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  1. They can fuck right off coming for NHS workers. Loads of us said NO at the very beginning dec 2020, so they took us off the priorty list before they lost face. You not jabbing me you cunts. All they want to do is sheep dip their cattle every year.
  2. Touch bro. Saw them, awesome. I dont agree with everything in the series. But it was very well put together and a slick presentation in trying to fit loads of topics in one series. Most of the info was entry level but a great start for anyone starting to ask questions about our stolen history.
  3. I'm not a flat earther by any stretch bud but I do seriously question the heliocentric model. N body problem just cant be resolved amongst other things. The reason that rainbows are not straight apparently is cos of the Firmament being a bowl. Small homemade straight rainbows can be made. That's for another thread though. Even though I kind of agree with Ziggy that if you think the fuckers have lied to us the last 16months regarding convid. What other big porkies in the past have they told us? Well looks like quite a lot mate. Shit got real in the early 1800s and steadily getting worse for the cattle class, even though they promised us the world.
  4. Taken from a mate in a WhatsApp group. Several easy actions taken last week during normal life to build awareness and plant more seeds. Surprisingly easy, what if a million people did it: 1)Booked a call with GP to discuss my 'consideration/concerns' of xav. When she called and after letting her speak about the risk/benefit(she wasn't pushy) , I used it as an opportunity to share info and said "had she heard of the Ukmedfreedom alliance?" . Asked if she is aware of lack of manufacturer liability, people are in a clinical trial, Yellow Card data etc. and concerns of Antibody Dependent Enhancement. I said I will keep researching and wait a bit more(never going to take it). I shared date of the next protest. I also printed and delivered the Ukmedfreedom open letters on masks, testing and 'letter to GP's/vaccinators and letter against children's covid xav'. 2) Had a call from my water company regarding a billing issue, at the end of the call, I said: "Sorry to go off topic, can I just ask a quick question and share some info if it's okay? I don't know if you are aware there were a million people in London a few weeks ago and in April protesting against lockdowns, standing up for medical freedom and choice? You probably didn't see it on the BBC or mainstream news as they said there were only a few hundred people , so I guess that misinformation says something? So what else are we not being told? I don't know if you or your family have had the xav or maybe just the first dose, however before any further jibs or boosters, please research and check out independent news channels UKcolumn dot org, the Highwire dot com. Worlddoctorsalliance dot com(and try to join their telegram group where you get info from around the world on this) and Ukmedfreedom dot org. Not all doctors agree with the government 'fear and coercion sales pitch for a disease with 99.95% recovery rate' and now they want to give it to children who are not at risk of covid. It's good to question what's really going on and the next big protest is on June 26th". The call ended well and he was appreciative for sharing the resources one more person aware of other info sources and the protests. 3) Same script used for a call from my travel insurance renewal enquiry (not that I'm going to be travelling soon). Again successful call and caller was appreciative to impart information and build awareness. 4) Went to get my car tyres changed, and spoke to several staff/manager with the same script and handed a flyer with website addresses and yellow card data. Owner said his wife was going to be at the next protests on the 26th June :) Right now there are probably 1(or 2) in 50 activists in the movement. It's an easy win to do a short 'freedom sales pitch' at every meaningful contact, people are more receptive to listening as you built some rapport. Treating it like a Sales and Marketing campaign has worked best for me as that is what this is against the government ' fear and xav sales pitch'. We could easily plant millions of seeds firmly in a week if parents did this at the school gate, at the shopkeepers/managers/employers, on any phone calls we receive, speak to the dustmen, the postman etc. Sometimes you may not get the response wanted, it's okay. Move to the next :) The best thing is no leaders or groups needed to reach millions of people. Just going around Oxford Street and Parliament (although necessary) isn't going to bring more people to awareness. Better to mix it up.
  5. Wise words my friend. Totally agree. Liberty is doing what she feels she has to do. Which is what her maternal instinct is telling her. Kids have fuck all say in the world and are reliant on us to guide them through it. I'm crying writing this. Because when it comes to my kids it hits straight to my core, I will show my kids the right way to live. Without having to succumb to slave mentality. But I can only do this because of my privileged position in society. What about the people who think like me but dont have the confidence or money behind them? They the ones I feel sorry for. Night peeps. I love you all.
  6. Bosscrow. You are correct my friend. Whilst not having kids doesn't stop you from offering sage advice regarding younguns. I do feel that having kids does give you a heightened sense of protective ness. It's very much so primordial. I'm as laid back as they come. Booze and green will do that. But when it comes to my two darlings. I will do anything to protect them from harmful stuff. One of the biggest talks I've given to any parent who will listen to me. Am I dick head?...... No. Am I a horrible person?....No Am I a terrible parent?....... No. Quite the opposite actually. You are the best. Ok then. Why am I not wearing mask or any ppe when working on "front line" ,? Why am I not burning my clothes when I come home? Why do I let my children out of my sight? When in a fucking real pandemic my parenteral instincts would've kicked in, and they would not leave my side ever. Fuckimg never ever. Errrrr that is true, is the replies I get from normie parents.
  7. I hear you brother/sister. I have two younguns under 7 myself. I would literally kill and mame any fucker who wishes ill will towards them. What you suggest is not black and white. You can't red pill your child and expose them to the evil world prematurely imo. Taking away their innocence is exactly what tptb want. There's a balance somewhere. Where? I do not know. I have talked to my 7 year old boy. Said things like you know the world is going crazy atm about a virus. Your dad is not going crazy. Why? When I'm working on "frontline". I've explained to him why I dont wear a mask and I wont be getting vaccinated. Neither will you son. Tbf he is used to being odd one out at school for not getting flu mist last couple of year. Came home crying too, cos other kids told him that they can play outside and he can't. Like wtf? These are 5 6 year olds?
  8. This is what we were discussing at the very beginning. DRs refused to go out and treat care homes but gave end of life death kit prescriptions in hand for all patients in all care homes in 1st month of lockdown. Midazolam was and is on the list of end of life medication. I know this 1st hand as my partner helped write these prescriptions for the whole of our city. Midazolam, is a benzodiazepine medication used for anesthesia, procedural sedation, trouble sleeping, and severe agitation. It works by inducing sleepiness, decreasing anxiety, and causing a loss of ability to create new memories.
  9. As if 1 billion of our tax payers monies have been siphoned off to elite kunts with contracts. I know because I have refused such items. I will not be bought. I am one of the masses even though I am becoming one of the elite. Please mark my words. I have not said anything wrong.
  10. Simon brother. I'm not going to disagree with you at all. You always try to guide us in the right direction with your posts of vids and stuff. But I will not get into any discussion of colour. That is tptb main source of division in regards to divide and conquer tactics. They still using all the old play books the thick fuckers. I have no doubt thos charade will end soon. No other outcome is remotely possible. Please keep the faith, and thanks for helping a wandering star to find a home. I love you all so much.
  11. Unfortunately mate. His subconscious is in deep anguish. He knows what's going on isnt right but his lazy selfish part is going along with it. So he's doubling down and is flabbergasted that his mum doesnt realise the sacrifice he's making by selling out and going with flow. How fucking dare she have one critical thought that his black mirror doesn't endorse?
  12. I'm from a ethnic minority and chill as they come. Never used the race card in me life. But they been after the brownies from the start. 1st we had ooooh covid kills more asians, then most severe lockdowns were in ethnic areas, now we have incessant Asian scarients. I have never felt more conscious of my skin colour as I have last 15 months. Fret not my friends. It still hasn't stopped me walking around like a boss without a mask on. Yes this sexy looking brownie is passing his filthy lurgy to you masked zombies.
  13. I noticed that. Couldnt listen to it. I'm all for giving second chances. But this jesus wannabe and that Katie Hopkins are same in my eyes. Controlled opposition. Simple as.
  14. I'm all for opting out. Just dont like the fact that I'll then be on a dissenters list.
  15. You're not wrong mate. But that won't be my history I'm afraid. I'm gonna keep on saying shit and hope to infect as many people in my existence as possible. Not sure infect was right word there.
  16. Spot on mate. You can add all NHS healthcare staff to that list too. All waiting for instructions from above like good little slaves.
  17. Thanks mate. Out of likes. Spot on post. I know you weren't having a go bud, maybe I was being a tad sensitive as there is still a little part of me that does feel guilty for abandoning my post. I cant wait for us all to be together in our own little community. Well I can wait.... but you know what I mean
  18. Thanks bud. It's not nice like, and it's only getting worse. The pharmacy sector is the runt of nhs litter. We get shit upon left right and centre, funding cuts, no appreciation. Even when we hear the BS heroes nurses blar blar blar, pharmacies never get a mention. Even though we were the only fuckers that never closed or changed practices.
  19. I hear you mate. But at what cost? What cost? Running a community pharmacy has become so tiresome and the amount we have to dance for our shekels it's become an absolute chore. The vast amount of red tape hoop jumping box ticking over this covid bullshit is unbelievable. It's all ongoing too. Thats on top of all the normal day to day work. Which has blown up too. The phone never stops from patients not getting what they want from their NHS. Deliveries have gone through the roof. But that started before lockdown, that's for another discussion. The fact boots Lloyds started charging for home deliveries months before lockdown is a big tell. Let's not even talk about the roll out of lateral flow tests in pharmacy as a advanced service or the impending covid vaccination in local pharmacies. It's become too much for me to take. I'm cashing out and looking after my own. Fuck everyone else. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh brother. But I've tried so hard without avail. I cant do it anymore. In our pharmacy I've not pushed the agenda at all, plastic shield went up after 24/7 mask mandate. All my girls have face covering exemptions. We dont give a fuck and try to be normal as poss. But I cant take it any more. It's too much to ask of 1 human being to keep going against the flow. I'm going dark and gonna fight the fight in my own way. Get secure and sorted, then gonna unleash a whole world of hurt against these fuckers with talks, vids, website the lot. But that will take time. Time I'm not sure we have. So before you throw stones mate, just empathise that it's not as easy as you say.
  20. TH sister I apologise for mistaken you for a brother. Not my intention. I am at big cross roads in my life. I feel scared but all you guys give me strength. I will succeed and meet many of you in due course. I just have to set myself right first. Which is no easy task when you have 2 kids under 7 to look after. Thanks for being understanding. I have so much to divulge about NHS but cant atm till I'm secure.
  21. Thank you for support ME. Much appreciated. My own kin dont feel the same. I'm being ostracized. Which is fine by me the sheeple cunts. They telling themselves that it's a mid life crisis that I'm giving up my slave profession. If only they knew. Worry not my bredrin. I am sorted in next chapter of my life. Without having to compromise my moral compass. I am becoming a elite for better or worse. I will not forget whence I came from. Everyone here on this forum has kept me on true path. That I will not forget. I love you all. Especially you ME
  22. How many Islamic countries have spoken out? None. More worried about lining their pockets like I Khan and Pakistan
  23. Was it the one with muslims praying at busy intersection? As I've been battling with a few mates about that demo. On Eid so many mosques I visited were full of masked gimps. I was only one without. So I ask. Yes protest against atrocities thousands of miles away. What about the millions on this island that have been oppressed this last 16 months. Why have we not seen islam condemning what the fuck is going on? Muslims will not be beaten i was told. Like fuck you cuck bitches. 1.6 billion of us muslims around the world. How many of us have stood up against the satanic atrocities committed against us? These cunts know the score too. Weve seen the arrivals. Has that helped? Like fuck These cuck bitches that were protesting against Palestinians wear masks and take jabs. Fuck off you wankers
  24. TH brother. I admire you for your empathy to the dickwad fuckers. But I'm sorry I dont share your sentiment. I'm struggling atm. I cant work in healthcare anymore. It's not good for my mental health. It's too much going against my moral compass every day. I am not like that strong NHS trust member who said she'll stay on inside working the truth. I'm done mate. 16 months has taken its toll. Im giving up pharmacy. 35 years of hard work done. I think that's enough. I'm selling my pharmacy and going dark. Ghosting every mutha fucker who doesnt see the world as I do. Selfish? Damn fucking right. I'm looking after me myself and mine. That's it. Rest of you can fuck right off. I apologise for my cuntness. But I'm tired of not been listened too after all we have called it all down to a tee. What more can we do?
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