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  1. Are these tinkering aliens immortal, if not what is their lifespan in human years. Did they limit our mortality to say 75 years with a built in ending self destruct button aka Blade Runner Roy Batty. Do we have a life before this one and after or are we just alien bots. Toys To be discarded a grim picture indeed folks. Hmmm. A slave race deliberately kept in ignorance and unknowing, kept in check by our 5 sense limitations. Sixth sense transcendence mystical experiences precognitive dreams. Lucid dreaming where you can feel the wind in your hair, smell taste fly. Ecstatic wonder and awe at this creation. Beyond the 5 senses God Mode. All is imagination it is what we are it creates the 5 sense illusion. Synethesia to see with the cells of your body. To realize that thoughts are real eternal cannot be destroyed like a ripple in a pond Went off on one there don't know what came over me. LOL Kelvin.
  2. Just awoke from a nap re energised now I experienced the kundalini awakening in me and the opening of my 3rd eye. It was a spontaneous event I also get precognitive dreams these are not my 5 senses at work. When I lucid dream I can smell taste feel the wind in my hair. I am elated awake ecstatic at these moments. Beyond 5 senses my 6th sense can see the future although I have to remember my traveling experiences with my 5 senses to see that I exist outside of the 5 sense enviroment and that is who I am not this. Not this 5 sense body or suit. Immortal forever continually evolving changing struggling against the tide yearning for all to be free of pain fear and suffering and ignorance. For all that exists lol kelvin
  3. Just thought of a few. How long using our 75 year timeline do these creatures live how do they reproduce . Do they have a morality are there any among them who want to set their slaves us free. Just like the victoirian free the slaves. Are there any helpfull rebel ones we can ally with. All gods children gotta be free lol. Kelvin. These are serious questions and not just rambling.
  4. Thanx I'm sure i'll find more questions to fill the void in our understanding. lol kelvin
  5. I am also tired. thank you for your reply
  6. Is there not a interdimensional being who can feed off these fear feeding entitys say like nemotode worms destroying plant pests etc allowing the plant to thrive. Are there not entitys out there capable of destoying these creatures of negativity. In this vast multivers there must be some kindness and good. If these entitys are so advanced and can shapeshift alter dna etc etc. why have thyey not evoved into say a less destructive form cable of self sustenance. I am certain some such creatures of light and good exisi in this beyond comprehensible creation. It is these beings that we need to attract nuture beleive in to make them manifest in this the darkest of times. LOL kelvin
  7. Hi how do these interdimensional beings utilise fear emotions is it like plant cells with chlorophyl in them making them capable of using sunlight to feed them. could it be more osmosis like a dimensional membrane that allows our agitated vibrational energy to pass through thereby feeding nuturing sustaining them. does anybody know have any ideas theories and the like. it could be usefull to know. lol.
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