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  1. In the heliocentric universe. When we are at darkness. We are facing away from the sun. Then how come we can see the two inner most planets next to the sun when facing away? Don't come at me like you have been doing this whole thread about how we should have the answers to everything. It's akin to the plebs saying.....well too many people were involved with 911, can't happen, or how the fuck the whole planet was coerced into injecting Satan's sperm. I do not have all the answers. As do know is that these cunts are lying to us and have been for centuries if not thousands of years. Why the fuck do you follow these satanic cunts like good little slaves?
  2. What is BS? Please explain? That the fact you don't have to correct for the earth's curvature or rotation? I'm sorry if I take my real time friends account over a dude over the Internet.sorry if that offends.
  3. It doesn't I agree. But I only human after all. Why should I be held as a higher standard than the rest of the fuckers going about their business?
  4. BC brother, I mean no disrespect. I am merely commenting as an observer. It can not be underestimated what has happened to the human race these last 2 plus years. We need to extrapolate that shit to the wider world. Ergo they are lying to us about everything.
  5. It wouldn't and doesn't if we reside in an enclosed space. My wife's best friends husband used to be a pilot with BA before scamdemic, now works in a police call centre. We've had some reet debates about 911 FE the works. Nothing he says refutes 911 or FE conspiracies. I showed him the emergency landings vid, he couldn't argue. My point is, we as lay men can only go off our own observations and experiences. These often fly in the face of stuff we are taught and told by msm. For example the atmosphere being intrinsically linked to the ground,I.e synced up. This cam only happen if we live in a snow globe with a barrier. My pilot mate couldn't get his head round why he didn't have to correct for curvature of earth or supposed coriolis effect.
  6. Sorry to say but you and this Peter have not covered yourself in any glory in this thread. Actually you both come across as msm sheeple. Blindly following the doctrine that you have been brainwashed with. Shame as I thought you were a geezer. Live and learn.
  7. I'm half way through this thread. What a fucking shit show lads. Especially from the heliocentric doctrine followers. I have refrained from the heliocentric vs geocentric debate for years for this very reason, as it comes with too many negative connotations. All I can say is since this plandemic shit started, I have delved into stuff that I won't normally. Just to see what else these ptb kernts have lied to us about. Conclusion is they have lied to us about near everything. I have been on sites vastly more informed than this and they have debated the shape of this realm like adults. We have let the UK down. For example at no point in this thread have we discussed proper issues like pilots testimonials about how the curvature of earth or coriolis effect has no effect on their take off or landings, how in all effect and purposes the plane we reside on is flat. Or why we can see mercury and Venus in night sky? I am on the fence. The kernts in charge have lied to us. Why should we believe them when they say the world is an oblate spheroid? Wake the fuck up. Nasa is part of them. Believe nothing they say. Yes FE is flawed but so is Heliocentric thinking. Stop fighting amongst ourselves and look towards them fuckers keeping us down.
  8. You're a cunt. I collect my 2 shekels.
  9. You are not worth these words in reply. Mods will soon sort you out. Shekel much ffs?
  10. Who are you again? The thought police? You have offered fuck all in contributions on this thread apart from snide comments from the sidelines. Get correct or fuck off back to MSM mate.
  11. Spot on. I commend all who battle the 77th. I have no will anymore. Coming from ethnic ex NHS. This thread is not racist whatsoever. Anyone who thinks different is a SJ or a cunt. Or both. Who knows.
  12. Mate. That post deserves a thread of its own. Bravo
  13. I regularly visit Stolen history forum and September clues forum. Both top notch for info and delving deep.
  14. Spot on. That's coming from ex NHS. No one wanted to listen so I left. I couldn't with a good conscious keep on lying (not speaking my mind) to public or jab them with satan sperm. There are other ways to earn a living.
  15. Just about up to date on this thread. Thanks to all you wonderful posters keeping me sane. Fuck of to all you 77ers and cunts. I'm still here
  16. Never despair marra. Your love for your soul is the reason why this evil cannot and will not prevail. They will try hard to coerce, cojole, shame, threaten but at end of day I'm a firm believer they need your consent to jab you. Just keep saying no. No matter the consequences. Where there is a will there is a way. Stay strong brothers and sisters.
  17. Never take it personally. Develop thick skin. You are amongst frustrated people who have had to put up with trolls for decades. If you are genuine. Your posts shall reveal all.
  18. No worries mate. We all get like that sometimes. But always remember there are millions and billions of us. Good will always prevail. Keep the faith.
  19. I'm coming to the conclusion that the mark of the beast is not a literall entity......yet. It may become one in the future with a qr become on wrist or neck or forehead. Atm they don't need to mark their cattle. So lately when I refer to the mark of the beast. Its more of a submissive mindset. There's nothing more satanic than brainwashing the vast majority into giving up their lives to the telly and government. Getting the brain dead zombies to clap, to kneel to mask,to test, to trace, taking vax on demand. All in my humble. I'm a non practicing Muslim btw.
  20. Leave the black pills alone fella. There are plenty of us to never let your prediction come to fruition.
  21. Yeah mate. Crack on. Any cunt who thinks there are flavours of BS are sadly a bit retarded. After 20 months of this shitshow, if you can't see that there are only 2 sides them and us. Then there is no hope for you.
  22. You can do one aswell. What the actual fuck is this board and thread becoming? Ffs
  23. I'm restraining myself to what is really want to say. But haway. This Ally UK and his lapdog Truth Warrior liking his posts can do one. These fuckers think we're dumb cunts. We are not.
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