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  1. Despite all the new sources of information from some of the members on this forum, right now I feel that it doesn't help anyone in the long run. 


    Could be it's just me and I am a hopeless idealist, but I feel strong towards the truth and found my ideal back in David Icke's work. This forum however, is a far cry from what David Icke is trying to accomplish. It doesn't matter how just and honest your message is when it's only heard by people who are all talk and no walk, psychopaths and religious zealots especially satanists. 


    The fact that these people can harass, promote violence, weapons, hate speech, sell their extreme beliefs is beyond tasteless. To add insult to injury, this forum took a page from Facebook and you are not even able to delete your own account. Well, hope you receive all the royalties you need to corrupt yourselves selling personal data to 2nd and 3rd parties. Wich of course, NEVER happens here. At least that's what people are supposed to think. 


    Clearly this forum either failed miserably in it's mission or this was the goal all along; exhausting the heart people by wasting energy in places like this. There are still people who want to help heal the world and cooperate for a better life for all. Too bad this forum and it's moderators don't want this. Good luck in making money and selling out, the truth is the truth, you will realise the damage you have done one day. I'm glad I don't have to be around to witness it.


    My heart's energy is infinite.



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    2. Ronald77


      I aint jeff retard 😂 just a guy who goes 🤢🤮 for peeps like yu. someone has to fire back at yo sick retards. All what you say is just more bs. 


      read all the post a guy gets for trying to do good. now yo know how sick you make peopl. too much cyber bullies hav no life sittin behind a screeen jerking off. you aint got nothin to offer in rl, so you bitch herw. this is yo accomplishment 5133 post in barely 9 months😂 GET A FUKKING LIFE LOSAH!!! ther aint no place in the world made by the good ppl for yuo inbred motherfuckers. i help more ppl in one day than yo will in your useless life.


      have fun finding a word here you van vbich about an FUCK YOU 


    3. Fluke


      Who's cyber bullying and where? 

    4. EnigmaticWorld


      Nobody said you was Jeff, Ron, we're just confused why you're so defensive. You're acting like the guy is being harassed or something. Get a grip.


      I have already accomplished most of the things I wanted to accomplish in terms of a career and personal achievements, but nice try at an ad hominem. Couldn't give a damn about a post count, but I'll post more if it makes you seethe so much.

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