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  1. Most probably mate. Nothing surprises me anymore. He is the epitomy of a controlled opposition. In every way conceivable. Its alll a pantomime. Its all so tiresome.
  2. Great vid and message Simon. But them words would've had more gravitas if the cant didn't inject himself with satan sperm
  3. Whilst a topper post as always bud. I will take umbrage with a point or two. How does it make any fiscal sense to start messing about with people brains and that when the fuckers who have been jabbed are brain dead fuckers to start with? Why would tptb go to trouble of spending trillions on brain altering techniques when they have the black mirror facet locked down? Makes no sense buddy. I reckon MRNA tech is all pie in the sky and just another big hoax/psyop.
  4. What the fuck are you on about? Ive read that a few times now. What is your native tongue? Doesn't seem to be English.
  5. Spot on mate. I never take anything personal. Especially in here with my peeps. Just trying to play a bit of devils advocate. Good post btw
  6. Thats my neck of woods mate. Im no good with tech. But if you need local back up. Im there with my bredrin.
  7. Im of Pakistani decent. 2nd/3rd gen. I dont hate the British. How can I? Am one and my kids are too. So lets not try and generalise please. That is what the cants want. Divide and distract.
  8. Whilst you may have a general validish point mate. I will add that my genetic makeup is exactly the same as the so called GPs that we mention, and im as British as they come. So that kind of makes your point moot bud. Ive getting out of the very lucrative healthcare game as it wasnt good for my soul.
  9. Just skip past his posts mate. Everyone else does.
  10. Cos they dont need to mate. They have successfully manipulated their slaves into thinking that they are not worthy of face to face interactions with a GP and that it will cripple the NHS. GPs are cants and a big reason why this scamdemic hasnt fizzled out
  11. If its supposedly tidal locked to the earth. Only showing us one side. Surely the opposite is also true. Why have we not seen this marvel in all its glory? Why dont we have a live stream of earth? Why is space exploration in the hands of such a few people? Why dont the n body problem concern more people?
  12. Chinese built them and have rights to tolls for next 25 years or summat. They even built a tunnel through the Himalayas joining the 2 countries.
  13. We still use it as a main liner. Apixiban is taking over though. Not sure why? Probably cos its a lot more expensive.
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