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  1. So it looks like they're already sneaking the passport into different venues. I've just had to book to go on a speeding awareness course, I know - whoops. Anyway, I can either attend 'virtually' or in person but if I go in person I have to be double vaccinated and provide evidence with the covid pass!!! Wow eh.... Clearly I'll be attending it online. 'Classroom course – Evidence of double vaccination status is required to attend the course and you and any interpreter must be able to provide your Covid Pass on the day. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-covid-pass#how-to-access-the-nhs-covid-pass. '
  2. Something as blatant as this even the sheeple will see (hopefully) and might start to see the lies the media/government put out there. So yeah good idea if anyone can get it on twitter, i don't have one myself.
  3. Yeah just heard that if proven to be true there may be a call for him to resign. Apparantly the video has been sent to Scotland Yard to investigate. I better give them a call to point out its complete bollocks!
  4. Not checked the last few posts so apologies if someones already picked up on this.... I just caught the story on the news about this supposed Downing Street Christmas party last year, I've ignored it so far cause its a another load of bull to keep people distracted. Anyway, they're taking the piss..... They're showing the press secretary supposedly speaking days after the party last year in the briefing room. Funny that though as the briefing room didn't have its make over until March this year... 2020... Article from March THIS year showing new briefing room And according to the news this is December LAST year I smell a rat...
  5. I used to do this a while back and I personally found it effective initially (I get proper mind fog which I've put down to all the toxins & heavy metals we can't seem to avoid and it cleared my mind like nothing else) HOWEVER I haven't done it in probably almost a year now as it started giving me stomach pains. At least thats what I put them down to. I would still recommend it as it did help, I'd almost forgotten about it until reading this (see, mind fog! FFS) but I would suggest being cautious, deffo LOTS of water, start with even less than half a teaspoon for the first couple of days then gradually build up to 1 heaped (ish) tsp by the end of the week. Make sure you eat as clean as possible as well, plenty of fresh veg etc. I used to do a full cleanse whenever I could feel I was getting a bit dense then do it once a week after that. I'm not an expert on it, just something I tried and it initially worked. Just take it steady and if it doesn't feel right then stop. Have a look online for Bentonite Clay Detox and you should be able to get some more info. It should tell you online which type to get as there is a type of bentonite clay that shouldn't be ingested. If you can't find which one it is just give me a shout as I'll be able to check which one I used to use. I think I'll be giving it a go again soon now that I've been reminded of it. lol.
  6. Just watching the absolute BS that Matt Smallcock and his cronies are coming out with at this briefing about the vaccine. Some good news though, they're saying they've found that people in the same household as a vaccinated person that have contracted Covid aren't catching it from the person who has been vaccinated... So with that logic, half the population have been done... the rest of us don't need it right? Obvs not their intention of that statement but I'm running with that! So I'll thank the naive lab rats for their part in this!
  7. Same, although mine was masked - I stuck my beak up against the door to see who it was cause it looked like the old plod, turned out it was the census bloke so I just walked away. He seen I was in but oh well eh. The leaflet will go on the fire along with the other 2 letters.
  8. Nowadays 'the powers that be' actually seem to be promoting this type of stuff, and thats something I question. As well as a one world government they are trying to achieve a one world religion of 'unity' and a lot of what they are promoting is what is defined as eastern mysticism, yoga, chakra's etc. I did yoga for years as well as getting reiki done and I loved learning about the chakra system and looking after myself in that way. I have travelled around the far east and I embraced their cultures. I judge nobody, everyone has different belief systems and can do what they want I have just been on a different journey these past few months and I have gave up that stuff in favour of the following Christianity which does class eastern mysticism as having its route in satanic worship. This was all new to me a few months ago but if you do some research you will see what I mean. Alistair Crowley did promote yoga after all...
  9. I used to do yoga until I came across that theory... I haven't looked into it a huge deal and not that I ever did it for these reasons but a lot of people do it in order to try and achieve a kundilini awakening which is essentially awakening the serpent inside of you. If you look at the chakra system which yoga kind of revolves around it is 2 snakes wrapped around a staff (forgot what thats called...) Its a lot about honouring and loving yourself which is always promoted by the satanic puppets. Also looking at some of the moves like the cobra and corpse pose but more significantly the sun and moon salutation it is pretty much sun and moon worship which is of course all very pagan and satanic. So while it pains me to say it cause I used to love yoga and the likes, it does kind of make sense.... I argued for a while that it was all about intention however so much seems to revolve around satanism I don't even want to chance it so haven't bothered in a few months. Do i miss it? No I actually don't... Am I less flexible? Yes... lol.
  10. I need a rant! I’m furious... So I spoke to a girl at work yesterday who’s gran is in a care home and ‘tested positive’, I asked how she was this morning and apparently she’s ok just really tired but her dads been to the doctors to get her an end of life care kit with morphine in etc. Like wtf!!! So I’m saying to her woah don’t let them start her on that!!! To which her response was ‘it just shows how bad it is’!!! No!!! No it doesn’t! You just said she was Just tired!!! And now you’re going to kill her off!!!! I can’t get over how stupid people are!!!!!! Fucking hell man!!!
  11. I seen a ball of fire streak across the sky on Friday night! Meteorite? I don't know, I'm not good with spacey stuff! I don't know how common that is but I've certainly never seen one before! It was pretty impressive. But you also can't help think like I wonder whats going on up there...
  12. I have so many questions and this thread seems as good a place as any to start... So to anyone that wants to offer a sister some words of advice would be appreciated.... I'll try and stay brief if I can. Until this year my views on God were more pantheistic, I was interested in Hinduism and I suppose I just floated round with a belief in God but no deep understanding of who he is or a direct following of a religion. Until this year I hadn't realised the vast amount of evil that seems to be among us especially all the Satanic worship we see from the Elites!! There is so much more to this hoax than pure human control and definitely stems into the Spiritual realm. This made me question a lot and understanding parts of the book of Revelation and witnessing whats going on I thought about picking up the Bible. I have taken down my Shiva and Ganesh statues as I do believe Christianity is the right path but I am still processing and learning.... I've been into 'New Age' stuff for a while but I'm learning to leave that stuff alone now, although I won't lie it does make me a bit sad which is one of the reasons i feel a bit confused. I used to follow the Chakra system with great interest and have Reiki done regularly (in fact I bumped into my Reiki woman yesterday and made a bunch of excuses why i haven't been in a while before skulking off) but I have been learning that this would be classed as mysticism and as a Christian I should not follow this?? The Chakra's make sense to me and aligning them always seemed to work and make me feel good? Or have I been tricked? I have read and watched video's saying i need to stay away from this stuff. But I'm also confused as I do question so much of history and what is truth and what are lies that we have been made to believe. So then if I question that how do I know the Bible is real? Is belief in God enough or do I need to follow Christianity? So I actually have a couple of Bible's from when I was young anyway, one of which was bought by my Grandparents from Jerusalem with a beautiful mother of pearl cover. My cover seems to be on backwards as my Grandparents bought my sister the same Bible a few years earlier from there and hers has a lovely 3D star on the front. My star is on the back... upside down... read into that what you will. Anyway its a KJV and I noticed a comment above about him being a blood craved lunatic, I've came across something similar before but haven't read into this. I'd always believe the KJV was the best version to read, does it matter? Are there many differences? I did notice in all the Churches I have been in recently they seem to have the ... I think its the RSV? And in those I have noticed certain lines are missed out.... Alexa mentioned above about the missing books. If there are other books in the Bible why aren't they included? And do we know them to be real? I'll stop at this point or I could go on forever but any general thoughts on this and on following eastern traditions while trying to follow Jesus is ok? Are there any other threads on these forums worth looking at?
  13. I thought I'd share this.... The hubby grabbed an old newspaper out the garage to get our fire started tonight and, ironically its actually todays date albeit from 2018 (one of MANY coincidences we've had today) but the point is its illustrating how busy the hospitals are etc, hmmm sounds familiar! Its the same narrative every year just this year they've managed to put the fear of God into people! Also interesting if you look at the last part it states 'The long term plan is to fundamentally redesign how the NHS works'. Whey they're certainly doing that, welcome to the Covid1984 'health' service.
  14. I heard a report recently, completely forgotten which source it was now but they said that that the government have upped the 'died within 28 days' to 'died within 60 days of a positive test'. Does anyone know if this is true?
  15. This is very true, we really do care about our pets and treat them like family now where as back then I suppose things were different. Maybe it will take it getting to that point then for those who haven't woke up yet to start fighting back.
  16. Almost a million pets were culled during world war 2 over fears of food shortages and the risk of the animals getting killed during the war!! It just shows the masses really do share very few brain cells. 'oh my pet might die from a bomb, I'll kill them first so that doesn't happen'. Whats more alarming is it was not done by force, people were lining up to have their pets euthanised by choice, thinking they were doing 'the right thing'. So its happened before....
  17. Absolutely disgusting! Disgusting!!!
  18. Hey, which video is that on? I tried to give my head a break from all the crap going on and I had a couple of weeks off everything so not sure if your referring to a recent vid? I made the executive decision not to catch up on everything I've missed, although its really annoying me lol. I just won't have the time to catch up on it all! JB
  19. Im not sure if this has already been shared as its a few months old but its a perfect example of pre programming... And yes they're coming for your children. This actually gave me the creeps watching this
  20. The brainwashing has worked well on them eh... I love the positive comments of those who do find there are lots of people who see it but in my experience, apart from a couple its the exact opposite. My 'friends' now ignore me, one is in such deep denial and gets so defensive like I am attacking him personally! And people at work are sick of me trying to illustrate the facts to them that I see the look of dread on their face when the subject comes up. It won't stop me but my new tactic is leaflets lol. I've printed some out I found online and I'll be doing some of my own at some point. If anyone has any good ones we should share them on here!
  21. There's going to be no problem filling those positions then eh! Bribery for idiots with authority complexes at its very best! I remember seeing a job for a test and trace moron a little while ago which wasn't far off that!! On a side note I just thought I'd float something I was told at work recently. So a girl I work with has a friend who works for NHS strategy something or other and apparently they've been told the 'second wave' is coming on 21st September! Interesting how you can put an exact date on this... So Boris did that press conference last night after being awol for the last few months, maybe a sign of things to come and next week we'll be told of this 'second wave' on the 21st. Watch this space i guess....
  22. Hi Peeps I've been meaning to post on here for a million and one reasons. Im always 'oh i must post that' or 'I must ask that'. Clearly being my first post today I've never quite got round to sharing 'that info' or 'asking those questions'. I have a tendency to ramble so I'll try and stick to the reason for my post here.... I am hearing more and more on the push for this years flu vaccine and call me paranoid (Or should that actually be sane given where we are) but I am concerned, not for myself but for my Dad who will be getting his soon, despite my expressed reservations to him that this may not be the usual vaccine people would normally receive. And the people getting them may then be the next 'wave' of deaths.... Call me crazy i don't know?! I understand they come in different doses etc, but I just wondered if anyone has came across any information that would suggest they are different to the previous ones? Or just know of anything worth reading/considering? I've done a bit of research and haven't came up with anything, so I'm either the worst researcher in the world or it is just a bit of paranoia.... Anyway I'd appreciate your thoughts on this...
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