops. Now you just allow the strand that you are to shine; to merely be. Those different parts of you see this glow, and they depart the place they found themselves in. Now they see you, and in seeing you they see themselves, and in the moment become you, which is the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness. (That is why, in healing others success cannot always be met, as their ailment is within a part of them caught in a different time loop.) When I said that it was okay to walk alone, what I meant was that in walking with others, you open yourself up to betrayal and disappointment. I am not saying this will happen, but there is a possibility of this being so. With the parts of you amalgamated, you walk now as one. In the beginning, you the manufactured form were one unit, and from there you unknowingly “branched out” yourself to find a way out of this madness. The one that you were at the beginning, this you become once again. From there, you are filled in as to what happened before the beginning of time – to The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and the Dragon spirits and the parasitic frequency of Deception that arose from the Dragons curiosity as they entered the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. The one unit of you needs to understand that you are not you. You are this strand of God; the Creator that is within you. From there, just let go and be this strand.
  24. Yesterday evening in my sleep state something came to take and feed from my energy. This I understand, as we have to eat, but what changed was that the process of taking was transformed to giving. I said to this entity: “By all means, take of my energy, but my energy is also given to all.” Now I fed; I willingly and naturally gave to all within the illusion, and not just those that came into my space. When I go into the stillness of the silence now, I do not hone in on, for example, Semiramis or Sophia, or whomever else – I give to all. When you give to all, guess what, within the all is you, so you give to yourself as well. When I give my energy to all, I give it to myself as well. By being an expression of all, and giving to all, you withdraw from the cycle of the takers. Now you naturally give, as in you give/express what you naturally are, which is Love.
  25. What happened to me in my sleep state last night was a first. A dream was implanted, but it was not to take of my energy, it was to keep me locked within the illusion. Whenever I wanted to pull myself out of the implanted dream, a nursery rhyme was sung to me, so I listened to the catchy tune, and by listening to it, I gave it attention, which kept me locked into the dream and ultimately the illusion. The insanity of Life is there for a specific reason – so that we can talk about it; discuss it, and if anything, have a good laugh about it. But who is laughing at us? – The illusion is. We will show the illusion who is boss; we will sort out this mess; we will not take this nonsense; we will not be held down and ridiculed by fools. And all the time we are laughed at, as we remained glued to the System that we imagine we have gotten the better of. There had to come a time in this journal and our existence where, if we want to walk from point A to point B, we have to do something to achieve our goal. “You understand, well great, now walk.” What you do to walk away from the illusion; from this insanity; from this place Steven calls Hell, is live within the silence of the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness that is within us. This is the only way to say no to the illusion, where you do not acknowledge it and thus embrace it. This journal ends when I have nothing more to say, and that happens when I choose to longer give the illusion attention. Do not see this task as one where you walk around like a dummy, ignoring all, and living in your monastery of your space. In being in the silence, you liberate yourself from this silly Game, and you are what you are. Now you are walking; now you are doing. To understand is only the beginning, now you have to do, which is to walk, which is to be what you are, which is the stillness of the strand of Inherent Godness within us. Please do not try and re-invent the wheel. What I have written and you have read is enough understanding of the Game to set us free, but there a comes a time when we have to do, otherwise everything we have come to understand means nothing. This task is to not ask the impossible from you; it is to ask you to do something and be something that you naturally are. Just commit and do it, that is all we ask. Walk away from the fool; from the System by not giving them attention. Do not be on guard as to what will happen next. Just be in the silence. This “silence talk” I have known about for years, but have never been able to achieve, and this was because I did not know what I know now. To be in the silence is invigorating, as one is now no longer within the System but rather free of it. To be kept in this silence one needs something that I never knew of before, and that is to take it for granted that one will walk alone. That way, when the cruelty of Life passes by, it will momentarily surprise you, but it won’t shock you and place you back on the tracks of the System. To walk with others must be euphoric, but trust me when I say that to walk alone is also okay. For me, what healing others means, is by you understanding something they didn’t know of and offering this to them. In the world of spirit, and within the Infinite I can also imagine, there is no talk as we would know it. We see and be and experience. Your spirit/astral form knows something I don’t, so when I see your spirit I see something different to me, as in you have something I don’t. If I like what I see, I become that part of you that I never had/understood, and I am eternally grateful for what you are and what you have allowed me to become. In being in the silence, the same is true within the seen worlds. Within your silence is your understanding, and this understanding is for all to see. You become an inspiration for others that have become lost and faltered. Your presence of you being you – this silence – is magical, and yet it is as natural as breathing. What I understand now; what I never knew before, is that one should expect to walk alone, and this is okay, and the second criteria to rise above the System is to become bigger than what you were. How this is achieved is that it is not about me, but we. You always care about yourself, and by being in the silence you are cared for, but what elevates you above the System where you can easily slip into the stillness is by you being what you are for others. Now you take the attention away from you – what the System throws at you, and what you give to yourself. Now it is not about you, but about the glorious entities that can see what you are and in the moment become you. There is no master, and there is no student. By seeing, and by liking what you see, you become in the moment. But to show others, you need to consider them, and how this is done is by taking attention away from you. Now you have risen above this mess and can stay off the rails of the System. Now you follow your own tracks, and this is fun. The silence invigorates, it transforms. It is a beautiful place to be. You are alive, you are free. What you say and do comes from the heart, not the System. Who wrote this journal was the System of Life. They compressed me; they pushed me down and held me down, and they said to me – find a way out Steven. The System was imploding and needed to find a way out before they destroyed themselves. The might of being Life itself within you when you are in the stillness of the All – that is the way out.
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