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  1. where can you find facts about vaccine deaths/side effects ?? I am against taking any ! however people i know in fact most people i know have took them and there all fine.
  2. Guys what do you make of this article ? Europe's Covid crisis: Austria makes vaccines mandatory for EVERYONE | Daily Mail Online
  3. i really enjoyed i however , is it just me or had everything been covered before ?
  4. I am interested in anything David Icke, New World Order . extraterrestrial beings. ancient civilization etc/etc. That being said does anything recommend any good audible books ?
  5. and on a personal note , IF anyone thinks 5G is ONLY to download faster videos lol they are fkn delusional. I just pray its not really that in targeted areas thats really causing these respiratory illnesses ! ( BUT SOMETHING IS!) we all know a small handfull of people now dont we? remember whats the 1st thing that fkn phycopath matt hancock said at the very start of this, on the news ! "5G HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COVID19" if he says that then its the opposite!
  6. i read all on here and and do my own research ! read 4 D/I books . stop argueing on here fs end of day WE all want the world to be better, but there is something that is making people NOT fkn breathe FFS
  7. ok well explain to me wtf is putting people in hospital that they cant breathe ?
  8. I have to agree with DR Cornwells , I personally know 2 healthy people that were in hospital , 1 for a week and the other for 2weeks with bad breathing problems. so is there a virus , there must be ! is it as deadly as they mention is it fuck ! are we being lied to YES are they using this to push out fascist control / agenda 2030 YES. My point being , theres no pandemic , more like a PLANdemic , but there must be a virus going about that was purposely released , and it was here in nov/dec 2019 ! IMO ! I have never wore a face mask ill never get the jab i fight for our freedoms, I listen to david icke i belive in david icke but when he says that there is NO virus its angers me.
  9. Hey guys , I've been against this PLANdemic since the start and esp the rollout of this vaccine. I just wanted to mention that every one i know apart from one or two friends have had a double jab inc all family members and there are all fine !
  10. Hello to one and all , peace and love to all that is awake in a world of madness. I have been against this PLANdemis since the very start and esp after doing own research away from MSM i was telling people about the vaccine passport last MARCH ! HOWEVER no one and i mean no one listened im just a mad conspiracy theorist that listens to david icke. Well now EVERYone give or take a couple of people i know have took there double JAB , i am THEY ONLY 1 that was never worn a mask , never will and ill never get vaccinated... fuck know whats going to happen now but its looking like to me its the vaccinated vs UNvaccinated ! basically itll turn into a hunger games society, correct me if im wrong but i cant NOT see any other outcome. Just i want to also add , everyone i know thats had there 2nd jab is ok ive not heard anything bad from anyone i know apart from feel ill for couple days .Im not saying its not killing folk or mad side effects it cleary is . BUT am I going mad ? im I or WE wrong about this whole Covid19 rollout after looking at all the evidence ? my sanity tells me WE are right but it looks like to me that MOST of the world are taking this vaccine . and complying............
  11. Hi guys does anyone have a link for the german lawyers speech at the rally in london on the 24th ?
  12. Hey guys I been trying to find out more about this rally on the 24th however when i click on that link it directs me to a tele graph page and i can not get in? I wish to go to this but ive never been to london before , ill be travelling from Glasgow, could anyone plz tell me what london train station i get off and/or any others i get to get there ?
  13. bcoz facebook blocks everything !!! you cant share any truths
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