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  1. They are supposed to look at proper evidence. Why have you ignored my posts? It isn't a NASA thing! The entire cosmology community are being labelled as stupid by very ignorant claims of flat earthers. These are people who are ridiculously smart. What are you talking about regarding water levels? The visible surface of water maximum is always going to look flat, it's simply too small on the eye to detect a curve. In fact the human eye probably won't detect curvature until several miles up, nor should it. Now address the presented material, it should be easy for you. 1. How is the sun the exact same size all over the globe regardless of its distance to the observer? 2. How can it always travel 15 degrees of arc in 1hr wherever it is viewed from? 3. How can it possibly set? It is categorically impossible for anything above the eyeline to drop below it. Just the observation of the Sun proves everything. All this nonsense about things visible farther than they should is simply explained from refraction close to the horizon. Items concerning lasers are almost certainly where the laser skips off the surface of the sea. If you confine your searches and 'evidence' to sources that agree with you, you will forever stay in this crazy group who deny reality. Explain This -
  2. Kindly address my post and spare me your diversionary ad hominem observation. I think flat earth claimants cause severe and rightful derision and act to lump other conspiracies into the same bucket.
  3. To really hammer this home, the sizes of the Sun projected onto his false horizon show the vanishing point on a flat Earth - looks to be on the small side. QED. The angular velocity of the Sun anywhere on Earth is measurably the same - 15 degrees of arc per hour. This is impossible on a flat Earth with the variable distances claimed from observer to the Sun.
  4. The flat earther casually shoots himself in the foot. Notice how the Sun is now about a quarter the size and in terms of its proximity to the artificial horizon it's about halfway from when it started. Notice also all the garbage he left up because he knows full well it never goes lower than the worktop. It is impossible.
  5. Truly epic physics fail. The Earth is to all intents and purposes a broadly enclosed system. Similar but not identical to inside a train or car, Coriolis and wind currents notwithstanding. The Golfer, the ball, the air, the ground are all moving relative to each other, so the ball will not need to travel any extra distance. As can be seen on a train - throw a ball from one end to the other, duration 2 seconds, the ball is unaffected from being in the air. Take the roof off and the only difference is air resistance. Unlike the golfer and the ball on the spinning Earth, the train is in a different inertial reference frame to the air around it.
  6. Hidden in plain sight is the route on a globe - The setting sun proves the globe. There is no scenario or explanation whereby an object that always has to be above eye level can drop below the horizon and without changing size. It is one of the most absurd things possible that this amazingly obvious thing is ignored.
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