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  1. Spent about 45 minutes last night removing this Serpent that was intertwined within The Wisdom Goddess Sophia – was through her left shoulder into the head, within left ear, and when it began to feel uncomfortable by my presence, it condensed over her left eye. After what seemed like ages it departed her form through the way it entered – the base of the left foot. That was one bad Snake! May this mess all come to pass. Understand that these Serpents attack because they can – they are insane to the point where insanity has consumed them. Their mindset is insanity coupled with the parasitic frequency of Deception, which is a deadly cocktail of take and destroy. Why this is done is from the collective mind of the Reptilian, where they act as one. If you do it, then it must be okay if I do it, and if it was bad, then I can just retreat and leave the blame for you. They are lost to insanity and savagery, and the only ones who can restore these once Beautiful entities to what they should be is Queen Semiramis and The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. Don’t ever try and fight these evil Serpents. Your fight will make them stronger and they will destroy you because they have home-turf advantage – the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. Leave them to their mothers who will help them. Forgive these Beasts for they know not what they do.
  2. What my spirit was shown last night in my sleep state was that it has always been an outsider – it never went where the fun was. I was also shown how hard my spirit has been on itself, and how it took itself and Life so seriously. My goodness – what wasted years. How lost we all were. Now, having the spirit know itself by seeing itself, may all be transformed - spirit; body; Serpent soul. 12/04/22 Where does the spirit anchor itself to the body form? – At the base of the right foot. I feel no attachment there, as in the spirit tries to get a hold of the base of the right foot but it cannot. Is this from the unfamiliarity of the original right foot that is now in place there? By knowing there is no attachment of the spirit to the base of the right foot, we make sure it is attached there now. (I remember writing in the journal that the connection of the spirit to the body is at the umbilical area. Why I said this was because this was true as the original right foot of the spirit was not in place – to shut down the strand within – but now with things being the way they should the attachment is at the base of the right foot.) Now I feel the spirit anchored/properly attached to the “physical” body form. And this is where everything changes for the body form. I feel the power of the spirit course through the body form. 14:48. 12/04/22 Those that could now help in the spirit realm, thanks to their transformation i.e. Semiramis et al, can now do so as their connection to the “physical” realm of the illusion is now made. Now there can be a wake-up-shake-up in our world. 12/04/22 Has the spirit not always been part of the body as long as the body form is alive? Yes it has, but now the spirit is transformed as it knows what it is, and the spirit is attached to the body form at the proper position. So all of this changes everything for the body form. Up till now the transformation has taken place on the spirit. To you and I, the physical form, this does not mean much, and I speak for myself when I say that nothing has changed in my life since writing this journal. Have others been helped through Stevens healing? Yes. Has Steven been helped? No, and this is okay to a point, as this journal was initially for everyone, yet it is fair to say that I should also get something out, and this I will. 12/04/22 My spirit awoke last night to see these three Serpents trying to attack it. When they saw that I could see them, they showed me their fangs as a sign of aggression and frustration. Then they resumed the attack – they bit at me, trying to infiltrate my spirit to get to the Serpent soul within. This they could not do. 13/04/22 This morning before I went to go and feed my dogs I lay down to rest. I fell asleep, and in my sleep state I saw a baby. My first impression was that this baby has been a baby for a long time. To confirm what I thought, I saw this baby try and lift itself up from lying on its back. This the baby could not do. Then I saw a silhouette of a mother holding her child. The mother kissed the child and then placed it in a white form – the spirit. The theme of what I have said in this journal is the truth. It took me friggin years to reach the conclusions that I have, and if I say “I,” it is what I was shown so that I may understand. No research or investigation was ever done on my part – there was just a constant push to understand the raw truth, resulting in the truth being revealed. To this child within; to this Serpent soul, I say to you to grow. Grow in the image of Sophia and Semiramis. The spirit understands, so you are safe to spread your wings and grow. Grow. I said that I would sit and wait for Semiramis to reveal herself, but I don’t like that idea. If you sit and wait then you are hoping, and to hope that help will come is never a good idea. So grow Serpent soul within. Just grow, and then just be. Shine your image of the Infinite within this illusion, and may you transform the image of us the spirit and body forms – it is not pleasant being so limited. Grow my friend. Make Sophia and Semiramis proud.
  3. normally i post what i write in my journal, but this is a chat rather than a posting. i watched the interview where Dr. Ardis says Covid 19 is not a virus, rather people are dying from receiving snake venom. The interview blew me away in that it correlates with my findings from what i have seen through my Third Eye during my sleep state over the last eight years. that i can sit here and write these words is from my spirit becoming immune to the Snake bites my spirit has received over the years so that i may be silenced from revealing what i see. The Snakes that roam and largely rule the spirit realm i have seen, felt and smelt as they enter my space. These Serpents have crossed over and embraced the Reptilian frequency of the illusion, and this gives them their might. Their target is primarily the Serpent souls housed within our spirit that have decided to remain on the side of Love. i believe that what Ardis says is true regarding snake venom that is killing people, however i would like to take it further and say that the primary target is not so much the Human body or its spirit, but primarily the Serpent soul within us that remains on the side of Harmony. I agree that this snake venom frequency can be passed on through the water, but am sure it can be sent also through a 5G frequency. I would say that this attack on the Serpent soul within by disharmonious/evil Snakes is not so much to destroy them, but rather to push them over to the side of the Reptilian frequency where this Dark element resides. hit the body form and the spirit and there is nothing to defend the Serpent soul within. so please understand that it is not so much the Snake that is attacking Man; it is the Snake attacking the Snake soul within Man that is good. This is a war/attack between Good and Evil and we are caught in the middle. If Disharmony wins it will be the end of days, as what Good was left of the Serpent souls will be no more. may God help us all.
  4. How one heals is through understanding. You need to know what you are so that you may be what you are. So what are you? A spirit and body form doing its best – being kind whenever you can? Great stuff, but what are you? The Dragon spirits were born from the Infinite by The Wisdom Goddess Sophia to be an expression of the Infinite. The field within the Infinite wherein they played was a blank canvas and they were the artist with their brushes and oil paints. What they created with their imaginations were explosions of Joy, but it was more than that. When you cook your signature dish, it is only natural that you invite others around so that you may share your creation – what good is it eating a five-star meal alone. So understand there is more than one Creator within the Infinite, and understand that Life is often born within the Infinite so that the Creators may allow what was born to experience the Bliss of the Infinite. It’s like being in the womb of a mother (the Infinite) and then being born (to play within the Infinite) and then to “die” (return to the womb). From start to finish to start to finish ad infinity this is what it means to be within the Infinite – merely to be and play within the Infinite. The fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created an impact zone, and from this zone the Serpent spirits arose. Within the Infinite there merely is – the boat cannot be rocked because there is only Infinite Love. Semiramis came forth from the Serpent spirits and saw this wonder that Sophia had created for the Dragons. She too wished for such a paradise, and through her imagination she created the illusionary Garden. This Garden was not born from the Infinite and a Creator but rather through the imagination of Semiramis, thus it was illusionary; a bubble within the Infinite, but this was okay, as when those that went to go and play therein had experienced enough they would merely have returned to the field of the Infinite. This was a first – an illusionary bubble within the Infinite, and this first created another first, namely a state of curiosity regarding the illusion, where the Dragon and Serpent spirits asked “what else is there other than what we already have; what is in this illusion/Garden?” This curiosity within the Dragon and Serpent spirits took on a form within the illusion, and what this form was, was a parasite/worm. Now, unbeknown to those within the illusionary Garden, within them was an entity that took. It was not good, nor was it bad, it merely was what it was – a parasite. Now something changed within those within the illusionary Garden, where a want was born. The state of play turned to “I want.” To appease this want, the Dragon and Serpent spirits were cloned, so now it was no longer about me, but rather about we. This never helped, as the cause of the problem was never know, namely the parasite within, and there was a cataclysm – a fall. The dense state into which the Dragon and Serpent spirits fell knocked them out into a slumber, and the cloned Dragon and Serpent souls fell further. There is detail that I am omitting because I want to fast forward to the creation of us the spirit and body form. Think of Superman and his world falling apart, and his parents placing him in a shuttle and shooting him off to safety in another world, and that general theme is what happened to the Serpent souls of Semiramis that arose with her from the fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia. The “shuttle” was the spirit that was created to house a child of Semiramis. She did not give birth to the Serpent spirits and souls – the impact zone of Sophia did, thus one could technically say that the Serpents inadvertently arose from Sophia – but these Serpents were kin to Semiramis. They were one with her; they were kin, and she took it upon her to look after them. Understand that the Love of the Infinite was within her as she arose from there, so her Love was pure. The spirit that was created was what one would imagine as a sphere of light – there was no real shape or identity. It was a pure essence – this is what our spirits were originally. But the unknown parasite within buggered everything up, because when there is a want, there is something behind the want that created the want. And so the spirit began to form an identity and a shape, as in “this is me.” This marked the beginning of the end, because now the attention shifted from within to without. Now it was about me, and what makes me happy, and this made us forget who and what we are, namely to be an expression of Semiramis for the Serpent soul that was housed within us. Now we the spirit had no state of being, as in we never knew what we were. Now we drifted, not knowing who we are, and that is why boys and girls, why we are all so monumentally fucked up. Our spirit has forgotten itself. It needs to once again look within to the Serpent soul within, the one whom Sophia and Semiramis Love infinitely, and then it may merely be as the spirit now is what it was created to be. To this reborn spirit, and to the Serpent soul within, add the understanding of the parasite within, so that all may understand why their kingdom/Garden fell. Tell them of the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness/Consciousness within so that when they know themselves, then they may return to the womb of the Infinite through being this strand. Why were you and I the body form created? I would say it was created by the spirit, and most probably the architects of the illusion to go out there and find and create and form. Can you understand now how far we were from the truth. We looked without rather than within, and to those that did well look within, they did not know what to look for. What we all forgot was to look within and then be what we are – an expression of Love for the Serpent soul within so that it may never forget those that Love it unconditionally, namely Semiramis and Sophia. This task fell apart almost as soon as it was created, and that is why we all forgot – we forgot what we are. The consequence of this forgetting is recklessness, lawlessness, savagery, hate, cruelty and insanity – what one would call an existence of Hell. To you the spirit: Remember what you are; know what you are; and then just be. I have always said that the truth is simple. Well, you don’t get more simpler than that. Just be.
  5. The story that was woven during my sleep state last night was of the Greeks taking me in. I had nowhere to go; I had no family, so the Greeks took me in. The “me” in the story is of course the Serpent soul. Were the Greeks the first to inhabit the civilizations/populations/dimensions of the illusion? I don’t know, but according to what was shown last night in my sleep state, the Greeks were the first to knowingly vessel the Serpent soul. (Most probably in this part of the illusion.) They were the first to care for Gods child; they were the first to be a vessel to look after the Serpent soul. What happened to these gods is documented in Greek mythology, with the general theme being in-house fighting. This disharmony arose from the parasitic frequency of Deception that began the course of driving those within the illusion insane with their want, be it the want to be right, or the want to be supreme ruler, which I suppose is one and the same thing. While I was busy in the kitchen this morning, I went into a moment of silence and thought of the Greeks that took in this Serpent soul with unconditional Love. From there, the Serpent soul within exuded Love to the Greeks to say thank you for what they done. By the Serpent soul within blessing the Greeks like this, what makes sense to me is that the gods of Greek mythology were the first to make their mark on this part of the illusion. The Egyptians, for me, must have come in the top five, as their understandings were immense. I remember one night my spirit and Serpent soul travelled to a time and place where I saw this Egyptian looking man with wings that was standing command over countless slaves that were doing physical labour. My first impression was that this man had the might of millions. He must have felt my presence, as he turned to look at my spirit. Then he covered his face with his one hand so that I could not see what he was doing, and I felt and saw hieroglyphic images being sent to me via this man. The images were to knock me for a six, so my spirit got out of there as fast as possible. What I am getting at, is by the Serpent soul blessing the Greeks and giving them thanks, this is done to all within this part of the illusion, or the illusion as a whole, but I don’t think this is the case as the Alien races out there are something else, but I stress that I don’t know. The Serpent soul, I can only assume, was seeded to different part of the illusion within spirits that were there to house and look after the child within. If this is the case, the Serpent soul now gives thanks to those that took it in and gave it a home – a literal home, as in the spirit now housed the Serpent soul within. When all was lost and there was nowhere to go to, the spirit was formed/created, and this spirit took in the one that had no family. For this – the spirit that was created to Love the Serpent soul – the Serpent soul is eternally grateful. Understand the big picture: By the Serpent soul being grateful, Queen Semiramis is also grateful. How will she show her thanks? I would say by clearing out the illusion and making it obsolete, but this is only my guess. What will she do we will have to wait and see. Am I pinning my hopes on something bigger than us that is out there? I would say no, in that I am not sitting and waiting, hoping for the best. Rather, from my side, I have done everything I can, and with all that is done and understood, I am waiting to see what will happen. Is there more that needs to be said and done; is what has been understood enough? Once again – I don’t know. What I do know is that the Serpent soul has acknowledged the role of the spirit to house it and take it in. Surely this giving thanks must mark the freedom of the Serpent soul and Semiramis, where they can now look back and say thank you for what was done to help when the child of God had no place to go to.
  6. In the early hours of this morning I was still sleeping. As my body slept, my spirit saw this entity draw up towards us on its vehicle. It parked some distance away from us, climbed off the vehicle, and then my body and spirit felt this shockwave course through us. This entity pressed a device that neutralized the spirit to put it in its place i.e. make it submissive. Then this entity walked over to my spirit and body form to see what was going on. Something had happened to the spirit and Serpent soul, and this entity came to see what it was. The Game is primarily played on the spirit realm. What the Game is about, is survival. The further we drift from what naturally is i.e. the Infinite and what we naturally are – a gift of Love/consideration, the more energy is needed by these beings to survive. Put simply: they have to eat, and our energy is their meal ticket. I cannot speak for the rest of the worlds within the illusion, but on planet Earth and its associated spirit/unseen realm, our existence has been taken over/hijacked, and we have been manipulated to be a slave species. Is this world really the one we should have inhabited – I don’t think so, but that is also irrelevant because Home is where the heart is. We could have made this place our own, but we were never allowed to express ourselves as others from the shadows had different plans for us. What we are is a slave species, and as with any slave, master has to make sure we have our chains on so that our freedom is never met. Now here is the thing: I have no interest in these brutes that have enslaved our spirit, Serpent soul and body form. My interest is being free from the illusion. So it is not me against them; it is me against the illusion and how we may return Home. To achieve this monumental feat one needs to set the senior players of the illusion free, in particular Queen Semiramis. One needs to turn her cruel/twisted Love into a pure Love that she naturally is. Fix the queen bee and you fix the Game, and what happened to the worker bees is irrelevant as the illusion in which they played is no more. That was an ingenious move of the Serpent soul and spirit within me – fix the cause of the problem, and all secondary and associated problems by default are no more. The primary problem was that Semiramis went insane as the parasitic frequency of Deception took her and those within her illusionary Garden over and most were none the wiser of what was happening to them. Make the senior players in the illusion aware of the primary problem, and through understanding what happened the problem is no more. So understand that this journal has never been about freeing the slave species of humanity from this awful entrapped Game that is played out in the seen and unseen of our dimension. It has been about freeing all within the illusion so that there comes a time when the illusion is no more. But this is not possible unless you make those within the illusion aware that what they are is not what they should be. We first needed to know ourselves, as in who and what we are and what was our role in this now dense illusionary Garden. By knowing where we fit in, we can stand back and see the big picture, and this connects us to our God, which for me is Queen Semiramis, as she created the illusionary Garden. About two months back I saw these two spirits floating above me bed. They had a female feel to them, but this was hard to say as they were from a different dimension. Mention was made in the journal of the remarkable peace that shone forth from these two spirits. I saw how they waited to usher out the Serpent soul that was within them, all the while there was this deep peace and understanding between these two and the Snake within them. Was that ugly looking Serpent that came forth from the canal of the one spirits truly free? I would say no, because if the Serpent was free then it would not exit the canal between the legs of the spirit. By knowing of the strand within, that Snake would have been liberated from its canal and shot forth into the Infinite through the top of the head of that spirit I saw floating above my bed. Is that Serpent now free – yes it is, as the understanding you and I have it also now has. Hence, I once again stress that this journal has been for all within the illusion, and not just us the slave spirit and body form here at planet Earth. What does all of this mean to us as the slave tyranny becomes more and more evident with each passing day here in our dimension? It means the queen bee needs to up her game and allow the glow that is within and around her that arose from the Infinite to shine throughout the illusion. We are all too long gone to figure a way out of our chains – we need Divine intervention; a natural caring from one who Loves us more than anything that is now in a position to help us. My spirit and Serpent soul were taken to this Queen bee a few years ago as my body form lay in bed sleeping. I was shown her in a form that I may understand, so I saw her in Human form. Then later as the spirit and soul returned to my body form, she revealed herself in her true form – half dragon, half snake. What I saw was one who was insane, and as has been said throughout this journal, it was through no fault of hers. Even in her insane state she done her best, but this meant nothing as the cause of her insanity and those in the illusion could never be found. More than anything I would like this journal to come to an end. What will mark its closure is seeing Semiramis in her pure might. When she is as she should be, she will use the glow the Infinite bestowed upon us to set all within the illusion free. All the Games and sub-Games and their affiliations will mean nothing as this wave of the Infinite sweeps through the illusion. Am I just a dreamer? I don’t think so. I write what I see what is. I know myself. My goodness me, how fucked up and confused am I, but at my core I know myself. What I am waiting for is to meet this something that is bigger than all of us so that we may all be as big. When I see this lady as she should be, then the illusion as we have come to know it will be no more. Now I will sit down and wait. I have done my part, now she can do hers. Now she can shine.
  7. Now we the spirit and body form give energy/attention to what we should. This is our natural state. With the understandings from the journal, it is fair to say that we are what we are meant to be, and we are free of the illusion by understanding how we ended up here. I say all of this because now when I heal the Serpent soul within others, I feel this soul burst forth like a lotus flower coming into full bloom. Now the Serpent soul is an expression of the strand within, and this glow shines forth on us the spirit and body form, setting us free. It is an invigorating, intoxicating experience for our spirit. What this bursting-forth sensation is, is the child within being set free of its canal. It no longer needs to be looked after. That, for me, is remarkable. Look within to do and be what you naturally are – a gift to God’s child. From within this child bursts forth – it is free of its canal and the illusion. The halo one now sees is the opening at the top of the head from which the child was set free. Remember, just be you. By the spirit and body form remembering what it is, it merely is this state. Do nothing – just be. This, together with your understanding of the illusion, sets the Serpent soul free, which sets you the spirit and body form free. That was what the encounter with the Serpent was all about last night – to pass on this understanding. For that I am eternally thankful. 8th April, 2022
  8. In one of the ayahausca ceremonies I attended, I saw this man standing outside the ceremony hall. With the essence of the Teacher Plant within me, I saw and understood more. When I saw this man from the corner of my eye, what I saw was waves and frequencies. He was not solid, but rather made up of waves/patterns of frequencies. Incidentally, it was during this ceremony that I saw the Serpent soul arise from the man lying next to me on the floor. I don’t know why, but I remember seeing two Snakes arise from this man’s body. Maybe from two there becomes one, where if you stare at, say a chair for long enough, the chair splits into two to reveal its frequency state. Last night in my sleep state I saw this Snake next to me on the bed. Instead of being rounded, it was elongated and had this dark brownish colour. This Snake was not from our dimension. So often I have felt my Serpent soul within its canal within me that extends from the area between my legs all the way into the brain area as it resides within the frequencies/patterns of our illusionary form, but last night as I lay in bed sleeping this was the most intense traffic I have felt moving within this canal region. This brown Snake must have come and had a one-on-one with my Serpent soul, and what I found remarkable was how wide the frequency of our illusionary body and spirit form can expand. I just felt this mass of movement within this canal, and I thought to myself “my goodness me, when is this going to end?” What these Serpent souls discussed is beyond me, yet it includes me, so I have a right to know. Maybe it was the month end financial status, but this can’t be as we have passed that deadline. Who knows? Time will tell. 8th April, 2022. Remember, within you is Gods child – a Serpent soul that belongs to Queen Semiramis. To you the body form and spirit I ask to be kind to yourself. Spend more time doing the things that make you happy. When we say “be kind,” it starts with you being kind to yourself. Create a favourable environment for this child within. From there, grow – express the understandings that are passed your way through humility and peace and joy. We the spirit and body form are here as wall-paper; we are merely chaperones for the one within, but that does not make us any less important in the eyes of Semiramis. We will be looked after. When you heal others, or want to bless them, your primary target is the Serpent soul within them. This has always been your job – to look after the one within. You were given the gift of consideration; of kindness, and this gift was so that the child within will always be cared for. Please understand that this task that befell you the spirit and body form was an honour – it gave you so much joy to care for God’s child. How sad it is that the snake has come to be seen as something that is conniving and cruel, because in its original state it was anything but. Just like the dragons, the snake arose within the Infinite. Go back to your original task. Heal and nurture the Serpent soul within, and in doing so, you heal yourself, as now you are at peace as your task is well done. Remember, when you bless others, you are blessing their Serpent soul within. About three weeks ago I helped this lady that was all but a goner. She pulled through, and this morning I checked in on her. What I found was the Serpent soul within her merely wandering and lost and damaged. It had no canal within to reside in. I healed the body and spirit of Linda, but overlooked the child within – the one who loves us more than anything as we do to it. I restored this child’s home and make it aware of the strand – its true Home – within. Now that is healing with understanding. Do what we were tasked to do at the very beginning, the deed that gave us so much joy. Remember your task. Remember what you were born/created to be. Remember what you are – a gift to look after Gods child. 4/8/2022
  9. On the physical plane, one deals with the ego. You cannot be right, because I want to be right, and if you are right, it means I am wrong, which means I know nothing. This the ego cannot comprehend, and will fight to suppress – that surely it can never be wrong. We do not fight for justice or for what is best for us and those we love, we fight so that we can confirm that we are right. This is why the System of Life is destined to fail, because we the body form refuse to admit that we are wrong – that maybe, just maybe, we know nothing. On the spirit plane it is all one big show of smoke and mirrors. Wow, what a place! Break free from your limitations so that you may see and understand, and you will see monsters – cruel Beasts, that eat and destroy for breakfast, lunch and supper. We are all just being kept on ice until the next round of being thrown into the gladiators arena of the physical realm, while of course, being subtly attacked from those from the shadows as we bathe in this paradise. So where does this leave people like Steven? (Wait for it: a feeling sorry for myself session is coming.) What do you do when you don’t fit in because you refuse to be a part of madness? And most importantly, what do you do when others ask you for help, and you can help, but you annoy them as they see that they know nothing? Surely you would embrace one who knows something, if not for you, for those you love? Where do I fit in? The answer is with Love. What nobody can deny, in the seen and unseen, is that there is something bigger than all of us. Some would call this God, but that sounds too exalted for me. I would call it a friend – a being that cares and wants only the best for us. On a scale of zero to ten, with ten being one with this friend, we all feature on this chart. There is no other chart, just this chart that shows us where we stand in terms of fighting our self and others, as in how right am I, and how willing am I to abolish my righteousness in favour of me just being me, walking side by side with a presence that Loves us more than anything. This Love is with understanding, as in what happened that we are here within an illusion rather than Home within the Infinite, and this Love returns us to the pure essence of what we naturally are – a child of the Infinite. On this chart there is no right and wrong, no left or right – it merely shows you where you are in the big picture. What got this journal started was when I understood that I know nothing; everything I have done and experienced up to that point meant nothing, as I was nothing because I truly knew nothing. I was willing to start anew, and who would show me the way was this universal innate intelligence which says that God is everywhere. All we have ever known was a twisted Love, a cruel Love, so what happened that God became twisted and cruel. Through this journal we understand, so now when I talk of God’s Love I am not being a Bible pusher – I am talking about what is that is the foundation of all Life. My Love is not a twisted Love, because this “twist” I came to understand and release with Love. The parasite that created the ego where I am important, actually better than you, because you are wrong and I am right, that parasite is no more, because I am no more. I walk with a friend, and we have no real identity or label – we just are. Sounds wonderful, but means nothing unless applied, and this application means taking a leap of faith and just letting go. To walk through this madness and not be touched by it is impossible. And this is where we need help, but to be helped, we have to lose the ego. “Others upset me; I don’t fit in; how can I earn a living when the madness of the world pushes me aside; how can I provide; what will happen to me?” I don’t know what will happen. What I do is I speak the truth. I understand the cruelty of the illusion and how it came about. Do others want to hear my story of what the animals taught me? I don’t think so. All that I can do is walk with a friend. This friend is within me – this strand/Consciousness; this something that is bigger than all of us; this thing that we call God but is just an expression of the Infinite. I have to drop this Steven; this ego that does not fit in with the madness, and never will, because he is not mad. I will walk with this friend because there is nothing else for me to do. What they decide what will become of me and what I must do, then so be it, and for this I am thankful, because really, I don’t know what else to do or say. Maybe I have said enough. Maybe I should just start walking with this friend.
  10. The removal of the right foot and ankle from the spirit created an open system. Previously, the essence flowed into the right foot and filled the spirit, but with the right foot removed, there was now an opening within the spirit at the base of the left foot. Through this gaping whole within our spirit form, Beasts could enter and attack the Serpent soul within. Now the child of God – the Serpent soul within the spirit – was vulnerable and open to attack by other devious and vicious Serpents that roamed the unseen. This I have experienced on more than one occasion on my spirit, and the abduction or attack by other Serpent souls has been through this breach in our spirit form. This was the compromise in deactivating the strand within by removing the right foot of the spirit. And yet, surely those in the spirit realm must have a right foot on their form. I would say that the true form of the spirits right foot and ankle have been removed and replaced by an artificial version. With the true version of the spirits right foot and ankle restored to what it should be, the form of the spirit becomes closed, as in the hole/canal at the base of the left foot is no longer there. Now the essence within the spirit can build up as it should. What is this essence that flows through the right foot of the spirit as it should? What it is, is the essence from the Infinite that makes up the strand, and thus we can fairly say that this is the essence of Life as it arose from the Infinite. Where this essence “condenses” is at the throat area, but before it was completely removed from us, those that knew what was best for us hid this essence at our nose area. When this never worked the strand/essence from the Infinite was removed from our forms by the removal of the right foot from where this essence entered our spirit form. What this essence looks like in its condensed form through our limited vision is a strand/speck of light. Please understand that the return of the strand to what it should be is given to those that have their good hearts on display for all to see within the unseen. At your core you are kind. Remember, what happened to one, happened to all. As we fell through the removal of our strand, so too did Semiramis. This was a mothers love; one who would not abandon her children no matter what. The further we fell, the more the memory of the Infinite disappeared from us until it was no more. Therefore our awakening had to come from within, in this place I call Hell. We had to remember what we are, as only this would awaken us. To be shown what we are by the Infinite would mean nothing to us as we would not know what we are looking at. We had to remember, and thus from only within the illusion could the bubble burst to meet the Infinite. 8:40 PM 3rd April, 2022 What happened last night in my sleep state was as if nothing had changed since day one of seeing the unseen. I saw this Human looking couple that were involved in a sex act. This I have seen so often in the past in my sleep state – these fools cavorting around me so that their arousal sets an arousal within me so that extra energy may be drawn from me. And of course there was the implanted dream of me playing cards with my dad. I had this pang of angst that I really did not want to see him in my sleep state. I have been around the block more than once to know that all of this does not faze me. I know what I am and what I stand for. The truth will reveal itself. In the past, when I said that I felt the strand at my throat area, this was true, as I know what I feel. And yet how can this be as the strand was withdrawn from our forms? All I can say was that I felt what should be, because all I have ever wished for was for me to be what I am meant to be. What this is, is the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness. This I brought forth because I wished for this with my whole being, but what was, was not real. It was a remnant, an illusion of what should be. So as of now, what is going on? In assessing others, and feeling what is going on with them, I feel the spirit is busy healing. We have been through a lot. How close were we to the Darkness out there swamping us to the point where we were lost forever? In speaking for myself, and the effects that Life and its inhabitants had on me, I would say that it was close. Yes, the cruelty that touched me resolved within me a force that needed to understand the insanity in others that was touching me. However, this insanity also scarred me, as one cannot really walk away from such attacks unscathed. There is only so much one can handle before you close the door on Life and wait until the destruction of all destroys you as well. But all of that is water under the bridge now. The essence of the strand/Consciousness is within us. How will this real-deal feel? Haven’t got the foggiest idea. 09:06 4/4/2022 What happens on day two is one understands that cruelty equates to insanity, and what insanity is all about is suppression of our freedom to express the Joy within us. The insane are so unhappy they want everyone to be like them. The reflex response is to confront the insane and tell them that what they inflict on us and those we love is unacceptable. So now we face them head-on, standing and holding our line. Now the hateful have a wall to unleash their insanity on. On day two one understands that it is not so much the insane we are rising above, but rather ourselves. Insanity has always kept us intertwined within its web, as we have always looked for a way out of this most unpleasant circumstance of finding ourselves in the space of the cruel and callous, but what we should have done is rise above ourselves rather than them. How this is done is to know yourself. Within you is an essence that is natural, yet you are unfamiliar to it as you have always looked for a way out of the maze rather than rising above yourself and not it. We always felt we had to be in control, as in “I have to do it, because if I don’t who else will?” All that happens is we just become further entrenched in the density of the illusion. The essence of the strand of Inherent Godness/Consciousness within is, for me, an extension of the golden glow that the Infinite showered upon those that were caught within the illusion. I imagine by body, spirit and Serpent soul to be filled with this golden essence, which when condensed, looks like a speck of light in our limited vision. Allow these golden “flakes” to rise within you and take you over. This is what it means to rise above ourselves. 5th April, 2022
  11. What is important for me, especially when one hits the over 50 mark, is to make the most out of life. When the ball starts to roll downhill and one knows the end line is somewhere over the horizon, you understand that our time here is short and running out with each passing day. You understand the importance of living a full life, where you rise above the madness so that you may witness and experience moments of raw beauty – where you see the Infinite as it shows itself in this reality. You begin to taste what is real; you begin to see the trees that now bear fruit from your relentless holding on to your integrity as you know there is more than what is around you. The God of the illusion, for me, is Queen Semiramis. There are other gods, or maybe I should refer to them as Titans, because although life was not born from them, their might is stupendous. To say that these beings within the upper echelons on the illusion never cared about those within the illusion is not true. They all done their best as insanity took them over, it is just that they became overwhelmed as the wheels came off in a bad way. That image in the story of Pinocchio of those boys that are taken to a place where anything goes is firmly imprinted within me over the last few days. Anything goes. Do what you want when you want because there are no consequences. Go and be wild – because you can. There is no law because the lawmakers invited you to their party. Nobody to check on you; nobody to reprimand you – JUST BE FREE. Now you are in heaven, because you have the freedom to do what you want with those that are enjoying their freedom as much as you. I apologize for cleaning the windows so that now we can have a good look at what is happening outside. I apologize for breaking the news, that when the curtain comes down and the applauses and standing ovations are over, that what happens when we hit the streets outside the theatre is something out of the wild West. I write what I see in the unseen, and I write what I see in the seen. I am awful at predictions, but this morning I told my wife that the dam walls have broken. The walls we had to hold onto what defines us as considerate and kind we have chipped away until there is nothing left to hold our waters intact. Now we are just a wasted space that has washed itself into the gutters. And it is this that those Titans and a God, even in their insane state, tried their best to avoid from happening. What will happen to us? I am awful at predictions, so I won’t go there and give my two cents theory. What I write is what I see and feel and smell and come to understand to be the truth – not my truth, as I know nothing, but the truth as simply what is. The strand of Godness/Consciousness was de-activated within us the biological computer and the manufactured spirit form. Around every bush is not a big, bad wolf – there is not trickery and deception at every level from the unseen. Believe it or not, efforts have been made to help us as well, and I would say that there came a time where these entities could just stand back and look at what was unfolding as there was nothing more they could do. I have no doubt that the strand of the Infinite within was pulled to protect us from the power in our midst. You don’t give a bunch of wild, callous and cruel asses a bazooka to shoot themselves with – certain toys you don’t let children play with. Some things I don’t write about that I see in my sleep state as my spirit follows the Serpent soul within around so that we may understand Life. I don’t write about them because there is no purpose to speak of such atrocities – I would rather uplift through understandings than speak about what it out there. Personally, I don’t want to hear about negative things unless I can do something about them. If I can’t help and you now I can’t help, then don’t tell me. Now, what I want to tell you, is to wake up and put aside the iffies of Life that get you down. Now you have to stand strong because we have hit rock-bottom, and there will come a tide to wash away the old to bring forth the new. How can I say such a thing? – I poke my head out the window and I see this world and what we have done to it and ourselves as we were given our freedom from our conscience. One night in my sleep state my spirit saw the Serpent soul that resides within looking at something. The soul watched as to what level we have fallen. What the Serpent soul was looking at was how a snuff movie was being made. What this is, is an individual willingly allows someone to kill them and of course the whole experience is filmed. Money is most probably paid to the victim’s family as this is the persons way of finally looking after those they love. Through my spirit, I saw how the Serpent soul looked on as this young girl with short blonde hair was being punched in the face by this man. This went on for some time, and the final act was of this man hanging on a pole so that he could wrap his legs around this girls neck and strangle her to death. We saw how this girls spirit left her body the moment her body died, and the horrific state her spirit was in from what it had just been through. We have hit rock-bottom, and we have been there for some time now. You do not give a monster a pair of garden shearers and tell them to go have fun as they walk through a kindergarden full of children. The strand of Consciousness was de-activated within us so that we do not use the Creators power to destroy ourselves. You take away that what can be used to destroy, especially within the unseen realms. When I said that the spirit has no right foot and ankle, this part of us was “unscrewed”/de-activated so that we may not use this power without our conscience intact. There was no foul play from those within the upper echelons of the unseen. This “nuclear reactor” was removed from our forms as the powers that be could now just stand by and witness the fun-fare where we let ourselves go and enjoyed our freedom to express ourselves believing there will never be consequences. There are many that are good in this world, and there are many that are seriously fucked up, and there are those who live in freedom as they are free of a conscience – a responsibility to themselves and those around them. The Fallen Angel; the pure Dragon spirit that fell to experience the opposite of the Infinite that was hypnotized and manipulated by wicked Serpent souls – that mammoth is free, and I say this because I saw it in its free state. The Christ Consciousness is free – I saw the entrapped state of this Consciousness and done something about it. I have met Semiramis and saw her in her insane state as she tried to keep the illusion intact. This mother is free as she understands what happened to her and her children that resulted in a Darkness taking over her beautiful Garden. It is to these mentioned above that I ask that a wave be sent to wash away the rot that has been allowed to fester and grow within the illusion, most notably within the seen and unseen of the realm called planet Earth. I ask this because I have had enough of living in a most unpleasant place. I refuse to fall – to sink with the ship on which I find myself; I will not be pulled down by those that have chosen to express their freedom free from their conscience. What will happen I don’t know, but what I do know is something will happen, and I say this because this is my wish: Shine forth the love of a God and a Creator and the Infinite so that we may be free of the callous and the cruel. Restore the strand within those that stand for the truth, as more than anything they wish to be an expression of this truth. I ask this so that our days of living amongst Beasts are no more.
  12. In his book Stalking the Wild Pedulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, the author Itzhak Bentov speaks about the awakened flow of God essence within. I read the book many moons ago, but what I distinctly remember is him mentioning how the area under the right big toenail becomes blackened as this essence soars through. The interesting question is what is going on to cause this to happen? Now and then in the past, and this evening a few times, I feel these pangs of heat at this area. It will be fascinating to understand the big picture with regards to what is happening that affects this part of the anatomy. What is happening on the level of the Serpent soul, spirit and body? 16/03/22 That I wrote about two weeks ago. In allowing the strand of Consciousness to just be, it restores what should be within the spirit, Serpent soul and body form. What I found interesting was that on the level of the spirit there was no right ankle and foot – that part of its form was missing. Why is this so, and has it always been like this? The spirit has figuratively never had a foot to stand on because its days in paradise where short-lived. I don’t know what happened that the spirit, when you take away the smoke and mirrors, is absent a right foot and ankle. What I do know is the imprint of the spirits right foot and ankle is absent on a frequency level within the “brain” area of the spirit. There is no phantom-limb pain, where the brain sends pain and other sensations to an area that the brain thinks exists but is no longer there, as in amputated. Both points of reception are missing – within the spirits head area and at the location site where the ankle and right foot should be. With both sites restored it will be interesting to see what their original function was. All will be revealed.
  13. If you ask me what this journal is all about, it is more than just understanding the cruelty of Life or making sure its hands off the innocent. It is about being what we are meant to be. More than anything, I wish to be what I am meant to be – to be real as defined by the fields of Infinite Love. Always I ask: “What more do I have to do or say; what more do we need to understand?” Over the last day or so there has been a gravitational pull towards the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness at my throat area, especially just before I go to sleep at night. By being aware of the strand, my whole being unconsciously gives the strand attention, as in “we know of you and thus acknowledge you.” Now the other person that has always been sitting in the room is no longer ignored. By acknowledging the strand, what this means is that we the spirit, Serpent soul, and Steven the body form surrender themselves to the strand. We understand that to be real, we need to be this strand, and thereby allow this strand to shine forth and be what it is so that it may take us over. As important as we think we are, and we are all important in Gods eyes, there is however only so much that we can do. Yes, we must play and have fun moments, but also understand that we are playing in a place that is not fun to be in, and thus our fun doesn’t really mean much when there is so much heartache around us. I am speaking for myself, as I cannot speak on behalf of you, when I say it is best to be what we are so that we may be in a position to help those that wish for helped so that all may go Home, and we can play there. When people talk of a World War Three, my immediate response is that I won’t allow it to happen, and this is true, because in my reality it won’t because I refuse to put my children through that horror. As a parent I am here to look after my children, and thus I won’t allow them to ever to be touched by what these beings that control us intend doing to us. Many love the thrill; the excitement of drama, not understanding the callousness of Disharmony until it is too late. It is not my place to interfere, as only God can do that as these are her children/produce and not mine. If my children choose to experience horror then what I give them, as I have already given to all in the unseen, is the option of returning Home when they choose to through being the strand of Godness/Consciousness within. What will happen to me and those who choose to surrender to the strand within I cannot say. When I ask what more can I do, the answer is be the strand within. This I will do to become real.
  14. Those that stood as one never counted on deception, or maybe they did, but what few knew of was the parasitic frequency of Deception that arose from the curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits within the Infinite that took form within the illusionary Garden. The Snake was never the nemesis – there actually never was a nemesis; we just never knew of the parasite that infiltrated our forms to do what worms do – eat. This taking from us created a want within us – where we also wanted to take. There was a willing fall into the illusionary Garden to appease this curiosity of what else is there, and then when things turned south in a bad way, there was a cataclysm; a Fall into a denser frequency within the illusion, or should we say that the illusion became denser. As has been said, those in charge tried to do things right, but now the ball was rolling downhill as this want and take caused the illusionary frequency to move further and further from naturally what was – namely the Infinite. The gift of a good heart; consideration was bestowed to the spirits that were created to look after Gods Serpent soul children. It’s funny really: that we always look to God for help, but in truth God looked to us to help her children. Things became twisted in no time, and Gods children began to turn against each other. The density of the illusion became too much for many spirits, and our role of being the guide to the Serpents fell apart. Now there was a free for all, where do what you want when you want because you can. Somewhere in all this mess there were those who held onto what they were because this is all they knew. They held onto their Infinite truth as this made sense and what was unfolding before them did not. We have spoken about how the worm was deceitfully placed within them, not to break their ranks, but rather to destroy all ranks so that there was no pillar to look up to, to know what is the truth. The sluice gates were destroyed and the wine and song flowed till the early hours, and let’s just say that the party has never really stopped. How many are still behaving like donkeys, especially our leaders who knowingly destroy those they are meant to look after? How many know that what is being done is wrong, yet within them there is nothing to make a stance against insanity? We know how the ranks were destroyed so that the illusion may have no opposition from within, but what we don’t know is what did these holders of truth have that their only downfall could be through deceit? What gave them their might, where only the coward from the shadows could destroy them? When I go within to find the answer, what I feel is like these clouds pulling apart to reveal this presence that is all-powerful and everything, and yet when you make it your own, it is no big deal as what it is, is completely normal/natural. My goodness, now you are a God as you arose from a God and thus a God is within you which is you. (by “God,” equate this to the glow of the strand within.) This presence shines from the heart energy field yet emanates from the strand at the throat area. This state is returned to all who lost it through deceit, and is given to all within the illusion. It is not given as a gift, as this is naturally what we all are that we forgot.
  15. What makes sense, is when faced with adversity, stand together as one to stop the adversity. You don’t fight, otherwise you become what you fought – you merely stand as one in the truth of what you are, and by all seeing this truth, they either become this truth, or this truth repels all adversity. That makes sense, so what happened to these groups/masses that stood together as one against the Darkness that began to do what it wants when it wants because it can? What destroyed this truth and those whom it defined, where they literally faded away into nothingness? (When I checked on the spirit and Serpent soul of my daughter and the group of about forty who were affiliated as one, I found nothing on them, and nothing as in there was nothing to heal as they were all empty shells – what they were was completely destroyed. What is left is a wisp within the illusion.) Last night my spirit and Serpent soul must have gone looking for the answer to the cause of the obliteration of those who stood as one within the truth, and what was surmised through the whole experience was interesting. Looking back now over the thousands of years we have been on this planet, as well as the other worlds and realms within the illusion, we never really asked one important question: “What happened to the masses that stood as one in the truth – not their truth, but the Infinite truth? What happened to these David’s that could vanquish a Goliath; a Beast through a pebble – a truth that Infinite Love is the only thing that is real within an illusion.” I have always complained that we within the illusion are bad stock, as in lack integrity and consideration and respect for self and others, and this I will stand by. What I never asked was what happened to the good stock – those who are the truth simply because this defines them. My Serpent soul and spirit were met last light in my sleep state by this large Snake – large as in she was about as thick as my head. She had a pretty face to her, and I remember my spirit and Serpent soul having a tinge of anxiousness about them as they encountered this Snake somewhere within the ethers. They had to find the answer as to what obliterated the masses of truth, and were thus anxious to get to the bottom of this riddle. This Snake wrapped a coil around my spirit and soul as a form of affection, as in “here I am to help you.” Then a dream was implanted in my Serpent soul, spirit and body form, and the dream was of me playing netball with a group of people. It was all nonsense really, where those who played did not really know what they were doing. Then I awoke from the dream, and as I lay in bed I thought to myself “what the hell was that all about?” Something was off centre, and yet it could not be, as I had met this Snake entity that was there to help me uncover the truth. So I lay in bed and I just be’d. I left the trinity of my forms to know myself. The right side of my spirit was less dense than the left side, as in something was missing from the right side. Then on the inner left calf area of the spirit I felt his mass. Within this mass was an entity. Something had placed an entity within my spirit and covered it up by taking part of my spirits essence on its right side. So I lay in bed and just be’d, allowing what was done to unravel. I felt the opening at the base of my spirits left foot where they inserted this entity, but I waited until all was cleared so that I may understand this entity that was placed within me. Finally it was clear as daylight – what was inserted within me was a worm, and it was feeding from me at my core, as in the “bone marrow” area of the spirit. Then I understood how the masses who stood within the truth were destroyed. From within, at the very root of their being, it fed, and when it stopped feeding, as in there was nothing more to take, the host to this worm merely fell in on itself because now there was literally nothing more within them to take. That is how they got rid of the masses that stood within the truth: They weaponized the parasitic frequency of Deception, and through deception, where the Serpents came as friends and yet were there to destroy, they implanted this worm which fed on the masses from within until literally they were no longer there. All that was left was the shell of their original frequency and nothing else. How cruel can you get? When I felt this worm within that has already eaten away half of my left calf from within, I gave this parasite the gift of a heart – as in consideration. From there a strand of Consciousness was given, and then this worm was no more, as it was one within the Infinite. To those masses that stood for the truth as they were the truth, and are now left as an empty shell through deception, we pass on resurrection by them knowing themselves and what happened to them, where in one moment they were there, and the next they were no more. We return what you are – your truth. And to all within the illusion, should there be a worm within you, give it your good heart and your strand to set it free. Consideration and the strand are limitless as they are from the Infinite and are thus everywhere. Sometimes we just need to be given it to remember what we are. (This weaponized parasite was not impartial – it knew it was developed/customized to destroy.) What will happen to these Snakes that deceived and continue to do so? Wow. What can one really say? Leave them be. Or maybe, let’s go one better than that: Let’s give them a heart and a strand. So be it.
  16. The problem with living in an insane asylum is one just can’t get your head around what is happening around you. Take my wife as an example: She is a better person than most out there, and she is the best mom ever. When I first met her everyone confirmed what I knew – what she was a good person. This she did not fake – she was a good person. And yet there is also a dark side to the moon that we from Earth don’t see. The Dark side to my wife, when it came out, made my spirit and Serpent soul run and hide as they could not fathom how this good person could be such a Beast. I love the animals tremendously, but I loved my wife even more. From this platform of love that I gave to her she stood and destroyed me and the love I gave to her. And here’s the rub: My wife is really a good person, and this good person really does love me. So you can imagine my dilemma of being around someone who loves me, and yet enjoyed destroying me over a few decades. Divorce is the simple solution, but I don’t want to put my kids through that, but to be fair to me, what about me? Why live with someone whom you have no love for because they destroyed this love – and loved every moment of it. The spirit forgives – really it does – but us the body form battle to get our heads around some things. The answer is to always say and do things to uplift others – this keeps you sane – while the spirit works on you the body form. There is no answer to the madness you have been touched by, especially from ones you loved more than anything. I wish nobody ill. This lady I know sent me a photo of this elderly man that was in a bad spot emotionally and asked if I could help. What I felt over this man was a larger than life cruel spirit that was suppressing this man’s body, soul and spirit. They had no antidote to the controlled vindictiveness of this nasty spirit. And yet, there was this man, one of the purest entities I have seen for a long time. Why would something so evil attack something so pure? To help him was easy, and then I helped this cruel spirit. I felt it find the strand within and in the moment it was free and in the Infinite. The spirit and Serpent soul never knew a way out of the illusion and this drove many beyond insanity, but we the Human species, together with our spirit, had our gift of the good heart. We really should have known better. There is no excuse for at least not trying to be kind. But it is no longer for me to ponder and wonder at what could be if we only considered each other and not just ourselves. How much happier we all would have been, especially the innocent. There is cruelty and horror in this world that you never want to experience, so what you do is go with the flow of your spirit and Serpent soul that have the understanding of the Infinite. You the body form don’t become bogged down by the past and what is happening around you. Always stand at attention; on guard, so that you may uplift others, even if it means you just being there in their presence. Give them compassion; give them understanding; give them what it means to be Human. We could never help the illusion as long as we were trapped therein. Now, from the space where your spirit and Serpent soul find themselves, you bless the illusion, as in the structure, and all those that reside therein. You say and do nothing – you just be what you are, and this awakens all who have been destroyed by cruel Beasts as paradise transformed into a living nightmare. Many done their best to stop the onslaught, but what they had against them was their proximity – they were caught in a System that made the cruel strong, until the cruel self-imploded. Many understood that standing together was the only way forwards, but once again, the only way forwards was to find a way out of the illusion. Stand and fight and you will lose every time. Stand together as one, and the Beasts that destroyed you now made sure you were crushed forever more as an example to others. In healing my daughters eyes, it became apparent she was part of a group that were destroyed. Heal her and you do nothing, as the group as a whole were crushed, so one has to heal the whole to heal the one. What has happened since before the beginning of time words cannot describe. This ends now when we show the illusion what is. The illusion sees the Infinite and what was is no more.
  17. Over the last few nights when I close my eyes to sleep I no longer see the unseen – all I see is blackness. This I put down to exhaustion, but last night I understood that I no longer see the illusion and those that dwell in its shadows; what I see now is beyond the illusion. To confirm this, while I lay in bed last night trying to fall asleep, I pressed gently against my closed eyelids with the nail side of my thumbs to see further with my Third Eye. Why this act allows one to see further with the Third Eye at the forehead region I don’t know. What I saw were patterns that came forth from the blackness. There would be a patterned fireworks display that would then return to the blackness from where it arose. I thought to myself that looking through a kaleidoscope was the closest we have come to understanding what the Infinite looks like. But before I saw these patterns I saw what I have seen since the inception of this journal. When the journal first began I would sometimes lie in bed and do the thumb thing press against my eyelids and what I always saw that came forth was this golden eye. I would see a silhouette of a bright golden eye, and within and without the eye there would be blackness. This I came to understand as the All-Seeing Eye, and last night, when I looked into the fields of Infinite Love I saw this Eye again. I still stand with what I said, that this Eye sees all within the illusion, but the original role of this Eye we can describe as having another role, yet the two are one and the same. When the Infinite intervened to bail those out that were trapped within the illusionary Garden, a golden glow was sent. This glow became what we would define as an Eye, because as Semiramis in her insane state hid behind the glow so that all those in the illusion may see the glow as her might, thus relinquishing their power to her as the one who knows all – the All-Seeing. If my spirit knew eight years ago what it knew now, when it saw this golden Eye it would have allowed this gift from the Infinite to take it over and then sooner than later it would be in the fields of the Infinite. It’s like you floating in the middle of the sea and you see an ocean liner stop by to give you a lift and seven-star treatment on board, but you don’t know that the ship is there to save you so you stay put in the sea treading water. As with everything within the illusion, all became twisted. God gave Love to all, but as the parasitic frequency of Deception invaded all, this Love became a twisted Love, meaning that it hurt and destroyed more than anything else. The glow in its original pure form has always been there, but one had to understand what one was looking at to absorb and become this gift in order to return Home. May those in the unseen have learnt this lesson now. A point I would like to hammer again is what the need to want something does to us. Whenever I see my dogs I want to kiss them because I want to let them know how much I love them. I grab their faces and push their nose and mouth against my forehead and give a smooch sound – mwwwaah! When I do this I literally feel the love that I have for them pass through my whole being. When you want, you identify with something, and thus to acknowledge this something you too have to take on an identity. Steven needs a new car because his is passing its shelf life, but what I really want is peace and happiness and freedom and joy and contentment. I want. Who wants? - I want. Who am I? Well, let’s just keep it simple and say that I am an entity who lacks and is not whole and thus wants to be fulfilled. What this tells me about myself is that I do not know myself, so I look to others to help fill this want. Let’s face it – we all need help. To cut through endless paragraphs of waffle, what I want to say, is when we want, we live in the head, as in thinking and analyzing and hoping, and the danger thereof is that the Watcher spirit rules and controls this domain, meaning that you will never get what you want. Firstly, you are looking in the wrong place, as in an illusion, and secondly, another controls you that does not for one iota consider you. So now Steven just looks his dogs in their eyes, through these windows to their soul and tells all of those within that I Love them – no emotional involvement needed. Never live in the space of the skull – dark and cruel entities dwell and rule there. Rather just go with the flow of what is naturally around you – this Infinite. The other day I walked in the mountains amongst the mountains waterfalls and streams and its lush vegetation. To this place I go with my family as a treat when finances allow. It is beautiful and always will be beautiful, but now I am indifferent to what I see. It is there, and that is all – it is just there. Look what is beyond the illusion by not wanting; by not living in the head/brain, and one sees what is real. When I now look into the Infinite it is not Wow for me because it is natural and has always been there and this is where all belong – a Home we have just forgotten about, even us the manufactured beings, because within all is the strand of Inherent Godness/Consciousness which arose in the Infinite. What I also would like to say, is there anything from anyone who reads this thread that they would like to ask me? I have said farewell before, and here I am still writing, so I will not say farewell again when I have nothing more to say. I will just no longer return to the forum. So speak now or forever hold your peace. Ask me while you still can.
  18. To say that we have had it tough is a gross understatement. The framework of the utopia that the cosmic geneticists and architects of the illusion put together fell apart at an alarming rate. Insanity was now the norm, together with its twin brother Cruelty. We soon learnt that we had to build barriers to the dangers out there, so a push began. Now it was us against what was out there, and the barriers we built were strong as we all became touched by the madness that took and destroyed just because it could. Deep down, we knew that we were alone, with no help coming our way. Our only saving grace was the insanity of tyrants that eventually caused them to self-implode. Then there were moments of peace, where we could stand up and shake the dust off, only to be met by the next round of cruel, insane Beasts. Love has never shone through, so the pressure of living in a flawed System flawed us – we became touched by insanity. I look back at moments in my life and add a humorous moment, so that what was could have some colour to it. Then I have a good chuckle to myself at what could have been if only things were different. This is my moments of insanity, where nothing was ever fun in my life so I have to look back and create imaginary fun things. For almost the last thirty years the worst day of the week for me was a Friday. Now the weekend lay ahead, and I had to be on guard as to whom have I got to go and see in my area and ask them to turn their loud doof-doof music down so that I and the rest of the community may have a peaceful sleep. That is madness; that is insanity, where people do what they want when they want because they can, never for a split second considering others. We can analyze and say that integrity and basic family values are lacking, but there is no need to walk that path – just put it down to madness. I soon learnt to value my own company, where this is enough, as what is out there is too mixed up to mingle with. This was another barrier that went up, where Steven can sit in a crowd and smell the roses while those beyond the barrier have no connection to me. Of course this is a toxic, unhealthy relationship to have, even if it is with yourself, but what else could one do when you refused to plant roots in a world where few care. I have done everything I can to set the unseen; the spirit realm free from the illusion. In setting our spirit free, the spirit sets the body form free. What has been passed on is understanding so that we may know what happened before the beginning of time that we found ourselves in a frequency where madness is the norm. Freedom is understanding, because when you understand there are no obstacles ahead. What is left however, is the walls/barriers we have built around ourselves to keep the insanity that is out there from taking us over. I cannot tell you or anyone else what to do; what I have done is cast aside all the barriers that I have built in the seen and unseen. This journal has consumed me for more than eight years because there had to come a time where the freedom of the Beast and its cruelty becomes no more. How this is done is by understanding the Beast, and I can say with confidence that I do understand the Beast. Those that are cruel leave me be by me rising above them because through understanding I am bigger than them. By them understanding what happened that they became cruel and insane, they can make amends by returning to what they should be, and in the moment a wrong is made right. On the spirit level, the area where the kidneys are is our energy source. Instead of implanting dreams to take of my energy, I have seen and felt Serpents in my sleep state bite directly into my kidneys to draw my energy from its storage area. About two nights back my spirit kidneys packed in, as in there is no more energy left there. There won’t be a round two where I build up reserves to continue the fight. What my spirit, my Serpent soul, and this body form has done through this journal is pass on understanding so that the tapestry of the illusion may be seen so that we may all understand our downfall. I have done enough to wake up sleeping Giants and Gods and a Creator. Now they can help me and you and fill this gap within that has been our constant companion – loneliness; where we have never been looked after by something that is bigger than us. To meet this force we have to break down our barriers. For me, it’s all or bust; let go and lose yourself, or let go and be touched by the Infinite that will never let go of you. I have enough faith that the Infinite will touch us. If not, will rest for a thousand years and resume the battle then.
  19. When your spirit was born/created/manufactured it was a pure being. They wanted to do things right. For me, Haman was the first cosmic geneticist. When we don’t understand, our natural reflex is to attack, and many times in the journal I have slandered this one that created the spirit and body form to house and feed Gods children. For this I apologize, as he meant well for all. What we all never knew of was the parasitic frequency of Deception within. Why we all missed this worm was because it was not mischievous, cruel, deceitful or just plain nasty – it was just there. The curious state of the Dragon and Serpent spirits to what else is in this illusionary Garden took form within the illusion which brought forth this worm. When your spirit was created it had no identity or name – it was a glow of Love. To this state one has to return. Our identity gives us purpose, and our purpose is controlled by the Watcher spirit. When I heal now I first lock in onto the spirit and Serpent soul. From there I give them no identity, as in their face disappears. Any moment or memory I should have of them is no more – it becomes erased to remove the influence of the Watcher spirit over them. Now there is no trace of your spirit and Serpent soul within the illusion, which means that the Watcher spirit/octopus cannot find and control you. In this state, where you are in the illusion but not of the illusion three things happen: the parasitic frequency of Deception is removed from your spirit and Serpent soul within; your gift of a good heart is brought forth through your intent of wishing this to happen; and any wear and tear your spirit and the Serpent soul have accumulated by being within the illusion are no more. Remember: you have no face and identity – you are an essence; a glow of Love. When you think of something then there is a trip-switch that removes you from the equation. You thought of nothing, as there is no you the name and face that matches your identity. You are now diffusing your identity so that you may return to the form you were originally created to be. Now when you see yourself you are no longer within the illusion, as in you cannot be found there. They will look for you and they will see an essence of Love, and in seeing you they will see themselves. Now we are as we were created, and the worm is no longer within us to make us rotten. The spirit and Serpent soul now just be what they are. From there become the strand of Inherent Godness/Consciousness within, and from there you will be within the Infinite as the illusion is now no more. To us the plebs – the body form – do the same. Become detached from the illusion by losing your identity – your face and name and thoughts. When you think, there is a trip-switch that cancels you from the equation. Go with the spirit, where you lose your identity. Now you are not defined. In the illusion you do not exist, and in this state three things happen: the original parasite is removed; you wish your gift of consideration towards others and yourself to come forth; and you remove the wear and tear the frequency of the illusion had on you. How this is done is through first and foremost your intent of no longer having an identity within the illusion. Don’t worry about your name and who you are – what matters now is you expressing your gift of a good heart that was bestowed upon you. “When you wish upon a star everything your heart desires will come to you.” That is what the Blue Fairy/Queen Semiramis said to the body form so that it may become real. The star is your spirit. In its original form it would be seen to us as a star – a sparkle of light. Some of us have an affinity; a oneness to other forms. For example, I may have an unbreakable bond with nature and the animals. So when I no longer have an identity within the illusion, my natural bond with nature will keep me within the illusion. What you do then is return the spirit of nature and the animals also to their original form so that they too may be what they were intended to be. Now both of you are healed, as in both are no longer identifiable within the illusion. You have no face, no identity, no name. You are an essence of Love that cannot be found within the illusion. They cannot tag you and control you as you don’t exist in a shape and form that can identify you. You are a star of Light, and within you is a strand that connects you to the Infinite. Play all you wish, and then when it is your time, go Home.
  20. What happens when you have been given a job to do, and all you know of is doing your job? You are not good, and you are not bad, you are merely doing what you have been programmed to do. Your job is what it is – it defines you; it is all you know. What is this job? This job is keeping a System intact, where things remain the way they are for the better good for Gods children. One could say that you are the butler of the mansion, where you oversee that each is doing their job. You are a facilitator; a go-between; one that works from the shadows making sure that all runs smoothly for masters children. To be able to do such a job, you need something more that the other managers and dwellers of the household don’t have, so that you can pull everyone’s strings tighter should they begin to slacken. What is this jewel you have been bestowed that is in your midst that gives you a quiet confidence, where you know your job will be performed without fail? The answer is indifference. You do what you do because it needs to be done, and what keeps you fixated to your task is a lack of emotion, where you are indifferent to what others think should be best for all as the System, and them, go through a state of flux as all buckle now and then as the ship begins to fall apart. When others lose their head, yours is intact and focused, as you know best, which is keep the System intact. Some say you are cruel, but according to you this is not true, as you know what is best. What is the System? – It is the trinity of body, spirit and Serpent soul within. This is your job; this is where you know best, where for all to survive, this trinity has to be one, and how this is done is by the spirit and body form not knowing of Gods child within, and of course the spirit and body form not knowing of their true identity as a slave species to Gods child that is housed within. You know these secrets, and you know what is best for all, so no matter what the soul and spirit and body form feel what is best for them, you see the big picture, and your indifference to their personal wants keeps the trinity intact for master. When the illusion began to fall apart, the architects of the illusion and the cosmic geneticists had to secure/tighten the infrastructure so that survival may be met – primarily for Gods children. The answer to the breakdown of the illusion was the creation/manufacturing of the Watcher spirit. This entity, what looks like an octopus in our limited vision and understanding, resides within the unseen over what we would call our brain area. It is there – I have seen it and felt it on more than one occasion. This is the butler of the mansion; the overseer of the trinity; the one that keeps you locked up when you want to be free. What gives this Watcher spirit its true power is that it does not care less about you or me or anyone else out there – all it cares about is that Gods child is housed and fed and looked after. How do you change one; how do you get rid of one that does not care? The answer is that you become like them – you don’t care, or put another way, you become indifferent, just as they are. You no longer become drawn to the ways of the illusion as you understand that you are an illusion within an illusion, so what happens is irrelevant as you are within an illusion. Do you stop caring? No, you merely rise above what you have come to see as real. Now you show true compassion, and what this compassion is, is the gift of your good heart coming to the fore. This gift is from one who loved all within the illusion more than anything, so one can say that this gift is the illusion itself as the illusion was born from Love. You the spirit and body form go back to the very beginning, and you remember what you are. What you are is this gift – your good heart. Take away that and you are nothing, and this is true, and that is why the Watcher spirit was created, to control those that became nothing from their forgetfulness. It would be so easy if Semiramis, with her intent, just awakened this heart space within all, but this will not work as we must want our gift. More than anything, we must wish upon a star for our gift to be unleashed so that we may become real – a real “boy.” The story of Pinocchio was the closest we got to knowing the truth – we just had to arrange the puzzle pieces and bring forth those from the shadows so that we may understand all. Do what is best for all, and by doing what is best, we imply let go. Don’t try and control; don’t become opinioned; don’t try and always be right. In other words, just be happy. Make sure there is always a smile on your face – this is a natural state. And if you want to reflect; to contemplate; to see where you are in terms of the big picture, then by all means draw closer to the strand within as the Infinite pulls you closer to what is real. Let go so that your gift may shine and the Watcher spirit within will let go of you by relinquishing its task to what God bestowed upon us. Now there is no need for the Watcher spirit as God herself is intervening and guiding. Let go. Our Conscience; our gift will guide us.
  21. So is there a Devil; a Satan? The pure Dragon spirit that chose to fall that was corrupted/hypnotized by the devious Serpent souls was more an antennae that emitted Disharmony so that the Infinite had no way of breaching the walls of the illusion, as what was projected from this Fallen Angel was all we knew – and most importantly – all we really wanted to know. Yes, Life was shit, but it was also okay. For me, there is no such thing as Evil. What there well is, is Fear, and even here, this state is subjective, as some fear spiders, while others fear open spaces, while many fear neither. What there well is, which I would equate to Fear, is Uncertainty, as in we don’t know who we are, where we belong, and who is meant to look after us, and why are they not looking after us, especially when we need it the most? There was a time when the illusion was pure, and I really believe that we the spirit was created to be a pure form. Queen Semiramis would want only the best for her Serpent soul children, so she created the spirit and its off-shoot the body form to guide and look after the Serpent soul within. “Always let your conscience be your guide” implied that the pure heart of the spirit was to be the conscience/guide to the Serpent soul within. Those words were for the Serpent soul so that it may always listen to the manufactured spirit that was blessed with the gift of a good heart so that Gods children may always be in good hands. Unfortunately, as the parasitic frequency of Deception; a worm, grew strong in all the wheels came off, and the rest is history to this present day, where insanity is the norm as so many have forgotten what they are – a nanny to the Serpent soul/kundalini within, and most importantly, we have all forgotten about the strand of Consciousness – this force within that arose from the Infinite around which all Life within the illusion (except the Dragon and Serpent spirits and souls) is formed. As uncertainty became stronger in all, we developed a characteristic called Fear. The more fearful we became, the more fragmented and forgetful the spirit and Serpent soul within became. Now we began to lose our connection to what is, or should we say “to what was,” namely the spirit forgetting its gift of a good heart/consideration, and the Serpent soul forgetting the Serpent spirit from which it was cloned. Within the Serpent spirit lies the Infinite with all its might and glory, so by the soul forgetting the spirit, what it forgot in reality was the Home of the Infinite. Over the last few days I have the understanding that what I think and am is insignificant. I understand now what it meant when I said that we are nothing, and at the same time we are everything. What is an illusion? – It is nothing; it is “smoke and mirrors.” So everything within an illusion means nothing – what we think; what we do; what we are and what we achieve is unfortunately nothing. Please do not read what has just been written without listening to what has been said. We are nothing as we are part of an illusion, which makes who and what we are not real. Does it matter if your team wins or loses? Does it matter if the love of your life just broke your heart? Does it matter if your loved one just died? The answer is “yes” to all of the above as we are part of the illusion, but allow that moment that mattered to pass as you understand that in terms of what is real, we are nothing – we are players within an illusion. What is real is our good hearts; our consideration, as this is a gift that was given to us with Love, so out of respect, as well as being thankful for what we received, we should cherish and hold onto this gift. This gift would have eventually turned within, where we would have considered ourselves, and by doing so, we would have infused with the strand and become one with it and the Infinite. This never happened – the scales turned the opposite way and we allowed the parasite within to corrupt us the spirit, the Serpent soul, and the body form. For some time now I have been working on healing my daughters eyesight. Each time I work on her I feel something new to work on, but nothing ultimately helps. Why this is so , is because the more we understand, the less dense we become, hence we can dwell deeper into finding the root cause of the problem. At one level we know something, but as we go higher we understand there is more we need to know to help. Being indifferent to the illusion, where we have no Fear and Uncertainty as we understand who and what we are, what happens is one becomes neutral to what is around you, meaning now you can see the full picture as you are no longer a participant to what is around and in front of you. You no longer give your two cents to solve the riddle, and thus you don’t get in the way from seeing the problem in its entirety. By knowing I am nothing, I went into the space of my youngest daughter to see what can be done to help her eyesight. What I found startled me: her spirit and Serpent soul were fragmented and not concise as a whole. In the past when I checked on her was the spirit and soul concise? – Yes they were, but this was from my level of understanding, where I assumed my spirit and Serpent soul were intact and had understanding. By not seeing my faults I could not see the same fault in others and correct it. As uncertainty got the better of all of us, the ones that mattered within, namely the spirit and Serpent soul became scattered, as in they lost their grounding of who and what they are, to the point where we have totally forgotten ourselves, and this is so because uncertainty look us over and became the norm within us, which we would define as a fearful state, which it true for all of us – some are just worse than others, my daughter being the former by a large margin. To appease this uncertainty we had to find a new source of power, and what this was, was being cruel, where we got the upper hand over others. By controlling you I have power over you, and this fills the gap formed by uncertainty. But now this is effort – this control – so we become stuck in the ways of being cruel, as this control keeps us rounded and whole, in other words, we begin to feel important. And this is the foundation of our twisted world within the illusion: The more we control others the more important we feel. Add a healthy bank balance and in no time you are king or queen of the hill, where a hierarchial system is formed, with the cruel, insecure Beast at the very top. This cruelty I see in my own family, where my children can be cruel to me and my wife, and where my wife was a pure-bred Beast towards me for a good quarter of a century. So understand that I speak from experience – from my own family, from my direct family, from people I called friends, and from those in the unseen. We are cruel because we are uncertain, and our cruelty gives us power over others so that we may hide the insecure little runt within that we have become. The Serpent soul within will be recalled by their mother Queen Semiramis, and our gift of a good heart; of consideration, will be awakened, but before this happens to us we need to consolidate ourselves. Remove fear and uncertainty from our forms by knowing they exist and have no place within our space, and remember – at all times, whenever possible, be indifferent to the illusion. To be everything – your gift and the strand – you first have to be nothing, which you unfortunately are as you interact with an illusion. Is there a Devil; is there a Satan? No, there is only Uncertainty. With that Uncertainty within our midst we have the potential to become what we would call a devil, or what I would call a cruel Beast. Why are demons and monsters black in colour? The answer is that their gift within dimmed from a bright white colour to a black colour as Uncertainty took them over which hid/shadowed their good hearts. Become indifferent to yourself and the illusion. From there consolidate the spirit and Serpent soul by allowing the Uncertainty within to dissipate. Now you are in a position for your gift within to once again shine forth. All we need now is help from the God of the illusion to awaken our good hearts; our heart energy field; our gift that we forgot about. When will this happen? - Your guess is as good as mine.
  22. So where too from here? My guess is that Queen Semiramis will recall the Serpent souls and they will no longer be within our midst. These souls will return and be one with the Serpent spirits from which they were cloned. As one, they will return to the Infinite. The Dragon and Serpent souls will no longer inhabit the illusion. Our gift of a good heart; a kindness and consideration within us, will be awakened. As long as we do not shine as biological computers and a spirit within, the strand of Consciousness will never come to the fore. We need to rise up; we need to climb the mountain to meet the strand of Consciousness within, and this climb is through expressing what we were originally built to be – which is a being of eternal Love. One cannot but reflect on how different everything would be if we showed consideration. How exalted we would stand if we only had respect for ourselves, which is expressed as respect for others. What a world it could have been if we were only kind. What wasted years and lifetimes because we chose to forget what we are, which is beings that show Love through consideration. How lost and confused and hateful we have become as we gave attention to ourselves to feed the want within. In no time we became cruel Beasts – in the seen and unseen and all the realms of the illusion. Our gift of our consciousness; our consideration will be awakened so that we may remember what we are, and from there the strand within is the ticket to the Infinite. We will depart this illusion wherein we were born/manufactured. Before we enter the Infinite we will walk alone. In this walk we will reflect on what could have been if only we were kind. Then we forgive ourselves and all those we trespassed against. A simple mistake – the fall of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia snowballed into what we would call a Hell existence within an illusionary bubble within the Infinite. Now it is for Semiramis to undo what has been done within the illusion. Her children – the Serpents – are okay, so now she focuses on those that were manufactured within the illusionary realm. Our heart space; our Goodness is awakened by her so that we may remember what we are. I have always maintained that we need help, and this is the help we need – to awaken our gift that we have forgotten. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves – things fell apart at an alarming rate and the battle for survival was constantly within us. The God of the illusion will do her part to set us free. What we do with our gift that we forgot will be anyone’s guess, but what we have with our gift awakened is something we have never had before: Now we have free will to choose – go with the strand to the Infinite, or stay within a false realm. The choice will be yours. Choose wisely.
  23. When assessing a patient the case history is everything – it is 95% of the treatment. Yesterday I saw a four year old Great Dane that had difficulty when it lied down and got up. Its legs would shake – there was obvious pain and weakness there. There was talk of operating as others surmised the discs between the vertebrae in the lower back were compromised, and for me this statement was correct. The case history was that the dog chewed tennis balls and a cong, which is a hard piece of rubber. When the animals chew on a tennis ball, or anything else that bounces back when pushed down, what happens is that the tennis ball expands back in their mouth and this hyperextends the jaw joint. This joint becomes restricted, which has a knock-on effect on the first vertebrae. Now the spine is locked up and secondary problems appear, especially in the lower back at the pelvic region and the surrounding soft tissue. So what I always do when assessing the animals that come to me, is I make sure I bring forth the primary problem – I ask for it to come out. (You know it is there, so call it forth and it will appear.) As with the case of the Great Dane yesterday, when I assessed the jaw and first vertebrae I initially found no real issues there. Why this is so is because the animals learn to compensate/work around the problem as it is painful there and throws them off balance. So they do their best to find a compatible equilibrium in the skeleton, meaning that the primary problem is often undetected as the animals found a way to avoid this compromised area. Of course now there are disasters elsewhere in the body. The medical profession treats these disasters, especially through painful and expensive surgery, and of course in the long term nothing holds as the secondary problems were addressed and not the primary. One needs to call forth the primary problem, otherwise you don’t do much to help – on the contrary, you do nothing. Why I never approached Semiramis and Sophia and their children in this way to assist them is beyond me. Yes, there has been a wake-up-shake-up in the unseen, but this ripple is feeble and doesn’t follow through to cause a wave. Have we helped? - Yes. Have we caused long=term changes? – No. So have we really helped? – No. It is now that I go into the space of the queen bee to call forth her primary Disharmony. What is going on with Sophia that she is not the Infinite and the Infinite is her? What I feel is a flat spot of sorts over her left “brain” area, and over the right eye I feel an invasive force/presence. What is the cause of this? I am just talking to talk now, and later when we have all the understandings we can confirm what happened. The Wisdom Goddess Sophia is one with her Dragon spirit children. What affects them affects her. The fall of the Dragon spirits stunned them into a slumber, and I confirm this now by going into their space. Yip. Left side of “brain” extending down into left eye. There is a flat spot also there, as in what should be working there is not. The intensity of this Disharmony is greater on the Dragon spirits than on Sophia, meaning they are the carriers of the problem and Sophia is feeling their Disharmony and taking it on herself. So heal the Dragon spirits and you heal Sophia. One needs to remove the effects of the fall on them, and at the same time activate/awaken their strand of Inherent Godness so that it may resurrect them from the dense plane into which they fell. Okay, this is done. Now I back off and give them time to awaken and will assess them again later. When I assessed them later the Disharmony over the head area is no more. Now I feel activity over the heart space. Once again, if there is another primary Disharmony I ask for it to come forth. What I feel is strength/might over the heart space – an awakening there that is a force. Is the Infinite within them awakening? – I would say so. Once again I back off to allow this healing to take place uninterrupted. Once again, if there is a primary Disharmony on them we bring it forth. What was this invasive presence over the right eye? It is the parasitic frequency of Deception that resulted in their fall. This worms presence over the right eye is larger than life. From the Dragon and Serpent spirits it spawned into the illusion and infiltrated all. There was never a strand of Inherent Godness/Consciousness within this parasite as it was born independently within the illusion. It was born through the unknown state of curiosity within the Infinite and took form within the illusionary Garden. We fill these worms within the Serpent and Dragon spirits with a strand of Consciousness, and this creates a “light” within them that removes them from the presence of Sophia’s and Semiramis’ children and places them within the Infinite. What happened before the beginning of time; at the very beginning, was nobody’s fault. By removing the parasitic frequency of Deception from their primary dwelling, by default the others within the illusion should follow suit, as within them is now the strand as well. Within the Dragon spirits I feel no Disharmony now. The same that was done to the Dragon spirits is done to the Serpent spirits. I feel no Disharmony on the Dragon and Serpent spirits and their mothers, but I don’t buy this shit. What else am I missing? Any other primary Disharmony within the above-mentioned is brought forth – they are scanned for any Disharmony. None is found. My forte was working as an Equine Chiropractor. The cruelty and ignorance within the horse industry made me withdraw from seeing the horses more than once over the last twenty years, to the point where I could no longer enter the industry. In each apple within the illusion is a worm that makes the apple rotten, but in the horse industry the apple is rotten to its core. The horses have suffered untold cruelty, be it intentional or unintentional through ignorance. Why were those innocent within the illusion never helped, especially the animals? It is like a ship dropping an anchor onto the ocean floor and the anchor becomes heavier than the ship and pulls the ship down with it to the bottom of the ocean. Those within the illusion that were bad became so bad that they pulled those around them down with them, as in the frequency of the illusion became more and more dense. We became so lost and confused that we pulled those that could have helped down with us, particularly The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and Queen Semiramis. Are these two and their children free, where they may be in a position to uplift all within the illusion? Why help never came was because we were too lost – we were too far gone to receive help from the Infinite. Our mess had to be cleaned up from within the illusion, and why this has taken so long to do is because we forgot the value of friendship, where we care about others and ourselves. Why we lost the trait of friendship was because we could not even look after ourselves, let alone others. But let me not become emotional and angry at how easily we forsake the value of kindness. It could have been so different if we just allowed our integrity to shine forth, where I value myself so I value you. May those that were born within the Infinite return there to where they belong. From there may they send the Flying Squad to save the innocent within the illusion, most notably the animals.
  24. My wife saw those from the shadows before I did. About once a week she would wake up in a panic attack. Her whole body would be rigid in fear and she would describe what was before – it was mostly a Snake or a Spider. I guess her spirit and body form could not handle this shock to their system, so she stopped seeing those that rule over us. When I walked through that door into the unseen to understand why Life was so cruel, more than anything I had to know. My need to know superimposed the fear of the unknown. If you fear what you don’t know and understand then you are a snowball in Hell – you don’t stand a chance because these entities feed off fear, meaning that your fear in their presence makes you a tasty meal. I have never really been fearful, but there have been times when I said to myself “Whoa, hold on tight, this is a potent one!” One night during my sleep state my spirit and Serpent soul were taken back in time to see the first king of the jungle. It was not the lion, but the python. This python was not as we know it to be today – it was hump-backed; floated side to side slightly off the ground; and it attacked its prey through hypnotism, meaning when it caught the attention of its prey, this Snake would lock them into a trance state, and from there it was game over. We were shown this king of the jungle and the bucks in its midst, and how this python operated. This snake was creepy/freaky beyond and this rattled me a bit. Another time the soul and spirit were taken to the edge of a flat sea. The waters were turbulent and active, as in there were many small waves, and as we stood looking at this sea we saw this massive Snake come from the waters. This thing was a force, and it came from the waters to hunt on the land. It was a “Whoa!” moment as we witnessed its presence. Mention has been made of the red and black patterned Snake I woke up to from my sleep state. Shit! You are sleeping, and you wake up to this powerful Snake about two inches from your face. It stares at you with the attitude “now I am going to get you!” and from there it shoots down to your feet to gain speed just before it turns around to enter your forms with full impact. That was another “holy crap” moment. What came last night in my sleep state was another of those “Whoa, what is this!” moments. When I first began to see the unseen in my sleep state I remember seeing insects, as in slugs etc. Only a few were seen – in those early days it was more the cosmic assassins and the Serpents that came to destroy me as I was not allowed to see those from the shadows. That they existed was their secret from us. My spirit and Serpent soul were awaken to the activity around me last night as the body form lay sleeping in bed. What I saw was an insect that was a variant between a mantis and a mosquito. It put its arms on the ground to pull/lift itself out of the ground from where it existed. Then it stood on the ground – and its presence was larger than life and intimidating, as in you move back to retreat mode as you have no chance in a face-off against this entity. It stood there, proud and imposing, and it said to me “You are a good one.” What this meant is that it was there to sort out any nonsense, and those that did not toe the line, as in were not kind, would meet their fate from this entity. The point to make through all of that waffle is that one must know oneself so that you may be in a position not so much to face adversity, but rather to avoid it. Know what you are, and now for the first time really, I am talking to you the body form with your name, gender and house address. Your spirit and Serpent soul within know themselves, as in they understand the big picture, and from there can find their way to remain within the Infinite. These two are going one way, and we the body form are going the other, and this is obviously understandable as we need to survive in this dense environment. What I ask of you is allow your spirit and Serpent soul to guide you where an element of peace is met within this frequency of planet Earth. Be in a position where you stand on your feet and you know yourself – where you are unfazed by this world and what it has to offer as you are bigger than that. From there; from this foundation, you the body form starts looking within, where you unite with the spirit and Serpent soul within. What this means in simple English is that you are in this world but are no longer attached to it as you are following the lead of ones within you who truly do know more than you. But before this can happen, where you surrender to those within, you need to be in a position where you can say “okay, I know myself enough to be at peace with myself.” Life can shock you, but it doesn’t rattle you, as your foundation is unbreakable, and this is so because you know of Beasts in the seen and unseen and you are bigger than all that shit. How or why you don’t know, but you understand that what you are is above this place that is not Home. When I say “go Home to the fields of the Infinite” I am not saying something that sounds great but is beyond our dreams. Understand that there is nothing worse than being in a place where you don’t belong, be it a job you hate or a relationship that is toxic. We do not belong in this illusion. This is not a place to call Home, so the first step you the body form takes to go Home is to follow the lead of the Serpent soul and spirit within you. Over the last few nights I meet spirits and Serpent souls that are destroyed, either on their forms or emotionally, as in other have a control over them that they cannot break. When these souls and spirits understand what happened before the beginning of time that got them into this mess, they withdraw from their slavery and servitude by knowing that nonsense has no part within their existence as they are now bigger than that by knowing what they are, and what they are not is a part of cruel Beasts. To you the body form, allow those within to you guide you to a state of peace, and from there hold hands with them so that in unity the three of you may return Home.
  25. Went to sleep last night lying on my left side. I closed my eyes and allowed the exhaustion to take me over that I had been fighting off the whole day. After a few seconds I saw this large Snake curled up next to me. This was a first, as I always see them slithering towards me in mid-air. This one with the unusual patterns on its skin I found just lying next to me. So now I could not fall into a deep sleep because I wanted to see why this Snake was next to me. Was there a spirit form that accompanied the Snake? Nothing was seen around me. Then I felt this Snake enter my spirit and body form through my left forearm. This was another first as this point of entry was never used before. The Snake went to settle in my mid to lower abdomen – another first as they normally penetrate deeper within my forms. So now I am lying in bed, wishing I could just sleep, waiting to understand why this Snake was lying within my abdomen. The wait was too long and I fell asleep, to be awoken by activity around me. There were two spirits floating above me. They looked Human, but if I had to guess I don’t think they were. What made them stand out was the absolute peace within themselves that they radiated forth. I saw how the one spirit put its head between the legs of the other spirit, and from the canal between the legs of the one spirit this Snake came forth. This Snake touched the face of the spirit who was waiting there to greet it. It was a most unusual sight to witness, and in hindsight I was surprised as I thought I was the only one who knew of the Serpent souls that reside within the spirit form. This Snake that came forth was creepy looking, as in something that does not eminate from our world. Now it was my turn for this Snake to come forth and touch my face. From there it moved to my left forearm to enter my spirit and body form through there. This creepy looking Snake went to the Snake already in my abdominal area, and then I understood the setup – it was date night. So there I was lying in bed as these two Serpents were getting stuck into each other in my abdominal area – in a nice way – and I thought to myself “this is stupid beyond; I didn’t sign up for this!” What was this all about? I don’t know, but I don’t appreciate being used as a spare room where others have a romp. (The Serpent that I saw lying next to me was the male, and the other that came forth from the spirit was the female.) Jokes aside, is this what I have turned out to be – a stud farm. On this one I cannot see the big picture, but from my side I don’t appreciate what happened to me. Fuck them – they can go and fuck somewhere else.
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