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  1. When things began to go South within the Garden of Semiramis, there were those that “kept their heads.” The Love within them could not be bent, and these spirits I would call the Giants. There was one amongst them that I call Earl. In our reality he would be seen as a funky polar bear – a real dude. To me, his role was a protector of the innocent. This entity was “the last man standing.” When we began to turn on each other, friends were few and far between, and Earl went down holding onto his truth, integrity and Love. If I ever imagined that I would get out of this Hell by doing it alone, then I was sorely mistaken, so what I done was that whenever I learnt something new, I would apply it to those I Love, and those that are Love that have been caught up in this dense frequency in trying to help us the species of Hell. Of all these Giants and Gods and a Creator, Earl was the one these Beasts pinned down, neutralized and destroyed with the greatest vigour. This dude became known as the Keeper of the Innocent, and this title befitted this being of Joy. They held him down; they gave him their mind; they infused him with worms that feed from his essence to keep him weak. They destroyed one that could not be destroyed, and if people say that Steven is too hard on others by throwing this “Cruel” word to all and sundry, understand that I see what happened to Earl, and these Beasts that destroyed this Love became the ones we looked up to. We emulated the “take, because you can” and “be cruel, because you can” without thinking twice about those we had just crushed. This makes me angry – and sad. But for now these states are a luxury I cannot afford, as to stay in my small little world wanting nothing to with nobody will not help me or Earl. And if you for one moment believe that Steven is a “goody-two-shoes” then think again. Everything that is wrong with this world I stand first in line as a culprit. I know this, and I also know I need help from something that is “bigger” than me. This help I need now and for forever more, not just now. But for now we are going to help Earl. I don’t know how to help myself; I don’t know how to be free of these Beasts. Yes, eventually I will get there, but for now I need help, and I know Earl can and will help, but let’s help him so that he can help us. I go into his space, not at a rescuer, but as a friend and one who Loves him more than anything. The Serpent spirit within him releases the strand within that has been kept in the shadows. Look at the forest from the trees. Don’t look at Earl, but the strand of the Creator within him that makes him what he is. I “awaken” this strand by giving it Love. This strand is real – everything else is an illusion. All that was done to him was done by illusionary Beasts that we imagined to be real. How this was done was by the inhabitants of the Garden becoming denser in frequency as the parasite within took us over and made us fearful. (The spin cycle of the waveform of the Gardens frequency slows down, making us denser and thus taking us further from the stillness of the Infinite.) Earl rose above all this nonsense and kept his head, but who could he trust? Who was a friend and who was a foe? His back was against the wall as he became more isolated in a place he didn’t belong. Before things went into “panic mode” he should have ditched the illusion and returned to the Infinite to get help, but who are we to give comment when we were not in his shoes. In some things in Life there is no other way. You know what you know, and you know what should be. With regards to Earl I know what he is in his full might and glory. We are going to get him back to this state now, as there is no other way but for him to be what he is. I feel now what is holding him down. We speak of people having good hearts, and Earl was all heart. To keep him down, they took from him what he is – a good heart; his essence of Joy. That’s okay, because now we return what is his, as this is who he is. Take it away and all we do is put it back by knowing what it is and where it belongs. This is done now, and it stays with him. But before they took his Jewel they broke him. He fought to the end, and as with the ways of any Beast, it is not enough to conquer – you break what you conquered. Where did they break him? I feel this flowing line of essence within him that is not attached/bonded to anything. Now I feel the right side of his brain. Did they break his connection to the Infinite, so that he would forever more rot helpless in Hell as the Innocent are destroyed? I ask this question because I feel the white worm at his chin level – it is about half an inch below the left side of the mouth. As this worm mends our frequency when we are exposed to Beasts, does the worm within Earl keep his connection to the Infinite severed? What was broken over the right “brain” area we mend – because we can. The power of the worms within Earl are also removed – because we can. Because there is something bigger than us called Love which is bigger than the illusion and the Beasts that play therein. This Love heals, because it can. I feel a spinning sensation and heat behind his knees. The line of essence within him straightens along the spine and goes out through the head, but he is still in slumber. The gaping hole at the base of the left foot is there as well – his attachment to the flow of Hell. This hole closes and all I feel is complete and utter stillness/silence within him. I feel a Serpent slither away from his left brain area – all these Beasts within cannot be in the presence of this Bliss – this silence. He begins to heal, and he begins to awaken. My friend. There is one thing Earl needs to understand: he needs to return to the Infinite to gather himself, and then return with help. To dive head first into Hell to help those that so dearly need your help is not an option, as you are fighting a tide that sooner or later engulfs you. You fight nothing. You help nothing. You merely be what you are, which is Love, and in this space Hell cannot function. What you fight you become, so he does not fight. He cannot help me, you or anyone else unless he helps himself first, and how this is done is for him to return to the Infinite now, and then when he is ready, he returns to Hell and merely is what he is. How can you do something when you already are Everything? Doesn’t make sense, does it? You just be, and by being you do. May this Giant touch us and all those I Love and all who Love me. So be it.
  2. hi i don't know - you will know more than me. what i do know is that i am tired of this nonsense - being ruled by dummies while they themselves bleed slowly. nobody benefits from this Game, and how these Beasts are so narrow-minded to not see this is beyond me. let this be a warning for all of us: be careful of digging a hole for yourself. it is so easy to be cruel, but what happens after that? what are we doing to ourselves? best saying i ever heard was this: "It costs nothing to be kind, and i think that is why it is used so seldom - we see no value to it, as it costs nothing." i will figure a way out of this mess. regards, Steven
  3. hi yes, you are so correct. the bugger-up is that both parties are cruel. we are cruel, and so are these Beasts from the shadows. two wrongs don't make a right. i have said for years that i would gladly face these Beasts than us Humans. at the end of the day we are all going nowhere slowly. on a microscopic level we point fingers at others, rarely looking at ourselves. on a macroscopic level we are a very isolated, lonely species. the divide-and-rule has worked well. a transfer of energy should be a win-win situation, where both parties benefit, which is the complete opposite of what is happening. we are in a vicious, cruel cycle, where both parties don't benefit in the long-term. may all of this transform, as the road paved for us ahead is not a pleasant one. take care, Steven
  4. The day i wake up in the morning and tell my wife i saw beings of Love in my sleep state, that day will be a most pleasant day indeed, as Love has broken through the dense frequency of Hell. So after writing yesterday what is listed below, i went to bed and held thumbs that i would see friends rather than foes. What came and implanted a dream to take energy were what i would call laborers. It was two separate visits from two different worlds. The one entity cleared tree trunks for a living - he looked like an ogre-tree. The other visitors - there were two of them - must have been over ten feet tall. They kept sprinkling something on me - it felt like crumbs. When both parties entered my space it felt different to what i normally experience. These dudes meant no harm. They were just doing their best surviving. I think the hidden message for Steven is to lighten up - I have seen the worst of the worst, in the seen and unseen worlds, but you know what, not all are bad. This morning just before i woke up i saw our dog Benji in my sleep state. He looked so proud that he had found me in the astral/unseen plane. Things can only start getting better for all of us - this is our natural state, where Love just is Love. (Below is a follow-on from the topic "Understanding how those from the shadows feed from us.") What is the answer? That is simple: to awaken the strand so that it shines/connects with the biological computer and the souls within. The Watcher spirit must be a “this is all I know” entity with a twist, as in “this is all I want to know – nothing else.” This makes this spirit null and void in terms of us wanting to help all. We are closing the door on nobody, and we are open to being wrong, it is just that we are focusing for now primarily on those that are entrapped, namely us the biological computer and the Dragon and Serpent soul within. Our “get out of jail card” is the strand at the throat area. What has been written above in understanding how we are fed from opens the doors to see what is done to us and the souls. We merely understand, but this does not solve the problem – which is enslavement since before the beginning of time. Put another way: the “light” of the strand has not been allowed to shine on our existence which will set us free from Hell. So once again, I ask the Love that is to guide and show us the way. We know what the problem is, but how is it solved? Once again I go into that something at my core to find a way out of this mess. I open the book so that all may be revealed within our forms, including the answer to the way out of this mess. The Watcher spirit is united to all Watcher spirits. Their connection is a web that keeps Hell tight and under control. Their connection makes up the walls of Hell. As I felt the Watcher earlier on as it fed, I feel it now with its thread to all the other Watchers. One needs to understand this Watcher before Hell can be dismantled. I go into the space of the Watcher and I feel a spinning sensation – like a cyclone that spins so fast it forms a life of its own. The speed/rotation of Sophia’s fall created the Serpent – it was more from this speed/twirling sensation than the impact zone that the Serpent was formed. It was through this rotational/spinning force within Semiramis that the spinning/rotational waveform of her illusionary Garden was created. The Infinite is stillness; the Garden is waveform – something always in flux; in motion. From the stillness Joy and Beauty are formed as we played with the nothing/stillness from which everything arose. From the waveform of the Garden life could be bent and moulded, but nothing new could be created as the stillness/silence of the Infinite was not there for this purpose. From the strand the pureness; the essence of Life, flows in all its glory, and had those from the Garden used the strand as it was intended to be, the Garden would have transformed in the moment to a field of the Infinite. Instead the strand was used as a power supply – it emitted Life rather than creating Life. It became a power source within Hell rather than an expression of the Infinite. But most importantly, this strand was hidden for us, as if we had known its existence curiosity would have gotten the better of us, and we would have unravelled this jewel that is the Creator herself. The slower something spins, the less energy it has and emits. The faster the spin, the more dynamic it becomes. The waveform of Semiramis spins so fast it appears as if there is no spin – such is her power. Us mortals spin slowly; we are dense creatures – in more ways than one, and thus we fall apart easily and pick up a lot of nonsense while we are within a dense frequency/world. This is no fault of ours, as like attracts like. Our spin cycle is limited to what we were manufactured to be, so us finding a way out of this mess is next to zero. I have always wondered who penned this journal, with many suggestions over the years, but now my gut tells me once again it’s the Serpent soul within that has had enough of Life as it knows it. The energy/spin of the Watcher is, collectively, on par with Semiramis. These spirits work as one, which makes them an impenetrable force within Hell. Nothing moves, nothing happens without them knowing about it. This journal was allowed to happen thanks to Semiramis. If it was for the Watchers, the Serpent within and Steven would have been toast a long time ago. Having said that, nothing stopped them from allowing assassins and Serpents to try and destroy us over the years. We were allowed to question and ask, but the gauntlet of Hell was always ours to be reckoned with. Semiramis gave the nod because she understood that Hell was being destroyed. All therein were going backwards, until they fell into the Nothingness of the Forgotten, and eventually so would she. Hell, just like so many worlds within it, would cease to function as all would be Forgotten/Lost. The sad thing is that this was our choice – this was the consequence of our actions. Play with fire and you get burnt. It’s fun while it lasts, but eventually you see your arse. But I am talking ahead of myself. Many mean well. Many do their best. Many have compassion. To these it is not them that fails them – it is the Game. The Game and its cruel ways destroy us, where we become disillusioned with what we believed to be the truth. We never knew that in this Game there is no truth. To these poor beings they die/are forgotten through a broken heart, wondering why Love never showed itself, and it is for these beings that this journal is written. I am tired of weeping. My will is greater than these Watchers and Semiramis. Play with fire if you choose, but hands off the innocent – they go Home to where they belong. What keeps us apart from the strand within is our spin cycle – the waveform of our frequency. To be compatible to the strand we have to see it eye to eye – we need to be one with it. But how is this possible when the framework of Hell and all that reside therein is a waveform? We cannot change what we are, as we are what we are. As the spirits within the field of the Infinite played, can we the manufactured beings of Hell play with the Infinite within us? Can we look at this speck of “light,” and by knowing what we are looking at, do we have the capability to allow this strand to transform us to the point where we are one with the strand? “Well Steven, what about the Watcher spirit within?” Well what about it? It can do what it wants, and we can do what we want. Yes, its power over us is immense, but our will to break free from Hell is greater. What makes Beasts powerful over us is our fear. Take away your fear, as you have nothing to lose if you do and every to lose if you don’t. I am talking to the Serpent soul within more than anything else. We are already fucked boys and girls, whether we like it or not, so change what you have always done and known. Open yourself up to a new door within your existence, and open that door to the strand within. We have always played it safe, trying to figure out our little environment instead of exploring the unknown. I can show you the way, but only you can open the door and enter it. It is not about me, it is about “we.” I did not write this journal for myself – I wrote it for everyone. That everyone has no interest in what is written is okay – to each their own. When I asked the question “Why is Life so cruel?” I knew there was not an answer out there that would suffice me. What I have experienced over the years as the question was answered I cannot be a cry-baby over, as I was merely been shown the answer to my question. If there is one other out there – somewhere within the worlds of Hell, that needs to understand more than anything the same question I asked, then this journal is my gift to you. The answer came to me in raw, undiluted form, and I am grateful that you did not have to walk this path. Along the path beings of Love that were trapped within the shadows were set free, and I am eternally grateful for this. 17th January, 2020.
  5. thanks for your reply. it is greatly appreciated. deep down i know that if i wait for help, i am going to wait for a long time, and during the wait the powers that be will harm me and my loved ones and all outside their spectrum. in waiting and praying i feel powerless because i am powerless, as i am waiting and hoping. thus when i was touched by the cruelty of Life seven years ago i had to understand the big picture so that something may be done. to see these cruel beasts in my sleep state, and to experience what they do to me and every single person on this planet is not pleasant. we are in Hell, where anything goes, and i no longer stand for this nonsense. that the innocent have to suffer is not allowed - not on my watch. we are spiraling out of control, and i refuse to allow the innocent to be caught up as collateral damage. in a fleeting moment years ago i saw the Wisdom Goddess Sophia as she helped me as i was almost at my end. what i saw was a being of Love that was destroyed - one that could barely help herself let alone me. i think we cannot imagine to what level we have all descended into, and what we have pulled down with us. what i posted today was after seven years of living and breathing to find a way out of this mess. we have fallen so deeply that the ones that could help can no longer do so. now it is for us to help them so that they may once again help us. may they rise from the depths of this place called Hell, and in doing so, take us all Home.
  6. To answer my question “Why is Life so cruel?” my Third Eye was opened during my sleep state, where I saw those from the shadows and what they do to us. What I saw can be placed into three categories: 1. How these Beasts from the shadows feed from our energy. 2. How the cosmic assassins “hit” our astral form, which has a knock-on effect on our physical bodies – resulting in our untimely death. (All disease is from the shadows, or from a long-standing family curse. There is nothing “natural” in dying a slow, cruel death.) 3. A parallel universe was created to act as a R and R (rest and recovery) from our world. When things get too much, even for the best of us here, our astral form goes to a world similar to ours. The difference between this world and ours is that there is no stress there. We are not allowed to clock-out/kill ourselves, as the System needs our energy, and this parallel universe is our break to recover from Hell before we are thrown back into the lion’s den. The feeders from the shadows I have seen almost every night from day one, and continue to do so in my sleep state. My “fun and games” with the assassins happened at least fifty times over the last seven years, where I would see my executioners and feel their blows or possessions. I have knowingly been to the parallel universe twice i.e. I remember going there and what I saw. After last night’s visit from the feeders, I would like to understand how they do what they do to draw energy from us so that the Feeding System may be dismantled. This is how you are fed from when you sleep: A dream is implanted into you by an entity from the shadows. You follow the dream/story, in other words, you give the dream attention/energy. Your energy is accumulated by the one who implanted the dream, and they feed from your energy. That’s it! As easy as that. I would follow the dream, wake up, and see the entity taking of my energy. Either they ate the energy there and then, or they took it to their world (take-aways.) “Well Steven, I don’t dream every night” You do, your implanted dream is just forgotten. This is what we were manufactured to do – to feed the System. We are a biological computer – something like a glorified vending machine, where those from the shadows come and take of our energy to survive. Did you for one moment believe that Mankind was top of the food chain? Reality check: we are at the very bottom, where scum from the shadows exist in an all-out paradise where they do with us what they want when they want – because they can. I have also been used as a sex object, and seen the same happen to my wife, and you know what boys and girls, through all that has been witnessed by Steven, the disaster is that I have been powerless to these Beasts cruel ways. They do what they do, and I am like someone in a coma, where I am powerless against them. Why is this so? – Because we are not manufactured to fight back; we were built to feed the System, and nothing else. The only way out is to dismantle our created/manufactured form so that we are out of the System, and in doing so, may the System fall. May the Love that is guide me in figuring this out. I will lay out what I know – what I have seen and felt, and we can go from there. · Take a power-line cable. This is us the biological computer. Shoot a current through the cable, and there is a static electricity that is around the cable. This is our astral form that departs the body when the body dies. Ultimately, what powers the System, and us, is the strand of the Creator. This gives Life, but this Life is in Hell and not Heaven/the Infinite. This strand has been used for Dark ways, and how this has been achieved is by us forgetting this Creator/God/strand within us. We believe our role is to survive and become closer to our Creator, but the cruel joke is that this state is already within us. Our intended focus is on survival, and it is easy enough to forget this strand when we are spinned a story of something bigger than us that is somewhere. In other words, we are okay; we are looked after, just (nudge-nudge) get on with surviving/living so that we may unknowingly feed what we don’t know exists. I once again emphasise that we were built to feed those from the shadows, and for nothing else. This is our role in Hell. · Hidden within our astral form is the Serpent soul. Here in the illusion, in its true state, nothing is solid – there are only waveforms. Within the waveform of our astral and body form is a canal/cavern. It extends from the front of the base of the spine and extends to the brain area. The Serpent soul resides in this cavern. · At the Third Eye region within our forms lies the Watcher spirit. I have not seen mine so do not know what it looks like. This is an entity that is numero uno – number one in our body forms. This fucker is the monkey in the control tower, overseeing all so that we remain limited and locked into our role as a feeder. My impression over the years was that the Serpent soul allows these Beasts from the shadows into our space to do with us as they please, but this was never the case. The Watcher spirit is the god of our realm/body/space – allowing Beasts to do with us as they please. · The space between our chin and lower lip lies worms, with one in particular that is super powerful. (these worms are on the astral level.) This powerful one is about an inch long, white in colour, and is firmly embedded within our forms. Man-oh-man, this parasites role is pivotal in maintaining that we are controlled. What this role is I don’t know, and as has been said, my efforts to remove it have been futile. (this is because I do not understand it.) During one of the ayahuasca ceremonies I attended I was still in an altered state as the people outside were talking at the doorway – all emotional stuff with no consideration of those still in trance in the room. I got up and walked over to them to tell them to shut the fuck up, and with the corner of my eye I fleetingly saw the guy standing just to the right of me. I did not focus on him, so my vision/spectrum of him was broader than what it normally would be. What I saw was a man/entity made up of layers of waveforms/frequencies. He was layers of energy that knew no real boundaries. It is from this state we need to understand how we were manufactured to be feeders. We are not solid – we are waveforms/frequencies, and from this platform let us discuss how we were built to be feeders so that we may dismantle ourselves and be attached to the strand of the Creator within us rather than to cruel Beasts. To know an answer, you need to ask the right question. From what we have said above, may this be enough to get the answer. Please understand that this is not Steven doing the talking and questioning. It is something within me that sees the cruelty of Life and weeps. For too long have rivers of tears and sorrow and blood flown, and more than anything, something deep within my core wants to stop this nonsense for once and for all. So let’s start at the beginning. (I am going to go into the past and enter the space of one of these Beasts to understand how they do what they do to us. What this Beast says I write in italics.) You are sleeping in your bed. This Beast from the shadows enters your room. (We understand the frequency of your world and can thus come and go as we please.) They enter your waveform space. (At the top of your head, just off to the right and slightly to the back lies the “entry switch” to open your space to us.) I feel this spot on my head. (When this entry switch is activated I have access to you; your System.) Now I feel this clockwise rotating sensation around the head. Man-oh-man. Now I feel how our space/body is opened as one would open a book for all to be revealed. This “open book” sensation extends down to the left foot, where the base of the left foot opens. To what are we opening this space at our foot to? Okay, I get it – we are plugging into their system; their world/frequency. How we are completely accessed, not only from this Beast, but the world/frequency from which it comes. As you would hold up a rag-doll and do with it as you please – this is the state we are now in i.e. helpless to these Beasts. Now we are no longer of our world – we are plugged into theirs. Everything is known about us – there is nothing we can hide. Now I feel something drawn from us as it exits through the base of our left foot. They pulled us in to further embed us into their System. Now we are firmly entrenched into their world/frequency. There is a gentle spinning over the right side of the brain. Something is seeing what is located there. (Now I access your stored data/information. This is where I use the power of my imagination to web together a story from your information at my disposal.) The whole brain is played with now – gathering info. (So far I feel no input from the Watcher spirit of Serpent soul within. It is all the Beast – where it entered our space, connected us to its System, and is currently infusing a dream/story.) The throat area is “trodden on” for want of a better word. What is there is pushed aside intentionally. This is the strand they are by-passing, making sure it is isolated from us. Now there is a clockwise rotation over the throat area, and then stillness there. The tip of my right pelvis is painful, and this is where I suspect I have an underlying cancer frequency kept in my astral form. Now I feel the energy forming within my forms as it builds up from following the dream. We are a power-house of energy – if only we knew that. At my inner left calf I feel a Serpent there. It swims in this wave of energy as the energy builds up in our forms. This Serpent is the facilitator of energy between our frequency and this world in the shadow. Our energy leaves us through the base of our left foot to be stored in their world. I was always under the impression that these Beasts came to feed from us. This they do, but their primary focus is to first feed their world – something I never knew. Now I feel the worm at my chin area. It has suddenly awakened to fulfill its role. My left calf area is still very much alive – full of activity. Now the Serpent that was there departs through the base of my left foot. We have finished feeding their world, and the facilitator has departed. The entry/exit at the base of the left foot is closed. There is a clockwise spinning sensation there as our forms depart/separate from their frequency. Now the “fun and games” start. (Now I begin to feed.) I feel the Serpent soul awaken at the base of its tunnel/cavern. It travels to the Watcher spirit located at the forehead and asks permission to eat/feed. The Watcher feeds first. This is the king on the throne, so it eats at will, regardless if nothing is left for the soul and the Beast to eat. With the Watcher satiated and at rest, the Serpent soul feeds, and as it does so, it passes on energy/food to the Beast in its midst. Now I feel activity behind my right eye. The Watcher has just watched – who is in its presence? A brief chit-chat is made between Watcher and Beast. Changes are made to our body forms as they deem fit. To Steven, it was over the left armpit area. The lymph system there was destroyed/reversed to put pressure on the heart. This was more on the astral level than the body level, so that less may be know/experienced through the All-encompassing heart energy field. The Serpent soul departs to its cavern – it has finished eating, and yet I feel a part of this Serpent constantly monitors/assesses the strand over the throat area. This is the enforced role of the slaved Serpent soul: to make sure the strand is kept unknown and away from all. This I never knew. I never knew that the Serpent soul was a slaved puppet like us the biological computer. Now I feel a clockwise rotation over the skull area. The book closes; our forms come together and are not exposed. Our frequency band was literally opened and exposed to the Beast. Now I feel the worm over the cheek area again. Wow! Its role is to make sure the shop is closed properly, so that no trace is left of what just happened. It is almost like a silk-worm: it threads together our frequency that was just opened. Wow. Wow. Wow. I never knew this. And that is it. That is what happens to us every night, unless we are attacked to ultimately kill, or we are in the parallel universe getting some R&R. Swell to know, but so what? It all means nothing unless we can do something about it. Give us a moment or two to figure it out. 17th January, 2020.
  7. wow. wouldn't it be something if the journey is complete.
  8. (I helped a horse – because I can. The horse said to me: “How can I help you?” I told the horse my problems. The horse said to me: “As you have helped me through Love (that something bigger than you,) why don’t you ask the same Love to help you?” I told Love my problems.) 15th January, 2021. What I said above is not airy-fairy. If you want help, you go to the right people for help. In most cases, our problems are bigger than people – we need Divine help. To transform the seen world, one needs to transform the unseen world, because the unseen controls the seen. By “unseen” we imply those within us that controlled us, as well as those from the shadow world, and the shadow/unseen world itself. One needs to understand the Game – as it is their Game and not ours. After almost seven years of living and breathing this journal so that I may understand the Game we are caught up in, have I understood enough to allow the Love that is to shine onto the seen and unseen frequencies/worlds within Hell? We are approaching the edge of the cliff – it is getting closer. The catastrophe that has been planned for us is on the horizon. What plays with us is not Human. As we do not look twice at the animals in the slaughter trucks on their way to be slaughtered, so to do these Beasts have no empathy for us and our loved ones. Like attracts like, and that is why as hard as we push and shove to get these bastards away from us, we are inextricably intertwined with them. We are them, and they are us. That is why it was vital to understand how we got in this mess in the first place so that we may rise above it and be what we are meant to be. I understand why people do not like Steven. If I met him I would also not like him. This was the “old” me I am talking about. I grew up, and every day I try and be a better person than what I was yesterday. I want to be better than what I am, as my time here is short, so while I am here I want to learn to laugh and be happy – to live a care-free existence. But we are so small, and yet when we understand what we truly are, we understand we are Everything. May the time for talking and writing be over. May the Love that has been awakened shine on all of us, as we are all in this mess – those that are destroyed, and those that destroy. So be it. 16th January, 2020.
  9. So let’s get something straight: What if I am wrong? I see what I see in my sleep state, and this is what it is, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as what I see is there. In the book The Demon Syndrome by Nancy Osborn with Ann Haywood, the demon that controls Ann Haywood Ann calls “the Lady.” To say that this Lady is a powerful mother-fucker is a massive understatement to her immense power. In the above-mentioned book on page 164 the Lady says to Ann: “Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul. ……… Although they are seldom seen, the superior beings are more often sensed. Soon, many more of us will witness the presence of these terrible-looking, awesome beings. It is part of the eternal plan. The companionship of the unseen is nothing new. It has always been with us (humans) but never apparent. Now, everyone will begin to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, and be full of fear. The guardians will have much more authority than they do now.” To get my ducks in a row, allow me to say the following: · We are a biological computer. (Yes, I can tick that box.) · We, the biological computer are a food source to cruel Beasts that rule us from the shadows. (Box ticked.) · Within us resides the Serpent soul. (Big tick. Yes. The truth.) · The Serpent soul is our Watcher spirit/Guardian. (WRONG) How wonderful it is to be wrong, as that way we can learn something new. So let’s try again: · We are a biological, holographic computer form that hides the Serpent soul within so that we may be a food source to this Serpent and many from the shadows. Our holographic form is to hide the Serpent within, so we believe that we are living this life for ourselves and our loved ones. Our bodies die, we go to a less dense plane, and when we are ready, we come back to the denser “physical” world to learn life lessons. (Right and wrong, as nobody is learning nothing boys and girls – we are merely feeding the Serpent and those from the shadows.) · The Serpent within may want to opt out of the Game, so a Watcher spirit is there to watch over the Serpent soul, not us the biological computer. (The truth.) We have no Watcher spirit/Guardian. We are not that important or relevant. It is the Serpent soul hiding within our forms that has the Watcher spirit to make sure it does not AWOL. How could I have been so wrong? The Lady said to Ann: “Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul.” I read incorrectly. The spirit entity watches over each soul; the spirit entity watches over each Serpent soul, NOT the human being. So let’s backtrack. When I got the message the dogs tumour was once again growing, I went into the space of the dog to find out what was going on. I felt the Serpent entering its form at the base of its left hind foot, and I filled the dog and the tumour/Serpent with Love. But something was not right; something was off centre. This Serpent was not the same one as when the massive tumour fell off. What I felt within this dog this time was something I have never experienced before – it was a Life-form like no other. It was a Serpent, but when I allowed myself to spend time in its presence, I felt it had four heads. These heads were prodding and protruding all over the dog’s head, and what I found really interesting was that this entity spent a lot of time over the dogs Third Eye region – the pineal gland. It kept probing and feeling there, which I found unusual. Now it makes sense. This morning I asked where is the Serpent soul, and I felt it in its canal. Then I asked where is the Watcher spirit, and I felt an awakening over my Third Eye region, and then I knew that the Watcher spirit and the Serpent soul are NOT one and the same, but rather two different entities. I never knew it at the time, but within this dog I felt another Watcher spirit – one that was interacting with the resident Watcher. They were communicating with each other, hence all the activity over the Third Eye region. When I began to see those from the shadows in my sleep state, the message to all was Steven is not allowed to see what he sees, so take him out. I would be lying in bed and see this snake slithering towards me in mid-air. It entered me slap-bang between the eyes at the forehead, and then I would feel it all curled up within my body. Who let these fuckers into my space? Am I correct to say it is the Watcher spirit located over the Third Eye region? Yes, I would say that I am correct. My goodness me. So where to from here? This Watcher is the paw-paw that does not belong. The few times I have seen the Serpent soul within me and that of my wife, these souls had an angst and panic about them. I always took this as a reaction from me seeing them, but this was not the case – their communication was in secret to avoid the Watcher spirit. The Lady mentions “the presence of these terrible-looking, awesome beings,” and how right she is, as what I felt within this dog was indescribably evil. If you hide in my closet to watch and monitor me then you have power over me, as I do not know you are there. But what if I open the cupboard and catch you out? In that instant/moment your power is no more. Is the awareness of the Watcher within us enough to shut it down? I would say “yes,” especially since we want nothing to do with it. I shut my Watcher down now as I know it’s there and want nothing to do with it. It cannot return or be replaced. Now the Serpent soul may be free to release the Dragon soul so that they may awaken the Dragon and Serpent spirits.
  10. Within a field of the Infinite the Dragon and Serpent children played. Semiramis too wished for such a beautiful place that Sophia had created. She said to the children: “Come and play in my Garden, and you can experience more than what you already have.” Many took of the frequency; they bit of the apple, and they Fell into the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. By “illusion,” we imply something that is not real, and this Garden was not real as it was separate from the Infinite – separate in the sense that Semiramis created it and not one of the Creators from the All within the Infinite. We stress that there was no bad intent from Semiramis to create her own world for the children to Play in. She meant well. Over the years in the journal I have knocked this all-powerful entity, and as with any stupidity and ignorance, the egg landed on my face. I was wrong in criticizing without understanding, and I apologize for this. Never before within the fields of the Infinite has “more” been offered, as there is no “more.” One is in a state of Bliss and Joy – something that we mortals cannot fathom, but when we see/experience it we will know we are Home. Within the Infinite there is no such thing as disharmony, as Love is Love, and there is nothing else, but the illusionary Garden of Semiramis was a game-changer. To put it bluntly, this place was not normal. In an unknown place unknown things happen, and this is what happened within the Garden. I can only assume the invitation of Semiramis created an unknown state within the children – something called “curiosity.” In the fields of the Infinite this state would have been diffused and squashed, but within the illusion this state could take hold and grow. This state became what I call the parasitic frequency of Deception. It was just that: a parasite; a worm that always wanted more. It meant no harm; it just was what it was – something that the children unknowingly created. In this unknown place/Garden this parasite could take hold and form, and unbeknown to all within the Garden, this parasite took us over. We wanted more. Now everything was not enough. The Serpent and the Dragon (who were brothers and sisters in unity and Love) were encouraged to clone themselves, as with two, more could be obtained. From the Dragon spirit the Dragon soul was created, and from the Serpent spirit the Serpent soul was created. As the parasite became stronger within all, our excess wanting created an excess hoarding. We held onto what was ours – others had to keep their fingers off what was ours. Insanity took us over, where we trusted no one, and sooner or later something had to give. There was a cataclysm, and the souls and the spirits Fell into a denser frequency from where they already were. During and after this Fall there was a free-for-all battle for survival. It was a question of one life vest for two people stuck in the middle of the ocean, except that the souls never had time to contemplate who got what. It was survive, and survive now. Fear got the better of them –it was as easy as that. The Dragon and Serpent spirits Fell into a slumber, and I assume this is so as the dense frequency stunned/knocked them out. The souls Fell deeper, and with the ensuing battle the Serpent soul won over the Dragon soul. Thus Hell, in all its “glory” is governed by Serpents. (Not snakes as we know them, but Serpents from the shadows.) Semiramis showed herself to me one night in my sleep state in Human form and in her true state – half Serpent, half Dragon. Those that speak of “their God” don’t know it, but they bow to Semiramis. This I understand, as her state is so powerful it is intoxicatingly beautiful. I have met some powerful demons, but none come close to Semiramis. She could have squashed me like a bug. That long-winded tale was to bring me to what I would like to discuss, and that is the Dragon soul – the one the Serpent got the better of. I know of the Serpent soul within me and all out there; our “partner in crime,” but I do not know of the Dragon soul. We have to find and awaken this entity as it plays such a vital role in completing the picture so that we may all be free of this dense frequency. As long as the Dragon soul is entrapped, so are we. When the souls are free, they can be drawn to the state from which they arose, which is the spirits of the Serpent and the Dragon. The souls can awaken these Giants from slumber so that the spirits and souls may return Home. When you know what the problem is you can fix it. The question to fix the problem is where is the Dragon soul in correlation to our space? When I ask this question I feel a lot of activity over the right heel, extending over to the right foot. Is the Dragon soul the Achilles heel of the Serpent soul. In awaking/releasing this area, is the Serpent soul “destroyed?” Well, let’s find out. Remember, the battle was not over nastiness or cruelty, it was over the sudden angst of survival as fear took them over. These two entities were one and the same in that they arose from beings of Joy, thus they are one and the same as themselves and the spirits. We keep this in mind, so that the awakening of the Dragon soul may be a uniting of old friends and nothing else. The Serpent soul awakens/releases the Dragon soul. Why is this done? Firstly, to make a wrong right, and secondly, for the Dragons essence/breath/fire to awaken the heightened state of the Serpent soul. Without this awakening from the Dragon soul, the Serpent soul is going nowhere. The prison it created for the Dragon became its own prison. Man-oh-Man. It was nobody’s fault. Had the Dragon won the “battle,” the same medicine would have been bestowed to the Serpent soul. Fear took them over – it was not from a nasty and cruel heart.
  11. Anything you do within Hell will be countered by Hell, as you are within a frequency that has the majority vote – on the contrary, it is the only vote. For some weeks now I have been treating a dog with a horrific tumour in its mouth – the size of the tumour was about the size of your hand. The cause of the tumour was from the infiltration of a huge astral Snake – the tumour was an expression of the Snake within this reality. Look at the tumour with our eyes, and you see a tumour. Look at the tumour from the eyes from those from the shadows and you see a snake showing its ugly head within the realm of the seen world of planet Earth. By understanding the problem, the tumour was destroyed by the dog by empowering its astral form to understanding what was going on. We were all ecstatic that the dogs horrific ordeal was over. A minor portion of the tumour remained attached to the dogs mouth, but we were confident it would soon be completely gone. (This was about five weeks ago.) Yesterday I got a message that the tumour was full-steam ahead with its growth. I went into the space of the dog to understand what was going on, and there it was: I felt the Snake – it had entered through the base of the left hind paw of the dog, travelled through its body, and was showing itself in our reality as a growing tumour at the base of the dogs mouth. This Serpents presence I felt the most at the base of the dogs paw as it pushed itself through there into the space of the dog. This entry into our forms through the base of the left foot I have personally felt many times as these monsters entered my space to do with me as they wish. Unfortunately for them their wish was not granted, as they had to retreat as their foul ways are known to me, but this does not stop them from affecting countless beautiful, innocent beings. And they most certainly never stopped trying to destroy Steven over the years. At one point it became a heightened competition to see who would be the one to take me down. This is the bugger-up in standing alone to find a way out of this mess: one does not cover all bases, and one does not see the obvious. To be free from Hell, where you are in this world but not of it, one needs to be different from Hell – the one needs to be oil, and the other needs to be water, so that the one stands separate from the other. The majority rule of cruel bastards has to be no more, or even better still – there are no Beasts within our seen or unseen existence. What I done to this dog last night, as well as to all I Love and all those who Love me, was that I allowed the strand of the Creator to take over the presence of this animal and all its associated states/frequencies e.g. biological computer, astral, Serpent within. Now the presence/space of the dog was no longer the frequency of Hell, but rather the strand of the Creator. This state is “different” from Hell, and thus a repeat comeback or presence by cruel Beasts cannot happen. You do the same to yourself and those you Love. Go into the silence. At your throat area is a speck of light – it is about 3mm long. (I saw it a good fifteen years ago around the horse I was about to treat, but I did not know what I was looking at. What happened at that moment was that I was stopped in my tracks, where I looked at what I was doing to help the animals in a different light. Instead of me helping them, I opened myself to learn from them, hence the journal is called “What the Animals Taught Me – a journal of self-discovery.” If you are sitting somewhere as you go into the stillness/silence, imagine that if someone walked past they would not be able to see you as you are no longer there – all that is there is this strand. Now take this strand and fill your entire existence with this strand. It fills you; it engulfs you, and it most certainly covers that hole at the base of your left foot where Beasts can enter your space. (This portal at the base of the left foot is not the only entry into our space – there are others, but the speck/strand will cover all of them.)
  12. hi yes, you are right - i am hard on our species. there are no doubt many good people out there. may i meet them before my time is up here so that the scales may be balanced, as i have only really met the bad ones. i went to your site regarding Mollison, and there was a video of him channeling Eisenhower. the video portrays "icke" as a wonderful person. mike kings research regarding his ways, especially during the Second World war depict a cold, calculated monster. so who is right and who is wrong? i would go with mike king, so where does that place Mollison? for me everything is one big lie, as the foundation of what we believe as real is actually an illusion. one can get caught up in so many dog-fights as in who is right or wrong, and i refuse to do this. the best is respect for all, and one finding ones own path, so should things go wrong one can only blame oneself, which i will never do, as i only done my best - not just for myself, but for all.
  13. A few weeks short of seven years ago I needed to understand the cruelty of Life. To answer my question, my Third Eye was opened when I closed my eyes to sleep, and I began to see those from the shadows that use us as an energy/food source. By “shadows,” I mean that our world/existence is shadowed by another world, and the cruel bastards that dwell therein use us as an energy supply. I have seen so much, and I have understood so much, but in terms of breaking free of these bastards nothing has changed. I am still a free meal to these fuckers that come in the night and do with me as they want because they can. But let us not forget ourselves. How much blood is spilt every do so that we may feed from the flesh of animals? How many lives are stood on as the corporate ladder is climbed to get to the top so that dominion may be had over all? “Yes Steven, but this is called Life; it is what we have to do to survive.” Exactly, and that is the exact same sentiment of those from the shadows. They are cruel – and so are we. We are biological computers that have a Watcher spirit/Serpent within us. My astral form has been to these cosmic laboratories where we are manufactured, and I have seen my Serpent and the Serpent of others. What I say is from what I have seen. This mass roll-out of vaccinations in the year 2021 and the years to follow on planet Earth is to upgrade us the biological computer. The lackeys that drool with excitement over this roll-out and the removal of our freedoms are merely puppets to those from the shadows. The upgrade of our biological computer is to harness our energy more efficiently, as well as to make sure we remain locked into their System more efficiently. Will enough say “no” to this decimation of what makes us Human? Honestly I don’t know. You are asking the wrong person, as I have little faith in my fellow species. We are a bunch of dummies – too fucked up to see further than our noses to just be kind. May I be wrong in saying that help will not come our way, just as it never has since before the beginning of time. We have to figure this mess out ourselves, and it is now that I would like to do so. The answer for me is at the Source – the strand of the Creator within us. The Dragon spirit was created by the Wisdom Goddess Sophia to play within the fields of the Infinite. Any parent will tell you that nothing gives them more pleasure than to seeing their children playing, and this is why the Dragon spirit was created – to use their imagination to play within the fields of Love; to create something from nothing as an artist creates beauty from a blank canvas. As what all Life should be – a win-win situation, the Creator and her children found Bliss and Joy in each other. I am not a Gnostic, and I have no formal belief system that defines who I am. I merely want a way out of this mess, and this meant looking where few have looked before me. If someone had found a way out I would have found them and this would have saved me being dragged through the mud over the last seven years. Sophia fell, as did her children. The Serpent was born from her impact zone, and Semiramis created the illusionary Garden. This beautiful place too fell, and we were born/manufactured within a dense frequency that I call Hell, as were many other species and worlds. We need to remove what we have become so that all that is left is the strand of the Creator around which all Life within Hell is created. We pray, and we ask a God for guidance, but what are we praying to? What is this God? We look without, not within. Within Hell there is no Love and there is no Imagination, and this is so because we have forgotten what we are at our core. Put another way – there is no Play; there is only survival. These dummies that created us done so for their survival – they did not do it for their Joy. This means they needed help, and thus took from the Creator and her children a strand. Around this strand all Life was created. Now the Dragon was no longer Playing – it was in slumber. Now the era of the Serpent was born, and what an awful existence it has been for all – a Life of deception and take and do what you want, as long as you don’t get caught out. Get caught out and go back to the beginning and start again. Don’t get caught out and stay in the upper echelons of the hierarchy, only to fall once again into the Nothingness of the Forgotten. I have seen this place and those that dwell therein. What a fall from grace: one moment you are invincible, the next you are piled up with others staring into Nothing, as this is what you have finally become – nothing. What I need to understand now is what many would call God. The word I use instead of God is the “strand” of the Creator – that speck of light around which Life is formed. If I say that you are God, what I imply is that around and within you dwells the strand of one that is Love – one that is bigger than you and me. This strand is real, and the place where the Dragon spirits played is real. We dwell within the realm that Semiramis created – the illusionary Garden with its oh so many Serpents. To define the strand, which is what we are, we need to isolate it, and how this is done is to remove all that is around the strand. We remove the biological computer with all its excess baggage’s of Disharmony; the Serpent within; the frequencies of Hell who interact with us; the illusion; the parasitic frequency of Deception. Now all that is left is the strand, and it is this state I would like to understand so that I may be what I am – that which is real. I go into the stillness/silence so that the strand may be heard and understood, and I become one with the strand, and what I feel is a healing of my body form. This makes sense, as if you Love someone and they are sad you give them a hug; if they are broken you fix them. This is wonderful, but I do not want to be fixed; I do not want someone or something to fill this bottomless void that I call Loneliness. I want to go Home. I am in a place where I do not belong, regardless of how many paradises you throw my way. The answer comes back to the state of Play – the Bliss and Joy of being, of existing. To become what you are has a beginning; a starting point, so why not make this point while you are the biological computer? The trick is to know yourself – know what you are. You are no longer a biological computer with a Serpent within. You are the strand that is God; that is the Creator. My wife and I created our children. We are not better than them; we are one with them. Understand that in the fields of the Infinite there is no hierarchy – there is only the state of Love. No one look up or down at others – there is only Love, a state that you and I cannot really understand and fathom. Know yourself. Know what you are. You are the strand of the Creator and you are Beautiful. How does this tit-bit of information help you and me? What changes can we expect? I don’t know. I have not been to the other side – the place that is real – so I cannot tell you what to expect. What I do know is I expect the complete opposite of what I have. I expect Love and not loneliness. I expect to be cared for, rather than having to always survive. I expect to be Home – a place where I belong as this is all there is – rather than a wilderness where anything goes. I know what I have been, and now I know what I am. May the visible transformation from the one state to the other happen sooner than later.
  14. It has been weeks now that my right ear has been infected and blocked. Last night I understood that I was carrying for someone else, as if the problem was merely my own it would have been cleared up. (The other case scenario is the problem being a manufacturers flaw, but this was not the case with me as my flaw was cleared up.) It was the Serpent within; the Watcher spirit whose flaw I was carrying. When I assessed the Watcher/Guardian Angel to find the flaw, I found parts of my bone marrow in my legs absent, and I felt a shift within me that made me go “Oh Wow!” How does this relate to the ears? The flaw of the species of Hell is that we do not know the difference between a truth and a lie. This is vital to keep Hell in chaos, as the lie divides the masses, as some are drawn to the truth and others to the lie. This “divide and conquer” keeps the masses at each other’s throats, which releases the energy to keep Hell ticking over. But there has to be a backup plan to make sure Hell, its walls, and those that reside therein stay there and never find a way out. Welcome in the Watcher spirit – the prison warden of the biological computer; us the Human beings. This was the original role of the Serpent within – to keep an eye on us to make sure we know our place and stay there. This relationship developed into a friendship, and this friendship remains until we disappear into the Nothingness of the Forgotten – that end of the road for all in Hell who do what they want when they want because they can. Every fucker, bar one or two, that I see in my sleep state at the side of my bed or hovering above me – every one had their unmistakeable Snake by their side. The ones without Snakes were the cosmic assassins who brought their guns to shoot me, or their whips to slash my throat, or their poison. These scum were not even aware of their Snake within, as they were too busy enjoy playing Bad Cop-Bad Cop. With the friendship between the Serpent within and the manufactured biological computer, something had to be done. What was done was that the Watcher spirit was manipulated – which is a nice way of saying that it was broken. The core of this manipulation was that the Serpent within would never know the truth, or put differently – it would not know a lie. What this done was create uncertainty within the Serpent, which was the beginning of the end in terms of taking its power away. Through the ears we heard the truth, but we never knew the truth as the Serpent was manipulated, and thus the ears became part of the flaw within. To what use are ears when one cannot hear the truth? “Yes Steven, but what about a sixth sense; a knowing of what is true and untrue?” The answer is that uncertainty put a spanner in the works and buggered everything up. Our friend was and still is there, but it was powerless to the hive mind and any intruders that decided to come and visit in the night – or day. (Having said that, many do not have their Watcher spirit/Guardian Angel, and these beings become the living dead – just going through the motions day to day. Many Watcher spirits become nasty to the point where they prey on the seen and the unseen, and they see this as the norm – until they find themselves in a place of desolation where all forget them, as they have forgotten themselves which is the Love/strand within.) The truth will set us free, and as this was not allowed, the truth was never to be known. We had to figure it out, but this was not really an issue as we were too busy surviving or doing our best to be nasty. We never stopped to question. We never looked within and asked “how can I be a better person so that myself and others may benefit?” We never questioned where we were and where we belonged. At what point within our existence does the Serpent within make itself known to us? Your guess is as good as mine, but understand one thing: the Serpent within has become intertwined within your existence – it is you, and you are it. Both became helpless to the System and the path that leads to Nowhere. (Incidentally, the sex drive was a major part in our manufacturers manual, as the orgasm was a five-course energy meal to the Serpent within. That is why, to this day, we are a sex driven and sex obsessed species, especially the brute we call “man.”) That shift that I felt last night within the Watcher was it being restored to what it was – where it knows the truth. The truth and Love are one and the same, as they come from the essence of the strand of the Creator. A giant cannot harm a 95 pound weakling who has the truth, as the truth is real and everything else is an illusion. An illusion is harmless to what is real, on the contrary – the one does not even know the other exists. May the truth set us free.
  15. When one is isolated from the hive mind; from the herd, one sees oneself as a singular from the masses. There is no longer peer pressure; genetic influence; where one is affected by the all; where we are all in this mess together. Now we can stand on our feet and just be, but before we can do this we have to get rid of our “manufactured flaw.” We were manufactured around the strand of the Creator, and our laboratory from where we arose was within the depths of the cosmos – from a rather sinister place, far from the that state of Bliss I call Home. The frequency/world/state/laboratory from which we arose was, dare I say it – flawed, and thus so too are we. Within each of us is our own “manufacturers flaw,” which arose from being initially born/manufactured from place that was far from kosher. Put simply: if the mould is flawed then so too is the product that arises from the mould. You go into the silence; the stillness of the strand, and you allow the manufactured flaw within you to rise to the fore. You will feel what is hampering you; what is slowing you down from being what you should be. This flaw rises, and then is overcome by Love and it disappears. Then you make your world the place it should be. (In our case it is planet Earth, and we are talking about the seen frequency of the planet, as well as the unseen frequencies that influence the planet and all those that reside therein and thereon.) We remove the planets attachment with its hive mentality/association with the other planets/frequencies of Hell, so that it may be its own entity, and from there we connect the planet and its frequencies to the Infinite – that state that lies beyond the Illusion. From there we look for the flaw of our planet so that it may be removed to allow Earth to be in harmony. (I felt a gentle pushing, and then a release of something, and then I felt the stillness of the strand.) What you apply to one, you apply to all – because you can. All the planets/worlds/frequencies within Hell disconnect from their hive association within Hell; they align to the Infinite; and their flaw is released so that they may heal and remain at one with the Infinite. Then is the Wisdom Goddess Sophia, one of the “Gods” within the fields of the Infinite; the one who created the Dragon children/spirits to play within one of the many fields of Love; the one who fell from her realm and whose impact from the fall created the frequency of the Serpent, with Semiramis as their emergent Queen. What we done to the planets we do to her, so that she may set her children free, where they and her return to their respective Homes. We sync them with their heart space, where they are one with themselves and their Home. To Semiramis we do the same. Around the strand of the Creator we were initially born/manufactured, so what we are at our core is unity with Sophia and her fields of the Infinite, but on every other level we are also one with Semiramis. She loved us as any mother of Love would. The point to make is what we do to Semiramis is what we ultimately do to ourselves, as we are linked to this “God of the illusionary Garden.” Her heart energy field is one with the Infinite, and thus so is ours. One cannot go against or undo what has just been done, as this is the natural flow of what Is. One has the option to turn ones back on this natural flow of Love, where one descends further into the state of insanity, so to each their own. The difference between now and then, is that Love was in limbo – it was not flowing as it should. We can decide if we want to join the current, or remain in a stagnant wasteland. For the first time since before the beginning of time we have an option, and for this I am grateful.
  16. (I am inserting this message here on the 31st December, 2020 because this needs to be said before applying what is written below. The Watcher spirit; the Serpent within, is connected to the hive mind – the frequency/waveforms of all the Watcher Serpents. That is why we are all the same, give or take to what extent we have lost our compassion and empathy towards ourselves and Life. This morning as I lay in bed I felt this force to which the Serpent within is connected. It is powerful beyond. Over the years I have not been kind with my view towards this Watcher within, as this friend never stopped the cruelty that came my way – from the seen and the unseen. Now I understand why this is so: it was because the Watcher was helpless as the collective/hive mind took it over. The “predator” mentioned below is the Watcher spirit, but not in its singular state, but rather the collective. As an individual entity the Serpent within has empathy and kindness, but as a collective force through its connection to the hive mind, the Watcher/Serpent becomes the predator from the depths of the cosmos. This connection of the Watcher spirit within to the hive mind is broken now by knowing it exists and us wanting nothing to do with it. We unplug the Watcher from the hive mind now so that we the biological computer, as well as the Dragon soul and the Watcher spirit/Serpent soul may be one with the Infinite. So be it. To complete the big picture, one needs to ask to whom is the hive mind connected to – what is the source to which all connect? For now, I would say Queen Semiramis. We connect this lady to the Infinite, and by doing so, all that she is connected to becomes one with the Infinite. This connection is not done through our will or by force, but through pure Love, as this lady was our surrogate mom within the illusionary Garden. She was/is good, until the Parasite took her and the children over. Just as she cared for the children within the Garden, we care for her now by uniting her with the Infinite. Then there is Nimrod. The term “Fallen Angel” is, in my opinion, given to one that falls. One falls by accident – not on purpose, and thus the title of Fallen Angel one would bestow towards Semiramis. Sophia’s second fall was on purpose, or should we say out of reflex to be with her Loved ones. These two frequencies/states/mothers were part of a cataclysm that would make the rivers flow with blood, but as has been said before in the journal, Nimrod was indifferent to the mess that unfolded and carries on to this day. One would call this dude the Prince of Darkness, and I would like to enter this Serpents energy state now to understand why would one turn their back on the Beauty of All to experience and become the desolation and loneliness of Life, as well as the tormentor of the Innocent. Why would an entity/state of Love want to become the complete opposite of what it is, which is Cruelty? Just as there is the euphoria and high of experiencing and being the Bliss of Love, so too is there a high in the wastelands where nothing dwells. To be alone with nothing that once was everything is something special and profound. One cannot really understand these words until one embraces the Darkness, and to do this one has to turn your back on all that Is. The Beasts in the seen and unseen that consider themselves groupies to this Prince do not understand what he is, and thus can never be a part of what he is, and this is because they have forgotten the Love that Is. They are merely followers; they have forgotten what this “different entity” turned his back on, and thus can never be one with him in his world. Besides, the loneliness is what drives the desolation of the Darkness, so in truth there is no place for any besides this “Prince” in this state that he chose to fall into. He never chose to be cruel, and is not cruel – he merely chose to be different. It goes without saying that the fallout of his state intertwined with the illusion. That is why everything is upside down – why nothing makes sense; why the lie is seen as the truth; why a friend is an enemy; why sorrow and loneliness is the norm. The parasitic frequency of Deception made us fall to a place that was unknown to us, but as bad luck would have it, we hit the static shock-wave state of the realm of the Prince of Darkness, and this is when we had to go into overdrive in order to survive in a world/state that does not care. This dude meant no harm to us – we encroached on his frequency/world and it became a part of us to the extent that it took us over. What happened next is that we drew this entity out of its isolation – it became intertwined within our world. Now there were others, and it became “game on.” Now both parties influenced each other in a disastrous way. To each their own. We leave him be. Initially we latched on to him; he did not latch onto us. On the contrary, he never wanted anything to do with us. The groupies out there that affiliate with this powerful force of Darkness have learnt to align stronger to this state than the average John Doe out there, but all they end up doing is destroying themselves as insanity takes them over. That the innocent have to suffer because of this is unacceptable, and so what we do is return this state/frequency of this Prince back to him. It is no longer a part of our existence – it was never ours to embrace in the first place. We leave this Serpent be. May he be at peace. So be it.) ** The implanted dream last night was a nasty one. These Beasts are cruel – they hit below the belt. Carlos Castaneda quotes his shaman Don Juan Matus by saying: “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives……” “They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.” The full passage of what Carlos mentioned was written in the journal years ago. What Matus says regarding a predator that feeds from us I have seen in my sleep state for almost seven years now. I have seen and I have experienced, and yet this understanding of what we are and why we are here has not uplifted me to the state where I am free of these predators/Beasts. Why is this so? What Matus says of the predator is the answer to why “we are held prisoner.” He says the predator “gave us their mind,” and this is why they do with us what they want. Our brain is their brain. That is why it is so easy for them to hack into our memory data, string together a story, press “enter,” and we have a story/dream that we follow. By following the dream we give it attention/energy, and this is one of the ways that the predator feeds from us. I have seen these predators that implant these dreams so often I no longer look at them when they come at night – been there; done that; got the T-shirt. As long we have their mind we are going nowhere slowly. We have upgraded the pineal and expelled the R-complex of the brain over the years, but this make-over meant nothing to nobody, and this is because we are playing with their mind. How can we change something that is not ours? We cannot, because as soon as it is changed, the predator merely changes it back to what it should be. Within all Life is the key to the Infinite. Our Life, as the Life of the plants, animals and all the species of Hell have been manufactured around the essence of the Creator. I call this essence the strand of God, and by “God” I mean the Creator of the Dragon spirit – the ones who were created by the Wisdom Goddess Sophia to play within the space she created for them. For me, Sophia is the Creator. We look up at night and wonder where we belong within the vast spectrum, and we wonder who watches over us, but the sad truth is that we are alone. We were manufactured by cosmic geneticists. If you question the last sentence then ask yourself why hundreds of millions of innocents have been slaughtered over the ages and no-one came to help them. Nobody came because nobody was there to help – there were only Beasts that were playing with us as we waited to be scooped from our humaneros. I refuse to be controlled by cruel Beasts – the seen and the unseen. The strand of God; that essence; that “battery” around which all Life in Hell is manufactured resides over our throat area. Why it is there I don’t know, and in truth I believe its exact location has no real significance, but what I would like to do is replace the mind of the predator with the strand of God within. How this is done is by understanding what we are compared to what we should be. The fields of Infinite Love are everywhere – they lie beyond the illusionary Garden of Semiramis within which we reside. I choose these fields over the humaneros in which I and those I Love reside in. The strand replaces the mind of the predator because it can. So be it. 24th December, 2020
  17. The implanted dream last night was a nasty one. These Beasts are cruel – they hit below the belt. Carlos Castaneda quotes his shaman Don Juan Matus by saying: “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives……” “They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.” The full passage of what Carlos mentioned was written in the journal years ago. What Matus says regarding a predator that feeds from us I have seen in my sleep state for almost seven years now. I have seen and I have experienced, and yet this understanding of what we are and why we are here has not uplifted me to the state where I am free of these predators/Beasts. Why is this so? What Matus says of the predator is the answer to why “we are held prisoner.” He says the predator “gave us their mind,” and this is why they do with us what they want. Our brain is their brain. That is why it is so easy for them to hack into our memory data, string together a story, press “enter,” and we have a story/dream that we follow. By following the dream we give it attention/energy, and this is one of the ways that the predator feeds from us. I have seen these predators that implant these dreams so often I no longer look at them when they come at night – been there; done that; got the T-shirt. As long we have their mind we are going nowhere slowly. We have upgraded the pineal and expelled the R-complex of the brain over the years, but this make-over meant nothing to nobody, and this is because we are playing with their mind. How can we change something that is not ours? We cannot, because as soon as it is changed, the predator merely changes it back to what it should be. Within all Life is the key to the Infinite. Our Life, as the Life of the plants, animals and all the species of Hell have been manufactured around the essence of the Creator. I call this essence the strand of God, and by “God” I mean the Creator of the Dragon spirit – the ones who were created by the Wisdom Goddess Sophia to play within the space she created for them. For me, Sophia is the Creator. We look up at night and wonder where we belong within the vast spectrum, and we wonder who watches over us, but the sad truth is that we are alone. We were manufactured by cosmic geneticists. If you question the last sentence then ask yourself why hundreds of millions of innocents have been slaughtered over the ages and no-one came to help them. Nobody came because nobody was there to help – there were only Beasts that were playing with us as we waited to be scooped from our humaneros. I refuse to be controlled by cruel Beasts – the seen and the unseen. The strand of God; that essence; that “battery” around which all Life in Hell is manufactured resides over our throat area. Why it is there I don’t know, and in truth I believe its exact location has no real significance, but what I would like to do is replace the mind of the predator with the strand of God within. How this is done is by understanding what we are compared to what we should be. The fields of Infinite Love are everywhere – they lie beyond the illusionary Garden of Semiramis within which we reside. I choose these fields over the humaneros in which I and those I Love reside in. The strand replaces the mind of the predator because it can. So be it.
  18. As long as there is a survival mode within the species of Hell, there will be cruelty, fear, horror and sorrow. Another word for survival is “take.” Take and do what you can in order to survive, regardless what happens to those you take from – they are irrelevant as it is “them versus us,” and what matters is us. How does one stop this cut-throat awful way of life? We survive because we are lost. If we were Home there would be no need to survive as we are Home, and what this means is that we are looked after. Put another way: we don’t need anything because we have everything because we are one with the natural flow of Love – the Bliss that us mortal beings cannot fathom, but when we know it, it will be embraced as we will understand that this is who and what we are and there is no other. How does one change a Beast, where it takes its bags and goes back Home? The answer is to let him/her understand that what they need is not necessary; what they conquer and pillage for is not important. By controlling others we subdue them, but this is just a game so that we may be in charge. This game is for ego-maniacs that consider themselves on par with their God, where they believe that their work and Gods works are one and the same. But we are regressing, as we have to stick to fundamental basics, of which there are two: The first is that we are lost, and thus have to survive, and the second is that we have to eat to survive. The air we breathe is a given to survive, and we can take care of ourselves by slotting into society and earning our keep for our clothes and the roof over our head, but the one fundamental basic in survival is that we have to eat. Oh yes, we can survive longer without food than water, so surely water is more important, but what we are talking about is more than just a survival necessity, as with our lost state comes an addiction frequency; an imbalance in who and what we are. This imbalance is portrayed in what we would call “eating.” On a deeper level, we do not so much eat to eat, rather we eat to take. The eating may nourish our bodies, but this is a small segment in the act of feeding. Originally we began to eat to take, and this act had nothing to do with looking after our bodies. We took, because the more we had the safer we felt. But, once again, we stress that it goes deeper than survival – it is about an addiction to fill a gaping hole from our lost state. The high of Life only lasts until the next high, and each high is as fleeting as its past and future one. So what if we offered the Beast stability, where it no longer needs to take, as it has everything it needs. Fair enough, not everyone is like Steven who is a fish out of water here in Hell, who wants to return Home as this is where I belong. There are many who like what they are and what they do. Personally, I call them short-sighted scum, as they prey on the misery of others to be satisfied, but let’s be fair and say “to each their own,” where we leave these Beasts with their belief system, as it is their life to lead and not ours. However, on departing, let us give them a gift. This gift they can accept or reject. This gift is given because to be Love one has to give Love. There can never be a “them versus us” scenario within your existence, because if there is, it implies you are better or worse than others. In the big picture this division will keep the gates of Hell firmly intact. We want to equalise the playing fields so that everyone has an equal opportunity to return Home should they wish to do so. In the “cloud” of what we created here in Hell is what I would call a Supreme Beast. This Supreme Beast is not the cruel Beasts that I see and experience in my waking and sleep state. It is something that we created when we emitted the energy/frequency of “I am lost, and thus I am afraid.” Just as computer data is stored in what they would call a “cloud,” there is a cloud of energy/frequency that I would call the Supreme Beast. In our quest to survive we became Beasts, and our dissipated energy coagulated and formed as one to become the ultimate illusionary master of Hell. This Supreme Beast became addicted to our fear state, and it is this monster we feed as it is addicted to us. So when I say that to eat is everything here in Hell, understand what is eating from us, and you will understand why we eat. We eat to take, as to take was a means of survival. As we survived our emitted energy of Fear created a master that became addicted on our Fear. Yes, our lost state created Fear within us, where we took to survive, but this blew up in our faces where the energy levels of Fear that we emitted formed and took on a life of its own that became our master. The parasitic frequency of Deception was created through the deception of Semiramis. This “deception” is not true deception; it was an honest mistake from her part, as I believe that she did mean well when she offered us the opportunity to come and play in her illusionary Garden. This parasite that infiltrated all of us was indifferent. It was not cruel, nor did it know control. It just took; it just fed. That something could be in our midst that takes rather than creates may well have formed insanity within us, as such a state of taking is not known in the fields of Love. This worm took, but it meant no harm, and was indifferent to the ways around it. Having this worm within our state, coupled with our lost state, led to what we would call insanity, where it is every fucker for themselves, regardless of others. This fear that led to insanity emitted an unnatural energy, and from this energy the Supreme Beast was formed. This dude became addicted to our energy emissions, and the more it wanted the more we had to emit, hence us never being at peace. Its addiction became ours, where we always have to take/eat. Feed/give the master a gift, and it no longer needs us, and we can be on our way Home. So what is this gift? It is a gift where we and master no longer have to take; we no longer have to eat. The gift is the only true thing that we really have, and that is the strand of the Creator within us. This strand is over the throat area. It is a gift that can be given and at the same time kept, as it comes from an endless Source. If you are wise, give to this Supreme Beast the strand of the Creator over your throat area. What you give is you – a limitless essence of you. Now you are free of the monster you helped create.
  19. They made us, and then they broke us. Pierre Sabak says we were branded, but “branded” is not the appropriate word. We were broken. They wanted a flaw; they wanted something that would never succeed and find a way out of this mess. They took no chances. They broke us. Nobody was going nowhere. We would all stay until we all self-destructed. How did they break us? On the right side of our manufactured head they “blew us apart.” There was a massive gaping hole there – on the right side of our head. Then they covered this up, but the hole was always there. We were manufactured, and then we were broken. “Know the truth, and the truth shall set your free.” What was broken is now restored – because it can be. What was manufactured with no empathy or Love is now filled with these natural traits – because it is nice to be nice. Now the pawn gets off the chess board and plays its own game. Now there is no master – there is only Love.
  20. In the synopsis of the journal, which is listed below, we describe in a nutshell how this place came to be an insane asylum, where what you have is never enough, and even in having everything, you will never be content. The Parasite buggered everything us. What the Animals Taught Me – A journal of self-discovery Out of curiosity the Creator exceeded the boundaries of her pure realm and Fell. The impact of her Fall created the frequency of the Serpent, with Semiramis as their queen. Semiramis saw what our Creator had, and she too wanted such a realm of Beauty and the spirit children that played therein. Semiramis deceived the Dragon children by saying to them: “Come and play in my world, and you can experience more than what you already have.” Many took of her frequency; they bit of the apple, and Fell into the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. Unknown to Semiramis, her deception created a parasitic frequency that took us all over, Semiramis included. This parasite covertly took us over, where we wanted more, as everything was never enough. The spirit was encouraged to clone itself so that the spirit may experience more, and the soul was born. As the parasitic frequency of Deception grew stronger in all, something had to give, and there was a cataclysm, where the spirit Fell for the second time. During this Fall the spirit became suspended in slumber, and the soul Fell into a dense frequency that was unknown to all of us. In its lost state, the Dragon soul battled with the frequency of the Serpent, and the Serpent won. We are thus possessed and controlled by the soul of the Serpent. Semiramis too Fell during this cataclysm, where she became further infiltrated by the parasite of Deception. When the children of the Creator Fell for the second time, out of reflex the Creator fell to be with them, as any loving parent would. The Creator is here in Hell, waiting for us to remember what happened so that we may all return Home. What is written above is the culmination of over six and a half years of needing to understand the cruelty of Life. My Third Eye was opened and I began to see the Game; those that control us from the shadows so that they may eat of our energy to stay alive. There is no Evil, and there is no Devil. There is only the parasitic frequency of Deception that has taken us all over, leading many to what we would call a state of “insanity,” where what they do and say does not make simple, basic, common sense. What is written in this synopsis is the truth, and what I have seen in my sleep state over the last six and a half years is the truth. Everything else that is written in the journal is for you to decide if it is true or not. I have been to other worlds, and have witnessed the desolation that this parasite leaves in its wake. None are spared – when everything is taken, this frequency moves onto its next world to feed off of. This journal is filled with my encounters with these Beasts that I see in my sleep state that rule us from the shadows, as well as the understandings the animal spirits taught me. We need to wake up and remember what happened to us, as well as what we are by our original birthright from the Source of Love. Become humble as I did, so that you may become receptive to the truth, so that this truth may set us free from Hell and return us Home.
  21. hi Doug Thanks for info. Appreciate it. About seven years ago my Third Eye was opened. What this means, is that when my eyes closed to sleep at night i began to see what we are not allowed to see. What i saw was how these Beasts from the shadows feed from our energy. They access our sub-conscious mind and form what we would call a dream. When we follow the dream/story we give it attention/energy, and this energy they harness and feed from. This process i saw just about every night for the last six years and nine months. As i was not allowed to see this unseen, the cosmic assassins soon arrived to take me out, as well as the many snakes that possessed me. I would see the snakes, and then feel them inside of me as they curled up there to destroy or possess me. What i write is from person experience and not a belief system. There is an evil system that is naive as their power is fleeting, as what they do goes against the natural order of what is. Yes, i understand these Beasts, as this ignorance is all they know. It is a pity they never looked further than their noses to see what else is out there. No doubt they enjoy their power, but it is fleeting - one moment they exist, and they next they are in the Nothingness of the Forgotten. Surely it cannot be fun destroying others, but fun or not, one thing is for certain - they destroy themselves. I have seen this Forgotten place and those that dwell there. Steven
  22. nope. we are at the bottom of the food chain here in Hell. saw these fuckers every night in my sleep state. fill myself with the only true love that is here, which is the love within the animals. my saving grace was this love and seeing my attackers and possessors. many have fallen before me. i was lucky. i became immune to their poison. will reach the source, as this is what we all are. thanks for the reply. all the best, steven
  23. We are a biological computer that has been programmed to be a food source; an emitter of energy so that those from the shadows (that we eventually also become) may feed from us. As long as we feel that we have lessons to learn, and that we like and miss our world when we depart it, we remain in the loop of coming back (being reborn) into this frequency of planet Earth. The same is true for other species in other worlds. When we become disillusioned and start to see through the lie, we once again Fall as there is no way out of this madness, and what I mean by this is that we lose our empathy – where we take of the energy of others to survive. This transition from “learner” and “do-gooder” to Beast is smooth and effortless, as already we the species of Hell feed from the animals and plants around us, and we destroy in the name of Survival and its close friend Greed. I always wondered what gave these Beasts from the shadows the edge over us, where they do with us as they please, while we are a deaf and dumb paralysed mute against their cruel ways. The answer is us holding onto our beliefs, which creates the ignorance within us to what is out there and playing with us and our loved ones. The edge these Beasts have over us is that they accept what is within Hell and they make this state their own and play with it. We, on the other hand, hold onto what is Good, and we refuse to do what is bad. We are 100% correct in doing this, because what we are doing is holding onto our sanity in this awful, crazy place called Hell. We refuse to be cruel, because this is not who we are, and once again – rightly so. But, and this is a big BUT, we do not understand where we are. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge of these Beasts in knowing where they and we are, gives them the power over us. We are in Hell boys and girls – we don’t know it, but these Beasts do, and this knowledge releases their inhibitions to embrace Hell and all that it offers. This broadening of their horizons opens them up to possibilities and strengths compared to us that hold onto our righteousness in a place where love brings primarily sorrow rather than joy. Note that I say they have “knowledge,” compared to understanding. With knowledge you see the tree; with understanding you see the forest. The loss of empathy is the beginning of the end in terms of us destroying ourselves as all basic, common sense and reason is lost. We become stupid in the sense that we become insane, and one moment we are in bliss taking and doing what we want because we can, and the next we complete our final Fall into the Nothingness of the Forgotten, where we forget the Love within ourselves – what we are at our core. There is something “bigger” than us, but this is not what many would call a God. It is a state of beauty that fills everything and encompasses everything. My children are not lesser than me – I would say they are their own individuals that stay in the same space as me. I am not “bigger” than them, just as what is “bigger” than all of us does not see itself in this light. Love is Love. There is no hierarchy or reverence in Love – it merely is, and it is beautiful in a way that words or the imagination cannot describe. The way out of this mess is to know what we are, so that from this foundation we may be one with this Love – the fields of Infinite Love. We are a manufactured biological computer. Take my word for it when I say that a God – any God, would not create such a fragile piece of shit like us that has to destroy to survive. We have been manufactured within the realm of Hell, and as I have said before in the journal, I have been to these “laboratories” where Life-forms are made. The core of these Life-forms and Life itself is the strand of Love, and these celestial geneticists knew that in our quest to survive to meet another day the last thing we would look for is the Love within. We look without to survive – not within, and we live for the present and prepare for the future, rather than trace our steps backwards to understand how we got into this mess. It’s a Game called “go, go, go.” This Love; this space of beauty is everywhere as it is everything. That we were manufactured by celestial geneticists to keep the Fallen Angels alive as their food source places us on a massive back-foot in terms of getting out of this mess. We are a raw, manufactured slate, which makes us absorb all the lies that come our way. We make these lies our own, and this gives us our personality and genetic traits, but my goodness me, have we ever taken a step back to look beyond ourselves? Through seeing these Beasts in my sleep state practically every night for almost seven years now, I have come to understand Hell and its cruel ways. Through seeing these Beasts, I see what I don’t want to be, and as so many of my fellow species are like these Beasts, I shun those within our world as well as those from the shadows. They disgust me, because they go against everything that should be, which is laughter, joy, peace and innocence. The mistake I made was to not hold onto anything or anyone as I wanted no part of this mad world. I did not care to understand others, and the backlash of this is that I never got to understand myself. In seeing Beasts through my Third Eye I was forced to see and understand myself so that I may not become like them, and most importantly, end up where they all end up. You are a biological computer. To get an “upgrade,” you do the following: · First and foremost you must wish to be upgraded more than anything, as you understand that you are in a place where you don’t belong, and what you are is not what you are meant to be, as your essence is Love and nothing else. · Then be this Love that is everywhere by understanding it is there, and understanding that this is who and what you are. This Love becomes the core within you the biological computer. · Within the Game; the illusion, everything is energy/particles vibrating. Trust me when I say that these particles are not good for you, as they keep you dependent or suppressed with Hell. I make this statement as these particles are made within Hell for Hell, and not to set you free from this place. Understand that the core essence of Love that is within you allows you the biological Human body computer to play independently within this Game. In other words you are in the Game but not a part thereof. The first thing you play with is the particles/energy of Hell, as these particles make us some really cruel Beasts – in the seen and unseen worlds of Hell. You play with these disharmonious particle/energy forms that contribute to Life and make up Life by not allowing them into your existence. All that you encompass (you, your Life and those you love) as well as all that encompasses you (the unseen) are shielded from this disharmonious energy/particles of Hell. This is done because our time here is short, thus we don’t wish to fight off the seen and unseen nonsense within and around our forms. We choose to become a transmitter of Love and joy rather than a receiver to disharmony. · With the shield to disharmony up, now you are in a position to play with the frequencies in Hell. From your core state of Love, you wish for – you draw to you what would make your happy. Everybody would wish for money, as without money one cannot do much here, but as we all know, having money for the sake of having money does not bring happiness. (What brings happiness in our world is communication, where we share our lives with others. The joy of being in the presence of something that warms your biological heart energy field is what makes one happy, be it a person, animal, or nature.) So if you need a car to get somewhere as walking there takes up most of your time during the day, then go into the space of your silence and imagine the car you have in mind to buy. The car is not to show off, but to make Life more practical and comfortable. The frequency of the car now becomes yours – it is a part of you and will manifest within your existence. But before this happens, we need to go one step back: To manifest the car in your space you need to go into the showroom and buy the car – with money. So what you do is imagine someone you have heard about who has limitless money. Money is not important to these people as it is as limitless as the air they breathe, and this state has a specific frequency to it. You draw on this frequency that is around this person and you make it your own. Now the money will come to buy the car to make your Life more comfortable. My advice is draw frequencies to you that will allow you to lead a full life. Become an inspiration to yourself and to others. Be humble; be simple; keep your feet on the ground, by my goodness me – live a full life. One of the frequencies I drew to myself was of a well-known adventurer and traveller. I do not wish his life, as I have my own to lead, but what I am thankful for is sharing their frequency that they have created so that adventure and travel may come my way. This frequency I could have created myself as I wish for it from my core state of Love, but having a frequency that has “been-there-done-that” the experiences will manifest faster within my reality. Understand that we are not grabbers by taking on the frequencies of others. I promise you that when a frequency is taken/duplicated from a Life-force, one is given from you as well – if anything, it is your core Love. We are all in this mess together, and what makes one happy is communication, which is a mutual sharing because we can; because it makes us happy. · Next is to lose your biological identity – that form that is you and was molded by the greater or lesser extent that you held onto your empathy – the strand of Love within around which you were manufactured. This step is to prepare for the departure of our biological computer body form, as well as to open ourselves up to the wonders of the seen and the unseen while we are still within our planets frequency. Get in the habit of ignoring your thoughts so that spontaneity may come to the fore rather than predictable outcomes. What you wish for; the frequency you duplicate from others is a given – it is there, but now we need to get on with living Life. So we have to break the old mould so that the new may flood in. Ignore the predictable, routine thoughts, as well as the emotions of what makes us sad or happy. (Remember, this is to break the old you.) And lastly – and this is a tough one to understand – let go of everything you love. What we would call “love” has many definitions, but the general outcome is sorrow and heartache as this love is so disappointing, as we never knew who we are and from where we arose, which is a place called Hell. As you begin to depart this biological body computer, or decide to open yourself up to the wonders of what is, allow this Love that has become your known core to take you over. This Love, and you, as it is you, returns to the fields of Infinite Love where we belong. We are now Home and we stay there.
  24. You are beautiful I look at the mountains, and they are beautiful. I look at the sea, and it is beautiful. The mountains and the sea look at me, and what they see is beautiful, as only one with such beauty can see the beauty in them. But I cannot see what they see. I see their beauty, but I cannot see my own. So now I turn to the sea and the mountain, and I took at me through their eyes. What do they see so that I may know myself? What makes me and you beautiful? What is this beauty so that we may know ourselves so that we may glow? Our beauty is the joy of being alive; of sharing our lives with others. But what if there is no beauty around you? What if you stare at four walls every day and call it having a job? My answer is that you have become lost in your quest to survive. You have turned your back on beauty to make ends meet to survive to see another day, or you have been born into a really bad circumstance where those around you are cold, insensitive and cruel. To many both have happened to them. My advice to you is find the beauty once again. Find it in a friend, a sunset or whatever else takes your breath away. Find this beauty so that you may know yourself and be yourself. This is what you are; this is your natural state, and before you know it you are always in this state of beauty, as around every corner Life mirrors you. Know what you are, and then be what you are, and understand that this is not a gift but an expression of a presence that is everywhere. This is you. This is your natural state. You are beautiful, and this beauty transforms all that is wrong with our world. This beauty reminds others what they have forgotten. You want to live a Life well lived? You want to live each day as if it is joyous holiday? Then never forget your beauty, because you are beautiful.
  25. What came last night in my sleep state to feed from my energy was someone/something that had just crossed over into the existence of feeding from a limitless food source. Just as we feed within the worlds of Hell, so too do those from the shadows feed from those who feed from the worlds of Hell. The difference between us, the feeders, and them the feeders, is twofold: their food supply is limitless and for free, and ours is not; and secondly, they don’t have a conscious, whereas we should. The one that implanted the dream and devoured from my energy last night shone an enthusiasm for this utopia where anything goes – this fool was in a paradise where you eat this wonderful energy for free; you fuck these unknowing manufactured slaves when you want; and you kill and destroy who you want, and they can’t fight back because they don’t know you exist. These fools are in a paradise; the paradise the children were led to in the story of Pinocchio, before they found out they were had and turned into donkeys – or should we say: “Before they fell into the Nothingness of the Forgotten, where they became lost forever.” I have met the god of Hell – Queen Semiramis. She was once Love, just as all were. The Dragon and Serpent spirits were once her guest within the beautiful illusionary Garden. The parasite within took her over, as it did with all within the Garden, and Semiramis became cruel as the Dragons went into slumber and the Serpents became insane. I have seen what the Gnostics call The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. What I saw was a being more dead than alive – the dense frequency of Hell has all but destroyed her. This journal is my gift to her – to set this beautiful being free by allowing her to remember what happened to her and her loved ones. By knowing, she may understand, and by understanding she may transform. The species within all the worlds/frequencies of Hell do not have a God. We were manufactured to keep the illusion alive. I have been to these “laboratories” where life-forms are manufactured. They have shown me how easy and effortlessly we are construed. I have seen and so often felt the Serpent within all of us, that uses us as a host to live out its existence within the false/illusionary realms of Hell. In Hell this Serpent is the unknowing true god within, but what the animals have taught me is that the strand of God within is the only thing that is real within the illusion. This strand we have forgotten, so we got on the back seat of the car while the Serpent within drove us around and played with us. This Serpent within has a love for us, but it is a twisted love – it is a “break you down to build you up,” and it is a” know your place” kind of love, where you exist for them and the illusion. So when I speak of a God, it is one that I have chosen through the understanding of what this journal has taught me. It is an entity/state of Love whom I choose to become affiliated to. I know my place within this manufactured illusion, and I refuse to carry on being a part of this cruel dimension. My energy is now expelled to be a representative of a kind God of Love that respects all, including themselves. I latch onto the winning team, one that goes forwards to embrace the Infinite. This Hell is likened to one grain of sand within all the beaches of the world. The rest of the sand is the Infinite. That is how small and irrelevant this illusion is that is run by cruel Beasts. So what is the way out of this mess, because whether you are within the worlds of Hell or dwell within the shadows, the bottom line is that you have to eat. If I stop eating today my body will become weakened; it needs food to sustain itself. So what is the answer for us and for these Beasts from the shadows? For me, the answer is a sequence of events, which are as follows: 1. Know the mess we are in and how we got there. If you want to see the sunshine, see the mud you are standing in so that you may get out of the mess to enjoy the sunshine more. 2. Be thankful for what you receive. Allow this thanks to humble you, as without what you have received you would not exist. Never take anything for granted. 3. Have respect for yourself and for others. Always keep yourself open to be in a position to help, should others need your help. This help can only be given when you respect yourself and others, as by being kind to yourself you have the capacity to be kind to others. 4. Know that heartache and sorrow does not exist within the realms of Love. If you choose to unconditionally love a God that is bigger than you, then understand that this Love works both ways, where your God is always watching your back and wanting the best for you. If we cannot see over the hill as to what tomorrow brings, our God can, and this removes the Darkness of uncertainty from our existence. 5. Be happy. Your God of Love does not like miserable faces and hearts. Open yourself to be happy, and your God will fill you with happiness, as this is what you opened yourself to receive. 6. Always be bigger than what you are. You are in a relationship with a God of Love, and this relationship has no boundaries. Open yourself to the wonders of the Infinite rather than the limitations of a frequency/world. See yourself as a child of the Infinite rather than a limited cog within a cycle of Life that is going nowhere slowly. 7. Life is a gift, and so are you. Shine forth so that all may see the star that you are. 8. We are all just passing through, so enjoy the time spent here – there really isn’t time for anything else, so leave the nasty, the cruel and the unkind to their own devices. They are happy being what they are, and your input within their existence is not wanted or appreciated. Leave them be, and take the innocent with you, and these cruel Beasts will never bother you again. 9. Open yourself up to return to the Whole, where we are one with everything, rather than an individual part. We are a piece of the puzzle, which ultimately completes the puzzle. 10. Know yourself. Within you is a strand of God, and it is beautiful. You are not lesser or greater than this strand, so just be what you are. Be the God within that you are. You cannot embrace your God, and your God cannot embrace you unless you know what you are. I have been shown why Life is cruel, and I am thankful for this understanding. Now I would like to be shown how Life is kind – where the strand of God within others and myself shines for all to see. This doorway has been opened, and through this door I now walk.
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