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  1. We live in a world of limitations – an illusionary world. In an illusion all there is is the illusion. We see what is before us and imagine it to be real. Magicians play with the illusion, but they are still caught up therein. We have come to make this illusion our home, but my goodness me, what an unpleasant, cruel place we have unpacked our bags in and called our own. Within the illusion is the fields of Infinite Love. This Love is everywhere as it is what it is – it is natural. We chose the illusionary Garden of Semiramis and became trapped therein. How do we remove ourselves from the illusion? – We trace back our steps and understand who and what we are and how we got into this mess. And then we sit and wait and hope someone or something will remove us from this awful place. So we sit and wait. And this is the biggest damage that the illusionary Garden inflicted upon us: It limited us. We know of our box and nothing else. The fields of Infinite Love are within and around you – it is always there. Yet through our limitations we remain within the illusion. The truth is too simple, and thus we doubt it. We believe we have to break down obstacles to uncover the truth, and this we like doing, as an obstacle is without and not within. With no obstacles we have to look at ourselves – what are we doing that we remain in this awful place? The answer is transform your awareness; understand your limitations; know what is beyond the illusion, and then YOU allow the fields of Infinite Love to enter and be one with your existence. Live with no limits. How can help come and save us when it has always been with us? We pushed help outside the box of our existence as we focused on surviving. Queen Semiramis created the illusionary Garden, and the Dragon and Serpent spirits went to go and play therein. It’s like you taking a bottle, filling it with water, and letting it sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. In this bottle is the Garden of Semiramis. The rest of the ocean is the fields of Infinite Love. What separates the Garden from the Ocean is the glass of the bottle, but this glass is an illusion, as is the Garden therein. How do you break the glass so that the Infinite may be one with the illusion? You don’t. You cannot, as the glass is an illusion and is not real, as is the Garden. You are in that glass bottle that is at the bottom of the ocean, and that bottle and all that are therein are an illusion, so the ocean washes away the bottle/illusion and you and your world are no more as now you are one with the Ocean. Where there was a bottle with you therein this is no more. All that is, is the Ocean. Live within the fields of Infinite Love. This is not some Shangri La place where we hope to someday be. It is within and without you – just acknowledge it and be it. And how simple is that? There is no bottle; there is no illusion. There is only the Ocean. Allow this Ocean to push and shove and bend and twist the limited, rigid box that you have become. Go with the flow – let it take you over. 12/12/2021
  2. There is a reason why we have been the lesser for thousands of years, and that reason is that the truth is stranger than fiction. It was written in the journal a few years ago that there is a control hub of sorts within the illusion - a central management that makes sure the slaves remain slaves. This was my hunch; my strong belief; my opinion, and if you see how a few insane government officials can lock down our world, my hunch should not be too far off the mark as to what is happening to us from the unseen. Well, let me tell you what I saw last night as I closed my eyes to sleep. I was still awake. I closed my eyes and saw this grey tube move towards me. Just before it reached me it made a twirl and then settled right over me, as in the tube was in my space. In this tube I saw a man sitting in a white chair. He flipped his chair from over me to over my wife. This was one of those from the control tower. How friggin’ freaky can you get! What this man does to us I will soon find out, but what came after he left was an implanted dream. I was so despondent that something was once again within my space and feeding from my energy. I just saw its tail scoop up my energy to feed from it. What the rest of this entity looked like I did not have the energy to take note of, but boy was I bowled over. This entity was a drug addict within the illusion, and I say this because the implanted dream was of me craving a drug. It makes common sense that if such monumental effort has been made to keep the illusion running as near precision as a Swiss clock, there has to be those that oversee the System. A slave is a slave because they are suppressed and limited. One needs to make sure this remains always so, hence the control tower/hub where everything is monitored. That there is another locked door to pass through is most disheartening for me. I am floating on cloud nine over the last few days – I cannot plant my feet on this reality and get things done. Exhaustion is a big factor, and I am sure so is the will to just get up and go. I have had enough, and now, after last night, we need to understand how this control hub has us by the short and curly’s. This journal has to end. I cannot go on as I am exhausted. The cure is experiencing a helping hand. This is what I need, so let’s see how we are controlled by those in this tower, and from there, may we be free. When I go into the stillness of the silence to understand what hold those in the tower have over us, what I feel primarily is control over our digestive system – the parts of us that break down food for sustenance/nutrients. What would happen to the System of the illusion if the slaves did not have to eat? You control people by controlling their food supply. We eat to live as this is a basic of survival. What if we just drew nutrients from the illusion around us? What would happen to the monetary system if we did not have to buy food? What would happen to the medical system if we were healthy as this is what we are? Would jealousy exist if everyone was the same? But most importantly, what would drive us if we had the time for ourselves rather than slave to a job so that we may eat? Surely we would find a way out of this mess, and not just individuals, but the collective species within the illusion. In no time we would be Home, but if we were made to live from meal to meal to survive, it’s a given we are staying slaves to the System. I love to eat. It is one of the joys of Life, but what these entities are doing is keeping us down and enslaved rather than giving us a pleasure. What these fuckers done to our digestive system to control it is no more. I would rather absorb understanding to be free than the protein from a baked cheesecake. What else do those in the control hub have over us? Where is our tracker, that they could find me last night to keep me in line? Our Third Eye is our awakening to what is happening around us, and most importantly, it heightens our awareness which raises our vibratory rate. Any spike in our awareness and the red dots start flashing on their mainframe. So how do we get off the mainframe? Our tracker/marker/unique identification is on the spirit at the side of the left neck. When we were manufactured our tag was placed there and from there connected to the mainframe. We remove this sticker by knowing it is there and has no place within our existence. Now you are rogue – off the grid. Or better still – let’s just take away the mainframe by knowing there is one. Now we are all free from this hub. Insanity abounds in the seen and unseen, but it is more than that, it is simple stupidity. It is purpose; it is having something to do; it is having a job. That this job enslaves you and those you love as well is not taken into consideration, as you are on this side of the line and the slaves are on the other. What you see is what you are you fool. You see a slave, so guess what – you are also a slave. By having your job destroyed now your eyes open. You see that you have nothing, that you are nothing. The Serpent soul within us was not there to ride on our backs. It was in hiding. Yes, it hid from evil Serpent souls that attacked it, but most importantly, it hid from those that ran the System. Just like I need help, the Serpent souls needed help, as in our understanding. This they have been given. What we give them now is freedom from the System called Life within the Illusion. The mainframe is down, the one which blocked us around every corner at will. Now cruel can you get. Now no one is watching. Now we do what we want – because we can.
  3. How is it possible that those in the spirit realm can be so easily deceived? Most depart the body with a lifetime of toil, only to reach the less dense realm of the spirit world. Shit, to be in this place is joy, so you know, what we went through to be able to get here was worth it. Those that are left behind from where we came, as in the physical world, they will understand this when they are here, and not too worry, I will keep an eye on them from here. My goodness, and we call ourselves sane! In the book The Demon Syndrome by Nancy Osborn with Ann Haywood, Ann describes how this demon “puts her cape around my body.”…………….”Then, I have only a feeling of great lightness and happiness.” No doubt, this cape is a frequency pattern that numbs the senses and makes us forget and not see the harsh reality of being thrown into a place where we don’t belong. No doubt, there is an extension of this cape that clouds the spirit realm, firstly to hide those from the shadows that play with those within this realm, and secondly, to blind us with lightness and happiness as the blood and tears continue to flow from where we departed. This frequency cape in the spirit realm is there boys and girls. Should it be removed? I don’t think so. There is no time to be stopped in our tracks as we stare aghast at the cruel Game we have been played in. Just be what you are – this Love within, and follow your Serpent soul as it goes back Home. If you want to delve deep, then understand that compared to what we should know, we truly know nothing. From this blank slate ask yourself what is your truth – not the truth of others, but your truth? Your honest answer is that you know of no truth that you have embraced and made your own. Then ask yourself if you would like to know the truth. If you do, you will carry on walking, if you don’t, you will stand still. The truth is within you. You are the truth. Be nothing but yourself and you are Home.
  4. Here is an interesting thought: Who gave us our identity? Or put another way: Who labelled us? The answer is obvious – it was those who manufactured us. When I checked on someone earlier on I felt this distinct label/identity tag over their breastbone. It was unmistakeable – I am not imagining this. To shake off our labels is easy. We are not Black or White or rich or poor – we are all an illusion. I am talking about the other labels; the labels they placed on us after they made us damaged goods. What is eat is a given. Some of us eat dogs – ones that have been tortured before they are eaten, as this torture releases hormones/chemicals that makes the meat taste better. (Or think lobster bisque, where the lobsters are boiled alive to kill them – same concept.) Some of us eat horses – an acquired meat. Most of us eat cattle – where believe it or not, each one has their own personality. I eat plants – organisms that grow and also have feelings. So before we point fingers at others, let’s take a look at ourselves. We are worse than those from the shadows, as we should know of better as we have a conscience and they don’t. The imagined solidity of our world and ourselves makes us prehistoric compared to those brutes from the shadows, because when you understand everything is frequency you can play with what is around you. As you will pour yourself a cuppa, so too do those from the shadows implant a dream/story within us to feed from us. The one requires a teabag and boiling water, the other needs understanding of frequencies. Some of us are damaged intentionally, and the only reason why I can think they done this to us is for a variant in our frequency – a different taste to them. This sounds absurd, but stop, wait, go back to what we do, and you will give me that nod – “I understand Steven.” You want to walk Home? You want to bring your loved ones with for the stroll, as it is better walking with company than alone – then make sure they have no labels on them, as these literal labels are a frequency pattern that keep them in the shop window of the illusion. Go into the stillness of the silence and be one with the one you love. If there is a label on them you will feel a distinct imprint over their breastbone area. If you want to heal others make sure they have no label, and if they do, remove it by knowing it is there and has no place in the presence of understanding/Love, otherwise your healing will do nothing to transform them. This journal is written for the unseen – the spirit – either those that have departed the deceased body form and are in the less dense spirit realm, or those spirits that still dwell around the living body form. You the spirit are now made aware of these labels. As you are now walking away from the place/space/frequency you knew, you have perspective and can see yourself and others in a new light. Look for labels, and if you feel one on you or see one on others, they disappear as they don’t belong. Shed the damaged goods, as well as the labels that came with them.
  5. In one of the ayahuasca ceremonies I attended, in my altered state I saw these two snakes arise from the body of the man that was lying next to me on the ceremony floor. It was truly a sight to behold. You see these two snakes arise from this mans’ body. All that they done was hover over him and look at him. There was love and tenderness in them as they looked down at the one they inhabited. After a few minutes they flopped back into his space out of my sight. This is the Serpent soul. I have seen my wife’s one, and have felt mine too often to mention. Over the last week or so on some occasions I see my Serpent soul and what it sees. (There are some things we see that need not be spoken about as there are no words for what is seen. You see what you see to remind you to carry on and finish this journal no matter what.) What I saw arise from that man were Serpent souls of love. In my sleep state I have witnessed the complete opposite – Serpent souls of death that devour the spirit that they inhabited. These are the Serpent souls that stopped trying these best to keep their integrity, so they crossed over and embraced the raw, pure Reptilian frequency of the illusion. These Serpents become cruel mother fuckers – as in real bad. I have met my share of these power-packs in my sleep state over the years. You don’t fuck with them – it is as easy as that. Their prey are other Serpent souls, as in yours and mine. There is a Serpent soul in each of us, as in one Serpent, thus I have always wondered why I saw two Serpent souls arise from that man. (What I am about to say makes sense to me, but please understand I am open to being wrong.) There is the trinity of the Serpent soul, the spirit and the body form. The guiding star within all is the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness. The Serpent soul within is the one that was trapped; for me, it was the one we had to remember so that we may remember what we are. Free the Serpent soul, and you free the spirit and body form. My take as in why I saw two Serpent souls arise from this man was because what was done to the Serpent spirit, the Serpent soul done to itself. From the Serpent spirit another was cloned, and the Serpent soul was born. And from the Serpent soul another was cloned/born. From one are now two, and the reason for this is for eyes on those wherein the Serpent soul resides, namely the body form and the spirit form. The one frequency of the Serpent soul can split into two – the one frequency caring for the body form, and the other for the spirit form. When the body form sleeps at night there is one less to care for, and in such instances the two become one. This is of course also true for death of the body form. The solitary snakes that I have seen in my sleep state over the years are alone because they consumed the spirit they were with. I have seen evil Serpent souls with their evil spirit forms, until the one devours the other, and I have seen spirit forms while they are in the process of being consumed by their Serpent soul. Wow! You want to play with fire – don’t! The devil, as in disharmony/evil, has no friends. Why I say that from the Serpent soul another arises is because when I assess my spirit and me the body form, I feel a full integration of the Serpent soul within my spirit, as in the two are in unity and are okay. On my body form I feel the presence of this Serpent soul half way up my form, which means work needs to be done until full integration is met, which means we are then healed and can walk without crutches. Understand the process of your healing. By the spirit and body forms knowing of the Serpent soul, we know what is real, as in it was cloned from the Serpent spirit. A strand; a speck of light was taken from the Serpent spirit, and from this speck another was born, namely the Serpent soul. We the spirit and body form were manufactured, and our initial role was to seed/inhabit the many worlds within the illusion. No foul play or bad intent were the order of the day. When the illusion began to fall apart thanks to the parasitic frequency of Deception, wars broke out from deception. The role of the spirit and body form changed from hugging trees and throwing flowers in the air to being a food source for the powers that be. There have been many steps along the way to our demise. I would say that as we focused externally, and not internally, this Serpent soul became trapped within us the spirit and body form. How it got within us I don’t know. Was it always within us; was there always a trinity, or did it seek refuge within us as war broke out between the Serpents amongst themselves, as well as with the Dragon souls? I don’t know, and this is okay, as it is not a question that needs to be answered. All that matters is that we know of this Serpent soul in our midst. The Serpent soul is creating the bridge to the Serpent spirit, so that this strand within it may be one with the other strands within the Serpent spirit. This will awaken the Serpent spirit, and when awakened it will be Home in the Infinite by default of who and what it is. What happens when you are confused and lost – you become tired, until you fall asleep. You wake up when you understand, as now your understanding put you where you belong. The spirit and body form are peeling away the dense layers of confusion and uncertainty. We are not analysing or trying to fix – we are shedding to catch up with where the Serpent soul has built its bridge. What will happen to the spirit and body form as the Serpent soul reaches its destination? Once again, I don’t know. What makes sense is that we will become one with the Serpent soul, or should we say, the strand within. Just as an evil Serpent soul will devour us, so too will a good Serpent soul “devour” us. The one is to take over, the other is to integrate. The one stays in Hell, the other is Home. What happened to the Dragon spirits that were created by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia? My strong guess is that they are already Home. I say this because we saw that child that was nurtured and cared for by that mother within the Egyptian line. That child was a Dragon, and that Dragon was eventually set free. Now all that is left is for us to follow, which we are.
  6. Now that you have perspective of yourself, you go into the stillness of the silence and from there you feel for any large “bubble spaces” within you. It feels like an air pocket within you. What we are doing is healing the spirit and body form, and what this “bubble” is, is a walk-in entity. I am in tune if these entities are within others, but as I never had perspective of myself, I never knew of the one that spanned across my left, front thigh area. We instinctively and subconsciously build defences around ourselves. The spirit and body forms are made up of layers of frequencies. This is our space, and as lost as we are, we are still in tune with our barriers. However, there are moments when we are exposed; when we are vulnerable; when we have no defence mechanism to what is around us. It could be our first day at school, or when a deep sadness overcomes us, or witnessing the senselessness of war. Now our space is open, and we become open to what is around us. What a walk-in is, is an indifferent entity that moves within the ethers. In our language see it as an insect flying around. When our barriers are no longer there, and these entities are around us and fly into our space, they become trapped within us when our barriers once again go up. Our dog Fiona is a rescue. She has a heart of gold – a real angel. For her to run away from her home and be taken to an shelter, you must know she had it bad. I remember one day seeing what looked like a cartoon looking elephant in her space. This is her walk-in. There is no strength within her left front leg, so when she jumps down from even a low height she ploughs into the ground. Her walk-in stays within her left front leg. There is no fixed place where they will make home within us, but wherever it is, the area becomes compromised. Now there is another within you, which means something else is tapping into your energy to survive. Disease and weakness in the area often sets in. It is a lose-lose situation for the two of you. You are deprived of energy that should be yours, and this walk-in is trapped in a place where it does not belong. It wants to be free – it does not want to be within you. If you feel this air bubble within you while you are in the stillness of the silence, release it by knowing it is there. Open your frequency barriers where you feel this bubble so that it may be released. Apologise for the accident, and then bade it farewell. When you no longer feel this air bubble within your forms you will know it is gone. We are no longer learning or understanding – we are healing as we walk Home. We are getting rid of our damaged goods, especially within the spirit form.
  7. It was a fair question to ask why is Life so cruel. The answer had to make sense to me – it had to be my truth. The advantage of this is that one hits the root of the nerve, where nothing is sugar-coated and hidden, as what you seek is for you and nobody else. I can fool you, but I cannot fool myself, and that is the difference between a journal and a book. In the one you lay forth your viewpoints for others, and in the other you lay forth what you have come to believe as the truth for yourself, as you have come to understand the harsh reality that you are in this alone. Help yourself, as no one else is going to do it for you. I understand the cruelty of Life. Really I do. But there is something I will never understand, and will not even attempt to do so, as I know it cannot be understood, and that is myself. When you understand that we have existed in a toxic environment, and you have found a way out, and you start walking back Home, when you look back at what you were, you will understand that you were damaged goods. Hell has touched all of us, and we are all the worse for it. The biggest failure; the biggest cruelty that we have experienced in Life is what we have done to ourselves. You see, we just had to get it right. We had to do our best, because with every failure there is bound to be success around the corner. Well guess what: Have you ever stood back to see where you are standing? You are in a System that was doomed to fail from the start, which has been failing ever since, but wait, tomorrow I will feel better and everything will be okay. It will not be okay, because Life has fucked us up beyond repair. If someone is ill from being in a toxic environment, the first thing you do to help is get them out of the environment – you don’t treat them for poisoning while they are still in the room inhaling the noxious chemicals. No one can help me – I am too fucked up. What one would call “beyond help.” This is what Life done to me, from trying to succeed in a place where there are no winners, only losers. I am not broken, and I am not in despair, I am merely what I am – one seriously fucked up dude that cannot be fixed up. We always done our best. We always kept our side clean. We always kept our integrity, and along the way we were knocked and bumped and pushed until we came out the other end as damaged goods. You cannot see this, as this is all you know, but when you stop standing in the same place and start walking Home, that is when we understand the impact that Life had on us. We see ourselves, and what we see is not a pretty sight. This is what Life done to us – being in a place where we don’t belong. Be warned: When you start moving you may fall apart when you see what has been done to you. There is no answer for what has happened to you in the place where you existed, as this place is the cause of your insane state. Don’t try and fix something that cannot be fixed. Leave it be and walk Home. Along the way you will shed your damaged goods, but once again, be warned: the first few steps are brutal. You see what you have come to accept and it is not a pretty picture.
  8. The trick is to know what you want, and from there to know who can and will help. There is no ways we can do this alone. To be helped meet kindness with kindness. Semiramis needs to take charge of her Garden and dismantle what she created. Many will want to stay, and we leave them be, with the door open should they wish to follow. Now these cowards grow a backbone and decide what is best for themselves, rather than just being nasty because they can. We leave them be, as the understanding is there to return Home should they wish to do so. How Semiramis dismantles the illusion is by holding onto her energy and going within. This deprives the monster without from a food source, namely Fear, and by default this Beast falls in on itself. She does nothing but be what she is, which is Love. This Loves shines the way to the Infinite, and I promise you that when, in the moment when she knows/remembers what she is, you will feel this moment as it ripples through the illusion. From there, Life as we knew it will never be the same again. What the animals have taught us is enough to set this lady free. Now she can help us, and she will.
  9. Let’s go back to the beginning. Why were the Dragon spirits created by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia? Imagine an artist been given a blank canvas with a few brushes and oil paints with the brief of “have fun.” Now their imagination is let loose – and they do have fun. Take that imagine of the artist letting themselves loose and allowing their creative juices to flow, and picture them now within a field of Infinite Love. What you imagine is born before you. There are no limits. To say the Dragon spirits were created to play is a gross understatement. We filled the Infinite with explosions of wonder and joy. It is something you and I cannot imagine, and if you ask we what it was, all I can say was that it was beautiful. You expressed yourself with no limits. The Garden of Queen Semiramis was similar to this field within the Infinite. It was just in a different state – an illusionary state, and what we mean by this is that it was a “pocket” within the Infinite. One of the Creators did not form the Garden, and thus it was not integrated and one with the Infinite. A state of curiosity was within the Dragon and Serpent spirits, as in “what else is in this unfamiliar place?” This state took on a form within Semiramis’ illusion which infiltrated all. Some saw this worm and refused to be taken over by it, while most began to lose their marbles. What is important to note is that the Garden became dense and took on a “solid” form the denser it became. This shifted the Garden further and further away from the fields of Infinite Love. What changed with this separation from the Infinite was the role of those within the illusion. We were no longer expressions of the place from where we arose. Now we were isolated from where we were born, so a new role had to be defined for us. Purpose was born. Now we had to do something and be something, and what slotted us in our roles was the origin of Purpose, which was survival. Do, because something needs to be done, because we are not where we belong, and something is wrong, but I don’t know what it is. (It was the worm within that made us question and lose ourselves.) We forgot ourselves – these strands of the Infinite within. These strands became segregated from the Infinite as the Garden we found ourselves in became denser as uncertainty took us over. What I am trying to say is that the Serpent soul within us does not know itself within the world of us the spirit and body from, because it does not belong here. This kundalini force is a teeny-bopper with an attitude that does not know if they are Arthur or Martha. I say this because in my sleep state I listen to this Serpent soul within, and truly, it does not know of itself. It is making the best of the situation it finds itself in, not understanding that the only best it can do is leave the place we know where all have come to define as real and the truth. In our midst the Serpent soul is playing doll-doll instead of splashing explosions of colours and shapes within the Infinite. Why is this so; why is the Serpent soul playing dummy-dummy? The answer is for us – the spirit and body form. Yes, another world is being created within by the Serpent soul – a place of utopia and understanding that follows on to the fields of Infinite Love, but on the other side of the bridge is us and our world/frequency trapped within the illusion. And this pickle we understand, namely what does the Serpent soul do about us? It will never abandon us, but what does it do to help us? The answer is to release what does not belong. There is clutter; there is confusion. We have lost ourselves in a maze of confusion in trying to slot in in a place where we don’t belong. To each their own. Understand the truth and then sit around a table – the Serpent soul, the spirit and the body – and decide what is the way forwards. For me, my Serpent soul takes away what does not belong. This illusion literally begins to disappear from my psyche. The bridge breaks and falls away, where we play catch-up with the Serpent souls connection to the Infinite. For me, there is no party and play-mode here in the illusion. Thanks for the invite and free drinks, but I would rather go Home. Decide what is the way forwards, because at the moment all we are doing is standing still.
  10. It is rude of me to dismiss this parasitic frequency of Deception without understanding it. The System is made to thrive out of chaos. But this is a dangerous game, as one has the potential to lose your energy source – those feeders within the game. A parallel universe was created to solve this problem. When things get too hot we go to the parallel universe. This has been discussed in the journal – I have knowingly been there twice, as in I remember going there. It is a universe 99% similar to ours that lacks one key element, and that is stress. Here you do not experience this state, which gives us a breather before we get thrown back into the storm. But what happens when this parallel universe no longer works, or put another way: What happens when the System breaks us? To cut to the chase, the simple answer is that we become a living expression of the parasitic frequency of Deception. We become devoid of emotion and feelings – we stop caring. Now we become takers, but it is more than just a taker, as there are so many grabbers amongst us. What we become are destroyers. All that is meaningful in this unkind place becomes sucked out of your psyche and you bestow this non-chalant state on others. In a nutshell: The Serpent soul has lost faith in Life and is taken over by this worm that only knows one thing, and that is take. But understand, as this is important, because what we now become is a carnivorous puc-man – we destroy what good is left in this world. For me, a prime example of this is Larry Fink at Black Rock. The parasite within him; his Serpent soul, is destroying our world, and it doesn’t care, and understand why this is so – it is because the System of Life has destroyed the Serpent soul within. For how long can we keep head above water in a world that does not care? These broken become what we may call a psychopath, where they destroy others by sucking the goodness out of them, and eventually the System does fall – the world and life on it are no more. I will never forget the one night where I travelled to a world that was consumated. There was nothing there – the parasite took everything, and it does this with Santa’s-little-helpers, namely those that the System destroyed, or should we say, “broke.” All become consumed, even these destroyers, leaving only one standing – a worm. To these broken Serpent souls we give Love to first, as they need it the most – these non-Human monsters amongst us that done their best only to fall to the System. We give them Love through understanding by removing the parasite that has taken the Serpent soul over. This is done now in all the frequencies of the illusion. The glow from the Infinite shines the brightest on these that fell in a place where kindness has all but become extinct. I give you a hug my friends and tell you that you will be okay. I know you, as I became you.
  11. Understand where you are now and where you were. You are in the presence of the golden glow of Love from the Infinite. This is your world now – your existence. What was in the past is no more.
  12. It always comes back to the obvious: How can you solve a problem when you do not know what the problem is, or for that matter, that a problem exists? You cannot, and that is why we have kept running on the same spot, going nowhere slowly. What this journal has done is peel away the layers until we get to the last layer, and when that is removed, may we have the goodness within to see what reveals itself to us – namely Love. About an hour or so back I entered the space of this lady to see how she was keeping. I checked on her this morning and she was fine, so I was surprised at what I found. Imagine the skull-cap removed from a person so that the brain is exposed. Now imagine a frequency being sent to that brain that “fries” the brain, as in the brain is constantly “inflamed.” That is what I felt on this lady, and soon I felt it on others, myself included. What I am feeling is hopefully the last layer that holds the illusion intact, namely the frequency that Semiramis impregnated into the glow with her intent. In the fields of Infinite Love this manipulation of Love is not possible, as Love is Love and there is nothing else, but within the illusionary Garden a frequency pervades, and her frequency added to what the Infinite bestowed for all of us, namely this golden glow of Love. I have always said that our love is a twisted love; a cruel love; a love that hurts, and now we know why – Semiramis added her twist to this pure essence. When she saw us bow down to her it’s a given she genuinely cared and would lead the way, but there was a twist, which was: follow me – I am the boss. Don’t listen to the boss and there are consequences. In Love there are no bosses; there is no “I am better or greater than you.” There is humility, there is unity, there is no hierarchy. What I am feeling on the brain, and please understand what I feel is on the brain of all within the illusion – all in the dimensions and realms and frequencies – and what this is, is the impregnation of Semiramis’ spin as to what the glow should be, namely she is the boss and you are nothing. Look at me. Look at how important and great I am. I am everything, and you are not much. This was the constant drive/flow from the inverted glow, and that is why we have always been cockroaches scrimmaging around for scraps. Is that why the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness within us was deactivated and forgotten, as we followed what was without and not within, but primarily was it because the strand within the illusion was superimposed by the glow from the Infinite that Semiramis inverted? That makes a lot of sense to me. What I feel is the problem, and what this problem is, is the inverted glow shining on all. By knowing the problem, as well as the cause of the problem, the problem is no more. Shit! How long did it take to figure and solve that problem? In a frequency where there is time, how many thousands and thousands of years were needed to solve this mess that fell out of control and we saw the consequences as normal? May we all one day rest our heads down and know we are at peace and safe as there is only Love within our existence and nothing else. So be it. 12/2/2021 I was wrong about the golden glow of the Infinite that Semiramis inverted being the final layer. It was the parasitic frequency of Deception. As I battled to sleep last night I felt this worm wriggling primarily over my chin and sometimes over my face. I have felt its presence before, but then I never knew about the Serpent soul – what we are, and thus removed the worm from our body and spirit forms, only for it to remain as the kundalini force was neglected. By knowing what we are, this Serpent soul within, this parasite was eventually no longer in our space through our intent of knowing it was there and that it has no place in the presence of Love. Then I felt the glow of the Infinite take over our forms so that the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness may once again shine. What this strand is now, is a beacon for the Serpent spirit. We are not here to play power-power, because we are not here to play – we want to go Home. What I have always felt is that there are a few bodies and spirits that are connected by the same strand. If you are fortunate enough, you may meet another where you feel you have known them your whole existence. They are you and you are them. This is different spirits sharing the same strand. When all the layers are removed, these spirits become one to unite as they arose from the same strand. What is left is for this strand to once again shine now that it has been infused by the original glow from the Infinite. It’s like throwing a boomerang – you hit the intended target and then the boomerang comes back to you. In the case of the strand now there is a loop. From the Serpent soul the strand connects to the Serpent spirit from which it arose. This awakens the Serpent spirit, and when this awakening is acknowledged by the Serpent soul, all I can say is hold onto your hats as now the party has come to town. You will know of a force unlike any other, as what the Serpent spirit is made up of is strands from the Infinite. What happens from there is anybody’s guess. I feel that the Serpent soul with its might will hang around and sort out this mess and make sure the innocent are safe before it unites with the space from where it arose, namely the Serpent spirit. It is a given that this spirit will know of Home in the fields of the Infinite and return there, but when is relative to each Serpent spirit. Some will stay and help awaken those in slumber, and others will go Home. By having the glow of the Infinite within the strand of the Serpent soul within, you can say you have your plane ticket in hand and are waiting to board the flight back Home. What tomorrow, or today holds I cannot say. For the cruel, they will have to know themselves and what they have become, and only then can they go back to the strand within. Wow. What can I say. How long they take to forgive themselves, and what penance they insist on carrying is between them and nobody else. As has been said, we cannot point fingers, as what happened was nobody’s fault. This we understand, but to lose your conscience at the expense of others is something you wilfully done and embraced and made your own. These fools will now see themselves – something that has not happened before. You cannot help them. It is between them and them alone. May they have mercy on themselves. May this glow touch all in the illusion. May it be a wild, bumpy adventure where everything is turned upside down for the better. May each moment be an adrenaline rush. May our senses feel and know what it is to be truly alive. May Life as we knew it be no more. 12/3/2021
  13. What is the origin of cruelty – this cornerstone of the illusion? One night in my sleep state I was awoken by a presence in my room. I saw the clay face of an elderly man on my bed that was looking at me. His presence was so powerful it pushed my lungs to one side, where I battled to breathe and had to gasp for air. My thoughts were also compressed by his power, where what I thought slowed down. He told me to come with him as he wants to show me something. (What he showed me was the origin of cruelty.) My Serpent soul and spirit went with him. I was taken to what I would call an inner world, where one lived within a world and not on top of its surface. There I was shown two brothers walking side by side. One of the brothers sat down to rest, and I was shown how a golden glow came over him that transformed him. Then I was shown how this brother was in the house of his brothers family and how he swinged a hoe, killing his brother and the brothers wife. The next scene I was shown was of the children hiding in a room behind a locked door. This murderer had the hoe under the door to level the door open, and the last thing I was shown was the frantic hands of the children pushing the hoe away in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable. That golden glow that I was shown was the origin of Cruelty – this Beast that came to take on so many forms, be it through the word, the pen, the action, or the silence of doing nothing. The fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia from her realm created an impact zone. From this zone emerged the Serpent spirit, with Semiramis at the helm, and all was Good as there is only Love in the fields of the Infinite. Yes, something was now different, as in the Serpent, but all was Good. Semiramis saw the beautiful place that Sophia had created for her Dragon spirit children, and she too wanted such a place. She created the illusionary Garden, a place different, yet similar to where the Dragon children found themselves. She invited the Dragons and Serpents to come and play in her Garden, and we know the story by now of the parasitic frequency of Deception that unknowingly took over all within the Garden, including Semiramis. When things began to fall apart, there was a second fall, the first being into the Garden – a fall into a place other than the Infinite. When Sophia saw this second fall, out of reflex she fell to be with her children – as any loving parent would. Now she fell into an unknown place, and the disaster is that this dense place destroyed her and made her powers null and void. It goes without saying that the Infinite intervened in this catastrophe, where one of the Creators was in trouble, as were her children. A glow; an essence of Love was sent by the Infinite to Sophia and the children who had just fallen. When you saw this glow; this Love, you know what you are, as this is you, and in the moment you are back in the fields of Infinite Love. The parasite that took all over was not called the parasitic frequency of Deception for nothing. At this time of the second fall Semiramis was in “me” mode, as in it is about me, me and me – thanks to the parasite within her. She knew, before the second fall, that things were going tits-up. She also knew that the Divine would intervene one way or the other, and this is what she waited for. So when this glow was presented to those that fell, this life-raft back Home, Semiramis stood behind this glow, and what all saw was Semiramis within this glow of might. She was the Saviour; she was the one who would lead us back Home, so what we done was bow down to her to lead the way, which is another way of saying that we gave her our power. What was pure and Good within the Garden – this glow – Semiramis used it for selfish gain to have absolute power in her Garden, which was albeit now in a more dense state than where they initially were. With time, as worlds/frequencies were construed, she used this glow to cast Darkness on those who came in the path of this glow, as I was shown what happened to this one brother. There is one element that need to be removed from the illusion, and one that needs to be restored, before any sense of normality can be attained: Remove the disharmonious frequency within the glow, and by doing that, you restore the power we gave away by reclaiming our power through understanding the glow and its original aim – to take all Home. When you know you understand, and when you understand, what should not be is no more. In the world that the Serpent soul is creating, the streak of Deception within the glow that arose from Semiramis’ foul play is no more. Where there was a glow of cruelty and deception there is now a glow of Love. This glow; this essence of Love from the Infinite we now shine on the world we departed – the frequency where Beasts dwell. Never will we abandon the innocent. Never will we not care.
  14. You go into the stillness of the silence, and Love/understanding is sent to the package form of you the body form, the spirit form and the Serpent soul. If there is disharmony anywhere in this package it is transformed by the Serpent soul within, as it understands. But this healing/transformation of your forms means nothing, as another step is required. Within the stillness of the silence Love/understanding is sent to the body and spirit form and the Serpent soul of you AS WELL AS to all those you love and who love you. (You do not know of all who this entails, but the Serpent soul and spirit do.) You open yourself up to share with them what you understand, so that in the moment they are you and you are them. That’s the secret, as none of us are an island – we carry for others, and others carry for us. Heal them, as you have healed yourself, through understanding. Through this healing/understanding the Serpent souls of many unite and form a bridge to the Serpent spirit and the Infinite. Now we are not alone. A community of souls has been formed that are Love/understanding.
  15. The past, as we knew it, will never be the same again, as this is because the Beast, or what I would call the Watcher spirit, is starting to rear its ugly head for all to see. Sure enough, there are many factions in the hierarchy of Hell, but for me, the one at the top of the throne is the Fear that we made manifest that I call the Watcher spirit. When this journal started, Pierre Sabak referred me to the book The Demon Syndrome by Nancy Osborn with Ann Haywood. The book tells the story of Ann Haywood who was possessed by a demon, whom she calls the Lady. In the epilogue of the book, Ann allows the Lady to tell her side of the story. I quote sections: “The Lady comes from one of those unlimited possibilities, a world beyond this one, where there is no concept of time – as we understand it – and the element of human emotion is totally absent. There are no emotions in the Lady’s world – no greed, hate, jealousy – or love. And therefore, no conscience. Greed brings all the negative, destructive emotions into play. Even love, if it is a selfish, possessive one, is a destructive emotion. Eventually, we will all be in the world of spirit, where the Lady abides……………………………Man is a spiritual being and our true home is in another dimension. Mankind is the result of an accidental experiment. We are spirit, trapped by chance in flesh. Until we realize our spiritual nature, there will always be life and death. Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul. Some are more receptive than others to their influence. Although they are seldom seen, the superior beings are more often sensed. Soon, many more of us will witness the presence of these terrible-looking, awesome beings. It is part of the eternal plan. The companionship of the unseen is nothing new. It has always been with us but never apparent. Now, everyone will begin to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, and be full of fear. The guardians will have much more authority than they do now.” The book was published in 1983. For me, the Watcher spirit is at the head of the throne because it is indifferent to us. We are goldfish in a bowel to be used and abused. There are those in the realms and dimensions that have might, Semiramis included, but what takes their power away and makes them weak is their emotions, which arises from their conscience. How do you fight something that doesn’t care? You cannot. All you do is drive yourself insane, and this is what happened to the architects of the illusion. We all need to build a new present and future. Forget about the old you, because this you lived in a past that will never be again. Leave the old you with the past that is dead and buried. Your outlook; your game-plan of where you are going has to be a new one. “Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul.” That line, for me, is the crux of what this journal exposes, namely the Watcher spirit/Octopus that watches over the Serpent soul. You, my friend, are the Serpent soul/kundalini force that resides within the cast of the Human spirit. The Lady knows only of the spiritual realm, but my goodness me, beyond these infinite realms of possibility lies the true Home of the fields of Infinite Love. This journal teaches the unseen; the Serpent soul, of its true power within, namely the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness so that it may be free of the Watcher and the parasite and the illusion. The kundalini force needs to know of its Home, which is the Serpent spirit from which it was cloned, thus this journal goes back to the time before the Serpent soul was born so that it may understand from where it came and how this mess began. I write for you the Serpent soul. I write for you the spirit and body form so that you may see where you slot in. I write so that we may understand that the only way forwards is through the freedom of the Serpent soul. That is your future, otherwise you will have no future. When you heal others, heal their Serpent soul. Work on that as if it is a living, breathing organism in front of you. I always expected Semiramis and Sophia to sort out this mess with their understanding, and I am sure they will, but I won’t wait for that day to happen, because I know it starts with me. You the body and spirit forms know of what is within, and then heal this omnipotent being with understanding as if your life depended on it – because it does. The Serpent soul is your present and future, as it will create a world – a stepping stone – to the Infinite. Forget the past, otherwise you will have no future. Start a new life.
  16. I write what I experience in my sleep state. The origin of loneliness is from being abandoned. You are lonely because you miss what you had, as what was there, what was natural, is no more. You miss that, and that makes you lonely. With the vehicle of the spirit, the Serpent soul travelled to different spots. At these spots it waited, and nothing came. Now it knew of abandonment. Then the spirit with the Serpent soul found itself in the presence of my deceased aunt Ria. I asked my aunt where was my mom. I can’t remember the answer, but what I well remember is bursting out in tears at what she told me. I then woke up, and as I lay in bed I saw these entities swoop down and feed from my energy that accumulated from my sorrow. Now the Serpent soul knew of heartache. It understands. It is seeing the big picture. There is no more fear within it. It has a story to tell, and needs to cover all bases to see the big picture. What have we allowed to happen to ourselves? There is no play in being a slave.
  17. It was never enough for me that I be happy. What was important was that this cruelty that is seen as an everyday occurrence stop. That for me was priority number one. For this to happen, one had to go to the source of the problem, where you trace the river to where it began, and you say to yourself “Okay, what happened here that downstream is chaos?” When you understand how we got into the mess then we are on the right path to sorting it out, as now a wrong can be once again made right by understanding the big picture. I did not spend the last eight years of my life writing this journal for nothing. I have been allowed to go where few have gone, namely within the shadows of those that control the illusion. I have seen what few have seen, and what I have seen is not a once-off – it happened just about every night for years. This journal was written for the spirit world so that the dummies there may wake up and see how they have been played. It is also written for the cruel Beasts that enjoy parasiting and destroying others, so that they may understand what happened to them that they became so cruel. But this journal was primarily written for the innocent so they may be free of cruelty and go Home to the fields of Infinite Love. This setting free and passing on understanding (to those that want to understand) sounds swell, and it is, because we were all headed to disaster, as have countless others already done and continue to do so. However, there comes a time when you reading these words, and me writing them, puts up a finger in exclamation and says “BUT, now hold on a bit………….what about me?” And I could not agree more. The Serpent soul and the other children of Semiramis and Sophia will be sorted, thanks to a combined effort of many within the illusion, BUT, what about us the body forms, as in Betty James and this Steven and others that want to experience the other side of what Life has not shown us, where the sun shines? That “Warrior” title might sound great and allow the ego to strut itself, BUT we would like to experience peace and love and joy ALL the time until we the body form depart this frequency. What about us the body form? I doubt this journal will ever see the light of day, because it was written for me and those in the unseen, BUT I would like a return on my investment, and what that is, is to be helped by those I have helped in the unseen. My selfless seeking of the truth to solve this mess in the unseen that affects the seen has been done as I knew that I could never be happy until those that are as unhappy as me are also happy. What the unseen showers on me, showers on all the seekers of peace and happiness in the seen realms, and this sounds swell, but what can be done to make it happen? The Serpent soul is creating its world, and what this world is I can only assume is a bridge to the Serpent spirit, and another bridge to us the body form. The world the Serpent soul is creating is its portal to the Serpent spirit in slumber. By experiencing all, it may understand all so that this understanding may be passed on to the Serpent spirit which will awaken it. I remember in high school reading a poem that the poet wrote about himself. This man had an esteemed life, and then fell, and if I remember correctly, the fall paralysed him. The poem goes about him having to go back in his life where he is once again a baby, where he has to learn to walk and fend for himself again, of course with the fear of falling again, where he would have to start all over. This I believe is what is happening to the Serpent soul – it has to once again know itself; it has to know what creation is by it creating, and by creating it may understand that there is nothing really to create as what we are is everything, as we arose from the Source of the Infinite which is everything. This poor, poor fucker the Serpent soul has been locked up since time immemorial because of our ignorance, and now needs to once again know itself by expressing itself. One of my friends who I remember, but have never met in my sleep state, is the funky polar bear Earl. (In our limited vision this essence/frequency of Earl looks like a polar bear.) A few weeks back in my sleep state I saw Earl in his cave as he looked out into the worlds. He could not leave his cage/cave because he was trapped therein, and this enslavement was through the ignorance of those in the illusion. Where was he safe? The cruel would destroy him and the ignorant would destroy him. None are so blind as those that refuse to see. That is why this journal has taken so long to complete, because if we want to set others free, we have to set ourselves free first, and by “we” I imply the Serpent souls. In order to set these souls free the body and spirit forms needed to know what they are. We are not as important as we think we are. We were manufactured, whereas the Serpent soul was born within the illusion from the Serpent spirit. The one was born with Love, the other was ultimately made to feed Beasts and be played in a cruel Game. Can you imagine the isolation; the loneliness of being where you don’t belong and there is nowhere to go as all within the illusion are friggin’ insane. Tyranny ruled, not Love, with the Watcher spirit at the helm that our fear created. The Serpent soul will be okay, as in it will once again know itself, and by knowing itself it will know of its Home, the Serpent spirit from which it was cloned. This I know to be the truth. It will happen, if it has already not happened. The vehicle for this Serpent soul has been our spirit. (Take a piece of wire, and then shoot an electrical current through it. The wire is us the body form, and the spirit can be equated as the less dense static electricity that comes off the wire. The electrical current that got everything sparked up is the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness within. By forgetting this strand, and what it stands for, namely kindness, we forget ourselves and start sliding to the Nothingness of the Forgotten. When you get there you understand that the caviar or the cognac or the villa meant nothing unless it was backed up by a good heart – an expression of the strand.) The disaster is that we all forgot about the strand, so nobody could help anyone else, and this was so because they never understood what suppressed the strand, namely the greed and selfishness that the Parasitic frequency of Deception created, as well as the control and cruelty of the Watcher spirit. As said, the Serpent soul will be okay. Our spirit has seen this world that the one within – the Serpent soul – has created. It is fair to thus say that our spirit will be okay. It can go with the Serpent soul and catch a ride via the Serpent spirit to the fields of Infinite Love. This leaves us the body form, and it is here that we have to answer all those BUTS. That I will live the rest of my days serving others is okay – I don’t expect to sip cocktails on my island in the Bahamas for the rest of my life. What I do expect is to live a full, joyous life with someone watching my back, and that someone is one who has the illusion down on pat where everything is sorted. That someone is the Serpent soul, and this looking after us it will gladly do, as long as we stand back and allow this one who knows best to lead the way. (As has been said, we the body forms are not as important as we think we are, so allow the Serpent soul who knows best to lead the way.) How is this done? How do we replace our BUTS with “thank you’s.” How are our backs covered; how are we always looked after by one who knows more than us; how do we receive joy and happiness, just as we would wish it upon others? What the Serpent soul does, is that it creates a portal/connection between the spirit form and us. This allows the spirit to act as a transformer between us the body form and the Serpent soul and the realm where it is. In other words, what the Serpent soul knows we the body form now knows, but we take in what we can handle, otherwise we take in too much which puts us in a flat spin. I met this girl once whose aunt could move the curtains so that they are parallel to the floor by merely looking at them. She never fully understood her power so she ended up in a loony bin. I can spend my time thinking I was wronged so badly by my wife, but if I was a clever man, I would listen to what the Serpent soul has to tell me via my spirit. Now my frequency band has broadened, where I take in the world of the Serpent soul so that its wondrous world may superimpose the one I am in. Now me, the body form can play, as the worlds of old – the ones of the Watcher and the parasite – are no more. Just as I saw my friend Max in this world of the Serpent soul, so too will other friends come to visit to touch us through the portal via the spirit that is around us. (This spirit will not leave us until we are happy and on our feet, just as the Serpent soul will not abandon us.) We just need to start doing our bit: hold onto your energy and live within, not without. Within is the world that the Serpent soul created, and by tapping into this world you bring what is within without. Now there are no BUTS. Now there are humble “thank you’s.” May these understandings set us all on the path back Home. Whenever you can, make time for the stillness of the silence and go within to tap into the Serpent soul via the spirit. Now we live in the heart energy space, and from this space the world of the Serpent soul is expressed and formed into the frequency that is all "around us" the body form. Always go within to this world, never without, and what was within will be expressed without. Now, with every moment, the frequency that was without is transformed to what the Serpent soul has understood in once again finding/knowing itself. Then there will be a moment where the body form severs itself from the frequency that was placed before it by those from the shadows. For me, this severing; this burning ties of the old will be seen as a blackening of the skin under the nail of the right big toe. The understandings from the Serpent soul have transformed the old to the new. Now you the body form are in this world of the Serpent soul as you visit the world of old that you knew. Many will call you God, but what you are is merely natural – you are just allowing the strand within to shine.
  18. There is the body form, the spirit form, and the true us – the Serpent soul/kundalini force. Understanding superimposes all of them. Yesterday afternoon I cut the grass on our lawn – it takes about four hours to cut the grass. While I was cutting the grass I thought of how it disturbed me that a part of my wife enjoyed destroying me. (This thought repeated itself for about four hours.) When the lawn was cut I was physically and emotionally drained. Before I went to sleep I watched the Kennedy interview regarding his new book on Fauchi. That such monsters dictate to us got me down mentally. So I lay in bed last night before I closed my eyes to sleep in a bad place physically, mentally and emotionally. I knew that if I spoke to my wife I would break her, and as I am not in the business of breaking people, I decided to keep quiet. As I said, these physical, mental and emotional states are superimposed by understanding, as understanding is what it is. The physical body called Steven closed his eyes and went to sleep. The spirit form of Steven was the vehicle that carried the true us; the Serpent soul, to the world it was creating, so while in this world and the presence of the spirit of Steven was doing the playing, the architect was within, namely the Serpent soul. This is its world that it is forming. In this world Steven the spirit was learning about the densities of this world. Understand that the experiences I am going to talk about now were not a dream I was having – it was of the spirit and Serpent soul playing/creating in our world. I was in this classroom of sorts. Water was poured into a glass, and the glass was turned upside down. The water remained in the glass as the air beneath the water kept it there. Then I took an empty can and held my flat hand against it. When I pulled my hand away from the can the can folded in on itself as my hand took the air away from the can. I went outside and there were people walking there. I pushed the air behind them and they lifted off the ground. Then I was at a rock-face near the sea. The colours of the rock was a blue-brown. I changed the colour to purple, and then back to what it was. From there I turned and faced the sea, and in my playing mode, parted the sea so that there were these two massive columns of water and between these columns were the rocks that the sea covered. My friend Max was there. He looked as right as rain. When I saw him there was not the joy followed by kisses and hugs as we are accustomed to. He was there, and that was enough, as everything that was there was Love. From parting the sea I went down some stairs, and I said to myself that I don’t want others to see me. A pang of Fear momentarily filled me, and as soon as it did, this Beast was created in my space. It crouched on all fours in front of me. Then the body form woke up to this frequency/world.
  19. They came last night, as they always do, to you and to me. Now I was no longer there; I was no longer in their space. They could not find me. Now we can begin with a blank slate. Now the spirit and the dummy body form go into the stillness of the silence, or should we say: now Huey and Dewey listen to the Serpent soul within. The spirit and body were manufactured. The Serpent soul has been there before we were even thought of by the architects of the illusion. This is you; this is what is real within the illusion, and within you is a gem that arose from the Source of the Infinite – this strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness. Now all the spirit and body forms do is listen and follow as the Serpent soul drives the spirit and body vehicles. Two roads are now driven: the one for the Serpent soul to find and awaken the Serpent spirit from which it was cloned, and the other is for the body and spirit vehicles to experience a slice of the cake as in what Paradise should be. Stay within the existence/world/frequency the Serpent soul is creating.
  20. Begin with you the Serpent soul; kundalini force within. Everything is projected within, as without is their game. By holding onto your energy and projecting it within, you the Serpent soul allow yourself to heal. Once all is healed, the natural state is the flow of energy from the heart space to the head so that understanding may be met and the big picture may be seen at all times. Remember the strand within, and remember: You are working within and not without. This same healing process and alignment is done to the less dense “body cast” of the spirit, as well as to the dense “body cast” of the body form. Once again, remember, we are being within and not without. Now look to what is really important to you. As an example, what is really important to me is a relationship, and by “relationship” we do not imply a friendship. It is deeper than that. For me, what is really important is a unity with one that is me. I am not talking about blood-brothers or sisters defined across any scope of the spectrum; I am talking about knowing there is someone out there like me, and I can pop in now and then and just say hello. I would like to think that I know myself, but I have never met myself. When I was lost and confused and full of bitterness towards Life I would most certainly not have liked to meet me, as this was a naïve, serious person that was not big enough and had no platform to build a character and personality on. I just lashed out at Life because I did not have the means to better myself. May this journal have taught me something, and that is fight for what is important to you. That the innocent were being slaughtered on all levels broke me. Someone or something must have pushed me to look beyond this sorrow to do something about this tragedy that befell all of us. I was clever enough to ask the permission of Queen Semiramis if I may attempt to sort out this mess, because she is the Queen bee in the illusion. Her power is supreme. I am tired of bumping into others that do not wish me well. I am tired of meeting those that are indifferent, or couldn’t really care. All I want is to see me, and I want this as it will fulfill me. It will bring me great joy and peace to know that someone out there is another me. It may sound silly to you, but it is important to me. I know myself, and am at peace with myself, but I am lonely. I would like to meet another me – just to know that I am not alone. You the Serpent soul, as well as the spirit and body form go into the stillness of within, and within there, you create what is really important to all of you. (You ask, and you will receive, as you are asking yourself.) Remember, this is done with Love, so only wish Love to yourself and others. You are creating now in your world, so make it one of Beauty and peace. Keep your home pure. You go within and create what is really important to you. When it is imagined within you, this image/frequency is released through the “right side of the brain” into the Infinite. It goes out, finds what is important to you, and this frequency is then returned to you via the “left side of your brain.” From there it manifests itself with the heart energy space and becomes a part/expression of you. I think, in wanting a relationship more than anything, what I mean is that I would like to know my Creator. This exercise in bringing forth what is really important to you is another way of saying that we need help in this journey Home, or at least I do. Create your world, and enter the world of others to touch them and help them. What is important to the dense body form is a place it can call home – a sanctuary; an expression of what is within. This is created through the above-mentioned steps. What came last night in my sleep state was a young Human looking female with a tom-boyish look about her. She was attractive in her own unique way. She lay on my pillow next to me and turned her head to look at me. She brought her pet animal with her, what it was I didn’t look, I just saw its tongue, which must have been about as long as this girl, playfully lick her face. Then she implanted a dream within me, and if you think these fuckers are not insane, listen to what her story/dream was: In this dream I found myself walking into a cinema. The entrance-way into the cinema was dark, but when I got into the cinema the lights were on. There were people sitting in the chairs, and in front of them were a handful of blokes that were in charge. Those sitting were there to experience being killed. One of the blokes standing would walk up to someone sitting in a chair and punch them on the left side of the neck, and the person punched would suddenly die. I sat there watching this ridiculous setup, and then my attention went to this young punk-looking female that had a purple tint in her appearance. She was standing behind me, eyeing me as one that she would like to punch. I backed up and this apprehension took me over, and then I was pulled out of the implanted dream. This female that was lying next to me now found herself in midair as she grasped with her outstretched hand, trying to grab my energy that had accumulated by me following her dream. She could not grab my energy as I was no longer in her space/world. Remember that the implanted dreams and what I see happen during my sleep state. But even in this sleep state, what is manifesting with each passing moment, is the understanding of hold onto your energy and look within to the world that you are creating, while you drift further and further away from what is out there, as in what is outside, and not inside your space. Move into your world that you create, and what meeting like-minded entities means, is that you are meeting others that have the same world/values as yours. That is why it is so important to create a world based on self-respect, because when you respect yourself you respect all within your space. You are nothing, and from nothing – with the strand of Inherent Godness within you – you create everything. Being humble, having respect, and more than anything wanting to be Home within the fields of Infinite Love are the foundations for your world, otherwise just stay where you are and hope for the best. By play, we mean create, and creation is only possible through the Creator/strand within you, which is Love. Put another way: Where you were, and who you were, you don’t want to be, because you were a slave controlled and fed from by Beasts. So start anew. Fair enough, bring into your world what is really important to you, as you have a right to be happy, but from there allow this Love to take you and your world over so that you may go Home. We do not belong in the illusion. Ninety nine percent of what my wife is, is a remarkable person. Besides that, nobody else would have allowed me to ride on their backs while I had to write this journal to make sense of it all. Making money would not be a buffer one day against the insanity out there and those I love, so I gave up receiving money to receive understanding in its place. If I had any marrow in my bones I could have done both as a full-time job, but unfortunately for me I lacked any foundation to face this world on two fronts. It is that one percent of my wife that destroys the ninety nine percent, because as I told her this morning, there is a sick puppy within her that enjoys destroying me. She is walking on thin ice, as she has the potential of losing everything that she has worked so hard for, namely a loving family, because this part of her enjoys playing cruel. I told her to wake up now, and not when it is too late, when I am no longer in her existence. The point to make is that in my world is Love, as in I respect all and they respect me. An expression of respect is kindness, and as has been said, this is the natural flow of what is. The days and nights of living amongst Beasts are over. This is no longer allowed, and this is so because I am a representation of my world within – that is everywhere within the illusion. Play wisely. Do not end up destroying yourself. Be kind.
  21. About eight years ago I studied the David Icke book “Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion.” On page 107 he says “I have said that we see with our brain and not our eyes. But here’s another little shocker. There are no eyes. If reality is constructed in our brain how can we have any eyes on the outside of the brain?” If I was clever when I read that chapter I would have asked myself two questions: 1. If everything is happening within us, why do not hold onto our energy and project it inwards to enrich the illusionary life within? 2. If we project our energy without, and thus not giving our energy to ourselves, to whom are we giving our energy? Shipit! If only I was clever. I had to walk through the shadows to connect the dots so I could come full circle back to the obvious: In the illusion it is all about energy/vibration/frequency. Hold onto your energy and understand the big picture and you are an enriched man and woman. Release your energy and you become a slave that feeds Beasts. How simple and obvious is the truth when you know it.
  22. They nailed me last night in my sleep state. They really nailed me to a wall! A deep implanted dream, and then I saw these creatures lying over the bed doing what they shouldn’t. Then I saw this huge Serpent floating within the ethers – suspended in mid-air just looking at me. You see boys and girls, we are in their game. How do you change the rules of their game? You cannot. So what can be done? That’s easy: You make your own game that is played by your rules. You can be given a gun or understanding to defend yourself in this place controlled by insanity, but this means nothing if you are paralysed on the floor and cannot even lift up the gun or use your understanding. It comes down to energy. All we see and hear and experience uses energy. I need to go and do ten different things today. Yes, I can be in the silence, but what I do requires focus, as in my attention, and this emits energy from us. That energy goes to the Watcher spirit and the System we are played in. So here is the first rule of our game: All our energy goes to the latent/junk DNA within the body form, the spirit form and the Serpent/kundalini soul, so that the spirit and Serpent soul may literally not be paralysed/helpless in this frequency. As will live in an illusion and everything is being played out in our heads, so the body form is standing still already. Second rule of our game: No energy from our forms goes to the Watcher spirit or to the System we are played in. None. Our game starts now: 09:33 on 23/11/21 and ends once we are Home within the fields of Infinite Love. Let’s play! (You were a battery that emitted energy into a System. Within this battery was a library with all this understanding. You knew, but regardless, you were still a battery. With your understanding you rewire the battery to empower the Harmony that you are. The power supply to Disharmony is cut off. This process can only be done by knowing what you are, what game you are played in, and how you are played and by whom. You become the architect of your space. You build your home. That is the power of understanding coupled with being street-wise. To sit in your library and understand means nothing unless you go out there and build what you are, where you allow yourself to flourish and grow and be.) (The secret to Life is relationships. Can you imagine if the architects of the illusion brushed aside the wants of the parasitic frequency of Deception within them and just cared about us, and we done the same and cared about them. Now there is a relationship. So it goes on. Governments care about the people; the people care about other people and the beauty of nature that surrounds them. We are all in a relationship – one that uplifts, because there is no greater feeling than being kind, and this is so because this is what we naturally are. The fine print of this secret to Life is the relationship with yourself, and for this relationship to flourish you have to know what you are. Enough has been said regarding this subject in the journal. Build your world from within. Have a relationship with yourself, where you are at peace with yourself as you know yourself. Know what you want, and if you don’t know what you want, I will tell you what you want. You want a relationship. A relationship is a bridge between you and others that are like you. Now there is unity; there is more; there is a building; a river; a tree; a smile; laughter. Do not go and look for a relationship with another because you never seek or wonder or hope. The relationship finds you because now you are a magnet where like attracts like. With the energy within you build your world. The strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness was born from the Source of the Infinite. Around this strand The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created Life forms to play and experience the wonders of the Infinite. Why she done this was because what use is having Paradise if it cannot be shared and utilized by others? From the strand Life was created to play. So let’s play. 23/11/21
  23. As a young boy, maybe around seven years old, I remember that whenever I had to go outside and do something at night time around the house, this fear took me over. When I done whatever needed to be done, I ran back to the house as if something was chasing me. I felt this palpable presence behind me as I ran. It was alive, and it was right behind me. What I felt was real, but I could not define it. If we had eyes at the back of our heads, the body, spirit and kundalini force may have had a better chance at surviving, as now we could see what is behind and in front of us. This would not have made such a difference though, as most possessions come through the base of the left foot. Through this passage they hit the Serpent soul within its canal, and from there it is game-over for the body and spirit as what we are, namely the Serpent soul/kundalini, is now helpless. This is what happened to the man I blessed and gave money to the other day – I felt and saw a Serpent attack him the Serpent soul. Often I have felt this invasion through the base of my felt foot as I feel the spirits leg swell to accommodate this Serpent as it moves up the body forms to attack me the Serpent soul as I reside within my canal. These fuckers are so silly, as what good comes to you by destroying others? You merely destroy yourself. Four eyes would have helped, but there is no better defence than the freedom from understanding. Understand that there is a front, back, up, down, left and right of you. You the Serpent soul are a frequency, as is all Life within the illusion a frequency. The difference between now and the past is your awareness of this strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness within that arose from the Infinite. The heart space is the place where this strand expresses itself, but please understand that this is not a spot on your chest. You are an expression of this Love/strand, as in the whole of you, and not a place on your chest. Stop thinking in terms of three dimensional – break free from your conditioning. If you imagine the Infinite flowing into and out of your chest area, what about the rest of you – what about what is behind you that you cannot see? It sounds too simple to be true, but my advice is just do nothing. You have the understanding, and you wish to be this understanding; this you, so just be – go about your everyday activities and do what needs to be done. This way you get out the way as the real you – the kundalini and the strand – can go about their business and come to the fore. I write this journal because what I remembered yesterday I forgot today. I write to hold on to what was understood, but in the presence of Love/understanding this concept is prehistoric. You know, so just be. And so a step is taken towards you being what you are. What you understood now defines you and makes you who you are. And so, with each truth, we are set free. By needing to understand, which has defined me over many lifetimes, we hold on, because we need to discover what else is there what we need to know so that we may be set free. This we understand, because until you know what you are, how can you be what you are? This journal is not built on pies in the sky. I write what I see. I have seen what we are, this strand and Serpent soul, and I have experienced those that have attacked and misinformed us, namely those from the shadows. This Octopus; the Watcher spirit, I have seen and felt on others, and I feel it on me as it holds on to its existence as these waves of Love flow over it. I remember a few years ago watching the television show with the magician Michael Carbonaro – I think the show was called The Carbonaro effect. This guy is really hot-shot – my favourite. In one of the magic tricks he said something like “he is taking the bad stuff out of the fruit.” He then poured this liquid bad stuff into water, and in the water what formed from this bad stuff and took shape was a black octopus. (I did not know about the Watcher spirit then.) From “nothing” a black octopus appeared. Yes, that is what a magician does – they produce something from nothing, but how often are we willing to see and accept what is before our very eyes? The answer is “never,” because we don’t know what to do about it. I needed to see so that I may understand why Life is so cruel. More than anything, I needed to understand what we have all come to accept – that Life is shit. Now I understand – I really do, and by you reading what I wrote, you too understand if you wish to. Now I let go. If there is something else we need to understand, then so be it. The difference is I stop looking. Up till now, every moment of every day for I don’t know how long, I always ask “what more is there to know?” I push and push and push because by sitting and waiting and hoping nothing is going to happen. I need to be me, what I am naturally meant to be. That is all that I ever wanted – to just be me, because I knew that when I am me then everything will be okay as I was sourced/born from Love and this Love is omnipotent. I am this strand and Serpent/kundalini soul. Now I just be. From this base of what we are the Infinite can touch us. How or when this happens I don’t know, and this is not really important, because as long as we are what we are things can only get better. One night in my sleep state I went to a world/frequency of magicians. In this place of wonder I saw how those from the shadows fed from their energy. We have all been played because we have not known who we are. With the truth of what we are let’s see what happens.
  24. Of course nothing is going to change until you change. We were pushed into a place that was unfamiliar, and without understanding, we were going nowhere besides to war. There comes a time when reason fails the Beast, which pushes the Beast to become a savage – a mongrel that steals and gorges itself from the carcass it took. This is the final stage between the Nothingness of the Forgotten and the kindness that is within. When one looks upon these savages one might pity them, but if you look closer, you will understand that they enjoy being one with the filth on which they crawl. This is the horrific end result of being in a place where we don’t belong and can’t find a way out: the savage rules and the sword is the only means of communication. Animals are kind, so I cannot even say that we are animals. Savage is the appropriate term. A friend is someone you understand, and that is why I have always called the God of Wrath my friend. I understand this man that came to me one night in my room to wake me up to tell me that I must come with him as there is something he wants to show me. This was a kind man, a good man, but if you refuse to listen, he hits you, and he hits you hard. He was the sword, and he was hitting the savage to deep the order in a place that was rotting because others wanted it to rot so that they may fall and go full savage, where they embrace this monster that they are. I understand my friend, just as he and I understand that there has to come a time when one has to spare the rod and walk away. This can only be done once we have found a way out of Hell, because as soon as you turn your back on a savage you are killed by them before you even start to walk two paces. To walk away means to find a way out of Hell, where you let others be as they enjoy this filth that they have become, where the wine flows and party never stops, and of course, it is about me, me and me. Never do they ask “What can I do to better myself so that one day I may be in a position to better others?” This is the fool that sees the superficialities that Life has to offer and embraces them. There is nothing wrong with indulging in pleasure as long as it is not at the expense of others, and as long as we wake up after smelling the roses to see how we can contribute to bring back sanity to all. To go into the stillness of the silence to bring forth the Love from the strand within so that it may expel the Watcher spirit within as well as connect us to the Infinite is the way out of this mess, as long as we know who we are, which is this kundalini/Serpent force within. But now here is the catch: We need to go Home. The days of living in logic and reason cannot continue as there is no logic in an insane frequency, so if we continue with our ways we will draw the sword to slaughter the savage, taking our first step to becoming a savage. We need to turn our back on all this shit, or more appropriately, we need to stop thinking, because by living in the mind we live in the world of the savage that we one day become. Stop doing what you have always done. Stop reasoning. Run as fast as you can to the state of silence, because from where you came there is no happy endings. The way of thinking and reason spills over to violence because this is the only language that the savage understands. It is not like in the movies – in this existence you get fucked up before you see your loved ones and everything you held dear be destroyed. Run as fast as you can into this silence and stay there. You are not in a dark closet hiding; you are allowing the Infinite to take you over so that you may leave this place where fools cannot see what they are. Live in your heart space with the Infinite, or be pulled down to the worlds of savages. The choice is yours. Choose now.
  25. What happens with the Watcher removed and the heart channel open, is that the Infinite reveals itself and takes you over. This is the natural flow of what is. The shop walls and windows; your existence as you have always know it to be, begins to fall. The speed at which this process reveals itself depends on your beliefs and how rigid they are – on how tight you hold onto what you have come to define as real. My realization began about fifteen years ago when I walked up to a horse to treat it. Against the body of this horse I saw a speck of light. I did not know what I saw (the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness,) but what I knew then was that everything I have come to know was nonsense. From that moment I began anew on a blank slate, and this creature in front of me; this horse, would teach me. I opened myself up to learn from the spirit of the animals – the masters of Love within the illusion. May the classes be over and the school closed, as what we have all been through has been so unnecessary and uncalled for, and my goodness me – it was nobody’s fault. The fall of the Wisdom Goddess Sophia was an accident. The invitation of Queen Semiramis to come and play in her illusionary Garden was meant with Love and nothing else. The parasitic frequency of Deception was merely what it was – what the spirits curiosity created in the Infinite that took form in the illusion. This worm meant no harm; it merely was what it was. That Fear was born from us being in a unfamiliar place was no fault of ours, as we were lost and confused. This Fear done what it done to stay alive – it merely followed our lead. Nobody is to blame. Their cannot be any finger pointing. Let’s unite and allow the Infinite to take us over.
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