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  1. Who made god? It is the same principle as the OP, only without the magic sky wizard.
  2. Do they? Tell me how that works for a solar eclipse! Explain my diagram. The higher the elevation for the Sun the absolute crazy worse it gets to explain what we see. A total provable crock of shite. Multiple domes now - I refer you to the video you just posted. The Sun passes from dome to dome does it? No, you haven't seen anything of the sort. You have seen nonsense and lack the intelligence to be able to work out why you are being hoodwinked. Multiple domes - you can't make up this level of delusion. Explain: The Sun moves 15 degrees an hour everywhere on Earth. It never changes size no matter what elevation or how "far away" on the "flat earth". It sets, it rises. When you see the Sun set, if you gain elevation you can still see the Sun and watch it set again. Now draw me the light path on a flat earth to explain that one!
  3. The irony. You put up a video saying "No amount of evidence will convince an idiot". Not when they ignore it - like you do.
  4. Nice dodge. You are lying, you have explained nothing and neither has the thread starter. He has merely cobbled together some videos that confuse him. You are the reason why flat earthers are laughed at. Instead of debating and easily explaining your case with diagrams, references and simple explanations you run away. Instead of explaining huge posts that show you are wrong you just ignore them.
  5. The thing about matter as it is labelled is that nothing that makes it up is solid. None of the atoms or the subatomic particles including - quarks, leptons, fermions etc. have anything within them except movement. There's no teeny piece of "something" solid at the heart of them. So basically everything you see is simply movement. If you google "what is a subatomic particle made of" - nobody will actually answer it. They just give all sorts of variants of particles within an atom but never explain what the actual particle itself is made of. It's made of nothing. Just movement. Example: What is a lepton made of? "In particle physics, a lepton is an elementary particle of half-integer spin (spin ¹⁄₂) that does not undergo strong interactions. Two main classes of leptons exist, charged leptons (also known as the electron-like leptons), and neutral leptons (better known as neutrinos). Charged leptons can combine with other particles to form various composite particles such as atoms and positronium, while neutrinos rarely interact with anything, and are consequently rarely observed. The best known of all leptons is the electron." Okie dokie. What's it actually made of though?
  6. I've often thought the same thing, but it doesn't explain how everything is moving away from a specific point. Anyway you look at it, existence is unfathomable to the human mind. It will always ask who made it, what was there before, who made that etc. It is very hard to get to the inevitable "it must always have been there".
  7. Explain in English. Explain how it never changes size, not one iota wherever it is on Earth. Explain how it can drop below the horizon to everyone with a Westerly facing beach. Explain how it moves 15 degrees in one hour everywhere on Earth regardless of its elevation. Or carry on evading this.
  8. Is this the kind of shite you listen to and look for? North American, as in the north part of America, not the South. Space Administration, as in they do things in space. From 1969 - they didn't have digital manipulation in those days:
  9. The best way to demonstrate how easily led humans are and how peer pressure forms a massive compliance issue. Oooooh, I must get down on one knee otherwise they'll think I'm racist. All lives matter and there is no such thing as a black or white man. Period.
  10. Wow, even flat earth songs are total shite. This video below represents proper research and in depth analysis. It is so comprehensive it tears the arse from your useless and evasive argument. Why are to so afraid to be wrong? Your "Lord" built the most beautiful thing imaginable and you think it's a crackpot flying pizza!
  11. Yes you are. His question was perfectly valid. Alexa has answered with gibberish. YOU explain it. Things move away from you, they get smaller. IN EVERY CASE. QED
  12. Challenge to zArk that of course you will not take up. Flat earthers say the Moon and Sun are up around 3000 miles high and that the Moon simply moves across the face of the Sun. Now for the Sun to be 1/2 a degree across the sky and 3000 miles away, this is the case: http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/calrtri.htm Now punch in the figures, edge c is 3000, angle A is 0.25 degrees. Gives edge a as 13.1 miles. Multiply by 2 to get 1/2 degree. The Sun is 26.2 miles wide. But weirdly, the dumbasses at the flat earth society don't appear to be able to do simple geometry!! https://wiki.tfes.org/Moon "The Moon is a revolving sphere. It has a diameter of 32 miles and is located approximately 3000 miles above the surface of the earth." "The Sun is a revolving sphere. It has a diameter of 32 miles and is located approximately 3000 miles above the surface of the Earth." LMFAO!! My first thought is GTFO, my second is show me how close the Moon must be to cast the appropriate shadow size! For 2017 that would be 60km wide!! The Moon MUST be smaller than the Sun to cast a shadow, yet according to the knuckle draggers at the FE society they are the same size. The maximum size shadow is the same size as the Sun. IMPOSSIBLE!!
  13. Horseshit. The "inconsistencies" are caused by poor education, closed mindedness to actual science, wishful thinking and the old favourite a consistent need to ignore simple and provable explanations.
  14. No that is not the case. What an idiot sees is not what you get. Ask the people who saw the eclipse, what time did it occur. Watch a car travelling along the road - see its shadow? Well you use that confused brain of yours and work it out. The object travels with its shadow. The Moon has net West to East motion, therefore the shadow goes the same direction. Answer MY post not the idiotic video.
  15. I deplore dishonest people. That is what you epitomise. You preach your ludicrous nonsensical claims and steadfastly ignore copious amounts of data, demonstrations, explanations and an untold number of posts that refute your claims. All you do is the equivalent of this: Prove me wrong. Explain in your own words how the Sun, a huge distance above any Earth observer can fall below eyeline and disappear over the horizon. How the hell can it show identical angular velocity anywhere on Earth regardless of the supposed distance variations on a "flat earth"? How in any sane world can it disappear with no size change!? Here is a flat earther shooting himself in the foot with a chieftain tank: Barely half way to his horizon and the Sun is a quarter the size. Go on then, explain or admit you are wrong!
  16. That it? Not going to address any evidence, afraid to be wrong?
  17. Type in English and answer the full post! He claims the MOTION of the Moon is the same as the shadow direction. Horseshit. Not to mention that people actually saw the damn thing arriving at the times expected. This line of argument is absolutely absurd - no surprise there. Why do you insist on jerking everyone's chain with this? You can't possibly believe it, surely!
  18. Beigy pink with a hint of orange to be factual. My view on this is that as long as they keep labelling dark brown skinned people as black and lighter shaded people as white then the compartmentalisation will never end.
  19. Had to watch this a couple of times to get what this bloke is saying and finally understand what his error is. He is equating the motion and appearance of the Moon which appears to Earth observers to always travel East to West and saying that is the direction the shadow should be travelling - that is bollocks. The shadow cast by a moving object will move WITH the object regardless of where it lands. Since the Moon has positive West to East velocity subtracting the rotational speed - it has to move West to East. If you rely on idiots for your information you will get misinformation.
  20. No, I don't know this made up nonsense. They have verifiable experiments that visually demonstrate it. Wait what??? The Earth is in the way? Dude, that is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. The Earth occupies around 2 degrees of the Lunar sky and thanks to the way the Moon librates and changes distance elliptically, there is never any exclusive area of sky where the Earth always blocks. Even if it stood completely still, the damn thing is a quarter of a million miles away! It isn't an uncomfortable fact, no incredible mental gymnastics and the variable incident angle approach is a ludicrously inevitable consequence. What mad universe sees object only impacting at 90 degrees!? Yet all the craters are round. Go and educate yourself, your posts demonstrate such dire understanding of even the basics.
  21. Please note, I am not the least bit interested in your evasive opinions. You are simply too scared to address the evidence. Do not address me unless you have something tangible to say.
  22. I know this technique deliberately shoehorns stuff in to alter meaning, but since when has 9 x 11 equalled 18? Let me guess, you add the two together to get 18, then forget to add the 1 and 8 together to get 9? https://numerologysecrets.net/what-is-numerology/#:~:text=What Is Numerology%3F (Numerology Explained) Often associated with,that study numerology study the symbolism of numbers. "In essence, all numbers are first reduced to the single digits of 1 through 9 except for the special numbers 11 and 22. Each of these numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22) represent one of the major vibration rates that everything in the universe vibrates at. Each of these is, in turn, associated with a certain personal characteristic. Each of the numbers in numerology is reduced by addition. For instance, the number 23 is reduced by adding 2+3. This equals out to 5. Larger numbers with more digits, such as 193, are reduced by adding 1+9+3 to get 13. This number is then reduced by adding 1+3 to get 4." Can you show me where this Masonic number 18 is "common Masonic shorthand"? http://www.masonicdictionary.com/numbers.html No reference found.
  23. Large meteors and on collision courses are extremely rare. To be honest your beliefs are of no interest to me, you clearly have no grasp on reality and prefer to think you are one of the "in crowd" who are smart enough to see things. Sadly the complete opposite is true. Tell me about the craters on the Moon. Tell me about all animated gifs of the planets spinning - absolutely anyone can do this and verify it.
  24. Can you advise me where you determined it was a vacuum?
  25. Point me to the mathematics used to determine it was not possible. All I saw was a lot of bare assertion.
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