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  1. Have you guys checked out claire Edwards presentation on davids page ! I am proper scared now. After all the research I have done I believe 5g is causing cases and all part of the agenda and also after listening to the other woman from Sweden talk about what's happening over there with 5g this all just confirms everything. Of you haven't seen the video of the woman from Sweden talking about 5g I argue you to . Also I argue every to listen to this 2 hour presentation! What the fuck are we going to do !!!!!
  2. I believe that this is a PLANDEMIC and after doing my own research among other topics it just confirms that everything david icke says is true. He really is an excellent investigator journalist who is years ahead of his time . He says they are the few and that we are the many which is true but , the many are to many sheep . Just look at the insanity that is going on with the bull shit face masks . I haven't worn one yet and I won't but I am getting anxiety with all.the sheep looking at me as if I'm putting people in danger! You have to laugh. But this is the world we live in thr mass population sheep are always going follow like good wee sheep and do as there told . So we are ALL FKD . I really cant see a way out this .. and this is only the beginning.
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