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  1. I've always had an inquiring mind. I tried to live off grid in the Black forest when I was 17. The defining moment for me was in 1991 when I was on honeymoon in Jerusalem and a Texan man showed me a dollar bill and explained all the symbols. Like David Icke says it connects the dots. Unfortunately my husband went down a rabbit hole too deep - or the wrong one, I don't know, he had a breakdown in 2005, I have been on my own with my 4 children since.
  2. Yes, being at peace with the Lord is vitally important. I've been prepping for about 5 years and have learnt things along the way. A few items you may want to consider are water purification tablets or "water straw." If you know what you're doing you can purify the dirtiest water. I also have solar and wind up light and radio with usb port, basic medical supplies including skin staples and iodine. The last thing I will mention is a cooker with gas cylinders of which I have plenty. I started a blog on WordPress about prepping with information about foraging with pictures how to purify water etc
  3. Hi Simon, welcome to the forum! I read what you said and it made me think of my friend's mum. She is 85, probably one of the fittest people I know, and smartest. I visit her, it's refreshing to talk to someone on the same wavelength. Anyway the thing that she always says about the covid vaccine is that she lived through the polio outbreak. She says they rushed through the vaccine and offered it to key workers first, of which she was one. Fortunately she refused as there were HUGE problems and many people went down with polio and other awful side effects. I know it's hard, I'
  4. Hi Ozymandias, yes I agree, you can feel very alone sometimes. I also avoid Facebook and Twitter and I also live in south east Kent
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