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  1. What the fuck are you on about? Ive read that a few times now. What is your native tongue? Doesn't seem to be English.
  2. Spot on mate. I never take anything personal. Especially in here with my peeps. Just trying to play a bit of devils advocate. Good post btw
  3. Thats my neck of woods mate. Im no good with tech. But if you need local back up. Im there with my bredrin.
  4. Im of Pakistani decent. 2nd/3rd gen. I dont hate the British. How can I? Am one and my kids are too. So lets not try and generalise please. That is what the cants want. Divide and distract.
  5. Whilst you may have a general validish point mate. I will add that my genetic makeup is exactly the same as the so called GPs that we mention, and im as British as they come. So that kind of makes your point moot bud. Ive getting out of the very lucrative healthcare game as it wasnt good for my soul.
  6. Just skip past his posts mate. Everyone else does.
  7. Cos they dont need to mate. They have successfully manipulated their slaves into thinking that they are not worthy of face to face interactions with a GP and that it will cripple the NHS. GPs are cants and a big reason why this scamdemic hasnt fizzled out
  8. If its supposedly tidal locked to the earth. Only showing us one side. Surely the opposite is also true. Why have we not seen this marvel in all its glory? Why dont we have a live stream of earth? Why is space exploration in the hands of such a few people? Why dont the n body problem concern more people?
  9. Chinese built them and have rights to tolls for next 25 years or summat. They even built a tunnel through the Himalayas joining the 2 countries.
  10. We still use it as a main liner. Apixiban is taking over though. Not sure why? Probably cos its a lot more expensive.
  11. Most blood thinners are derived from rat poison mate.
  12. E1 What makes you think thats BS buddy? There does seem to be a disclosure written into the satanic fuckers agenda If they wanted to, they could be more ninja like and not attract any attention from us lot. Imo of course
  13. Wow Simon powerful vid from the law professor. I hear myself when he speaks. He's so sick of all the BS in the world. I would love to hear more from him. I can't seem to find him on telegram from his link. Please share if you come across any more from him.
  14. Prom bud. Please stick to positive shit mate If not you will lose more people listening to you. Take my advice as how you see fit Thats what im saying on frontline to peeps. I am true truth seeker. Please listen to my warning words
  15. Prom bud. I used to love reading your posts. But not atm. Im skipping them because of your negativity and confrontation. Please go back to a few months back. With all due respect of course.i appreciate your input.
  16. ffs. Thats why I detest politics and bloody labels lol
  17. Spot on mate. I will take umbrage with your comment that the right have called them out for ages though. Whilst that may be true, I will say that non right people were calling against corporatism too. In the past ive called myself centre left on occasion, never again. I dont believe in left right shake it all about anymore. Its us vs them. Oh and the zombies. Dunno which side to put them on tbh
  18. Not saying this is true either but there are theories. Its all about energy harvesting apparently. The current evil rulers didnt create this realm we riside in, they simply repurposed its use. We live in an endless cycle of BS whereby civilisations rise and fall, while evil still prospers. All modern history is a lie. Its all manipulated. When i say lie, i dont necessarily mean that it didnt happen. Just that it didnt happen the way we are told. Our history has been stolen from us. All in my humble of course.
  19. A bill gates chuckle and calling them a GMO does the trick in my experience.
  20. Zark mate. In this 2000 year precesion why do the tropics never change their name. Tropic of sagittarius and Gemini is what we should have had for last 2k years with 2 new tropics incoming But they never change? Wtf?
  21. Never before have I ever seen medicines reffered to as a poison. In uk we have medicines act 1972, https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1972/66 And poisions act 1968 On 26 March 2015, the Poisons Act 1972 was amended via the Deregulation Act 2015 and the Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2015 were introduced to create a cohesive regime to control sales of explosives precursors and poisons.25 Jun 2021 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/67/schedule/5/crossheading/the-pharmacy-and-poisons-act-1933-c-25/enacted Only in reference to Australia and in particular WA western Australia that i have noticed they have amalgamated the two. You must have a special kind of evil over there mate.
  22. Dunmo about mass prescribing of DMT mate but a few tokes on some phat bud would surely help.
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