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  1. what would you say is davids best book?
  2. after hearing about reptilians from dif sources they ,must be true but is there any proof?
  3. Hello m8 .


    Do you have any idea how I can watch THE AWAKENING WORLD TRUTH SUMMIT. ive been waiting for it all week i thinks its been blocked in the UK ?

  4. ive requested a freedom of information act from cross house hospital m8, they says it can take up to 90 days !!!! the questions i asked were.. Could you please provide me with the amount of people that have died from Covid19 without any PRE-existing medical conditions from March 2020 till present 06/01/2021. Also is the ICU full to capacity at the moment 06/01/2021 ? is the Hospital 95% full.. Is it normal for ICU’s & the hospital to be full at this time of year!? Same question for same time in 2020/2019/2018 /2017.?
  5. If this virus is real then why hasn't it been isolated to prove it exists or can anyone prove it has ?
  6. Scottish rebel can you tell us more about your friend ?
  7. Welcome to the red pill people brother lol
  8. guys I just spoke with a close friend who just told me someone he knows who's like us , don't wear face masks and is awake against all this.etc. has been diagnosed with covid and is complete floored/sick lost taste and smell he says this is not the flu !! So my question is ..is covid19 real then? is there really a mutant strain !!?? Remember what that Bill Gates said months ago, that is they don't believe it real then they will come dec-jan time !?
  9. Hi guys as advertised on D.I website I been waiting to watch THE AWAKENING WORLD TRUTH SUMMIT which was recorded on 2nd or 3rd of Jan but was to be shown here on the 9th. I still cant view it. How can i watch this ?
  10. Hi there friend , I have to agree question is that the same with sleeping tablets as i started to get them subscribed bcoz i cant sleep but i started to feel my heart beat as if i was i dunno due a stroke and when i dont take them i cant sleep period
  11. Hi guys was wondering if anyone can help me here. I am very worried / concerned about family members that i just cant wake up! they are believe everything that the news and politicians are telling them about this (PLAN)demic. I am awake! I know the end game so i can see right through all these steps THEY are doing with the fear mongering etc/etc/etc. I live in Scotland at this time of year theres always a really bad strain of cold/flu going around , espscailly last dec-jan BTW !!! which I believe there saying its all COVID19 this and that more publisied now again to roll out there adgenda which they have started in 2020 and its never going to stop ! Long story short recently I have been arguing with close family members which i deeply love and I just cant wake them up , they say ! well the ICU in hospital is full right now !! and i'm telling them its normal to be full at this time of year !!! the MSN the just making it more public to roll out there adgenda. I'm I delusional !!!!!??????? are they MSN right !? are the politicians right !? is it normal for the ICU's to be FULL at this time of year , i'm actually starting to question my sanity as practically everyone in my close circle do not agree with me about this whole PLANdemic but again they dont look into it like I have in great detail! and only get there info from the MSN and politicians !
  12. I personally think PART of it is to take the heat of prince peodo
  13. just started watching the MSN there in Scotland it it literally makes me cringe reporter talking from a pre planned script talking about normal yearly hospital admissions disguised as new covid admissions lol, it so fkn see through !
  14. Hi guys I was just watching a fascinating video there on this site posted by Gareth Icke , It was a woman in her 50s+ holding up a sign saying WHO then one saying CDC then she started going into detail about the scan thats going on. I pushed the back button by mistake and for the life on me i cant find it anywhere now i cant even remember the title im sure it was just poste dup on the 2nd Jan though , has it been took down ? can anyone help find it or know what video im on about ?
  15. Well guys the fear mongering is at MAX turbo soon as i look on S.M. daily reports about hospitals . cases/deaths and after reading the comments the sheep are still fkn sucking this all right up !!! WTF ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!
  16. I was just thinking last night , that Hollywood actor ( cant remember his name) he was calling out hanks etc and says hes no way suicidal. then he throws himself off a bridge onto incoming traffic . its plain to see FFS the power that these sick bastards he was calling out have , why is NO ONE QUESTIONING looking into this !!
  17. ty for the reply. I had to put on a fake smile and act positive on Hogmanay to wish friends and family a happy new year but the truth is I am very worried. I can see the outcome of what's unfolding before our very eyes , mass unemployment like never seen before more and more people replying on the state which they want. It really is going to be a hunger games society. To many people burying there heads in the sand thinking this will go away combined with people just doing what there told. They have started there final plans for the NWO in 2020 and they wont stop now this has all been planned.
  18. Hello all, If you follow D.I and especially watched his last podcast there. I agree with him 100% Question ! what the hell are WE going to do when they start making this vaccine mandatory or if you dont take it you cant work or travel? I have kids ffs i have fell out with family members ,friends the lot trying to wake people etc ! My sister has just took the fkn thing so she can work ! and shes to go back for a 2nd shot FFS .. what are WE suppose to do if we refuse !???
  19. what you supposed to say when your against this SCANdemic but then you meet someone at work or even someone you know says there floored with it in hospital on a ventilator ?
  20. how on earth ! ( earth ) would humans ( i.e most of the general pop) mostly kids now 10+ later want to connect there minds to A.I !!!! WTF! this is where we are going then we are all truly doomed which is there plan , its enviable! and if you think that 5g is nothing to do with this you are blind
  21. ty for the reply brother , that makes sense ...mass deceiver / luciferin .
  22. Ty for the reply and the links bro. I agree with the Arizona interview is 1 of his best , to me she is genuine and when you read Davids books he does say the reptilian thing comes up from to many sources, not to mention the late great Creda Mutwa R.I.P
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