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  1. So was burning witches, thank you for your observation - kind of missing the point - it may well have been the consensus when there was no way to verify it, but now there is. It isn't "resurging" though is it. Number 1 is irrelevant, number 2 is what shows it to be the dumbest claim on the planet, number 3 is very debatable since a tiny select few are unable to assimilate knowledge properly, just those items that confirm their beliefs. I am unconcerned about your concern. I use the word reality in terms of what is clearly observable to the vast majority. For flat earthers to be correct, it requires hundreds of thousands of people to be liars. Every single person who has been involved in a satellite launch or any other space endeavour. It requires virtually every scientist to be gullible and/or stupid. It requires all the people who observe satellites and the ISS to be lying and/or mistaken. It requires all the satellite engineers to be morons. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, it doesn't even explain observable reality and uses pitifully narrow examples to generalise vast swathes of daily occurrences. There is no control system regarding the shape of the world. There are people who know it is a planet as it is and there are noisy lunatics who think it is flat. There are quite a few gullible fence sitters who only see the mad videos and fail to follow up.
  2. Irony. The person who appears to deny space, seeks to explain a crater in a space denial thread, uses a claim that doesn't deny space. They then put up an infantile facepalm for some weird reason.
  3. No dude, really it doesn't. Some eejit making daft claims in a youtube video doesn't quite cut the mustard. Then show them one at a time and I'll see if I can draw you back from the abyss. Perhaps you could start by explaining how flat earthery explains anything? There is no resurgence - only a few persistent buffoons unable to explain reality or respond to the evidence. No need to @ me - I'm responding to most stuff until I get bored. It's not a belief system it is the actual system. It is not a matter of belief to explain how things work, verify it in every way possible and disprove alternatives.
  4. Dude, you are in a thread that denies space and joining in with the crazies who believe it - now how the hell do you resolve this with the electric universe. These are impact craters from objects arriving from outer space. They are pretty much always round regardless of the incident angle of approach. How can truthers be so dishonest?
  5. Doesn't look like it. The Moon moves between the Earth and Sun and blocks out all the light - flat earth gibberish would mess up your magic marble refraction. How is it? The globe explains it, flat earth doesn't even explain a sunset/sunrise. You should have stopped typing at the bolded section. There is no "challenge" to the global earth, just a few nutjobs unable to explain their crazy claimed reality whilst ignoring copious amounts of evidence. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmWeueTF8l82GItQhl7vTP_WM43B4ebNq
  6. Do you believe the Earth is flat? Do you require assistance feeding yourself? See what I did there? I also added a question mark and some gaps between punctuation.
  7. Well no, "everyone" can look at the science behind high velocity impacts and see that quite clearly and provable, from visible lunar craters that are all mainly round, that the angle of approach doesn't make much difference! But shit, you ignore that why don't you! It is not debateable because people with brains have already studied it. Your "it's obvious" crap doesn't wash - the appeal to ignorance. Dude, you really need to get your head out of your backside. A plethora of facepalms at you. Nukes weren't around 2 billion years ago!
  8. Maybe they used a fleet of fairies to transport them.
  9. Dude, you are a complete failure. You just got owned on both points and your response is some stupid emoji. How about you respond like an honest poster and admit you were wrong, that would make you feel all good knowing your integrity is intact. Try it.
  10. No on both accounts. Let me point something out to you - listen very carefully. YOU CANNOT USE A THEORY ABOUT AN ALTERNATIVE TO SPACE, THE UNIVERSE ETC. AS A MEANS TO DISPROVE THAT SPACE EXISTS. That is astonishingly stupid. https://www.scienceabc.com/nature/universe/why-are-impact-craters-on-the-moon-round-and-not-some-other-shape.html "When a meteor hits the lunar surface, a shockwave spreads out in all directions and the impact creates a dent in the surface that is much bigger than the size of the impacting object itself. Since the impact sprays ejecta in all directions in equal proportions (just like the shockwave of an explosion), the direction and incident angle of the impact become irrelevant in determining the shape of the crater."
  11. No, it demonstrates how a glass marble can refract light. I ask you the question again.
  12. You made a mistake dude and failed to admit it. The maths adds up. Maybe you can show us your computations?
  13. Ok, so the sun is just a big marble focusing light from another source? Is that what your claim is?
  14. @basketcase I just googled that - it comes from here: https://penguinsfalloff.blogspot.com/2017/06/as-internet-debates-go-one-concerning.html Nobody actually answered it - typical flat earthers for you. That is as comprehensive a kick-ass post as you could get - no wonder they avoided it.
  15. You ignored the picture above - did "God" make you afraid to debate honestly? Seriously dude, have you ever bought a telescope and looked at the planets? Or watched the ISS move across the sky? NASA are not the only space agency btw, you do know that don't you?
  16. Where is this post? Is it a flat earth post? That name doesn't show up in the search results.
  17. This effect you refer to, show me any reference to where it is explained with meaningful light path diagrams.
  18. It's poking fun at the crazy. I'm guessing they didn't consider the madness about scale. The concept of what we see is the same. Half the globe / surface is lit and it is a straight line across the terminator - night and day. Could one of you flat earthers show me ANY light source on the planet that replicates this? This is what it must do: And in the real world, THIS is what a light source actually does: Certainly, if it travelling through the entire atmosphere. Why did you ignore the video?
  19. Hahahahaha. No amount of scientific explanation can get through crazy. Why would anyone with such insane concepts of life be posting on a website?
  20. Thank you for your efforts in trying, it must have been very challenging for you to do something that comes naturally to most people. So what did your inept search uncover about the Moon's speed? Here's one you might understand - fun facts for kids: The moon orbits Earth at an average speed of 2,288 miles per hour (3,683 kilometres per hour). So let's do some maths. What is 5 times 3,683? Now, be really good and admit your mistake.
  21. How incredibly dumb. The reason water curves around the globe is due to gravity. You know the thing that keeps you on the floor at 9.8 m per second per second. The thing that you have no explanation for. Water to all intents and purposes is flat to the human eye, the curve is so small that it is barely noticeable. There is no experiment to replicate that size and force.
  22. Look at you people, you have ignored almost every post I've made and now doing the Gollum victory dance on your dung heap. The sun does so many things all on its own that completely kicks your story to bits, yet all you do is avoid it all.
  23. Point me to where you have explained it already. You must have done it a few times to get fed up. You are afraid to be wrong and that is just plain sad.
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