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  1. The solution is not abortion , for example in Egypt the government is not serving their people , they are serving Israel and the satanists , same in america , nearly all the American officials in the congress , the senate , the white house , the CIA , almost 95% of them are masonic satanists or zionist jews.


    So instead of working more hours to try to live better , you should fight them and destroy their web , their web is the thing that causes the world misery , they are the ones who print the dollars , they are the ones who caused massive inflation by printing more fiat currency not backed up by gold.


    The solution for all out problems is worldwide cleaning for the satanic cult

  2. The recent Argentina's Congress legalization for abortion is another proof of the filthiness inside most of human beings, now it is legal for women in Argentina to kill their babies.


    You can see the reaction of hundreds of women celebrating when the law was approved , if you do not want a baby to kill, then keep your pussy away from any dick. Be a decent women and have sex after marriage. Of course all of this is happening with the blessings and agreement of the Kabbala jewish masonic satanic web that rules and controls the world.


    Whenever there is zionist jews or Kaballa jews, there is destruction. They never learn from history.


    This is the list of countries that legalize killing babies.



    When you celebrate about having the right to kill a human being, then you are no more a human.

  3. From my experience in software world , i am always searching the best privacy and anonymity i can provide for myself and for people , in this post i will tell you about the most secure app you can use for messaging , voice and video calls.

    There are two types of networking connections , Client-Server model and Peer to Peer model , What does this mean ?

    Client-Server model:
    This is when you connect to facebook for example , you send a message to facebook telling him that you are requesting your profile page , facebook sends you back the profile page after authentication , simply you (the client) sends data to the server and then the server sends you data back. Same happens with whatsapp for example , you wants to call your daddy at work , you send a request to the masonic whatsapp (facebook) servers , whatsapp forwards this request to your daddy , your daddy sees that you are calling him , then the call starts , one thing to notice here is that the server in the middle man and the one forwarding the data. The server can see all your data , he knows who is calling who , he knows the IP addresses of both users and that mean he knows their locations , he has access to all the calls , messages etc. Nearly all the traffic on the internet is Client-Server model.

    Peer to Peer:
    This is when you send data to someone directly without needing a server in the middle , he knows you ip and you know his ip and you simply start communicating , as long as you both are connected to the internet and listening for connections you can send data.

    The Most famous and best Peer to Peer app you can use is called qtox (i will put the link below) , what happens is , you wanna send data(text, voice, video etc) , the data is encrypted first on your pc and then sent directly to the other user. same happens when the other user want to send you something , there is no server in between. the only drawback for this technology is that in order to send data to someone , he must be opening the app , he must be listening for traffic , you will not get notifications if you are not opening the app and the data will not be sent to you , thats because the apps which has servers in the middle works differently. If you are sleeping and someone called you , your phone is turned off , after you wake up and open your phone(meaning connects to internet) , the server sends you notifications telling you that daddy called you , but in Peer to Peer model no daddy occurs , i mean no server occurs.

    Qtox in written in C++ and qt framework , its fully open source and very very secure , no body can intercept or listen to the connection cuz its encrypted using PGP which is one of the best encryption algorithms available , but if your computer in already hacked , the hacker will be able to get all the data. You can also easily use tor with qtox to make yourself both private and anonymous , i will include the way below if you want maximum security.

    You can do as follow , send the person you wanna call a message through whatsapp for example telling him to open qtox , and then start communicating via qtox.

    Qtox repo for download:

    How to use tor with qtox:
    after downloading qtox , download tor browser , open it , if it refuses to connect , use bridges , that means that your gov is filtering tor traffic , open qtox , go to settings , go to advanced , change the Proxy Type to "SOCKS5" , change the Address to "" , change the port to "9150" , restart qtox. thats all , you have to keep tor running in the background , otherwise you will lose the connection , there is another way using the tor router only but its more complicated , the router one is the one i use. thanks for reading.

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  4. On 9/11/2020 at 8:17 AM, rideforever said:

    Can you trust any of these things ?  How do you know ?


    I researched this issue, and the librem purism pcs offer protection against this ME (management engine) of intel , i think that their PCs are very safe and secure, its the most secure and private thing in the market now i think , here are more details




  5. I researched that and its actually disastrous , that means that they have access to all the pcs on the planet , that means that they have all the secrets of all the governments allover the planet. Its f crazy.


    I think there are 2 solutions , either to stop using computers and that will be hard. Or manufacture our own CPU and hardware so we can know exactly everything about them , but the first thing to do is to spread awareness so the people can change.

  6. 12 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Intel, AMD and NVidia's chips contain a programmable "Micro CPU with OS" that can run Spyware.


    Even if you cripple the BIOS, you have the malware inside your CPU/GPU to worry about.


    The best part? AntiVirus software CANNOT see or detect the malware inside an Intel, AMD or Nidia chip, or REMOVE IT.


    Computers and smartphones are INSECURE BY DESIGN. Buying from a specialist vendor only buys you MARGINAL EXTRA SECURITY.



    Thank you for telling me about this , its the first time i know that there is an OS running under BIOS , i will research more about this. That means that all our PCs are useless and completely hackable by the satanic elite

  7. These products really protect your privacy and digital rights



    The best thing about them are the BIOS system , in macbook or dell or any other laptop you buy , you can easily replace the nasty Windows OS with Linux or any other open source OS that will give you freedom and control. But the problem still exists in the BIOS (Basic input output system) , its the system that stays in the ROM (that was in the old days and it cannot be written , ROM means read only memory), now its stored in a flash memory so it can be read and written. That BIOS sys in the small OS that initiates and starts the big real OS (linux or windows or OSx).


    The BIOS was always closed source and that gives the big tech satanic masonic companies the chance to install Maleware (firmware rootkits) on the flash memory or the ROM. Now there is coreboot (seaBIOS) which is an open source BIOS project , gives you full control over the software on your pc.


    This is another great project


  8. If you read about the 3 holy religions you will find lots of answers , do not fully believe in the torah , talmud and the bible, cuz lots of their parts have been tampered and changed by satanists. Talmud is totally made by humans (some rabbis) for example. But the Torah (first 5 testaments of the bible) and the bible have lots of real untampered parts. The quran on the other hand was not changed.


    To answer your question , there are 2 intelligent creatures that can watch you , there are angels and Jin , angels do not do nay harm , in fact they can do good only.


    Anglels are much much more powerful than humans or Jin , they are very huge. Prophet Muhammed saw an angel 2 times in his life , when he saw it in the first time he was a white entity in the sky , covering the whole sky view with its body and wings. Angles also are mentioned in lots of history books and in quran, another example is when God or Allah sent 3 angels to destroy the village of prophet LUT, they were Gays. The angel lifted the village from its roots , all the village and raise it up in the sky and they turned it upside down , it did all this with the tip of its wing. All what i said and will say is supported with undeniable proofs , its just too hard to mention everything here.


    Second the JIN, they are creature that lived long before Humans creation and still living now. They are made of energy, we cannot see them in their normal form , they can bybass all our physical barriers like walls and human bodies , they can see and hear us, they can harm us by generating negative energy and bombarding our body and chakras with it which is return causes physical illnesses depending on how much negative energy you received and where did you receive them , like main chakra (energy center) or secondary chakra. Its a long story.


    You can defend yourself by 2 ways:


    First is systematic and secure and takes care of everything by its own , which is the islamic prayer , reading the quran(holy book of muslims) or listening to it being recited. Those 2 things will enhance your Aura or Halo or electromagnetic field massively , which will create a strong barrier that will protect you from external negative energy. Do not ask me why they are powerful cuz i have no energy to write the details, you research and try. Islamic prayer and quran is like using a VPN , it protects you as you use it and you dont have to pay attention to the technical details , its mechanism and how it affects you.


    Second method is meditation , manually move your energy through your body to clean your energy centers , and this requires training and care , cuz if you for example imagine the wrong energy color in the wrong chakra you may mess things and cause problems.


    Another info , Magic is the usage or getting help from the demons(Bad Jins) to do your stuff and achieve your goals. Magic had been used from ancient times. The kabbala jews use it extensively, the rothchilds and rockfellers use it , lots of intelligence agencies use it , magic is also used in lots lots of churches, some muslim sufi and shia (which are not muslims only muslims by name) use it.


    The end 

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  9. 2 hours ago, ObsidianOutlaw said:

    I came here to check a suspicion I have ... I have a buddy who loathes FB, but has started appearing online at the same time they're on WhatsApp. This has only started happening since FB has started its "improvement" updates. Before this they were hardly ever on FB. I've also noticed this person's FB status going off and on while they're sleeping. It is only this friend, who is the only person I chat with on FB, and is the only overseas friend on my FB. 


    Any ideas or info? If anything, it makes me suspect the FB updates/improvements are secretly integrating the two.


    Another thing i d like to share , i do not save any private or personal pictures or data on my iphone , cuz the operating system that iphone uses (ios) is closed source , and i do not know what apple is putting in that code


    The GNU project defines any closed source code as a maleware



    The free software foundation FSF talking about surveillance   



    I also uses Linux/GNU as my main OS , i never uses windows or mac. you should know how to separate your public life from your private life.


  10. 2 hours ago, ObsidianOutlaw said:

    I came here to check a suspicion I have ... I have a buddy who loathes FB, but has started appearing online at the same time they're on WhatsApp. This has only started happening since FB has started its "improvement" updates. Before this they were hardly ever on FB. I've also noticed this person's FB status going off and on while they're sleeping. It is only this friend, who is the only person I chat with on FB, and is the only overseas friend on my FB. 


    Any ideas or info? If anything, it makes me suspect the FB updates/improvements are secretly integrating the two.


    From my POV you can use facebook and whatsapp etc as long as are careful about what you are saying in calls and writing cuz ALL OF THEM are recorded and saved in massive data centers in several places in the world , mainly in america. revise edward snowden leaks.


    I use facebook , messenger , twitter , instagram etc to watch news , see how people think , contact people via calls , try to expose some conspiracies etc


    But at the same time , i cover both my phone cameras , i use ELEMENET for all my text private messages , i do not download any of the maleware(messenger, whatsapp etc) on my pc cuz i use my pcs for my most private work.


    In general i use their technologies cuz its fast , reliable , needed to contact the majority of people . but at the same time i am putting rules for myself to limit the amount of data i give them , for example not putting any of my info in my facebook profile.


    when you have good knowledge about software and networking , you can control your data and know where is the danger zone , cheers

  11. I cannot say everything in these lines cuz its to much info, so you have to search


    To make it simple , there are creatures called JIN (or demons as westerns call it, actually demons are the bad ones among them, satan or lucifer is a demon) , those creatures are different types and kinds. Some of them are called the greys, they live IN the earth not is space. The American military or to be more specific , the satanists(illuminati , masons, kabbala jews) are having contact for a long time till now with those greys. they have advanced technologies including the flying discs or UFOs.


    So the satanists are have been spending and are spending insane amount of money on building secret underground bases allover the world , they develop in these bases the most advanced and most destructive technologies they can reach.


    You may ask , why are they doing this ?


    This development has nothing to do with war with russians or china , or defending america from external threats. Its all about a sick religious agenda that the satanists have, they are following a talmudic satanic agenda. They are trying to prepare and control the world as much as they can , So when their CHRIST(anti-christ) comes out of his hide, he will find everything under his control and can make people submit and kneel to him easily.


    Its a plan that has been prepared long ago and frequently being revised. IF you wanna get the full picture , you have to read the torah(first 5 testaments of the bible), the talmud, the quran as well as reading a lots about the templars, masons, kabbala jews and much more.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Basket Case said:



    Try the Signal App (blue).
    lt's free and similar to Whatsapp.
    lt has a neat function where you can set messages to disappear for both sender and recipient.....5 / 10 / 20 / 30 minutes - 1 / 2 / 3 hours. 



    Signal requires a phone number, for someone like me who never uses a sim card , its a privacy violation , cuz when the company has your phone number , they can ID you easily by simply asking the ISP or the telecom company about your data. From my point of view, and my experience is software dev , i recommend either:

    1. Element (Open source, free, without phone number).

    2. Discord (Closed source, free, without phone number).


    First one is the best choice.

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  13. Yesterday London Real released the full version of Plandemic Movie, you can watch it here:


    Now if you wanna share this link via facebook messenger, you cant, you will see that the message could not be sent, if you try sending any other link or message, it will work successfully.

    So what does this mean ?

    It means that facebook is knowing, monitoring, controlling and filtering your private messages.

    In the recent past i thought that they were only censoring publicly published content. in other words , i thought that they will censor anything they do not like if you only posted it in a comment or a post. But this confirmed that they are monitoring our private messages.

    After Edward Snowden leaks , all the people knew about the NSA, CIA, FBI etc surveillance. But i don't think edward snowden himself knew why are all these agencies spying on people , and for what purpose.

    In the past you would pay a lot to make an international voice call , now whatsapp, messenger, telegram etc are giving you this for free without adds , that doesnt make sense, Its not logical that they are spending so much money on power and maintenance for your eyes. there should be a price that you pay.

    That price is your data and personal info, all your messages and calls.

    In another independent posts , i will explain in detail why are they spying on us, cuz this is not just to bring justice, if they wanted to bring justice they would have prevented people like Epstein, prevented drug deals, stop supporting dictators etc.

    If we do not act now to take our freedom and make our earth for us , not for a group of old satanic masonic psychos ,
    We will be like CHINA soon.

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