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  1. Extract from journal: [It was the ego of Steven that told those that dwell from the shadows to take their fertilization process and shove it up their arses, but I can only assume that the spirit of Steven agreed to be part of the fertilization process. Over the course of the last few nights, these entities cloak themselves in black so that I cannot see them, only their silhouette, and they busy themselves working frantically around my abdominal area. The other night, I saw one of them – it was one of those that could not survive in this frequency, so it was completely covered in a
  2. Yesterday at around midday I turned into the main road of the local town at the busiest intersections of the area. There was cars and buildings and people and noise everywhere – typical scenario of city life. As I turned into the main road I saw a Blue Crane bird standing high up on a street light. The bird was in its traditional crane stance, with its one leg up in the air. Wow. To see such a majestic, powerful pose by a creature of nature in the middle of the urban bustle blew me away. The moment was surreal. In the book Animal Speak, the author Ted Andrews says this of
  3. By knowing what you are, you can be what you are. You are this kindness within the heart energy field. This kindness has not been Home for a long time. It’s Home is the strand of the Creator within, which is located at a place we will call our throat area. This is where Home is my friend. Within this speck of light is the All. You have always been an expression of this state that you have forgotten. Go there now, as this is where you belong. Now you are one with yourself and the All. 07:05 on 13th April, 2021. From here, what I done was call out to those I have helped ove
  4. Now my astral form is no longer a player of the Game – it is within the walls of the Game. This is the place where insanity is seen as the norm. Now we are no longer preyed upon – we merely find ourselves amongst dummies that cannot see they are dummies, and as always, we be kindness to all. One day here is enough. You touch this state with kindness – not because they need it, but because this is who and what you are. Who needs what is not for us to say, so merely be within the presence of the machine. You leave your imprint of kindness for all to see so that others may see th
  5. went to visit my 90 year old mother this morning. what Hitler wrote about the mother touched me deeply, as it is sad to see someone you love fade away and no longer remember. reading Mike Kings books i understood that everything is one big lie. covid is one of many. this is the nature of reality - that we have all been had for thousands of years. big time!
  6. https://www.realhistorychan.com/the-mother.html
  7. Trust me when I say that we have been through more than what we can handle. The heart energy field is the power-house of us the biological computer. This area has been damaged in more than one way as we tried to find our way through Hell. My advice is to interface with the digital, holographic illusion, where you go on a one-on-one to heal your damaged heart field. As healers and practitioners there is only so much we can do within the illusion. The next step in healing, as we walk Home, is to interface ourselves with the Game itself, namely the digital, holographic illusion. Put ano
  8. To find your peace within this illusionary game called Life on planet Earth, you need to understand you are playing in a simulation game. But this understanding is not enough. You need to understand that beyond this game is the real world. Understand that we are just passing through and playing here. Please don’t want to stay here add-infinity and make this simulation your playground, as we gain nothing out of this game. Outside the game is the Everything where we have everything. This is the first point: we are in a game, but this game is not important, as this game is played on a
  9. We are locked into a system, and how the process works is that we interact with the simulation – the illusion. To survive in this illusionary frequency we need to play in the Game, and please understand that this is what we were manufactured to do – to be a player in an illusionary game. Over the last few years I have done everything I can to unplug us from this Game, but nothing will work until we stop reacting to the stimulus/thoughts within our heads, as well as the chaos around us that circumvents the planet and touches the other frequencies/worlds within Hell. Put simply: the co
  10. To rise above this Game, we need to know the Game. On the one side, there is hatred, anger, cruelty, jealousy etc. – all those states we can cluster together and define as ignorance. Ignorance, because if you know that whatever you do comes back to you, you will treat others, and ultimately yourself, kinder. On the other side is love. This puts a smile on our face and makes our hearts feel warm. It elevates us above the mediocre, as we are filled with this wonderful energy that puts a skip in our step. Both states, ignorance and love, are part and parcel of the Game. The
  11. (Apologies. here is the full text i wanted to post. may it be my last.) From the very start it was understood that there can never be a “them versus us.” In the Oneness within the fields of Infinite Love we are all just what we are, which is Love. Now do you understand how low we have fallen – where we hate and kill, just because we can. For those of my clients that are interested, I teach them everything I know. When I talk to them I can feel the wall of separation between me and them. This wall is built through the jealousy that this person to whom I am teaching everyt
  12. This morning I woke up early, so I lay in bed and went into the stillness of the Blackness that makes up the space I call Love. Into this space I brought the dogs that I worked on yesterday to see how they were keeping. Then I brought another dog friend in, and so it went that all were brought into this space of Love, including those from the shadows who lie and kill and suppress to keep their pathetic, wasteful existence alive. All were within this space called Love – that something that is bigger than all of us. In my world there is no division and separation. When you make gnocch
  13. You fly too close to the sun and you get burnt. You are too close to the unseen, and what affects them affects you. When the Dragon and Serpent spirits became strongly influenced by the parasitic frequency of Deception within, they needed justification for their new state of “I will take – because it is mine!” So they saw what they wanted to see. They never saw the truth. They never saw what was staring them in the face. They never saw what they were becoming – which was bloody fucking fools. Understand that we see what we want to see, and we hear what we want to
  14. hi Gareth i see another member of the forum locked/blocked/stopped one of my threads on the forums topic Nature of Reality. the thread was "Understanding how those from the shadows feed from us." is this allowed to be done? why would someone do that? the thread is from my journal that i share with the forum members. if what i say offends then please let me know and i will stop posting on the forum. regards, Steven
  15. The gait on the right hind leg of our dog Benji is better, but it is not right. My wife has had intermittent ear pain for the last week or so, and the pain is so bad it goes into her jaw and teeth where it feels like she has toothache. I have done my best to help both of them, but what I have done is not enough – there is something I am missing, and for the life of me I did not know what it was. Over the last month of so there is a mouse that has taken up shelter somewhere within our lounge. What I found strange, was that the mouse would run across the carpet towards the couch
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