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  1. Kite plane must hit steel Kite to me signifies a remote controlled (tethered) flying device. I could be wrong mind.
  2. I used to love watching X files, then stopped about season 6 or 7. Not sure why. Most of what we see on our screens have subliminal messages and agendas. Been happening for decades. Recent ones that I have been watching have elite agendas. Snowpiercer Star trek Boshe Future Man To name but a few.
  3. Welcome mate. You are in the right place.
  4. We've said from the very beginning that this is now the way the doctors are going to operate. It was way too coordinated then closing doors straight away. Zoom everything, dont have to come in contact with the scunny lepers. Leave that for us pharmacists. We are getting it fucking all. Everything. I'm sick of telling dickheads that I cant comment on their side effects from vaccine and no I cant tell you whether you should have 2nd or 3rd. I'm so glad to be getting out of the game soon. The game fucking stinks.
  5. Me. Was so happy with reading them too. We are not the minority they are making us out to be.
  6. I haven't been forwarding stuff to as many people as the beginning, save for the less than 10 close allies. But I've shared this meme with more than 60 WhatsApp contacts.
  7. it wont work you fools. No matter how hard you try. No one is buying your shit no more.
  8. There is simple remedy to that kind of scaremongering mate. Take out all those devices that can hear you or cover them up. Jobs a good un.
  9. India is weird one. They been fully paid up member of elite for while now, even at the detriment of its Islamic neighbour's. But its neighbour's are now towing the party line like good serfs, so india are trying to stay ahead of illuminati game. Thats why they willingly going along with then double variant bS. Cos it suits there agenda
  10. Video no longer available. I wonder why?
  11. Mate, It's no coincidence that india have been chosen for the next phase of psyops. It wasnt that long ago, weeks even when we were using India as a yardstick for all this bullshit. Massive non compliant population with similar deaths to tiny UK island.
  12. Mate, its so in your face. They not even trying to hide it anymore. Satanic fuckers. And no fucker in clown world bar us is questioning it. Where are all these religious folk who been banging on about 666 and lucifer for years?
  13. From article The Act already allows a fine of up to $6660 for failure to comply with an entry requirement, and $66,600 or five years imprisonment or both for failure to comply with an emergency determination. What the literal fuck? How many times do we have to be shown this satanic shite before people realise which path we are heading towards?
  14. in my defence mate, I only put ones fron around the time I was alive
  15. Mate, not saying it didn't happen. Just saying it might not have went down the way we are told. Same way decades down the line they'll talk about this covid pandemic like the black plague. Oooh think of the children. When we know that its a crock of shit. Everything we know about history is up for debate in my eyes. All cards are off the table. So I find it strange that people think they can do this now but not decades or centuries ago? MSM life is all an illusion. Just look at the shit they have pulled whilst we been alive? JFK, gulf of tonkin, Oklahoma bombing, WTC attempt, 911, 77. To name but a few. But yeah let's believe them about other historic events. Nah mate, you're alright. Carry on.
  16. I'm with you mate. This blatant 'false flag' should make everyone question every fucking thing we take for granted about our historical events. Every single one of them. This isnt the 1st time they've pulled shit like this. Have a dodge on this site. Stolen histories.net. I'll see if I find a link to a great thread questioning WW2 https://stolenhistory.net/threads/did-ww2-happen.1014/page-2#post-37352
  17. Not sure mate. Islam is the last of the 3 Abrahamic faiths. I was always taught as a child to respect the bible and torah and to treat them with as much reverence as the quran. As the quran is basically the bible and torah with updates apparently. The last word of god if you may. As for Muslims being onto summat? Nah mate, not from my experience atm. They all muzzled up and getting vaxed. The same people that were warming me of all these satanic things have been brainwashed and going along with the charade. Where are all the imams priests rabbis speaking out at all the atrocities been committed to mankind. They are all in lockstep with the elite fuckers. Which suggests to me that the saturn death cult control all major religions.
  18. I'm not 100% which verse and that, sorry Alexa. I'm going off my fathers historic warnings and when I was in Sunday school as a child. Heres a couple of links which might help you narrow it down. https://www.zwemercenter.com/guide/islamic-apocalypse-6-things-you-should-know/ https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_2635839 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/end-world-signs-ancient-islamic-22172711.amp
  19. That is one of the signs of the apocalypse in the Quran.
  20. What the fuck? Why was he going round with an entourage? Looking for a photo op? Well good on that fella. About time these pricks got an earful.
  21. Dont buy into the cybersecurity hacking shite. They setting us up for another invisible enemy.
  22. That's cos they got bullshit home lit lateral flo tests now to fill the gap. All fucking bollocks
  23. They dont know what it is. Dark spots on lungs from MRI. Pretty scary. Obviously there will be no link to the Lucifer juice like you say.
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