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    See here this information presented  by an amazing lawyer here in Australia who I understand is now involved in a class action against our government. The info she discusses pertains to Australian Law (specifically the Biosecurity Act, 2015) 


    Basically she outlines how forcing  people en masse to wear masks, vaccinate etc is completely unlawful. For any such measures to be enforced A Biosecurity Control Order would need to be issued individually , with a strict process that would need to be followed to prove a person is sick and a risk to others. There is also an appeal process if needed.  Under the law , a person is assumed to be healthy unless proven otherwise (currently we are ALL assumed to be a potential risk!). And she alludes that the current PCR test used is currently not an adequate diagnostic tool that can prove someone is sick and a risk to others.


    This made my day and gave me increased hope. I hope it offers some encouragement to you too!



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