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  1. Despite all the new sources of information from some of the members on this forum, right now I feel that it doesn't help anyone in the long run. 


    Could be it's just me and I am a hopeless idealist, but I feel strong towards the truth and found my ideal back in David Icke's work. This forum however, is a far cry from what David Icke is trying to accomplish. It doesn't matter how just and honest your message is when it's only heard by people who are all talk and no walk, psychopaths and religious zealots especially satanists. 


    The fact that these people can harass, promote violence, weapons, hate speech, sell their extreme beliefs is beyond tasteless. To add insult to injury, this forum took a page from Facebook and you are not even able to delete your own account. Well, hope you receive all the royalties you need to corrupt yourselves selling personal data to 2nd and 3rd parties. Wich of course, NEVER happens here. At least that's what people are supposed to think. 


    Clearly this forum either failed miserably in it's mission or this was the goal all along; exhausting the heart people by wasting energy in places like this. There are still people who want to help heal the world and cooperate for a better life for all. Too bad this forum and it's moderators don't want this. Good luck in making money and selling out, the truth is the truth, you will realise the damage you have done one day. I'm glad I don't have to be around to witness it.


    My heart's energy is infinite.



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    2. MatchaLove


      Doesn't happen here at all! Right? lol 


      There are people who joined the forum just to watch us!!!!


      I press buttons so much, I got inside occultist thinking "Who is this b!tch that she hasnt been put in a asylum yet"? The fact these nosey eyes think things like that. I would be dead if they wanted to kill me, so knowing that, and what they do to people like that is torture them to insanity. That's when you see sometimes men that come out of their custody with wigs on and mutilated parts. Usually for women and vets its the asylum until they do actually want to kill you. 


      That's right, hands to your self!!! Unless, its size xtra large condoms, lol lol jk jk. Opps cant delete that!!! lol



    3. Fluke


      What are you talking about lol

    4. MatchaLove


      I just saw his post on the front page of the website. I want to be able to delete my things too!!!! 


      Just being funny about it!!! lol 

  2. Why is not possible to delete your account?
  3. First of all, welcome For literature I would advice you; "Phantom Self" by David Icke, "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot, "Blue Blood, True Blood" by Stewart Swerdlow And don't worry about feeling out of place. In the end it's not us but the world and our collective perception of the world that is distorted, I'd rather have open minded and kind hearted people like you around a while longer "On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind, it becomes a pleasure." - Oscar Wilde -
  4. I just did, so obviously I can. That you don't get that is too bad but don't reflect that on me. "Violent means gives violent freedom." - Ghandi -
  5. No words can describe how dumb your reply is. Wrong on every single account. Don't forget to brush the feeces out of your teeth before your curator comes to check on you.
  6. I came with an idea from another thread discussing https://womensagenda.com.au/latest/letusspeak-gag-laws-in-victoria-prevent-sexual-assault-survivors-from-telling-their-stories/. While Tasmania and the NT have repealed sexual assault victim gag laws, Victoria has gone backwards. For those that want to make a difference for the better make a topic/thread/medium in social media, maybe this will inspire people to non comply without violent means. I'm not very familiar with social media, if you can believe that. But at least it gets some results and a strong message out there.
  7. That's the result if a forum allows mental patients to post their garbage out here. Honestly I am not suprised just glad that all the "things" pretending to be real people expose themselves like this. Remember the names of those who post this stuff and become aware what they really are and what they represent. Or give them a like "No snowflake in an avalanche ever felt responsible." - Voltaire -
  8. I agree with OP on this matter. Books are indeed very important. I would go as far as to say the written recorded knowledge are one of the building blocks of our communities. I would, even although I am no believer in any religion, keep a copy of the Bible and other "Holy Books". I read the Bible twice, both the old and new testament, and it did gave me a lot of insight into the Christian faith(s), it's followers and it helped me emphatise with those people. I would also save their electronic counterparts as well. But to me non electronical books will always have my p
  9. I personally choose not to acknowledge COVID's existence anymore. I do everything like I used to do before the lockdown. When people respond to me "because of COVID" I give them a look like; I do choose not to provoke people, at least not intentionally
  10. This is really messed up, just unbelievable. People must ignore this manditory court order BS and keep speaking out. The ones enforcing this law must be exposed and the ones speaking out protected from this evil. "Similar gag laws were overturned in the Northern Territory and Tasmania earlier this year as a result of #LetUsSpeak campaign." "The law quietly came into effect in February, and now apply if charges against the offender are pending, or if there has been a conviction." "Journalist Nina Funnell, who first reported about the gag laws for
  11. This explains everything about you two. Good thing I refuse to block anyone, I would've missed out on those comments. "He who does not oppose evil, commands it to be done." - Leonardo Da Vinci -
  12. Allow me to put this thread back on track I think we squandered our great gifts, indeed. If we are aware of what limits us and what causes the madness, we can use that knowledge to create solutions. To put it in other words, the way out of this mess is as I see it is start backtracking and looking at what time problems started; who were involved, what they are and where they came from and how the came into the positions of influence. Won't take long to see the connections, once you do, you'll see where their agenda ends. How to stop it? By not comply
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