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  1. I've wondered how they compiled there data on non compliance? Are people shopping themselves in? How are they still not happy they got the majority of populace shitting themselves?
  2. Clear as mud then Thanks for trying mate. I've done really well not wearing one at work so far. But owner now has shat his pants. So we having to wear them. Problem the owner says is there are far too many busy body snitches about. One of the girls I employs husband is s Sargent in the police force. He says they have had to get someone to man the phone for covid snitches ringing in. What is the world coming to ffs
  3. We're already seeing skin conditions in the crevices of nose and mouth cos of masks.
  4. This is also what I would like clarification on too. Surely is discriminatory towards people with exemptions forcing them to wear them at work?
  5. Not sure if this has been posted before. But a canny watch. From 30 years ago but could easily have been now.
  6. Mate, I've done 150 plus flu vaccines this week already. Only 5 times I've felt like I had to wear a mask. The vast majority are regurgitating what the MSM are propaganding. I try to offer an alternative view but feel so down by how many are in the branch of covidian. Most are preying for a vaccine. Erm you know this vaccine isnt a shield yeah? It just lesser symptoms.
  7. I'm out of likes Ethel. But I feel your post. I don't normally do this. But feel free to DM anytime. I am qualified to listen to any of your problems and sign post you to correct department if necessary.
  8. Over a manufactured event. To further line the pockets of the elite and subjugate the masses further.
  9. Out of likes. You dont know how true that is mate. I've spoke to a few GPs and they say they're doing sod all compared to what they was. Getting all work done in the morning and fuck all to do for rest of day.
  10. I have maybe visited my GP 2x in about 30 years. Last time was acute migraines. I've never suffered before. I shit you not. She printed some bumph from the internet and passed it over. Said about 10 words.
  11. I dont know why GPs are exempt mate. They taking the piss for sure. We getting pretty sick of them and their holier my shit doesnt stink attitude in the pharmacy sector. We've been pretty much left to be the publics 1st port of call healthcare department. Putting a strain on every part of our job. More work less pay sound familiar? Only thing that's bugging me is that I dont think it's the GPs making this decision. I think its coming from up top. It perfectly fits the technocratic agenda. Dicks. We have elderly people being totally isolated because they cant access the internet.
  12. Absolutely mate. The thing is, they've wanted this for a while and I reckon this is the future of how we interact with GPs. Truly shocking. Hippocratic oath my arse. Sell out wankers.
  13. Soon as there was a whiff of Covid they closed their doors. Nearly 7 months on and they still hide behind telephone consultations. We are seeing so many patients in pharmacies with various ailments that need to be seen by doctors but the people cant be either be bothered by the red tape or not tech savvy enough to make contact. Is this what we pay our taxes for? Is this what they wanted? People cut off from a main healthcare source. To prolong this scam?
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