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  1. Dialogue takes values, of street wise, and knowledge. Through comedy, points can be made in womans view of spouses denials. Creating.talk in family chats.My question is. what would you doTo fix our real sociali discomforts vs cotina..
  2. I am hardly disgruntled, at hipocrites life is too good.Therefore, Q more than A. Put people on board to answer your difficult questions , without EGO . If you can"t do it, let some one know. I AM WRITER TO COLLABORATE. As bernnie is to john.?
  3. If I were the boss of anything I would have a suggestion box to have fair expressions ect to make things smoother. But would I take the box away if I read dire come upens for my blinded actions.If so, should I loss sleep over it. Or if its really bad and knew it to be. Would one be forgiven. I would. Especially a person who can use there powers to persuade others malice like.
  4. I need help finding collaboration with musicians for my writing. Especially the tech side of sending it out there.
  5. Offer free screening of quality of music,comedy lyrics.To artistically define modern issues. With some guidance,trust,and skill of modern technocrops, and musicians.
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