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  1. Excuse me? Who do you think you are calling dopes? The numerous nasa fan boys pushing msm propaganda on a conspiracy forum? I'm absolutely dumbfounded how backwards we have gone in here. We are debating whether the moon landings were a hoax ffs? Next we will be debating whether 911 was really committed by Tim Osman. What I do see plain as day are the infiltrators on this board. You just have to read this thread to see who they are. How come on a conspiracy forum, the guys putting forward meaningful theories and not pushing MSM propaganda are in the minority? We are not mainstream site. Well I thought we wasn't, not so sure now........
  2. Bomb brother. Do agree with anything that the convid19 crew spout? You say mathematics and scientific methods should be used. Do you agree that in this case we should go by empirical and not theoretical? I.e euclidean and not non euclidean?
  3. That is not becoming of a gentleman mate. All that does is stiffle worthy debate. Why and how is Zark supposed to answer everything with such clarity and conviction? After all we are mere pawns on the grand chess board. Ask the overlords to show us a unadulterated photo of earth, show us a gyroscope moving how it should around the globe, or explain why I can go from one side of this realm to the other with a spirit level and never see a curve, explain how the atmosphere is velcroed to the terrain. Shit mate there are a ton more of these. Believe it or not, I am neither a flat earther or globe head. I am just long in the tooth to see the same modus operandi operating and speaking out. It's very disappointing to see this type of debating on this forum. Are we not here for the same reason?I've tried to defend this forum on numerous occasions to various members from other forums I frequent. But it's becoming more and more difficult to do so. As everything it seems is controlled op. For example I don't believe in the whole UFO stuff, but I don't go on their threads and take the piss. Each and to their own. Why do posters, the same posters, troll the flat earth stuff? If it matters not one iota to their lives? I find it very weird and strange behaviour.
  4. In this day and age of mass deception. Are you not ashamed the way you and your ilk are coming across on this thread? Debunking this, shill shite that. It's all so tiresome. Use your critical thinking and not just regurgitate msm, blindly following what the "experts" say. The onus is not on the people who pull apart narratives to answer all your questions. The onus should be on the ones peddling this BS. It's very similar to when I try and talk to a normie about 911, 77, convid19. It's almost as if you have purposely forgotten about how they lie to us. Your question has been answered many times. But I will endeavour to try and explain once again. Stand in a room at one end. Where the light fixture is on the ceiling, stick a image of the number 6. Now walk to the other end of the room and look back to the ceiling. It's not a number 6 anymore but a number 9. It's that simple. What I find incredulous is the amount of time people dedicate to something that they don't believe in. The same names day in day out. It's such a negative way of living. Tbh it cones across as shill like. If you really want to believe in the cosy world that TPTB give you, then carry on. You might as well get jibbered jabbered too.
  5. Interesting mate. I am not sure I buy the we only see one side of moon but moon sees all side of earth. Very counter intuitive. If the moon is tidal locked then its tidal locked. Surely there is no in between? I'm coming to the conclusion that space, nasa, space x, Virginia galactic etc are all just smoke and mirrors pony show.
  6. Arnie, have you been to space? Chances are you haven't. So you are basically going off someone else's account. When said someone is a proven habitual liar and fraudster. Why would you take anything they say seriously? In this day and age of life manipulation, media fakery, government overreach etc. How could anyone with a sane mind and critical disposition not question everything they have been force fed since birth? Next you'll be saying but but but did you see that tesla in space........
  7. Bring these two up in any conversation with a sporty normie and they get lost for words. 2 gent and scholars who are far removed from the tin foil troppe CTs attract.
  8. No thank you. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
  9. I appreciate that Odds mate. I've been delving into the bowels of DI and its been uncomfortable reading tbh. We are on a alternative site but have to sift through reems of msm propaganda to get to the good stuff. That is if the discussion is ever allowed to evolve past the entry level shite that the naughty posters want. Saying that though.....not sure what has happened in a year for all those fan boys to tear down their Nasa posters mind. That organisation is as corrupt as they come and are the epitome of what we are fighting against. In my humble of course.
  10. No takers on this vid Amy? I thought the usual MSM cool aid drinkers would've been all over it
  11. I can't believe what I've just read on the David icke forum. People believing in official bs propaganda. Next we'll have the same shill faces tell us 911 was just incompetence and coincidence. Peter, darian, Mr nice, comedy time, you guys don't fool anyone. Mods. What is the point of having separate threads if you allow the same cut and paste jobs to spam the board with official narrative? I'm sorry to say but I'm spending less and less time reading this board because of the incessant shills.
  12. Haha nuff said. His hero is pushing Satan sperm. Says it all.
  13. Darian has been reeking of MSM for ages now. There seem to be a few on this site that seem to stiffle true alternative debate and tow the party narrative line. Why the heck are any of you here? Go back to facebook mumsnet or something.
  14. What a well-constructed post Ink mate. Great reading. Leaving no doubt that again we have been lied to about something so important as our origin story.
  15. What a well-constructed post Ink mate. Great reading. Leaving no doubt that again we have been lied to about something so important as our origin story.
  16. @Zark Not sure if you aware of these sites. But this is how you have a proper adult discussion on the realm we inhabit. Stolen history.net formally SH.org by Korben Dallas (very strange what happened to original site. Absolutely fabulous site for critical free thinkers. https://stolenhistory.net/threads/flat-earth.3724/ Exposing NASA lies by Simon Shack at clues Forum. Whilst Simon is a geocentricist, he has put his eggs in the Tycho Brahe model. It's a invaluable site exposing NASA lies. ISS fakery http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=720&sid=d9ea34f400d77e7921b18f0ca2d01e36 shuttle hoax http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=935&sid=d9ea34f400d77e7921b18f0ca2d01e36 Moon hoax http://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=59&sid=d9ea34f400d77e7921b18f0ca2d01e36
  17. Just finished the big 400 plus thread. You did well mate in such hostility. I wonder why this topic gets so many people in a tizzy. Let people believe what they want. It's just a shame that these same people having a pop, see all the convid BS then go on to spout msm BS to back up their heliocentric beliefs. I for one am not a flat earther. I hate the pigeon hole. I can safely say that I am a geocentricist now. This vid you posted in other thread never got the attention it deserved. I wonder why the detractors never tried to explain or refute it.
  18. Your fly is buzzing around in the enclosed space of the bus. Are you thus implying we do indeed have a Firmament on earth? If so can you tell me where this "bus ceiling" on earth starts? You can't have it both ways. Deride the flat earth Firmament then go on to believe we have one, in your velcro atmosphere belief system. For your analogy to be more accurate, your example needs to be on top of bus not inside.
  19. Odds mate. Bflat has answered this on a few occasions. I will try to help. Your in a large room. Instead of a light bulb you place the number 6 on the centre of ceiling. One one side of room it looks like a six and opposite side looks like a 9. Let's try and keep the discussion civil lads and lasses.
  20. You're not wrong MrA. The same tactic was used in 911 scam. With September clues. Problem being you being right doesn't mean FE and Sept clues are wrong. Just that they are being used as negative connotations by tptb.
  21. Mate. I feel you brother. I am the same as you. It's just tptb are waiting for us to take things in our own hands. Cool it for now until they ramp it up. Whatever they say we are not the minority.
  22. Since pinky was outed a couple of days ago. I've had to wade through 15 pages of shite from these other fuckers who want to tell us deadly virus is real. Who gives a rats arse if you got the sniffles. This is not mumsnet Stop feeding the shills
  23. Telling people in care homes that they can't leave and no one can see them, telling them doc's were not coming to help for treatment of any condition but instead giving every single patient advance prescriptions for end of life medications. Aye mate, that's not murder but negligence. I think you should delete this account and try again.
  24. Lockdowns stopped flu and not convid? Prey tell me how that is possible?
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