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    I travel everyday on the overground / underground to and from work and I Haven’t been made to wear a mask yet (touch wood) But I was asked once by staff and I said I am exempt and they didn’t ask anymore questions (for the people asking if it’s ok to travel for the event and not wear a mask) As for who runs Standup it is just a group of like minded individuals. I have met 3 of them and they are genuine normal people , they didn’t come across like they are part of any political organisations. As for who funds it ? I don’t think it is really funded . They advertise via Instagram which is free . They usually have afew leaflets which don’t cost much . And they bring afew microphones / speakers which are probably borrowed .
  2. So you think the government have dipped into their secret stash of money and thrown around billions of pounds ? Seems too generous on the governments behalf in my opinion . I know guys who haven’t had a single day off work through the “pandemic” and they have recieved £7000 first payment and £6500 second payment. Seems mad .
  3. Your missing the point . I know it goes on previous years earnings but it saying people who haven’t had a day off sick / loss of work due to COVID are still been granted large amounts of cash . I was asking is this a mistake ? Is the government been generous (unlikely) or are they going to bite them in the ass in the future
  4. But it doesn’t go on that . Majority of the guys I work with (over 10) have all been working throughout the whole of lockdown and have recieved both payments . And I have read online that majority of people it has been the same . The government aren’t checking if their earnings have been affected . Seems mad to just hand out such large amounts of cash for nothing .
  5. So they have just given the next load of grants to the self employed . Quite large grants too . Many of the guys I work with havent had a single day off during lockdown but they were accepted for the grant. Some receiving £7000 for the first grant and now £6,500 for the second all just done with afew taps on the iPhone and boom thousands of pounds given. My query is why are the government handing out large payments so easily ? Are they simply been generous (unlikely) ? Is it an error ? Is it going to be demanded back next year in the hope most people have spent it leading to debt ? Or are they throwing billions about The place to crash the economy ?
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