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  1. Ink, sorry I dont understand mate. What's going on?
  2. I have not seen it on here Tinfoil mate. Google. Buckingham palace admit queen isnt human and then look in images. It's the 1st hit. I got sent it two nights ago on WhatsApp. Looks pure BS to me.
  3. About time people talking normal got more airtime. Velma did you read about that fake news about Buckingham palace confirming queen isnt human lol. 77 brigade in action? I tried to post a pic in reply but it's not playing.
  4. See you had me half way. Even gave you a like. Then bam your racist side came out. So fuck it. Like taken back. Theres a reason so many of your threads never get replies. Ever thought it was cos you're a big fat racist?
  5. I like you wolf, but you dont half chat some shit sometimes. We got hacked. Don't make it all about you.
  6. LUKE Johnson of pizza Express talks sense on QT
  7. GR, I value your input. I'm a bit behind cos of work. So was hoping people would be discussing the Buckingham palace leaked queen lizard thing by brigade 77 by now. I apologise if it's been discussed already. What do you make of it? Total bS yea?
  8. We are too close to the truth apparently. Fucking wankers.
  9. ? That's true mate.
  10. Has this R number being around a while? Never heard of it before. They haven't made it up to counter our Z number score? I've been telling everyone about.
  11. What the fuck is going on? Why would 8chan want to hack us? Something smells fishy
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