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  1. Just finished the big 400 plus thread. You did well mate in such hostility. I wonder why this topic gets so many people in a tizzy. Let people believe what they want. It's just a shame that these same people having a pop, see all the convid BS then go on to spout msm BS to back up their heliocentric beliefs. I for one am not a flat earther. I hate the pigeon hole. I can safely say that I am a geocentricist now. This vid you posted in other thread never got the attention it deserved. I wonder why the detractors never tried to explain or refute it.
  2. Mate. I feel you brother. I am the same as you. It's just tptb are waiting for us to take things in our own hands. Cool it for now until they ramp it up. Whatever they say we are not the minority.
  3. Since pinky was outed a couple of days ago. I've had to wade through 15 pages of shite from these other fuckers who want to tell us deadly virus is real. Who gives a rats arse if you got the sniffles. This is not mumsnet Stop feeding the shills
  4. Telling people in care homes that they can't leave and no one can see them, telling them doc's were not coming to help for treatment of any condition but instead giving every single patient advance prescriptions for end of life medications. Aye mate, that's not murder but negligence. I think you should delete this account and try again.
  5. Lockdowns stopped flu and not convid? Prey tell me how that is possible?
  6. Good for you. You are not alone. You knew getting Satan's sperm was wrong. Yet you have a bee in your bonnet about masks and are wary of covid by wearing said mask to perform your duties that you now can not finish due to not getting jabbed? I'm sorry mate your story confuses me.
  7. Well we're not in your country so stop with the faux outrage and insults. Again why can you not answer a simple question. What do you mean I'm not a doctor but a medic? Being scared of viruses and thinking p100 masks help? That is promoting masks my friend.
  8. Yes I was asked to vaccinate people against covid, I ould have made tons of shekels and set me up for life. I chose to leave the profession instead. Being a pharmacist isn't the only path through the journey of life and succeeding. Being a honest decent human being is more important. If/when I meet my creator at least I can with a good conscious say I never had Mark of beast.
  9. Have you been vaccinated against Covid?
  10. Thank you for such an erudite response. The only way to guarantee full protection is a hermetically sealed suit of some sort.
  11. I'm not sure why you couldn't answer a straight forward question. If you are not a doctor then what do you mean by medic? Again im not sure why you thought calling you a Ambulance driver was a derogatory term? In this country (UK) we call the people who drive Ambulances Paramedics. So you are promoting mask wearing to combat this ooh so deadly disease then? I was willing to give you benefit of doubt but sounds like you gone full retard and are in the cult of covid. Wearing any surgical mask no matter the quality offers zero protection against anything. Man alive is it 2020 again, debating this shit? It's almost as if the pushers of official narrative have no new scripts. Shame.
  12. Why are you inadvertently promoting masks? They have been proven time and time again to be worthless outside of surgical settings. In just 2 posts you have wibbled wobbled from "you dumb sod, masks don't lower oxygen levels, you make us all look bad" to " errr I only meant healthy individuals as there is 0.5% drop" Plus what does I'm not a doctor but a medic mean? you drive a ambulance about or something? I am a pharmacist, holder of a masters degree in science and pharmacy. I have not and will not ever wear a face mask. If I had to choose between yours and the other posters viewpoint, then I would side with other guy. As you haven't come across well in your last few posts.
  13. We knew it was bollocks from very start. That's why we said FU to being 1st ones to get V. Then again when they mandated it, then they flip flopped on April 1st deadline. While I'm no way holding up people of NHS as a bastion of light. I'm not. The vast majority are sheep and turning a blind eye to the scamdemic. Its just there are a few good eggs who have stood up and said. This is not right. I'm not partaking in it anymore.
  14. Can we get a picture of fine please? Obviously without breaking any gdpr.
  15. Well I've noticed this thread has died over last couple of days. Not that posters have got lazy. Must be nothing to report from MSM. I'm getting questions about Ukraine situation.ww3? My stock answer is how can they be mates in space (iss) and South Pole (1959 treaty) but enemies on the telly? The normies faces are priceless when they thunk on it.
  16. I am within throwing distance of Washy bud. Seaburn lad Me.
  17. What mate? I have never been tested, knelt masked or vaxed? I'm still alive and thriving ffs
  18. Shedding is a distraction. Pasture vs buecomp ffs. Its not make believe. Its real
  19. Dale mate. Don't believe the hype. Im a chemist and don't touch any msm drug apart from the green. You would do well to heed such warnings brother. So many alt people advise against this site as its full of shills. Whilst I hear them. I will not let go of this site without a fight.
  20. Not even drawing back the pussy fucker. Posing pleb.
  21. We always getting fucked over in North East nothing new there. We haven't got a dedicated motorway for the three massive cities of country ffs
  22. You're a cunt. I collect my 2 shekels.
  23. You are not worth these words in reply. Mods will soon sort you out. Shekel much ffs?
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