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  1. 8 minutes ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

    I know believe me, it comes from a jewish/zionistic/satanic perspective. But it's easy to have a go at satanists since they eat babies, adrenochrome etc, but there is high amounts of israeli/zionist infiltration in governments worldwide. I feel like I always have to repeat this over and over because the narrative about that country and those people gets lost in the sea of disinformation and so-called "anti-semitism". As it says in revelation: 


    "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." 

    Also for anyone looking: I AM NOT ANTI JEWISH PEOPLE... I am anti evil, and a lot of these people hide behind WW2 and their religion as justification for their devil worshipping actions. But I do agree that there is a higher force at work pulling the strings of the NWO but I doubt we'll ever be able to know who that is.


    Yes friend, we will find out who and what is pulling the strings. Nothing is impossible, especially the righteous achievements. 


    And as far as I'm concerned, you don't need to defend yourself being called out a hater by anyone. Your intensions are just, so stand tall. 🙂


    "I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. It's the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death." - Leonardo Da Vinci -  

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  2. 15 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:



    They'll be harvesting all the DNA from these tests also. Coz.. why wouldn't they?


    There is indeed nothing that would be too immoral or too disturbed for these beings, but it would be smart to keep searching for the facts. It is through speculation and assumption how the media, for one, manupilates masses of people into mass hysteria. Best not to assume anything these until you have seen actual relevent proof, not just the numbers with the usual assumptions. 


    About DNA; it has bin proven that a lot of vaccines have Aluminium, Fluoride and fetusses among a long list. So yes, DNA is used in vaccines 




    When they roll out the "Covid cure", please dear people, don't use it! Bill Gates, who inevitably will be involved, does not have humanity's best interestest in mind. That by the way is a understatement. 


    "To find yourself, think for yourself" - Socrates -

  3. I"m happy to see more and more people speak out against Is-Ra-El, another step in the world domination agenda. 


    I do believe Israel is just another tool for the Satanists, like the USA was from the start. No US president ever was elected who wasn't connected to one of the strand in the web. (Freemasons, Hellfire Club, Skull & Bones Society etc.)


    In my daily life I still meet a lot of people who immidiately bring the anti-semitism segment whenever they believe they hear critisism of Israel. None of them ever had a valid argument, just parroting the "sources" they hear it from. Twitter, Facebook, basically Google, TV etc.


    "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation" - Oscar Wilde -



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  4. The more people that know the truth and unite together, the quicker this COVID-19 madness can end. 


    I am glad to see that senior citizens are so sober about all this madness. I live in the Netherlands where most senior citizens sheepishly swallow anything the doctor prescribes and blindly believe anything they have bin told by the tv and radio.


    It flummoxes me how easy this lunacy has festered. 


    Stay calm and strong all. Fear, panic and self righteousness are the real symptons of this "virus". Remain kind and patient with our fellow people. 


    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"  -Socrates-




  5. Hi,


    we are not FKD, although I can imagine you might feel that way looking at the world and humanity. Don't let fear guide you throughout your life, after all life is all a experience and there are always solutions even if you cannot see them right now.  But non-compliance would be a smart first step.


    I also like to mention that making weapons and praying for "divine beings" is laughable. The global cobalt setting all this madness in motion also worship a "divine being". The same "divine being" that all other religions also pray to, only the names and masks are different but it's always Saturn. 


    Trust in yourself and the people around you. Most are just scared to either make the first step or just don't know for certain what to do about it. Follow your heart and don't let fear guide you.


    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" 

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  6. I read three books of David Icke and I've seen a lot of interviews with him and I never once recalled him talking about "lizard people". He does talk about shape-shifting entities who happens to look, on basis of witnesses and ancient writings, repitillian in nature. That the "elite" are just vessels for their puppet master(s). But this is just additional information to highlight his main argument that the psychopaths running the show are completely depraved and incapable of showing empathy, in other words they don't act, feel and think like human beings. 


    The serious lack of empathy and their hateful and arrogant attitude towards life itself should start people wondering about the fabric of what they perceive as reality and our place within it. 

    Why would humanity destroy their own planet, destroying natural recources and creating societies and governments that suck the life out of it's citizens and replacing it with fear and dogma? Humanity wouldn't. But humanity is, if nothing else a universal species, very easy to manupilate and easy to judge. It is like that because we have bin blinded from real knowledge for so many generations that ignorance of even our own suffering as a whole has become something we are used to and blatantly ignore. 


    But it doesn't have to be. Look at the world and ask yourself; do I agree with this? Is this the best we can do? 

    No it isn't, we can do better. No one needs to suffer or be left out of the equation. We don't create these prisons for ourselves, but we do maintain them. 

  7. Reading some of the comments here, to be honest I'm a bit shocked.  


    To compare Alex Jones with David Icke? Alex Jones is just a loud mouth, a disgusting piece of self serving American showmanship, in my opinion. 

    And Bill Gates wants to cull the world population? Yeah, pretty much and he is not alone in this, thanks Alex for once again stating the obvious after dozens of people already did it before you. Plus ever seen one of his "interviews"? He constantly rants and doesn't allow his speakers to actually talk. Wich makes sense since next to him everyone looks and sounds like a frikking genius. The only good thing he ever did, if he actually did it, is filming the "elite summercamp" at Bohemian Grove years back. Other than that he is just an idiot who has no talent.


    And playing the Jesus card, please. Is there seriously anyone with common sense who thinks religion is going to SAVE us?! It is for a big part because of religion we are in this mess!

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  8. Wow, first of all kudos for you to persisently keep reacting with the emotion it deserves and staying polite. 


    I have seen enough COVID lunacy, but nothing like that, yet..


    I thank you for posting this, since it is just another testament of the fear spell people are under. It's like people these days are completely incapable of independent and critical thought.


    It reminds me of the episode from Star Trek where the Borg took over planet Earth and linked the human race to their hive and then they established a autocrat and lifeless world government.


    Oh wait.....

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  9. Good to know there are still genuine music artist out there, although that doesn't suprise me. The trick is actually finding these honest and caring talents since you won't find much, if any, in the mainstream media. Unless to demonise them, Michael Jackson immediately comes to mind. 


    Personally, the tv has always bin a joke to me but that the radio is complety and utter shit (pardon) really disappoints me. I honestly couldn't name one single radio station that brings out the real music. Real music to me meaning made by creative, independent and inspired people. 

  10. Hi all, I'm Jeff


    I live in the Netherlands, was born there but my life has bin quite the adventurous rollercoaster taking me to a lot of places. I signed up here because I cannot stand the world we all have to experience as it is right now and I want to dedicate myself to changing it for the better. I will do this with non violent measures. 


    I'm grateful that this forum excist and feel a bit stupid for only finding it out today. The truth is  I'm not a big fan of technology, although I use it as a tool, so all the social media hype, smart phones etc. all went past me. First because when I grew up I had to do everything myself and thus never had the finances to affort al these technical gizmo's. The irony is that because of this I did a lot of research from books and magazines, rarely the internet since I didn't had it at my direct disposal, I found out about the health dangers but mostly I started monitoring social behavior around technology. So these days it's a conscious choice not to light up like a christmas tree in the dark with smartphone in hand, earplug in both ears, and a smart wrist watch.


    This brought me to David Icke's book "Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is an Illusion". The beautiful thing is, when I finished the book in two days I didn't learn anything new, instead everything written in the book I already knew. It was one of the key moments in my life that took me out a quiet depression and made me feel happy who I am. It was the "Phantom Self" and the "Perception Deception" that really gave me a clear global picture of the insane evil that is festering our world. 


    Thanks for reading this and I like to add I am pro active in healing this world, I am willing to help all that need to in  a non violent way.


    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"

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