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  1. Good question mate. I'm not convinced a FOI request from NHS should bear fruit. Lots of organisations involved like NHS England, Prescription pricing authority, local ccgs, pets etc so easy to pass buck. They have all the deets, not sure they have capability to furnish us those deets though. One thing they will defo be able to give is amount of money spent on say Morphine sulfate 10mg/1ml ampules or one of other death kit meds for April 2020 and compare to a normal month. Could be a legitimate avenue I reckon.
  2. Puerto Rico Malaysia New Zealand Love them. Not sure what they're like post Covid BS
  3. Yes mate, let's not bother treating them, people who have payed into system all their lives. Just when they need it most all they get is passage to the other side without pain. I speak from experience dispensing these death kits you speak of. Once someone starts the concoction of hardcore sedatives, anti emetics, anti convulsants etc you dont come off them till you die. I've spoke of this incident before but I feel it's the right time to remember just what happened 1st lockdown. So data and graphs are showing big spike of deaths April 2020. They want us to believe it w
  4. Wasnt my witty comment. I'm chilled. Not sure what in my last post suggests I'm not.
  5. Do you know anything about the subject you deride? Other than what your black mirror told you? Do some of your own reading around a subject rather than get spoon fed by MSM. https://mdsafetech.org/2019/07/20/the-first-report-of-5g-injury-from-switzerland/
  6. Hi Buddsy. Your doctor is correct. It doesnt stop infection or prevent transmission just lessens your symptoms if you become unwell. I am a pharmacist. Watch this short documentary to become up to speed.
  7. Spot on. I work in pharmacies. Not once have we been told we had to wear masks etc. Just the usual scare stories of being closed down if someone tested positive. I still dont wear a mask at work even after 24/7. I wear a visor when jabbing. Vaccine rollout has ramped up in our area. They are now offering door to door vax by nurses. But nurses have been reluctant so trying to get pharmacists to help out. Good money too. But fuck that. My soul is worth much more. Dunno what I'm going to do when invariably we have to start jabbing for covid in comm
  8. I hear you mate, before this bullshit I was into quantum mechanics, chaos theory, golden ratio, fibonacci, Mandelbrot, writing sci fi, short stories, learning how to play piano amongst other things. But since lockdown my free time has been curtailed by work and childcare. So the limited spare time I get from not being a slave I HAVE to spend keeping abreast of all this BS. Anything else seems almost redundant in comparison. Nothing seems to matter anymore, apart from us getting fucked over.
  9. Doesn't surprise me one bit mate. These fuckers want us to silence all our senses and believe everything they push on the telly. Errr no thank you. I have a critical thinking brain. I'm a bit sad atm, longest friend I've got has gone full blown branch covidian BLM on me. The propaganda he spews is nauseating. Word for word what he's getting for MSM. Non mask wearers at fault, vaccine is only way out, I'm racist for pointing out anti covid stuff. This guy used to be on it too, in the know but has been seduced by BLM. Shame.
  10. I work within the NHS and have 3 close friends in neighbouring Hospitals. Life is normal for all of us in the north east. Dont believe the hype.
  11. Yeah I suppose so mate. Money will be a added bonus not primary aim. But what could their agenda be for letting us plebs smoke some herb? Surely that wouldn't be a good thing for them and their transhumanist technocratic bullshit?
  12. I'm trying to wrap my head round it too Yas, thing is if they make it legal. Can we grow our own? Or be forced to get it from " official" sources. You been able to get hold of some green in Tanzania mate?
  13. Same mate. It was banned in sin city for so long for a reason. Do you think it's just adding another revenue stream for elites? The tory back benchers have already positioned themselves perfectly with the biggest weed farms in the country. I'm keeping a close eye on it as the pharmacy sector will be at the forefront if or when weed is rolled out.
  14. Superb post mate. Superb. I echo you're sentiments entirely. I'm a Sunderland fan who like yourself have refused to watch gladiators at the Coliseum (which in my case is quite easy to to as I'm tired of watching 3rd tier football lol). From Football, golf, cricket I have refused to participate in the circus illusion anymore. Truth be told I have tried to watch a bit but get turned off instantly by the whole theatrics and illusionsary aspects of it. Talking of bullshit propaganda psyops perpetuated by the very tool you refer to and didn't touch on in your post. BLM. I f
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