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  1. Just watching the absolute BS that Matt Smallcock and his cronies are coming out with at this briefing about the vaccine. Some good news though, they're saying they've found that people in the same household as a vaccinated person that have contracted Covid aren't catching it from the person who has been vaccinated... So with that logic, half the population have been done... the rest of us don't need it right? Obvs not their intention of that statement but I'm running with that! So I'll thank the naive lab rats for their part in this!
  2. Same, although mine was masked - I stuck my beak up against the door to see who it was cause it looked like the old plod, turned out it was the census bloke so I just walked away. He seen I was in but oh well eh. The leaflet will go on the fire along with the other 2 letters.
  3. Nowadays 'the powers that be' actually seem to be promoting this type of stuff, and thats something I question. As well as a one world government they are trying to achieve a one world religion of 'unity' and a lot of what they are promoting is what is defined as eastern mysticism, yoga, chakra's etc. I did yoga for years as well as getting reiki done and I loved learning about the chakra system and looking after myself in that way. I have travelled around the far east and I embraced their cultures. I judge nobody, everyone has different belief systems and can do what they want I have just bee
  4. I used to do yoga until I came across that theory... I haven't looked into it a huge deal and not that I ever did it for these reasons but a lot of people do it in order to try and achieve a kundilini awakening which is essentially awakening the serpent inside of you. If you look at the chakra system which yoga kind of revolves around it is 2 snakes wrapped around a staff (forgot what thats called...) Its a lot about honouring and loving yourself which is always promoted by the satanic puppets. Also looking at some of the moves like the cobra and corpse pose but more significantly the sun and
  5. I have so many questions and this thread seems as good a place as any to start... So to anyone that wants to offer a sister some words of advice would be appreciated.... I'll try and stay brief if I can. Until this year my views on God were more pantheistic, I was interested in Hinduism and I suppose I just floated round with a belief in God but no deep understanding of who he is or a direct following of a religion. Until this year I hadn't realised the vast amount of evil that seems to be among us especially all the Satanic worship we see from the Elites!! There is so much more to this hoax t
  6. Hey, which video is that on? I tried to give my head a break from all the crap going on and I had a couple of weeks off everything so not sure if your referring to a recent vid? I made the executive decision not to catch up on everything I've missed, although its really annoying me lol. I just won't have the time to catch up on it all! JB
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