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  1. The solution is not abortion , for example in Egypt the government is not serving their people , they are serving Israel and the satanists , same in america , nearly all the American officials in the congress , the senate , the white house , the CIA , almost 95% of them are masonic satanists or zionist jews. So instead of working more hours to try to live better , you should fight them and destroy their web , their web is the thing that causes the world misery , they are the ones who print the dollars , they are the ones who caused massive inflation by printing more fiat currency n
  2. The recent Argentina's Congress legalization for abortion is another proof of the filthiness inside most of human beings, now it is legal for women in Argentina to kill their babies. You can see the reaction of hundreds of women celebrating when the law was approved , if you do not want a baby to kill, then keep your pussy away from any dick. Be a decent women and have sex after marriage. Of course all of this is happening with the blessings and agreement of the Kabbala jewish masonic satanic web that rules and controls the world. Whenever there is zionist jews or Kabal
  3. From my experience in software world , i am always searching the best privacy and anonymity i can provide for myself and for people , in this post i will tell you about the most secure app you can use for messaging , voice and video calls. There are two types of networking connections , Client-Server model and Peer to Peer model , What does this mean ? Client-Server model: This is when you connect to facebook for example , you send a message to facebook telling him that you are requesting your profile page , facebook sends you back the profile page after authentication , simply you
  4. I researched this issue, and the librem purism pcs offer protection against this ME (management engine) of intel , i think that their PCs are very safe and secure, its the most secure and private thing in the market now i think , here are more details https://puri.sm/posts/purism-librem-laptops-completely-disable-intel-management-engine/ https://puri.sm/posts/measuring-the-intel-me-to-create-a-more-secure-computer/
  5. I researched that and its actually disastrous , that means that they have access to all the pcs on the planet , that means that they have all the secrets of all the governments allover the planet. Its f crazy. I think there are 2 solutions , either to stop using computers and that will be hard. Or manufacture our own CPU and hardware so we can know exactly everything about them , but the first thing to do is to spread awareness so the people can change.
  6. Thank you for telling me about this , its the first time i know that there is an OS running under BIOS , i will research more about this. That means that all our PCs are useless and completely hackable by the satanic elite
  7. These products really protect your privacy and digital rights https://puri.sm/ The best thing about them are the BIOS system , in macbook or dell or any other laptop you buy , you can easily replace the nasty Windows OS with Linux or any other open source OS that will give you freedom and control. But the problem still exists in the BIOS (Basic input output system) , its the system that stays in the ROM (that was in the old days and it cannot be written , ROM means read only memory), now its stored in a flash memory so it can be read and written. That BIOS sys in the small OS
  8. If you mean this https://www.bitchute.com/ , it works fine in firefox. Maybe you need to update your browser, if it didnt work, try accessing it via a proxy, TOR or VPN , here is a quick proxy site https://www.proxysite.com/ . the pictures may be missing when you use proxy cuz the proxy filters them.
  9. Reptalians are the jin as well as the greys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPOOj3xLBpM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLPooLHkbT8
  10. If you read about the 3 holy religions you will find lots of answers , do not fully believe in the torah , talmud and the bible, cuz lots of their parts have been tampered and changed by satanists. Talmud is totally made by humans (some rabbis) for example. But the Torah (first 5 testaments of the bible) and the bible have lots of real untampered parts. The quran on the other hand was not changed. To answer your question , there are 2 intelligent creatures that can watch you , there are angels and Jin , angels do not do nay harm , in fact they can do good only. Anglels
  11. 1.In general try not to use closed source software as much as possible. 2.Never use Windows or OSX(macintosh) operating system, its a big sin, instead use LINUX, I recommend Ubuntu linux (https://ubuntu.com/). Linux is much faster, safer and open source. The code has been reviewed and checked by thousands of developers and hackers, its safe, you can study coding and read the code yourself. Games working on windows will not work in linux, stop playing games and do something useful like reading history, religions and Tim wallace books. Watch this for more info (https://www.youtube.com/watch
  12. Another thing i d like to share , i do not save any private or personal pictures or data on my iphone , cuz the operating system that iphone uses (ios) is closed source , and i do not know what apple is putting in that code The GNU project defines any closed source code as a maleware https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/proprietary.html The free software foundation FSF talking about surveillance https://www.fsf.org/campaigns/surveillance/ I also uses Linux/GNU as my main OS , i never uses windows or mac. you should know how to separate your public
  13. From my POV you can use facebook and whatsapp etc as long as are careful about what you are saying in calls and writing cuz ALL OF THEM are recorded and saved in massive data centers in several places in the world , mainly in america. revise edward snowden leaks. I use facebook , messenger , twitter , instagram etc to watch news , see how people think , contact people via calls , try to expose some conspiracies etc But at the same time , i cover both my phone cameras , i use ELEMENET for all my text private messages , i do not download any of the maleware(messenger, wha
  14. I cannot say everything in these lines cuz its to much info, so you have to search To make it simple , there are creatures called JIN (or demons as westerns call it, actually demons are the bad ones among them, satan or lucifer is a demon) , those creatures are different types and kinds. Some of them are called the greys, they live IN the earth not is space. The American military or to be more specific , the satanists(illuminati , masons, kabbala jews) are having contact for a long time till now with those greys. they have advanced technologies including the flying discs or UFOs.
  15. https://forum.suprbay.org/Thread-Need-Tim-Wallace-Murphy-Books
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