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  1. Dont buy into the cybersecurity hacking shite. They setting us up for another invisible enemy.
  2. That's cos they got bullshit home lit lateral flo tests now to fill the gap. All fucking bollocks
  3. They dont know what it is. Dark spots on lungs from MRI. Pretty scary. Obviously there will be no link to the Lucifer juice like you say.
  4. Exact same thing is happening to a friend of a friend who has been fully vaxed. Fit and healthy late 30s bloke. Wtf?
  5. That is your 1st and last contribution to this forum? What an odd post. The 77th force is strong in you I see.
  6. Errrm mate we are giving away free lateral tests in pharmacies by the box load. You can tell the sad cult of covid fuckers who are coming in for them from miles out. 700 tests given out in 3 weeks ffs, and we're just a small village pharmacy Who's paying for all these?
  7. Doesnt look like a nappy mate, more of a sanitary towel. A fanny pad lol
  8. Mate, I've never worn a mask. Not counting shop employees, only ever had one old gentleman pluck the courage and ask why I wasnt wearing one. No confrontation either. I was very pleasant and confident in my reply. I'm exercising my god given right to an exemption from face coverings, I answered. Whys that he asked.? No body is allowed to ask me that question under the 2010 disability act, I said. Before I skipped off happy as Larry. Everyone is correct to keep an eye out for the 77th. Not sure Bee fits that description as of yet mind. What I heard, was a fellow truther frustrated w
  9. Not just Switzerland mate. You can go into selected pharmacies in UK now for "free" lateral flow tests. It's now an enchanced NHS service in pharmacy.
  10. Do you want them to turn into test centres and vax hubs? Yes No
  11. Plenty of us already squealing mate. But nee one is listening
  12. DF, how many if these kernts are dead? That should be another good question.
  13. They are utter bullshit. Correct. But lateral flow testing has now been added as an advanced service provided by pharmacies ffs. They have to opt in. Meaning the move towards pharmacies being testing and vaccinations centres inches a step closer.
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