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  1. One last thought: What does Divine intervention mean? – It means receiving the blueprint of a God of Love upon us the created forms within the illusion. That is Divine intervention. May Queen Semiramis bestow her Love to all. That is the only way we will get out of this mess, where we are upgraded to be a child of God rather than a product from a cruel System. May we receive this Intervention from a God that is once again a God of Love.
  2. What this journal done was heal Consciousness, and how this was done, was by understanding how Queen Semiramis created the illusionary bubble – her illusionary Garden – within the fields of Infinite Love. She took out the “I” out of the Infinite, which created a void wherein she could imagine her beautiful Garden into a false reality. This was a playground really for the Dragon and Serpent spirits to play therein – it was a place that was meant to be treat and a gift to the Serpents and Dragons. What a pity this place of Beauty was infiltrated by the parasitic frequency of Deception that arose from the curiosity of the spirits as to what else is in this Garden, as in the Infinite is the all. Their curiosity took form within the Garden and the parasite with its want infiltrated all. Those that loved the high of fulfilling their wants called this place home, as the spike of this euphoria was something they craved. Within the Dragon and Serpent spirits was the “I” as they arose from the Infinite – this place of Beauty that is natural and normal. With the cravings that the want from the parasite within created, the “I” was soon replaced by “me,” as in “what is in it for me, what can I get out of it?” From the plural came the singular; from the Infinite within was born the illusion within, meaning we became plastic and superficial, living for the now rather than being the everything and everywhere. These gods that came to rule over the illusion, we were created in their image, where “I am the one and only true god, there is no other like me.” Vanity was born – it is about me; look at me; I am better than you; you are a lesser than me. Often have I given my two cents worth as to when the Beautiful Garden of Queen Semiramis became a living hell. I would say it was when the “I” was replaced by the “me.” From this blueprint, Life, as in you and me the spirit and biological computer body form, were created. We were created in the absence of the “I” – this knowing who and what we are and from where we arose. We were created superficial, with the high of Life always being chased and met. (For us men shooting our bolt would be one of the epicenters around which our Life revolved. Our high from this act kept us in the illusion, as in this is all there is, and it’s Wow, and this high fed those from the shadows our energy to keep the Reptilian system alive, and of course we created life to feed a new generation into the System of the illusion.) The task at hand now is to return from the “me” to the “I,” and please understand we are talking about Consciousness – the only part of us that is real as it arose from the Infinite. How is this task achieved: The simple answer is to know what you are. You are Consciousness that has been restored to its full state. You are not your thoughts – your thoughts link you the spirit and body form to the illusionary realm. For me, what keeps these thoughts alive is my loneliness within. I have no friends or family, and at times the insanity of my wife comes through which drives me even deeper into loneliness, so what these thoughts do is create a happy space for me in this mad world. My thoughts are of happy, fun moments that will never materialize, but this is okay, because in that moment of the thoughts I am not alone. I know what my thoughts are, and I understand in such times they are there to keep me sane, where at least there is some happiness in my life, even if it is not real. (That is my insanity to cope in an insane illusion.) What will fill this void in my existence is the presence of Consciousness in its full might, but even there, we are not meant to be alone. It is not normal to be isolated and alone. The Wisdom Goddess Sophia did not create the Dragon spirits because she was alone or lonely – she created them as an expression of her joy and happiness, meaning the happiness of others is our happiness. It was never about “me” within the Infinite, and how we will get back to this state within the illusion where the joy of strangers is our joy is something I do not know how it will be achieved. Maybe it is to share your happiness with others, where your happiness creates a ripple effect in their existence. When I was given too by the good heart of another my natural response was to also give to others – this way is natural and normal and becomes a part of who and what you are. Another example is laughter – it is contagious as it is an expression of joy. When you laugh from expressing the joy that you are, the world cannot help but laugh with you. This morning woke up and the clear message was to shut out the curious and cruel from my existence. This has been done. We have always waited and hoped for our ship to come in, but it starts with you and not what is on the ship. My advice to you, as to myself, is to be what you are – be Consciousness in its full might. How you be what you are is to know what you not are – you are not your thoughts or wants. Years ago I read David Ickes book “Infinite Love is the only Truth, everything else is an illusion.” His book was and is the truth, but for me, it left out the finer details. What happened that this Love disappeared in our existence and was replaced with cruelty? I needed to understand what happened so that I could trace back our steps and see what happened at the very beginning what went wrong. What happened that this Beautiful Queen Semiramis went from a God of Love to a cruel God? What happened to her? What happened to us that we became so lost and lonely? This journal explains all of that so that we may understand. Now at night time when my body form sleeps my spirit is being fed moments of joy and happiness so that it may remember what we should be, where these states are the norm as they are who we are. To those on the David Icke forum I bid you farewell, as what I write about now is about my return to what I am, of which you will have no interest as you will be too busy living the Life you should lead. Blessed are you for receiving what I wish I had a long time ago, this understanding of what happened that Love was replaced by cruelty. Be happy as your awareness expands and you make the illusion your playground – what it was intended to be. Have fun and be happy. 22/01/2023
  3. Where were those I Loved and those who Loved me? Why did these in the spirit realm never come and help this Steven? The answer is because they were destroyed. Only Consciousness; this God-force could save them, which it did by being reborn into its true form. How I have missed my friends. 17th January, 2023 When my Third Eye was opened, I could see the unseen when I closed my eyes to sleep at night time. As sleep fell on my world, a new world awoke to me that we were not allowed to know existed – a world of cruelty, where you the spirit and body form are a sitting duck to those from the shadows that have embraced the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. They came in all forms and shapes, the one more despicable than the other. They would come to fuck you, to inflict a disease, to possess you, but mostly to take of your energy. When I closed my eyes to sleep, like clockwork they were there. I always wondered how they managed to enter our space so effortlessly, where it was assumed these Beasts manipulated our pineal and pituitary gland to enter our space. Maybe this is still so – I don’t know – but last night it was understood how the spirit and biological computer body form were manipulated to be at the mercy of Beasts. (Let’s not get too intense and worked up, to the point where we are the innocent little victim against the big, bad wolf, because what we do to our own as well as to the animals is despicable cruelty that we have come to see as the norm.) Last night as I slept my spirit followed someone on a bicycle. There was a warehouse of sorts with a large dilapidated wooden door. The warehouse was next to a busy road. My spirit entered the warehouse and there were different levels going downwards. I saw how this one spirit was told to get in a bath of sorts, where harm would be inflicted on this spirit. Then I saw this Dark presence around me – literally and figuratively dark. He swung a lasso of sorts around me, where one moment I felt this beautiful strong energy around me, and the next my energy was gone as it was captured by this man’s special rope. An angst filled me, where I said that I must protect myself, but this was not really possible because of the manipulation of our spirit and body form. The Life of the spirit and body form shuts down during sleep, meaning little energy is required. What energy is taken from us to feed those that have embraced the Reptilian frequency is done through manipulation, but once again, their plan has to be fool-proof so that they may go about their business unperturbed. How this is done, is through the absence of Consciousness during our sleep state. When you sleep your Consciousness sleeps, and I assume the spirit and body form shuts down/sleeps to the presence of Consciousness, but either way, its presence is absent during sleep so those from the shadows can get on doing what needs to be done to us the slave species for their survival. My guess is that Consciousness flips over, where it does not shine on the spirit and body form, meaning as the eyes close to sleep, Consciousness at our throat area rolls over to face the opposite direction. Besides the helplessness of the body and spirit during our sleep state from this Light being turned around, what is as big a disaster is there is no momentum in our existence, where what was built on during the day is undone during the night by those from the shadows. We have been played and controlled in the cruelest Game by entities whose job and passion it is to destroy us and keep us limited. Never in your wildest dreams can you imagine the scale and depths of cruelty to keep our existence on a shoe-string, where we survive from day to day to keep the System and Beasts alive and happy. Your existence, and mine, is not what one would call a life. We are at the mercy of cruel Beasts in the seen, but primarily in the unseen. About thirty or forty years ago there was a front page photo – I think for National Geographic – of a young Middle Eastern girl in her war-torn country. It was one of those split-second photos, where, as the girl looked at the photographer the photo was taken. What made the photo imprint on my mind and the minds of those that saw it was the palpable fear and anxiety in the girls eyes. This is what cruelty does: it turns innocence and joy and purity to an unexplainable, cruel fear that touches every cell of their psyche. The look of that girl could be the look on my eldest daughters face within the next year or two. It could be the look on your face, or the sea of faces around you when the reality hits us that there has always been a presence of evil amongst us, and now, in the moment, and the moments forever more, that presence has shown itself and has changed our lives forever for the worse. I knew – if I done nothing – that that day would come, just as the sun will rise and set tomorrow. That day has arrived for billions before us, and sooner or later it would be our turn. This is the simplistic reality that we cannot shy away from. By not looking, we cannot pretend the Devil is not standing right next to us. We have to break this spell of fear that is around us, where by shutting up and doing our best we believe everything will be okay for us. The Devil sees you – always has – as you have been played in their Game, but what will change is this Game will spill over into your living existence, where the luxury of complaining is now replaced by living a life of tyranny governed by fear. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that day will come unless you stop doing what you have always done. These Beasts are clever – they are really clever. For how long have we been trapped in their Game? To keep the Infinite at bay whilst you kill and destroy and shame at free will is a monumental feat. To allow this bubble of Disharmony to thrive and become stronger in this Sea of Infinite Love is something that can only be achieved by ones more clever than you and me. They have had the upper hand over us, and will continue to do so unless we do something about it. Yesterday was a remarkable day within my existence. I felt the power of what I am – this Consciousness. I felt the presence of the real me as this Steven the spirit and body form were healed. I understood why this presence was hidden, and its full might taken from us, because this presence removes us from their Game. Now we walk in fields of Love rather than their superficial, insane illusion. And yet there are still those that follow, bitching and complaining as well as understanding, where deep down, between them and them and no one else, they love this place of cruelty where evil has no friends. You are one of many – a figure – that will be destroyed as you are lined up along their production line. And this many know, and this they accept. Why is this so? – It is because these spirits and body forms cannot see what is staring them in the face – that they are insane. Never have they looked in the mirror to see what they truly are, always believing they are outsiders in this Game where none are spared. Wake up! Become what you are, or be destroyed. 07:48 19/01/2023
  4. What works well, is imagine seeing yourself on the reflection of a piece of glass, meaning you can see yourself but your image is not that clear. At your throat area is Consciousness, and this presence is real and all present. Now hold this state/image of you, so that there is an understanding that Consciousness is real and you the spirit and body form are in the background, as in not real, but always looked after by Consciousness. Consciousness looks at the health, wealth and happiness of you the spirit and body form so that peace may be attained in these illusionary body forms. Look after yourself first so that you may be in a better position to assist others. Pose the position of health, for example, of you the spirit and body form to Consciousness, and then bring forth that image of your reflection on the glass with Consciousness residing over your forms from the throat area, and from there do nothing as Consciousness does what needs to be done to bring balance and harmony to this aspect of your existence. If you wish to help another, then see their image in the glass with their Consciousness in its all-present form at their throat area. Your Consciousness now connects to theirs, and now the God-force within them is restoring disharmony to harmony. View many diseases for what they are, namely the presence of a disharmonious entity/frequency within them. Consciousness shows this entity what it is, and informs this disharmonious presence that it can accept this Love and become this Love, otherwise it leaves the presence of the spirit and body form as this presence of Love/Consciousness is here to stay as the spirit and body form now know what they are. This presence at your throat area is who and what you are that is real – everything else is an illusion. This presence is the focal point of who and what you are. Behind you, in the reflection of the glass, is the illusion and the players therein. When Consciousness takes over these reflections and become them, then you are in this world but not of it. Until that happens, the spirit and body form are reflections who understand that only Consciousness is real. May this assist you and those you Love in the way forwards. All the best, and have fun.
  5. Woke up this morning, sat on the side of the bed, and immediately the mind kicked in with its thoughts. Thinking this and that – total arbitrary nonsense. And this was the biological computer doing what it was manufactured to do – to analyze; to compute, to make sense of, and from there go forwards within the illusion and our existence where it is the same shit, just a different day. There are two parts of you: What is real that has been suppressed; and the other part is what you were manufactured to be within this illusion. The latter part of you is the plastic dummy; the barbarian; the brute; the fucked up kid who doesn’t know who and what they are, and yet they feel that either they are the victim of life, or they are right and everyone else can just fuck off because everyone else is wrong. The biggest motivator for those from the shadows to do what they have always done, namely to be cruel, is that everyone at the core of the illusion – the Reptilian frequency – does what they do. This belief is backed by the truth that there is no opposition to what they do – nobody will come and slap them on the wrist and say “naughty boy.” Sure, there is a “death,” this place called The Nothingness of the Forgotten, where they forget who and what they are, but “this is Life; what can we do about that; shit happens!” The biggest de-motivator for those Beasts in the unseen and seen is an alternative to what they have always done, because now when they are cruel, they understand there is another way other than what they have always known and done, and this is why, deep down, these brutes in the seen and unseen attack and hit those who wish to show another way. These brutes understand that with another door open it means they will have to see themselves for what they are. In the past the norm was to be cruel and inflict helplessness and sorrow, and as said, this was okay as everyone from the shadows done this. There was nothing else to compare themselves and their actions to, and this was very convenient to the sadistic Beasts that roamed the seen and unseen because it allowed them not to have a conscience. You need to understand that in the illusion the bully with his or her inflated ego were the gods that those in all realms followed. If you were bombastic, rude, arrogant and hit first and asked questions later, you paved a road for yourself in the illusion. The literal strong always overpowered the literal weak, and that is why the male is seen as a force above the female in terms of status. The name of the game in the illusion was Survival – winner takes all, and let’s just say that for many there has never been a rule book, meaning anything goes to get what you want. And that is why, for me, this illusion is such a shit place to be in, as it makes no place for the innocent and pure of heart. It is a harsh place this illusion – a place that leaves its mark on the innocent, where the Beautiful, innocent mirror is cracked to become flawed just like the place we find ourselves in. I have no right to change you or anyone else. I have no right to interfere in your existence. What I have done in writing this journal is give you an alternative to what you have always known. Now there is another way that you never knew existed. Always have I known there will come a time in this journal when understanding is not enough, where now you have to get up and choose a path – carry on doing what you always have, or do something different. There will come a time when you have to act if you want to experience an alternative to what you have always known. There are two parts within you: The manufactured spirit and biological computer body form, and the second part being this Consciousness; this strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness/this Infinite as it arose from the Infinite. Now when I heal people or animals I understand there is only so much I can do – this is a realistic phenomena, because a programmed computer body form and a manufactured spirit can only go so far as the potential they were created to be, which with all due respect is not very far. More and more I am seeing and understanding that there is not much I can do, and this is so true in terms of my happiness as an individual and a spirit. Of all that I have come to see and understand in the writing of this journal over the last almost nine years, nothing has changed in my life – I am still the fucked up, unhappy person when I began this journal, and the reason for this is my spirit and body is merely following the programme of who and what they are, which is plug into the System and make the best of what comes your way. Understand the reality of as long as you are plugged into the System you will never be happy, because you are in a simulation where you don’t belong, as well as being at the mercy of insane, cruel Beasts that have the upper hand over you as they have absorbed the power of the Reptilian frequency of the illusion. Know what you are. A part of you is real, and another part of you is an illusion. Consciousness within you is real, and everything else about you is an illusion trapped in an awful game where everyone ultimately loses. Listen to your stupid, silly thoughts that are filled with so much pessimism and destruction, and you are in the Game and being played by it. Go past thoughts, where you dismiss them as nonsense, and you live in Consciousness. I have not experienced this alternative state, so cannot tell you much about it. Much can be said about my life and my frustrations of me knowing who and what I am, yet I cannot be what I am. I need help – always have – and this help cannot touch me as long as I decide to follow the limitations of the programmed me that is plugged into the System. There really is no other way. This journal is my gift to the unseen – to the world of spirit where from all this shit started. This strand of God; the Infinite is activated within you to be what it should be, but this means nothing unless you decide to be this power that is real. What this journal gives to you the spirit and body form is something you have never had before, which is free will. Now you have the choice to choose, whereas in the past you had no alternative but what was presented to you, which was a cruel lie that this illusion is all there is and you are nothing, so know your place below your almighty god. In uncovering how the illusion was created and how Consciousness was placed on the back-burners, it is fair to say that there is not much else to talk about. So do what you have always done and you will get what you have always received, which is a spin-cycle of going nowhere, or you the spirit and body form take a back seat and allow the real you to come to the fore. Remember: Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten. You cannot be what you are unless you understand what you are – what happened that we were dumbed down into a Hell instead of playing in the fields of Infinite Love? This journal has passed on that understanding, which means nothing unless you decide to do something about it. Go to what is normal and pure and Good, or face the destruction of your own demise. With understanding comes responsibility, and the illusion and those that kept it in place knew that this would be the beginning of their end, when an alternative was given to what these bastards constructed for us. In only knowing one way – their way – now we know of another, and this forces them to look in the mirror to see what they allowed themselves to become. I have no intention of hanging around to see the wrath these Beasts in the seen and unseen will impose on themselves to try and make their wrongs right. I will not be there when a justice is met for those that so mercilessly destroyed all that was good and pure, and why this is so, is because I am tired of being in the presence of Beasts and in this place where I don’t belong. I know what I am – I just don’t know how to get there. How this is solved is by following this God-force within – this Consciousness. 16/01/2023 (May this please be the end of this journal where nothing else needs to be said.)
  6. You want to do repairs on your hot air balloon, you don’t work on it whilst floating from above the ground – you deflate the balloon; drop her to the surface of the Earth, and from there you leisurely go about your business of repairs. When we talk about Consciousness and the fields of Infinite Love, understand that this is everything, and there is nothing else. The illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis was a bubble within this Infinite – one small air bubble in a never-ending sea. Her beautiful Garden fell to depths of frequencies that I would call Hell, and those that liked it there made sure this Hell became the all for those in this bubble, meaning these twisted entities made sure we became trapped in this place, where we never leave as this is all we are allowed to know. You cannot compare the illusion to the Infinite as there is no comparison, as even within this illusion the Infinite is present as it is everywhere and everything. The question you have to ask is how did these wasted spaces; these architects of the dense frequency illusion that built its walls to keep us therein – how did they do it? How does a 2mm tall ant go against a 200ft giant and get the better of it? Sure enough, we were manipulated and controlled and suppressed, but how did they keep the Infinite from touching us, which brings us back to the analogy of the hot air balloon – how did they suck the Infinite out of us and our space so that they could work on us with ease and comfort knowing there is no threat from the Infinite to destroy their plans for their dystopian utopia that is absent of Love? What you do, is you go to this strand; this essence; this Consciousness within you around which all Life is created within the illusion. This Consciousness, which I say is located at the throat area of the spirit and us the biological computer – this Consciousness needs to remember what happened that it got separated from the mother ship which is the Infinite beyond the illusion. Ask the question – the right question – and you will receive the answer. The question being: “What did they do to the real you; this Consciousness, that kept it separate from the Infinite that is in truth everywhere?” When I go into the stillness to understand what happened, I feel the listlessness of Consciousness, as in it is there, but it is stagnant and lifeless. From there we trace back the steps to what happened to it. As we know, the Consciousness within you was separated from the Infinite, and how this was done, was the same technique Queen Semiramis applied to create the bubble of the illusionary Garden within the Infinite, where from the everything she created an isolated pocket separate from the everything. The architects within the dense illusion did not have to re-invent the wheel, they just followed/copied what Semiramis done when she created her Beautiful Garden that was separate from the Infinite – an air bubble within an infinite ocean. So the answer lies with Queen Semiramis. How did she create this small bubble in the ocean of the Infinite? She removed the “I,” as in “I am the one and only true God……..there is no other like me” from Consciousness. “I know what I am, as I am what I am. I am everything as this is all there is” Consciousness, as in its true Infinite state, knew what it was as there is no other. To create her illusionary Garden, Semiramis needed a blank slate to create from, meaning Consciousness needed to be removed from the equation, meaning Consciousness/the Infinite had to forget what it was. Semiramis could not have Life on the Life she wished to create, so the canvas had to be blank, namely devoid of Life, and from there she could play with her imagination. So the Life that is Consciousness/the Infinite became a bubble, and from this bubble Life could be created through the power/frequency of imagination. A hypnotist can tell you to eat an onion and make you believe the onion is an apple, and you will know no better, such is the ease as which a frequency/belief can be placed within this empty bubble that was Consciousness. The intent of Queen Semiramis was pure – there was no foul play intended. From the Infinite she created a blank state, as in she removed the “I” from the Infinite in order to produce a sphere/bubble in which she could create her illusionary Garden. There was nothing wrong in doing so. It was those that wanted to enslave those within this bubble that were the bastards to be marked for eternal damnation. How they done it; how they kept the hot air balloon from naturally rising up to be one with the Infinite, was to remove the “I” from the Consciousness states within the illusion, and in doing so, Consciousness forgot who and what it was, meaning their plan to create this Hell was fool-proof, as how do you awaken something that was manipulated to be a shell of what it was? How do you awaken this God-within when it was manipulated to forget itself? It comes back to that ayahuasca ceremony I attended, where this force shook me over and over again, all the while telling me to remember what I am. This force was addressing the Consciousness within and not Steven the spirit or biological computer. How clever are those that entrapped us! And so are we. By knowing what happened – what should not have happened – we return the Consciousness within the illusion to what it should be. The “I” is returned to Consciousness, meaning what is within you that is real is restored to its full potential so that it may be one with the Home where it belongs. So be it.
  7. What would have nipped the bud of the Disharmonious illusion before it even have a chance to form was if we could differentiate between the truth and a lie. The lie was born through destitute, where you will come to believe anything in order to find a way back to peace. Hope was born, where I listen to you, and pray this is the answer we need to resolve the conflicts within and without, but deep down we knew everything was a lie, and the foundation of that lie was from being in a place where we don't belong. Many came to love this place, especially when things were going right, and if a wobbly was hit now and then, well it’s our right to throw a tantrum, because now things are not going our way, and this is not right. The brat was born, where “make sure everyone I am happy, and if I am not, you will hear about it!” Hope is below the brat – it knows of no such thing, as there is an expectancy that Life will carry them along their entitled path of privilege. And then there are those that truly worry about the state of madness around them, where they do all they can to keep the ship from avoiding unnecessarily turbulent waters. What these captains with their good hearts sooner or later understand is there is only so much they can do. As a healer and a father and a husband, and one who understands that the string is only so long as there is only so much we can do, I see my limitations in terms of where we are and where we should be. The space between these two points is huge, and for me, can only be filled through Divine intervention. I will walk and walk and walk, and that is okay, but there comes a time when I can no longer walk alone, and the reason for this is because we are not meant to walk alone. Understand that to be created through Love and then be dropped like a hot potato had an impact on us all. The Love of our God within the illusion became a twisted love, where strife and heartache and sorrow became weaved into our fabric as the norm. This is something I have never accepted as normal, where a brotherhood and sisterhood were cast aside so that it may be all about me, me and me. Is there something else we need to understand before Divine intervention shines forth upon us? If so, I open myself up to it so that we may begin being in the presence of the one who created us with Love. What do I expect from Divine intervention? We are not so much lonely entities, rather we are alone. What should be a oneness with our existence is absent, and that I miss – being in the space of Love that is everywhere. I don’t have to go somewhere to find this state as it is everywhere within my existence. I miss being bathed in Love, where no matter what, I know everything will always be okay as I am what I am meant to be and am one with my creator. Is that really too much to ask? Apparently “yes,” as one had to understand why the Love of a God became a twisted, cruel love, and from there, we had to understand what we are so that we may be in a position to receive this Love when it is made available. The other day was asked to once again help this horse, and this time around knew that Divine intervention was needed, as there is only so much I can do. This horse was helped where I could not help, and this is wonderful, but I am sure for many out there this walking alone has its limit as we understand there is only so much we can do. May Divine intervention touch us all and stay with us. If this is not possible, then allow us to understand what needs to be understood to bring forth this natural phenomena of a Gods/Mothers Love for all within the illusion.
  8. My spirit asked the permission of Queen Semiramis to find a solution to the chaos of the illusion – what happened that we found ourselves touched by the cruelty of Life where this occurrence was seen as the norm? Years ago my spirit travelled to a cosmic laboratory to see how Life was created, and those there said I had access to enter. I never knew it at the time, but they knew Semiramis gave my spirit free reign to wander the illusion looking for answers. The bummer was that I was on my own, meaning either I would make it or I wouldn’t. When this journal started I remember my spirit walking in some realm. This entity on its horse climbed off the horse and proceeded to give my spirit a serious attack, as I was not allowed to be in this realm. This was the start of the abuse, which went into overdrive when I hit the Reptilian frequency of the illusion and those that dwell in its shadows. My immunity to their poison, as well as me seeing my attackers and possessors saved me, otherwise I would have been a goner. Your Serpent children are free my lady, meaning surely now you are free. Now all you do is just shine – just be what you are, and the illusion will return to what you created it to be, which is a place of Beauty. But let’s not dwell too long in this playground – let’s rather look to going Home to the Infinite where we belong. The same has been done to the children of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia - the dense frequency in which her Dragon spirit children were trapped is now what it should be, meaning they are free so that the Dragon souls may return to them from The Nothingness of the Forgotten to where they fell. May this Creator too now shine, knowing her children are safe and free. May she call the Dragons and Serpents forth to the Infinite where they belong. So be it. What an awful ride it has been! May it be over so that we in the illusion may start healing, where abnormal turns to normal, where there is a peace as we see Home in our sights.
  9. With the task of the spirit complete, now it turns to itself, and what this primarily involves, is the spirit being where it belongs. Remember what your spirit is – it is a vessel created by the Love of a God. So you the spirit are Love, which is another way of saying you are the Infinite. When you the spirit know what you are, then you are where you belong. May this Love what you are touch the biological computer body form. The wonderful news is now the spirit can care for itself, meaning no Divine intervention is necessary, and from there the spirit will touch us the body form.
  10. When things began to go south within the illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis, we the spirit were created to house the children/kin of Semiramis, namely the Serpent souls – what came to be called the kundalini/Serpent/Dragon force within. We the spirit were given the gift of a Good Heart, which was bestowed to us by the Love of a God, which was Queen Semiramis as she created the illusion. So surely we the spirit are free of our task of looking after this precious cargo when this Serpent soul within is free from its cavern/space within us? And surely what freedom means to this Serpent is when it is where it belongs, namely this Serpent being elevated from the chaos of the illusion to the Infinite that is real? And surely the stepping stone to this freedom for this Serpent soul is the understanding of what happened that a vessel/spirit was created to carry this child away from harms reach. So for us the spirit to be free, are we free from our task? Let’s put aside this Consciousness thing and go back to basics – we the spirit were created for a task, so is our task complete? When I go into the space of this Serpent within me, I feel it there. (The other day saw this lady who was losing it, meaning her mind and capacity to function. Her Serpent soul was attacked and abducted, and when it was returned to her, with the understand passed on to this Serpent of who and what it is, this lady was okay, so the point to make is that if this Serpent force is absent from your space then there is cause for alarm. It has to be within you, otherwise your spirit is useless and withers away.) When asked what this Serpent soul within needs to attain freedom, I feel it pulled downwards like water leaving a basin, and from there, in the space of the illusion, this Serpent hovers and looks, meaning it does not know where to go. So what you do, is go into the space of the Serpent spirit, this goliath from which your Serpent soul was cloned, and one awakens this sleeping giant so that it may call forth its double to once again be one with it. You the spirit goes into contemplation and awakens the Serpent spirit from which the Serpent soul that is within you was cloned from. By “awakening,” we mean tell it the story of what happened that we all got into this mess, and how this story is told, is by you the spirit showing this Serpent spirit what you are, as what you are is understanding and the truth. It is not your story; it is merely what happened. This is what I have missed – that everything has to be done in baby-steps. Until our task of releasing our precious cargo to where it belongs is done, we have to do everything ourselves – no help coming our way. When we are free of our task of looking after God’s child, then we can focus on ourselves. And this is fair, as we accepted this child within us and were honoured to be given this task. That is why the attack or abduction of this child within is the demise of us the spirit, as this child and its safety is what defines us. This story has been told to the Serpent spirit that is one with the soul within me, so when I go into the space of this Serpent soul within me, what I feel and see is the cosmos – this black mass, slowly spinning anti-clockwise, and then clockwise. Then this mass awakens and comes alive, and I understand it was not so much the Serpent spirits that fell into slumber as they fell from the less dense illusion into a denser space, but rather what was suspended was the frequency of the illusion itself. As an example, if the space of the illusionary Garden was water, this water fell to a dense state and became ice, trapping all those within its space in this ice mass. This frequency density is the one who needed the story to be told to it, and not the Serpent spirit. The “ice” needed to understand how it turned from “water” to “ice,” which it does now, and this releases those stuck therein, meaning they can be what they are as they are once again in the space of the less dense illusionary Garden. When I go into the space of the Serpent soul within me now, I feel it depart its cavern, meaning it goes downwards from my pelvis, and now I feel this soul within the space of the Garden – this less dense place. This Serpent soul has been elevated to where the Serpent spirit waits for it. My goodness me – now they are once again one. Wow, that took a long time in the making to return this child of God to where it belongs. It is Home, and that is something spectacular! (With the Serpent spirits free from the dense frequency that kept them in slumber, as well as this child of God that was within us now safe where it belongs, I imagine that now the puppets will begin to dance – now things will start happening.)
  11. Is this what I have been searching for, for all this time? Is this, the gift of the Good Heart, what brings heaven unto earth, where the Infinite touches the illusion? The gift of the Good Heart awakens the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness at our throat area, and the upward flow of this force bursts forth from the head area, where now our energy is fusing with the Infinite. The regulator of this connection to the Infinite is at the nail area of our right big toe, allowing the flow of the Infinite in accordance to what we can handle. Is this gift from a God of Love the treasure I have been looking for over all these lifetimes, so that we may be free from this illusion? I would say “yes.” 8th January, 2023. So what happened? Why were we in this mess for so long? The answer is that it was never about us. We always focused on ourselves – always a self-interest. We never looked to what was beyond us, namely the children of a God and a Creator. What else is there that is beyond me? Why are others not happy? What is the origin of their unhappiness that will with surety touch me one day? In this game of survival, where the winner takes all, it was always about me. Me, me and me. That was the issue at hand – we never asked what is beyond me that needs our help, as surely the origin of all this heartache comes from somewhere. Our vanity made us look to ourselves, when there were more pressing matters at hand, such as a God and a Creator and their children stuck within an illusion – a place where they don’t belong; a place that is not Home, as Home is the Infinite for all of us. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad – am merely stating a fact so that we may learn from it. Go beyond the “me” and “I.” Make sure your happiness shines for all, and not just for you at that moment in time. Remove all barriers to once again become a child of the Infinite. Have fun. 9th January, 2023. This morning asked those that are in a position to help us – those that have been helped through the understandings of this journal – I asked them to help me. This was done because I need help. I am not made for this world – I do not belong here. If I am to stay I need help, otherwise will never make it. Never do I doubt what I have seen and come to understand in the writings of this journal. It all makes sense to me and is the truth. Now it is us the slave species that have to be touched by the Love of a God and a Creator and the Infinite, which is the most natural process there is as this Love is all that is real – everything else is an illusion. To replace insanity with sanity must be as natural as breathing. I just need their help now, otherwise will never make it. What is this gift of a Good Heart? It is our conscience; our integrity. It is the understanding to always focus on what is real, namely this Consciousness within, as this reminds us of Home. By staying true to what is real the illusion cannot touch us. Why did we forsake this gift? I would say for the allure of the illusion – for all that glitters. Our Beauty became a self-obsessed beauty, where it was about “look at me – how clever I am; what I have; what I have that you don’t.” We went without rather than going within. Why this was done, I can only assume because everyone went that way, and we didn’t want to miss out or be seen as an outsider. Those that turned their backs on this insanity were never left at peace – they were hunted down and destroyed so that they may not be a reminder to the insane what is sane. My prediction for this year is the insane will understand their insanity is not normal. This comfort zone of “the illusion is like this, so it is okay if I am like this” – this parachute will fall away and they will face the reality of what they are. If there is anything else that needs to be said or done to help those that were in a position to help us, then I open myself up to receive this understanding. If nothing more needs to be said or done, I ask for Divine intervention to help us the slave species, and all those that wish to be free of this prison of smoke and mirrors – this illusion. 11th January, 2023
  12. As a young boy, there was no real attraction towards action-hero’s during my playtime, but if you asked me to whom I looked up to, it would not have been Batman or Superman, but rather the wise old man. I always figured that if you understand everything there would be no need for violence. During the writing of this journal, I have always felt our spirit is attached to different personalities, meaning the spirit is linked to more than one entity. Now I understand what is going on. Within the illusion we have not evolved, but rather de-volved, meaning we have become more lost and confused rather than enlightened. From what the spirit was created to be, to what it is now, is like comparing night to day – there is no comparison. As hard as we tried, we never seemed to get it right, and this “I am doing my best but am getting nowhere in terms of peace and Love” has had a heavy burden on the spirit. Something has always been wrong, and we could never put our finger on it, where the normal has been replaced by abnormal; the sane removed and in its place the insane. Disharmony in any shape or form is not meant to exist, as this is not who and what we are. We the spirit never knew of the parasitic frequency of Deception – this worm that took as this is all it knew. Those that embraced this take and want formed another frequency that was to become the cornerstone of our created hell, namely the Reptilian frequency of the illusion, where now the gloves are off and there is no trying to be mister of missus nice spirit or person. Now we know this dump for what it is, so let’s rock and roll – let’s ride this Reptilian frequency wave and make this illusion our home. The more suffering, the more heartache – we love it; bring it on. Over what we would call “time,” your spirit and mine has been fucked up on more than one occasion, and there has never been a reprive where we can catch our breath, take stock of who and where we are, and from there strategize a new plan to make sense of all of this. We have fallen further and further from what we initially were manufactured to be, and let’s just say our falls have not been graceful or pleasant. Survival has dented us badly, and we have done our best to roll with the blows as we hold onto our sanity and integrity. Your spirit has lived many lifetimes, and over what we would call time your spirit has altered and regressed as the illusion got the better of it. We never started anew on a blank slate – we always carried our excess baggage with us, and what this was, was the confusion within us as to why is Life a struggle for so many when it should be a natural, free-flowing state of Love? My hero the wise old man or woman has never really existed. Throughout our lifetimes we get worse, not wiser and more refined. I do my best to be a better person than what I was yesterday, but transformation does not start with Steven this body form, but rather my spirit. So yes, I was right – the spirit is attached to different entities/personalities, and who and what they are, are the different states/personalities of the spirit as it de-volved as the illusion pulled the spirit down with it in a never ending cycle of chaos and mayhem. The spirit has moved on from one state to the next as it coursed through the maze of Life. What your spirit was when it was initially manufactured, and what it is now, is literally like night and day – complete opposites. Between now and then your spirit has grown different traits, with some being modified within us by the architects of the illusion, so to say your spirit is linked to other personalities is the truth, but these are not other entities within the illusion, but rather the different states/personalities of the spirit during its time in this hell-hole called Life within the illusion. So by your spirits understanding that the curiosity of the Dragon and Serpent spirits within the Infinite as to what else is in this illusionary Garden of Queen Semiramis created a parasitic worm within the illusion that infiltrated all and formed a want in them, by understanding this, there is no need for the spirit to carry on searching for understanding – now it can peel away the layers of what the illusion moulded the spirit to become so that it may return to its true state. Where is our gift of a Good Heart that Queen Semiramis bestowed upon us with her pure Love? The answer is beneath the layers of personalities that the spirit has been born into – moulded into – as it was panel-beated by the chaos of the illusion. I say all of this because now during my sleep state I sense my spirit and it is one I am not familiar with, meaning my spirit is going back along the line to what it should be, and along the way it is touching the different traits that it was. This has no influence on this Steven the biological body form, as the spirit in its lost and confused state never had a true impact on the body form in the more dense “physical” realm within the illusion. What will impact you and me is when our spirit is what it was manufactured to be, namely a vessel of Love to house the child of God within – namely the Serpent soul/kundalini force, which is a literal Snake in a less dense frequency form. It comes back to the heart energy field and our gift therein. The layers need to be peeled away so this force can awaken and shine. With self-respect restored to the spirit, may it happen in this day.
  13. For me, if I have integrity, it means I treat you with respect. I can be having a bad day, or a bad month, or a bad life, but never will I treat you with disrespect, and this is so because nothing gives me the right to let out my frustrations on you. I might not have a smiling happy-face because Life is getting the better of me, and I apologize for this as I cannot be anything else than what I am at that moment, but I will never be rude to you, and this is so because my integrity is important to me, where I refuse to lower myself to become a savage Beast that treats you like dirt, where I feel because I am unhappy, I have the right to make you unhappy. That, for me, is integrity, where I keep my values when Life is bombarding me 24/7 with asteroids, where I refuse to lower myself to become a Beast, where you now fight fire with fire. Life is shit, so I can be shit towards you. This I will never do. What self-respect is, is where there is an unwritten rule, where as long as I hold onto my integrity, and I treat you with respect, then you do the same to me. Self-respect is part of the law of attraction, where do unto others as you would have others do unto you; be the change you want to see in the world; kindness begets kindness, and all the other feel good sayings that are absolute bullshit because they are not realistic. What self-respect should be, is where I treat you with respect, so naturally you treat me with respect, and there is no other compromise. I do not allow you to treat me like dirt as my natural integrity does not allow for this. Goodness, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing, where if anything, it is our primary weakness. Do your best, and when your spirit departs this dense space to go to the spirit realm, you will be awed by the place you find yourself in – euphoric comes close to describing this place, but there are no words to experience the freedom from this dense place where you either make it or you don’t. Now here is the big issue at hand: These good spirits – and there are many – are being manipulated by Beasts from the shadows that are playing them in a cruel game. So where is the self-respect of the good spirits? The answer is in the grand scheme of things, they have none, because unknown to them, they are puppets that are feeding Beasts and the system their energy. In this holy-than-holier beautiful place of the spirit realm these Beautiful spirits are putty in the hands of demented, evil beings that have no conscience or consideration for others. So what we define as self-respect, where you treat me with dignity as I treat you with consideration, what we would define as self-respect is non-existent in the illusion. This is what we get from being played in a cruel Game that we are not aware of. This is what our naivety brings us, where we believe that if we are Good, we automatically find ourselves in the space of good people and spirits. And this, for me, is the biggest soul-destroying phenomena within the illusion, where no matter how hard I try, where I always do my best and keep my side clean, I will never be rewarded by being amongst my own, so that they may uplift me and me them to rise above this mess. How would you like it if a stranger walks into your home and calls your home theirs, where they are now a part of your existence, and now you have to accommodate them as well? The other night when I went to sleep, having endured another day of debilitating exhaustion, what I was shown as I closed my eyes to sleep, was me lying on the bed. Then I saw this spirit sit up from being within my space, and then it departed my space through the wall next to the bed. This I have seen before, where in my sleep state I would see this spirit bathing in the space of my wife’s spirit. Why is this allowed? The answer is because we do not have self-respect, meaning we do not have boundaries as to who can and cannot enter our space. But of course the big question is how did we lose our self-respect, and the answer may be through deception, where those from the shadows have always played with us without us being aware of this, but surely there has to be more to it than that! How is it possible that we always keep our side clean and be and do Good, yet we always get our teeth kicked in for our efforts? There is something wrong, and we need to understand now what it is. The question we have to answer is what broke down our natural defenses that allowed Beasts to enter our space in the seen and unseen? I would say that the flaw of the spirit and the Serpent soul is they have unconditional Love, meaning others are equally important, if not more so than themselves. I care about you. How are you? These noble and natural traits are what defines Life as what it should be, but there is the rub – Life is not as it should be. The answer to our predicament is that we have never thought about ourselves, because in the spirit realm we are one step closer to our God who is looking after us, so there is no need for me to look after me as God is doing that for me. Always, the belief of the Good is something bigger than us is looking after us, and from where this belief came was from the truth – that there was a time when a God of Love looked after us and wished for only the best for us. This Love of Queen Semiramis became a twisted love that hurt like hell, and somewhere along the way we have always held onto this belief that we are looked after. We are not – we were at one stage – but we have not been cared for, for a long, long time. To attain self-respect, we need to look after ourselves, and what this means, is we allow those into our space that are like us. With self-respect, we can bring into our existence those words that sound great but meant nothing, where now they are relevant as now we are looking after ourselves, meaning we only wish for the best for ourselves as we are the best we can be. The spirit and kundalini/Serpent soul need to grow up, otherwise we will never make it. Look after yourself so that you may look after others. Only Goodness comes into your space as you are good. If there is no godness/goodness in your space in the seen and unseen, then move to where there is, and allow this Goodness that you are to be incorporated into your existence. With your self-respect now up, the law of attraction will guide you to where you belong.
  14. Take your Fiat Uno to the local racetrack, put your foot flat on the gas peddle, and try and push her to 150 miles per hour. You will see that it is not possible, as she is not manufactured for that speed. My wife tells me that when menopause is hit, the body stops producing oestrogen, as the breeding lifespan of the body is now over so this hormone is no longer necessary. That the body has a serious dip in functionality in response to the absence of this hormone is irrelevant, as this is the way the body was manufactured. There is not even an option of “take it or leave it,” as this is the way things are. So please understand that there are some things you and I cannot do. As healers, or whatever profession where you push yourself beyond what is acceptable, there is only so much we can do. It is good to know what you can do, but it is vital to know what you cannot do. Those that say “nothing is impossible” are talking through their arses, because within the illusion there are limits. So understand what has just been said, as this is the truth, but also understand that within you is Consciousness that is from the Infinite – which is limitless. We have to step aside and allow this Infinite to touch us and our lives, otherwise we will always be limited. Step aside to allow this Consciousness to make its mark on your existence and those you touch. Don’t you try and change because you cannot as we have been dumbed down and limited. You cannot change what you are, so what Consciousness does is gives you an upgrade to bring forth peace and what is normal within your existence. Remember what I am saying: There is only so much we can do, which is really almost nothing. So allow Consciousness to take to the reins and take over your existence. Shift from you to Consciousness, otherwise you stay where you are. How this is done by you getting out the way so that the real you may come to the fore, and how this is done is by someone making you aware of it – which has been done now.
  15. Just for the record, this journal is eight years and eleven months in the writing tomorrow. Understand that this journal has consumed my waking and sleep state, meaning I could not rest until it was complete, meaning there was not much time for anything else in my life but this journal. The last few months the madness of the world and those that dwell therein upped my intensity, where I pushed with everything I had as I felt the tentacles of this mad world touch me more and more with each passing day. I knew I had to go hard to find the answers to complete this journal, as being where I don’t belong, in the seen and unseen, was becoming palpable, and I knew there was only so much I could handle. So I pushed so that the journal could be complete before I popped. Another note for the record books is nothing written in this journal has touched the Life of Steven, meaning no aspect of my Life has been uplifted through what has been written. Today I understood why this is so. Everything that has been written has been for the unseen realms of the illusion, as in the spirit realm. Nothing is going to change in the seen realm of this world and the other worlds in the illusion unless the unseen/spirit realms are what they should be, meaning those that are in a position to help are doing so, meaning the Love of a God and a Creator are returning the illusion to what it should be, so that it may be a stepping stone for all there in the spirit realm to return to the Infinite – this place that is real where we Consciousness belong. Today something happened that has not happened since the inception of this journal, and what that was, was this Steven focused on the seen realm, meaning those that have helped in the spirit/unseen realm are now in a position to touch those in the seen realm of the worlds of the illusion. Nothing has changed in the Life of Steven because I am in the seen realm, and this journal was written for the unseen, meaning nothing was going to change in my life and yours in the seen realm until the unseen is sorted. As of today, all of this has changed, by the focus moving from the unseen to the seen, where you and I the biological body form reside. You go into the stillness of the silence, and in this moment of contemplation, you draw all the shite, as in accumulated toxins within you, to one central cluster point. From there Consciousness shines on this mess and it is gone. Consciousness in its awakened state now begins to naturally look after us, and from there Consciousness finds our place and what is best for us in the seen of the illusionary realm. And of course all of this is speculation. Nothing is definite until our Life is touched for the better. 2nd January, 2023 Looking back on my childhood, one of my earliest memories was having these dreams in my sleep state of me failing my exams. The dreams were often, and they were palpable, such was the level of fear they induced from me. Now we know these dreams were implanted by those from the shadows to absorb the energy the dream released to feed these Beasts. What happened to me happened to everyone. Maybe you don’t remember your implanted dream, but trust me, they were there, as I alone cannot feed these Beasts. Last night another dream was implanted, where I was writing an exam in two days’ time and had not learnt for it. As soon as this implanted dream made itself known to me, I questioned this moment that was to happen. It did not make sense to me, and this questioning rather than acceptance blew this implanted dream out the water that those from the shadows placed within my presence. What this means, is the stranglehold of these Beasts over my mind is no more, meaning this biological computer body form is not what it was. The ripple effect of the transformation in the spirit realm, as well as the presence from those that can help are now being felt in the seen. This year will be a good year for the Good. The days of the wild West, where you do what you want when you want because you can, are over. What a shocker it will be for these Beasts in the seen when they see what they have allowed themselves to become, where they turfed their integrity and self-respect to become a Beast of the lands. I leave them be and move on to where I belong. 3rd January, 2023
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