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  1. Ghostery and adblocker ultimate. Or similar like noscript. Works fine. Update your browser skills brother. hehe.
  2. Worth a watch on the streaming link below. Relevant to what is going on with the rona psyop today. The Man Who Knew Too Much is a documentary film by Michael Oswald about Colin Wallace, a former Senior Information Officer at the Ministry of Defence, UK. As part of his work Colin Wallace spread fake news, created a witchcraft scare, smeared politicians and attempted to divide and create conflict amongst communities, organisations and individuals. Colin Wallace fell out with sections of the British intelligence community, he was framed for a murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison https://moviesjoy.one/movie/the-man-who-knew-too-much-yjqy0/ykq03np
  3. Message from Alexander Cooney To All Police Officers In Australia........ https://www.bitchute.com/video/K3B8KwJprfg8/ oi oi..
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