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  1. Hello to one and all , peace and love to all that is awake in a world of madness. I have been against this PLANdemis since the very start and esp after doing own research away from MSM i was telling people about the vaccine passport last MARCH ! HOWEVER no one and i mean no one listened im just a mad conspiracy theorist that listens to david icke. Well now EVERYone give or take a couple of people i know have took there double JAB , i am THEY ONLY 1 that was never worn a mask , never will and ill never get vaccinated... fuck know whats going to happen now but its looking like to me its the vaccinated vs UNvaccinated ! basically itll turn into a hunger games society, correct me if im wrong but i cant NOT see any other outcome. Just i want to also add , everyone i know thats had there 2nd jab is ok ive not heard anything bad from anyone i know apart from feel ill for couple days .Im not saying its not killing folk or mad side effects it cleary is . BUT am I going mad ? im I or WE wrong about this whole Covid19 rollout after looking at all the evidence ? my sanity tells me WE are right but it looks like to me that MOST of the world are taking this vaccine . and complying............
  2. Hi guys does anyone have a link for the german lawyers speech at the rally in london on the 24th ?
  3. Hey guys I been trying to find out more about this rally on the 24th however when i click on that link it directs me to a tele graph page and i can not get in? I wish to go to this but ive never been to london before , ill be travelling from Glasgow, could anyone plz tell me what london train station i get off and/or any others i get to get there ?
  4. Anyone know if D.I has any plans to make any Audible books , i personally could listen to him all day. Also i have trouble reading i find it hard to concentrate so audible books are perfect for me and im guessing many others , That being said I have 3 D.I books on kindle , does anyone know of any software you can use to convert the Kindle into an audible with a voice you can listen to thats not robotic ?
  5. bcoz facebook blocks everything !!! you cant share any truths
  6. anyone recommend any good audible book
  7. That's what I think as well m8 you just meet so many people who know people that have had it . I'm.my small group of so called m8s I am the only 1 not had the fake vaccine that that includes all family members:(
  8. Before i write more I just want to say I love D.I his books and practically everything he says but. WHY the fuck does he keep saying there is NO VIRUS !! its fkn doing my NUT IN ! look i know apparently there zero scientific paper in the world isolating it to prove it exists ( apparently) i know all about the fake PCR test . ok ...............but what THE FUCK about all the fkn people healthy people that bang all of a sudden there fkn floored in hospital on a fkn vent ?
  9. I love D.I i belive in D.I i have read several books but every since i have followed him I have never been so fkn depressed in all my life
  10. As the title says i think i am going insane because i can not handle the face nappie brigade ! I am fine untill i need to go into town and OMG the town where i live people are walking about with them on outside !!! I don't have a vehicle any more so had to get on the bus and getting asked for face masks and again everyone else compiling with this global tyranny ! They just cant see it ! i have friend actively posted on social media ... just took the vaccine look at me and it just dawned on me today 100% the future to us un-vaccinated "UNCLEAN" types and just like George Orwell predicted we are snowballing so fast into a fascist unhuman society in fact its to late we already are ! just listen the the tan-oi in a supermarket ! please keep 2 meters apart! always wear a face mask ! fkn hell ...
  11. anyone got a link to davids recent world truth summit 06/03/21 ??
  12. what would you say is davids best book?
  13. after hearing about reptilians from dif sources they ,must be true but is there any proof?
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