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  1. Atmospheric scattering BY the Sun on the Earth. Dude! They are both only on eclipse day the Sun is no longer shining on the Moon. One of the dumbest statements you have made and there has been fierce competition. Why would the Moon have a bloody corona!? Why would you see a black disk in daylight!? Gibberish. The Moon is subject only to light reflected from the Earth. The Moon suddenly doesn't become anything. It looks black because it is contrasted against light from the Solar corona. The camera is able to use layering and increased light capture to show the Moon with earthshine. Are you deliberately playing the goat here? You cannot see the new moon during daylight. Earth shine is insufficient to illuminate it through the atmospheric scattering!! It's impossible to get through to somebody who has such poor understanding. It's too faint to be seen. Just like the stars!
  2. That is NOT what the Moon is doing. It is exactly the same as the diagram I used before The Moon is to all intents and purposes carving out a 5hr straight line at the quoted speed. It's shadow falls on The Earth again in a straight line, something like this: Now the total length of the arc is 143 degrees. That is 15,918 km. The Moon carves out a path equating to the blue line - that is a chord on a circle and equates to 12,083km. Show me YOUR maths! Failure of the flat earth "analysts"!
  3. No!! That isn't how photography works at all. It enables a wide aperture to be used and a fast ISO to capture more light. The atmospheric lights scattering is what occludes the visible Moon. When that disappears AND the Sun's direct light, there is just enough to capture the Moon with just it reflecting Earth shine. We're all in sphereland, some are just a little bit confused about it! The maths add up perfectly I demonstrated how your youtube dumbo was wrong and you basically ignored the entire post. Well duh. Not only that but the Moon has zero sunshine on it and there is atmospheric scattering. A day before the new Moon one photographer managed to capture the barest sliver of the crescent Moon - I shan't post it - your stock defence is to claim some sort of bollocks about everything being fake.
  4. Wow, you ignored virtually my whole post. Are you afraid? Will address this tomorrow when I get on my PC.
  5. Well duhhhh, the SUN is now no longer blasting light everywhere! Now effectively almost dark.
  6. This is exactly where your youtube flat earther is going wrong:. Two things: Number one is that the Moon orbits 5 degrees above and below the plane of the ecliptic, so the axial tilt of the Earth varies according to its orbit. Number 2 is all to do with relative speeds. For example, If you look at a roundabout spinning at 50mph at the edge and you are say 50 yards away, when you see the nearest point to you it is moving at 50mph. However at the left and right hand sides of the circle it is not, because although it is travelling 50mph, it is coming TOWARDS you. This relative speed varies for the entire visible semi-circle. https://www.vcalc.com/wiki/MichaelBartmess/Rotational+Speed+at+Latitude eg. Madras Oregon at 44.6 degrees is moving at 740mph If viewed from the equatorial plane. But since I have already proven that things move relatively slower when viewed sideways on(edge of the circle) its relative speed to the Moon is drastically different to that straight on. It is both affected by the axial tilt effectively giving the same effect vertically and the fact that we are seeing it on the edge of that circle coming towards us horizontally.
  7. Not by the naked eye it is too dim with no reflected light except Earthshine, against the Sun. But the path it takes and the times involved follow a 100% verifiable direction that takes it across the face of the Sun. No dear, it's not more likely. That is preposterous. You should really try to get out more. All the above could be detected by anyone, yet not astronomer disputes the way eclipses work - there's quite a few around the world Are you actually mental? Is this some sort of game you are playing? Sun and Moon. No. The Moon isn't visible because a) it is daylight b) it has no solar reflection c) it is competing with something 400,000 times brighter than a full moon. You should develop a stand up comedy routine, because on this subject you are actually taking the piss.
  8. https://www.lockhaven.edu/~dsimanek/flat/round-spin.htm Your question is like the one in Monty Python - what have the romans done for us?! There is so much proof it is monumental how you can arm wave it away. It involves a cast of millions and millions.
  9. No. The ignorant go on youtube and ignore facts. Nonsense, it was disproven even before the telescope! It's not "put up with" it is rightly laughed at, because it is an indicator of profound ignorance. It is not fanaticism to understand the motion of the planets around the Sun. There are no controllers pulling any strings on this subject. Well, possibly the flat earth controllers are! Okie dokie, but flat earth believers run away from reality and come up with ludicrous and easily disproven crap. What is your goal here? To convert the masses to your belief system? Mine is to stop those on the fence from falling into the abyss of ignorance.
  10. So it's not an insult to label me a "cult member"? Your explanation for the eclipse NOT being the Moon is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Congratulations. I see you are in full off topic trolling mode with that stupid music video.
  11. Trolling is really quite tedious. Perhaps if you understood the subject your automatic and rather ignorant response may not kick in. Using multiple layers to enhance an image is quite a common technique.
  12. That's correct. He layered multiple images taken during an eclipse to highlight the Moon itself. He didn't cut and paste one in - you were wrong.
  13. Incorrect. Moonlight is not cold - are you referring to the flawed experiment? https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/403460/why-is-moon-light-cold
  14. So one of you says its the Moon and one says its "EM field". How about you two get a rubber room and go and iron it out. How far away is the Sun and Moon on your flat earth?
  15. You cannot make this up. Dude, you cannot possibly believe such piffling gibberish. If you do, you are lost in lala land.
  16. No he didn't. Are you being deliberately contrary! He layered multiple images to bring out the details in the Moon. https://astronomy.com/news-observing/news/2010/12/2010 astroimaging contest winners GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Total solar eclipse (3-inch Pentax 75 SDHF apochromatic astrograph, Canon EOS 50D DSLR, exposure times varied from 1/125-second to 2 seconds, at ISO 100 and ISO 200, 53 of 82 images taken during totality were used, taken July 11, 2010, between 18h41m38s UT and 18h44m36s UT, at Hao Atoll in French Polynesia)
  17. I have no doubt it is littered with errors, but they are correct about Greenland. Your source?
  18. Whatever, what's your source? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2016/06/iceland-greenland-name-swap/
  19. Err not really. https://skepticalscience.com/greenland-used-to-be-green.htm#:~:text=So how did Greenland get its name%3F According,would have been limited to rather small areas. Any pending Earth climate crisis will be probably in 40- 50 years at a guess. I'll be well out of here and will recommend any surviving relatives stay inland
  20. How about you acknowledge the last response to your silly video. The woman who didn't understand what time zones were?
  21. I wanted to expand on this. Let's give the Sun an altitude of 10000 miles (don't laugh): http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/calrtri.htm Little a is 10000 Big A is 5 degrees - now the Sun is 114,000 miles away. LMAO. Regarding the Speed it moves How about sticking with 3000 miles and it is 15 degrees/30 degrees/45 degrees from zenith(directly overhead) - that is 3 one hour movements everywhere on Earth - proven and irrefutable. Little a is 3000 Big A is 75 degrees - It has gone 804 miles. So 804mph. Little a is 3000 Big A is 60 degrees - It has gone 1730 miles. 1730-804 = 926. So 926mph now! Little a is 3000 Big A is 45 degrees - It has gone 3000 miles. 3000-1730 = 1270. So 1270mph now! QED - any fence sitters? Really?
  22. There is total perfection, the Earth's spin and Moon shadow is 100% consistent and it completely proves the entire FACT. The recorded eclipse data completely reinforces the fact we live on a planet. You are a follower of shite and believe anything that reinforces your preconceived belief.
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