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  1. Prom bud. Please stick to positive shit mate If not you will lose more people listening to you. Take my advice as how you see fit Thats what im saying on frontline to peeps. I am true truth seeker. Please listen to my warning words
  2. Prom bud. I used to love reading your posts. But not atm. Im skipping them because of your negativity and confrontation. Please go back to a few months back. With all due respect of course.i appreciate your input.
  3. ffs. Thats why I detest politics and bloody labels lol
  4. Spot on mate. I will take umbrage with your comment that the right have called them out for ages though. Whilst that may be true, I will say that non right people were calling against corporatism too. In the past ive called myself centre left on occasion, never again. I dont believe in left right shake it all about anymore. Its us vs them. Oh and the zombies. Dunno which side to put them on tbh
  5. Not saying this is true either but there are theories. Its all about energy harvesting apparently. The current evil rulers didnt create this realm we riside in, they simply repurposed its use. We live in an endless cycle of BS whereby civilisations rise and fall, while evil still prospers. All modern history is a lie. Its all manipulated. When i say lie, i dont necessarily mean that it didnt happen. Just that it didnt happen the way we are told. Our history has been stolen from us. All in my humble of course.
  6. A bill gates chuckle and calling them a GMO does the trick in my experience.
  7. Zark mate. In this 2000 year precesion why do the tropics never change their name. Tropic of sagittarius and Gemini is what we should have had for last 2k years with 2 new tropics incoming But they never change? Wtf?
  8. Never before have I ever seen medicines reffered to as a poison. In uk we have medicines act 1972, https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1972/66 And poisions act 1968 On 26 March 2015, the Poisons Act 1972 was amended via the Deregulation Act 2015 and the Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2015 were introduced to create a cohesive regime to control sales of explosives precursors and poisons.25 Jun 2021 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/67/schedule/5/crossheading/the-pharmacy-and-poisons-act-1933-c-25/enacted Only in reference to Australia and in particular WA western Australia that i have noticed they have amalgamated the two. You must have a special kind of evil over there mate.
  9. Dunmo about mass prescribing of DMT mate but a few tokes on some phat bud would surely help.
  10. Fair enough mate. They are doing that. Its just i see no colour race religions. All i see is us vs them. The last 18months has crystallised that thought process.
  11. The fuckers in charge dont care about religion mate. They just want to sheep dip as many slaves as they cam get away with. Carefull not to fall into their many traps. Take Alexs comment about followers of islam getting ahead of the cue for jabs, and everyone else is 2nd class. Its a slippery slope i agree, however its a false analogy. First of all who gives a rats arse who's in front of the cue for death jab. If some daft muslims want to get them, cos they see more brownies at the vax centres, then thats up to them, thick fucks. Rough guestimate out of the 100 plus muslim family members i have. 30 to 40% have taken the mark, mostly elderly. My 30year old nephew has taken it too. I just shook my head when he told me. Bloody GMOs man.
  12. I think Alex missed the main point in that video. That muslims are yet again targeted because of low uptake of satan's juice. Instead of faning the flames of divide started by tptb, Alex should direct his outrage at more worthy causes. Like mandatory vaccines in the workplace.
  13. Yes. Its been quite noticeable in community pharmacy that this seasons hayfever has been off the scale. We've seen a exponentiall explosion of prescribed fexofenadine 180mg given to patients. The strongest antihistamine on prescribing list.
  14. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdVKcAhp/ What the literall fuck. Have these guys not got any shame or a fucking soul?
  15. Odds i dunno about him tbf. He came out against the BS, then "got" covid and pushed their agenda for a bit. He has to much more for me to put his poster back up, alongside Ronaldo
  16. Mate, lets work through the logic in your post. Stop protesting or they will make us stop protesting? I agree that their are loads of agent provocateurs in the mix. Like petitions have limited impact on msm. But fuck mate, what else can ordinary folk do who are not happy with whats going on? Whats wrong with like minded souls getting togther and networking? Trying to figure out a way outta of this mess.
  17. Mate, how is this circus not dying down? Im in quite a few pharmacy related whatapp groups. This is the shit thats been said "Do we still have to wear masks after June 19th?" "Yes, customers will be given choice but staff still have to follow all covid19 rules. Screens ppe hand sanitizer all staying" "One of my patients has died from covid after having 2 jabs, so im keeping my mask on forever" I cant even be bothered to counter their shit anymore as im jacking it all in. Cant hack it anymore. Too mentally draining.
  18. Spot on mate. Tbf there will be plenty of us already acting as that cool dude. Mainstream society is well and truly fucked. I just hope enough of us cut ourselves out from it. For tptb to be hit in pocket and starved of attention. One can hope.
  19. Anyone know if we due a biblical flood anytine soon. As to take these genetically modified creatures away? We are witnessing the start of the great divide. I am however very confident that our side will prevail. As there side is full of retards.
  20. How many is it now that have bowed out of this scandemic charade by either divorce, adultery etc? Bezos gates cunminngs hancock off the top of mt head.
  21. Good thing about that though, if enough of us vote with our feet and money then it will hit private sector where it hurts.
  22. Mate. Too many slob slave drones wouldn't know what flight or fight is unless their black mirror told them. Society has been dumbed down so much.
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