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  1. Thanks again for your post of my thread in Solutions, it really helped 🙂

  2. A good source for checking bias in the media: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/

  3. I didn't know on wich thread to post this and if anyone would care, but I feel I need to at least have shared this story once.


    I've had a very strange experience when I was 8 years old. I was playing with a friend at his house, when I went home it was already dark. For some reason, I decided to leave his house via the backdoor through the alley behind his house. The distance to my house was shorter from there and I decided I wasn't afraid of the dark. So I started walking through the dark alleyway heading home.


    I immidiately had the feeling someone was following me and it made me nervous. I first thought it was a child molester or something, but when I looked behind me I saw something very different. Bare in mind I was 8 years old but I can still remember it like it happened few hours ago. I saw a crocodile like being, judging from a beak with sharp teeth. It flashed almost like a neon light, appearing and disappearing with the flashes every 2 seconds or so. At first I was curious seeing this cartoonish figure, but when it came closing in I unexplainably started to panic and made a run for it. I ran the way home and in my frightened state I rang the doorbell to my house, but no one answered. I kept ringing and ringing like a madmen but no one was answering. Then something or someone lifted me up until, still firmly holding the frontdoor handle, until I must have bin completely horizontal in the air. Something or someone was pulling me, if I hadn't held so firmly to the doorhandle I couln't have resisted. That moment is burned in my memory forever. That moment time stood still. When I "awoke" I was standing there holding the doorhandle, my mom opened the door looking at me like nothing was wrong. I asked her: "Didn't you hear me ringing and ringing the doorbell?" She had no recall I did and hadn't heard anything.


    I didn't exactly felt different since, but the memorie of the experience never left me. Perhaps it was just my imagination but I cannot say that for certain. 



  4. A man I always admired as a human being and an entertainer 🙂

    George Carlin Quote.png

  5. "If you fight fire with fire, the world will keep on burning."

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