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  1. wow. wouldn't it be something if the journey is complete.
  2. (I helped a horse – because I can. The horse said to me: “How can I help you?” I told the horse my problems. The horse said to me: “As you have helped me through Love (that something bigger than you,) why don’t you ask the same Love to help you?” I told Love my problems.) 15th January, 2021. What I said above is not airy-fairy. If you want help, you go to the right people for help. In most cases, our problems are bigger than people – we need Divine help. To transform the seen world, one needs to transform the unseen world, because the unseen controls
  3. So let’s get something straight: What if I am wrong? I see what I see in my sleep state, and this is what it is, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, as what I see is there. In the book The Demon Syndrome by Nancy Osborn with Ann Haywood, the demon that controls Ann Haywood Ann calls “the Lady.” To say that this Lady is a powerful mother-fucker is a massive understatement to her immense power. In the above-mentioned book on page 164 the Lady says to Ann: “Every human being has been assigned a spirit entity that watches over each soul. ……… Although they are sel
  4. Within a field of the Infinite the Dragon and Serpent children played. Semiramis too wished for such a beautiful place that Sophia had created. She said to the children: “Come and play in my Garden, and you can experience more than what you already have.” Many took of the frequency; they bit of the apple, and they Fell into the illusionary Garden of Semiramis. By “illusion,” we imply something that is not real, and this Garden was not real as it was separate from the Infinite – separate in the sense that Semiramis created it and not one of the Creators from the All within the Infinite.
  5. Anything you do within Hell will be countered by Hell, as you are within a frequency that has the majority vote – on the contrary, it is the only vote. For some weeks now I have been treating a dog with a horrific tumour in its mouth – the size of the tumour was about the size of your hand. The cause of the tumour was from the infiltration of a huge astral Snake – the tumour was an expression of the Snake within this reality. Look at the tumour with our eyes, and you see a tumour. Look at the tumour from the eyes from those from the shadows and you see a snake showing its ugly
  6. hi yes, you are right - i am hard on our species. there are no doubt many good people out there. may i meet them before my time is up here so that the scales may be balanced, as i have only really met the bad ones. i went to your site regarding Mollison, and there was a video of him channeling Eisenhower. the video portrays "icke" as a wonderful person. mike kings research regarding his ways, especially during the Second World war depict a cold, calculated monster. so who is right and who is wrong? i would go with mike king, so where does that place Mollison? for m
  7. A few weeks short of seven years ago I needed to understand the cruelty of Life. To answer my question, my Third Eye was opened when I closed my eyes to sleep, and I began to see those from the shadows that use us as an energy/food source. By “shadows,” I mean that our world/existence is shadowed by another world, and the cruel bastards that dwell therein use us as an energy supply. I have seen so much, and I have understood so much, but in terms of breaking free of these bastards nothing has changed. I am still a free meal to these fuckers that come in the night and do with me as
  8. It has been weeks now that my right ear has been infected and blocked. Last night I understood that I was carrying for someone else, as if the problem was merely my own it would have been cleared up. (The other case scenario is the problem being a manufacturers flaw, but this was not the case with me as my flaw was cleared up.) It was the Serpent within; the Watcher spirit whose flaw I was carrying. When I assessed the Watcher/Guardian Angel to find the flaw, I found parts of my bone marrow in my legs absent, and I felt a shift within me that made me go “Oh Wow!” How does this relate
  9. When one is isolated from the hive mind; from the herd, one sees oneself as a singular from the masses. There is no longer peer pressure; genetic influence; where one is affected by the all; where we are all in this mess together. Now we can stand on our feet and just be, but before we can do this we have to get rid of our “manufactured flaw.” We were manufactured around the strand of the Creator, and our laboratory from where we arose was within the depths of the cosmos – from a rather sinister place, far from the that state of Bliss I call Home. The frequency/world/state/laborato
  10. (I am inserting this message here on the 31st December, 2020 because this needs to be said before applying what is written below. The Watcher spirit; the Serpent within, is connected to the hive mind – the frequency/waveforms of all the Watcher Serpents. That is why we are all the same, give or take to what extent we have lost our compassion and empathy towards ourselves and Life. This morning as I lay in bed I felt this force to which the Serpent within is connected. It is powerful beyond. Over the years I have not been kind with my view towards this Watcher within, as this
  11. The implanted dream last night was a nasty one. These Beasts are cruel – they hit below the belt. Carlos Castaneda quotes his shaman Don Juan Matus by saying: “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives……” “They took us over because we are food to them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.” The full passage of what Carlos mentioned was written in the jo
  12. As long as there is a survival mode within the species of Hell, there will be cruelty, fear, horror and sorrow. Another word for survival is “take.” Take and do what you can in order to survive, regardless what happens to those you take from – they are irrelevant as it is “them versus us,” and what matters is us. How does one stop this cut-throat awful way of life? We survive because we are lost. If we were Home there would be no need to survive as we are Home, and what this means is that we are looked after. Put another way: we don’t need anything because we have every
  13. They made us, and then they broke us. Pierre Sabak says we were branded, but “branded” is not the appropriate word. We were broken. They wanted a flaw; they wanted something that would never succeed and find a way out of this mess. They took no chances. They broke us. Nobody was going nowhere. We would all stay until we all self-destructed. How did they break us? On the right side of our manufactured head they “blew us apart.” There was a massive gaping hole there – on the right side of our head. Then they covered this up, but the hole was always there. We we
  14. In the synopsis of the journal, which is listed below, we describe in a nutshell how this place came to be an insane asylum, where what you have is never enough, and even in having everything, you will never be content. The Parasite buggered everything us. What the Animals Taught Me – A journal of self-discovery Out of curiosity the Creator exceeded the boundaries of her pure realm and Fell. The impact of her Fall created the frequency of the Serpent, with Semiramis as their queen. Semiramis saw what our Creator had, and she too wanted such a realm of Beauty and the s
  15. hi Doug Thanks for info. Appreciate it. About seven years ago my Third Eye was opened. What this means, is that when my eyes closed to sleep at night i began to see what we are not allowed to see. What i saw was how these Beasts from the shadows feed from our energy. They access our sub-conscious mind and form what we would call a dream. When we follow the dream/story we give it attention/energy, and this energy they harness and feed from. This process i saw just about every night for the last six years and nine months. As i was not allowed to see this unseen, the
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