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  1. (For those of you that have been blocked by those from the unseen, this is for you.) So last night, before I went to sleep, I discussed with my wife the peculiar case of Steven Geldenhuys. How is it that he cannot find his feet within the worlds of Hell? How is it that he gets up every morning and just drifts – there is nothing he has to go and do; there is no contribution he can make to society, as all he does is drift. I assure you all I have done my best. I assure you all that I offer a world-class service in what I do. And there I am, where I see maybe one patient a
  2. to all those following the thread. am signing off now. thanks for taking the time to read what i wrote.
  3. During my sleep state last night my astral form found itself in a classroom of sorts. As I sat by my desk in my row, I found myself talking to someone. I told them that I did not like this school – it was too limiting, and that the other school was more fun. From this classroom I found myself in the school hall. Those that wanted to have fun had to go and sit on the stage. Being a loner by nature I was somewhat surprised with myself for standing up and going to the stage. On the stage there were a group of us, and there was also a large group that were still sitting in the hall. I remembe
  4. Yesterday evening I watched the movie The Island with Ewan McGregor. Have seen it before, so just watched snippets here and there. In the one scene the character played by Ewan asks his friend: “What is God?” The friends answer went something like: “There are times when you feel you need help. So you prayer for help. That something that ignores you when you ask for help – that’s God.” I found that very amusing, as that kind of talk fits well into this journal, where things just are the way they are, no matter how fancy you wrap them up or candy-coat them. To the innocent and to the weak,
  5. When this journal began, I awoke one morning with a word in my head that I could not shake off. Something or someone implanted the word so that I may understand. The word was Kwinn. Kwinn is a character from the “A Real American Hero comics.” They describe Kwinn as: “The mercenary known as Kwinn works for some of the most despicable people on earth. The kind of people you say wouldn't have the slightest idea what scruples are. And yet, Kwinn holds a strict code of honor that urges him to keep his word and maintain his part of the bargain. Even if he feels that he may be on th
  6. The Wisdom Goddess Sophia created the Dragon spirits. The impact zone from her fall created the Serpent spirits. The Dragons and the Serpents were brothers and sisters - they were one. When these spirits entered the illusionary bubble/world/frequency of Queen Semiramis, the parasitic frequency of Deception that arose from their curiosity took them unknowingly over. This was the beginning of what would become known as insanity, and its offshoots such as cruelty, hate, jealousy, etc. We lost our marbles; our sanity, and this would be okay if we stayed in our little isolated bubbles and kep
  7. Even with my first memories, the more Life touched me, the more I withdrew from this unfamiliar place. Many get up and get on with Life – I needed someone to hold my hand and let me know things will be okay. This never happened. If there was even a competition for Lost Fart of the 20th and 21st century, I would have won the competition hands down. What came last night in my sleep state were what I would classify as a bunch of idiots and hooligans, but this was not the case, as they came with a plan. Their actions were to irritate me; to draw me into a fight, but what they actually
  8. For me, the release of the kundalini energy within our forms is the awakening of the Serpent soul within, in terms of this Serpent seeing the big picture. The Serpent soul and its vehicle us the biological computer are now observers rather than followers – we can see, and then changes are made to transform. By standing back, observing and understanding, the transformation is made in that moment, as one sees what it should be, and in that moment it is what it should be. In treating animals, one needs to understand two components: what is the cause of the problem, and where is the prim
  9. Last night a dream/story was implanted during my sleep state. I followed the story – I gave it attention/energy. Then I awoke from the implanted dream, and through my Third Eye I saw the one who had implanted the dream so that they may take of my energy to survive. The entity I saw was a monster, as in not Human looking. It had a torso and arms and legs and a head, but it was made of what looked like a black charcoal material. Through this entities eyes, my energy looked like balls of charcoal, as this is what I saw lying above my head. This entity took these balls of my energy, an
  10. Around every corner, and inevitably with every conversation, one is witness to the insanity of Life. That we have allowed ourselves to fall so low, where others suffer from our actions, and we cannot see this suffering that we have caused, this is truly an indication that we live in a mad world occupied by mad people. We have become engulfed and washed away in a cesspool of self-centeredness and nastiness, where we are oblivious of the gut-wrenching heartache our decisions have on others. Why is this so? It is because we have drifted further and further away from what is real; from
  11. I don’t understand what came last night, so I don’t feel the need to talk about it, but I will because there might be relevance to it later on. Through my Third Eye, I saw these black, tubular shadows moving around me as I lay in bed sleeping. I looked, and saw them, and went to sleep, and later I saw them again. Then I saw the mouth of a monster that was right against my face. This mouth looked like the sucking part of my pool-cleaning device. Then I saw these same black, tubular shadows standing in line. The line extended across the path of my wife and I as we were lyin
  12. Let’s take it back a few steps…. We saw Semiramis with this glorious Glow around her, and we were relieved, as this exalted one would lead us back Home. So what we done was give Semiramis our power. What we mean by this on a deeper level is that we stopped looking to ourselves for answers. We became followers – meek followers, and as leaders lead and followers follow, we gave our power away to the leader, as this power was no longer needed by us. This we all understand, but, and this is the big “but” – what did Semiramis do once she had our power? If you coerce others to
  13. To assist the community, I patrolled the area in my car on Monday morning between midnight and two in the morning. As I drove around a bend, I saw about five or six zebras in front of me. The esoteric significance of this encounter has stayed with me, where I need to understand the energy exchange between this “chance” meeting. The clairvoyant Ted Andrews says the following regarding Zebra energy: "Zebra energy will help you to take the apparently conflicting parts of your personality and weave them into a pattern which is unique, distinctive and beautiful. As a zebra, the artist
  14. The other day when we said connect to the strand within the cosmic quantum computer machine, it was some time after that that I saw the “face” of this machine. It was half human, half some or other strange looking creature – something like the monkeys in the movie Horton Hears a Who. What I would like to say is this: Your strand connects to the strand within the cosmic quantum machine, and from there these two strands connect to the Tree within the Infinite. From the Tree the loop is made back to you the strand. This connection pulls you closer to Home with each passing moment. 20:39
  15. The strength of the weak and the cruel is the lie. The destroyer of all that is Good is the lie. The foundation of Hell, where this ship has being steered into an abyss, is the lie. For Hell to exist, we have to believe the lie. But we are not that stupid – eventually we will see through the lie. So what Hell done was meet us halfway, where we were given the truth, but this truth was a twisted truth. That we were born of a God that loves us more than anything is the truth. That we were manufactured in a cosmic laboratory to be a slave species so that the cruel may feed from our energ
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