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  1. I don't understand where this notion that "Swedes are chipped" comes from? There was some documentary or whatever that showed a couple of Swedes doing it, and then obviously everyone here gets one at birth. Come on now, this is what I hate with the conspiracy circles some times. There are so many things being shared as "truths", without anyone actually doing some real fact checking. So NO, Sweden has NOT "accepted being chipped". Please stop spreading this bullshit.
  2. Please tell me you're joking about ABBA being a British pop band?
  3. Wow, this has really turned into a shouting match. I hope all involved do see that no one is even close to convincing the other? But I must say that the most important part is overlooked. I guess everyone can agree that there I something microscopic that can be found, call it virus or exosome, that doesn't matter. The question is if this "thing" is moved from one individual to another, does the other individual get sick in the same way as the first? From what I have understood they did some experiments long ago where sick people coughed and sneezed och healthy people, and they even injected pus from the sick into the healthy, but they were unable to make them sick? I don't know if this experiment has been done again, but wouldn't that be the proof that is needed for the virus-theory to be correct?
  4. Here's the think that infuriates me. Even if no one was able to come up with other explanations (which they have), that doesn't automatically mean "it's a virus". You have to PROVE that viruses exist and are making people sick. You can't just say "well I can't think of anything else, therefore it has to be some magical invisible microbes". Perhaps it's pixies, and it's the fairy dust that's making us sick? Prove me wrong!
  5. Hi Michelle I think if you look into what David is actually saying he had no problems with trans people, I think he even says so in "The Answer" (but I could be wrong). But the problem is with the WOKE trans movement that wants everyone to bow down to their will. And I hope you can agree that if you were born in a male body, and transition to female, you shouldn't compete against people who were born in a female body? By the way, David is not active on this forum so you shouldn't expect any response from him.
  6. Hi Mazey, I can only speak for myself but I would be really interested in getting some more information about Gururaj. I found a YouTube channel, but there are a lot of videos so it's hard to know where to start. Cheers
  7. Therese is already an active thread on this topic. But just a quick note. Even if it where true that healthy people "bang all of a sudden...", how do you go from there to "it has to be a virus"? It's like seeing a light in the sky and concluding it has to be aliens from a distant galaxy here to perform anal probes. Something is making people sick yes, but there are other explanations that are far more logical than virus.
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