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  1. Eh?? You think those are the only two solutions? Vaccine or Ivermectin/HCL? How about neither?? Why is that so hard to understand?
  2. Mate, seriously. Better stuff to delve into. It's akin to the wuhan lab leak story. It matters not. It's just distraction for the part woke.
  3. And breathe..... I've never said I know everything. Far from it. What I do know is I'm still alive and kicking even though ive been in constant contact with the general public on a daily basis, without any ppe or medication whatsoever. Must be a miracle I tell thee. So try not and get het up about the irrelevant stuff. You'll live longer. I have already explained myself on this thread. Which was to discuss John Campbell not germ vs terrain theory. P.s there wasn't much in your post I disagreed with.
  4. Look Mr Consultant. I would rather not stoop to low level NPC debates surrounding a subject that in the grand scheme of things is irrelevant. Its unbecoming and soul destroying. Like I've already said. Carry on with your petrochemical sheep dip, I'll prefer to keep my immune system tip top.
  5. I'm not sure anyone is saying that Ivermetcin isn't effective in being a anti parasitic drug. We're just saying don't legitimise the scandemic by hailing this med as a convid19 buster (I know you're not bud, I was referring to the part awakened), when we don't even know what the heck we have been subjected to these last few years. All I will say, is that as a practicing healthcare professional, germ theory has a lot to answer for and in no way a complete theory. In fact, I'm coming to the conclusion that Pasteurs germ theory is bupkis and only solidfys the petrochemical barrons, while terrain theory fits our real world observations better. Exosomes are not Pseudoscience like the mainstream are making out Bechamps terrain theory is. A virus is dead or more accurately not alive, it has nothing to make energy or replicate. The basic blocks of life. But they want us to be scared of this invisible bogey man hiding around the corner? waiting to infect us ? Pull the other one.
  6. Yes mate literally. Wanna buy some? https://www.durvet.com/product/ivermectin-sheep-drench/ Ivermectin Sheep Drench is a ready-to-use, free-flowing solution of ivermectin. Ivermectin Sheep Drench provides treatment and control of adult and fourth-stage larvae of the following parasites: Gastrointestinal Roundworms – Haemonchus contortus, Ostertagia.....
  7. What a patronising idiotic post. I understand everything thank you very much. However It seems like some of us have a bit more grey matter between our ears than you. To help us differentiate navigate the varying levels and depths of psyops. I guess you still stuck on the sheep dip level. Shame.
  8. It was no coincidence that during lockdown1. The very 1st big news item to come out of convid was a maddy German Suspect story. It was rolled out as pure distraction shorty before George Floyd pysop iirc
  9. It's sheep dip mate. They are literally taking the piss outta us.
  10. It means "thank the lord" mate.
  11. Excuse me? Who do you think you are calling dopes? The numerous nasa fan boys pushing msm propaganda on a conspiracy forum? I'm absolutely dumbfounded how backwards we have gone in here. We are debating whether the moon landings were a hoax ffs? Next we will be debating whether 911 was really committed by Tim Osman. What I do see plain as day are the infiltrators on this board. You just have to read this thread to see who they are. How come on a conspiracy forum, the guys putting forward meaningful theories and not pushing MSM propaganda are in the minority? We are not mainstream site. Well I thought we wasn't, not so sure now........
  12. Bomb brother. Do agree with anything that the convid19 crew spout? You say mathematics and scientific methods should be used. Do you agree that in this case we should go by empirical and not theoretical? I.e euclidean and not non euclidean?
  13. That is not becoming of a gentleman mate. All that does is stiffle worthy debate. Why and how is Zark supposed to answer everything with such clarity and conviction? After all we are mere pawns on the grand chess board. Ask the overlords to show us a unadulterated photo of earth, show us a gyroscope moving how it should around the globe, or explain why I can go from one side of this realm to the other with a spirit level and never see a curve, explain how the atmosphere is velcroed to the terrain. Shit mate there are a ton more of these. Believe it or not, I am neither a flat earther or globe head. I am just long in the tooth to see the same modus operandi operating and speaking out. It's very disappointing to see this type of debating on this forum. Are we not here for the same reason?I've tried to defend this forum on numerous occasions to various members from other forums I frequent. But it's becoming more and more difficult to do so. As everything it seems is controlled op. For example I don't believe in the whole UFO stuff, but I don't go on their threads and take the piss. Each and to their own. Why do posters, the same posters, troll the flat earth stuff? If it matters not one iota to their lives? I find it very weird and strange behaviour.
  14. In this day and age of mass deception. Are you not ashamed the way you and your ilk are coming across on this thread? Debunking this, shill shite that. It's all so tiresome. Use your critical thinking and not just regurgitate msm, blindly following what the "experts" say. The onus is not on the people who pull apart narratives to answer all your questions. The onus should be on the ones peddling this BS. It's very similar to when I try and talk to a normie about 911, 77, convid19. It's almost as if you have purposely forgotten about how they lie to us. Your question has been answered many times. But I will endeavour to try and explain once again. Stand in a room at one end. Where the light fixture is on the ceiling, stick a image of the number 6. Now walk to the other end of the room and look back to the ceiling. It's not a number 6 anymore but a number 9. It's that simple. What I find incredulous is the amount of time people dedicate to something that they don't believe in. The same names day in day out. It's such a negative way of living. Tbh it cones across as shill like. If you really want to believe in the cosy world that TPTB give you, then carry on. You might as well get jibbered jabbered too.
  15. Interesting mate. I am not sure I buy the we only see one side of moon but moon sees all side of earth. Very counter intuitive. If the moon is tidal locked then its tidal locked. Surely there is no in between? I'm coming to the conclusion that space, nasa, space x, Virginia galactic etc are all just smoke and mirrors pony show.
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