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  1. Just to be clear, this isn't a requirement to challenge David. Or those on this site. Perhaps I should have led with that to prevent a couple of the unhelpful comments above. My bad!


    For those of you that take the alternative view to things I'm sure you've all had situations where you are trying to explain happenings, or perhaps even David's work in general, to those that may not necessarily (yet) have considered the same. It is much more appropriate to go into discourse that will potentially get heated with information that will qualify your position, rather than just saying 'they' control everything or 'look out the window mate'. You don't end up getting a point across very well like this.


    It would be much better for your point if, when you said David has been proven right time and time again, you say because he claimed X will happen, and as you can see, X did happen, rather than just telling people to look at the state of the world. 


    Thanks, Cropp, I will perhaps try earlier works first.



  2. Hi,


    I have known about Icke for many a year, but have only recently begun to fully read his work (more recent works at the moment but will be working back through older books).


    Can anyone summarise the things that he has actually been correct about? I.e. things he predicted would happen that have, without question.




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