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  1. No. The ignorant go on youtube and ignore facts. Nonsense, it was disproven even before the telescope! It's not "put up with" it is rightly laughed at, because it is an indicator of profound ignorance. It is not fanaticism to understand the motion of the planets around the Sun. There are no controllers pulling any strings on this subject. Well, possibly the flat earth controllers are! Okie dokie, but flat earth believers run away from reality and come up with ludicrous and easily disproven crap. What is your goal here? To convert the masses to your belief system? Mine is to stop those on the fence from falling into the abyss of ignorance.
  2. So it's not an insult to label me a "cult member"? Your explanation for the eclipse NOT being the Moon is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Congratulations. I see you are in full off topic trolling mode with that stupid music video.
  3. Trolling is really quite tedious. Perhaps if you understood the subject your automatic and rather ignorant response may not kick in. Using multiple layers to enhance an image is quite a common technique.
  4. That's correct. He layered multiple images taken during an eclipse to highlight the Moon itself. He didn't cut and paste one in - you were wrong.
  5. Incorrect. Moonlight is not cold - are you referring to the flawed experiment? https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/403460/why-is-moon-light-cold
  6. So one of you says its the Moon and one says its "EM field". How about you two get a rubber room and go and iron it out. How far away is the Sun and Moon on your flat earth?
  7. You cannot make this up. Dude, you cannot possibly believe such piffling gibberish. If you do, you are lost in lala land.
  8. No he didn't. Are you being deliberately contrary! He layered multiple images to bring out the details in the Moon. https://astronomy.com/news-observing/news/2010/12/2010 astroimaging contest winners GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Total solar eclipse (3-inch Pentax 75 SDHF apochromatic astrograph, Canon EOS 50D DSLR, exposure times varied from 1/125-second to 2 seconds, at ISO 100 and ISO 200, 53 of 82 images taken during totality were used, taken July 11, 2010, between 18h41m38s UT and 18h44m36s UT, at Hao Atoll in French Polynesia)
  9. I have no doubt it is littered with errors, but they are correct about Greenland. Your source?
  10. Whatever, what's your source? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2016/06/iceland-greenland-name-swap/
  11. Err not really. https://skepticalscience.com/greenland-used-to-be-green.htm#:~:text=So how did Greenland get its name%3F According,would have been limited to rather small areas. Any pending Earth climate crisis will be probably in 40- 50 years at a guess. I'll be well out of here and will recommend any surviving relatives stay inland
  12. How about you acknowledge the last response to your silly video. The woman who didn't understand what time zones were?
  13. I wanted to expand on this. Let's give the Sun an altitude of 10000 miles (don't laugh): http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/calrtri.htm Little a is 10000 Big A is 5 degrees - now the Sun is 114,000 miles away. LMAO. Regarding the Speed it moves How about sticking with 3000 miles and it is 15 degrees/30 degrees/45 degrees from zenith(directly overhead) - that is 3 one hour movements everywhere on Earth - proven and irrefutable. Little a is 3000 Big A is 75 degrees - It has gone 804 miles. So 804mph. Little a is 3000 Big A is 60 degrees - It has gone 1730 miles. 1730-804 = 926. So 926mph now! Little a is 3000 Big A is 45 degrees - It has gone 3000 miles. 3000-1730 = 1270. So 1270mph now! QED - any fence sitters? Really?
  14. There is total perfection, the Earth's spin and Moon shadow is 100% consistent and it completely proves the entire FACT. The recorded eclipse data completely reinforces the fact we live on a planet. You are a follower of shite and believe anything that reinforces your preconceived belief.
  15. You ignore the rest of my post why? The image is a combined fast captured series. Yes it is "produced", but from actual taken images. Explain on a flat earth how the Sun moves always the same size and speed and disappears. You cannot Explain exactly how an eclipse works - it's the Moon. If it is an imaginary object prove it!! Looks like the Moon to me. http://www.zam.fme.vutbr.cz/~druck/Eclipse/Ecl2015s/800mm/00-info.htm
  16. Yes, I know what she clearly states. The sunrise is reported in local time!! Big one Russian owned: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@65.7893,-169.0659 Little one Alaska owned: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@5867516 Look at the daylight hours - identical.
  17. Big Diomede Soviet "owned": Anadyr Standard Time Time zone in Big Diomede (GMT+12) Wednesday, 26 August 2020, 02:03 Little Diomede US "owned": Alaska Daylight Time Time zone in Little Diomede Island (GMT-8) Tuesday, 25 August 2020, 06:04 There was no fun to be had. One has a different time zone determined by the owning government( and on opposite times of the International Date Line - bizarre but true). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diomede_Islands I watched her video and laughed at her basic mistake in failing to determine the variance in sunrise times of 4hrs and 3hrs was caused by the time zones!
  18. No it isn't. This is classic hearsay from blog to blog. The DMI source for this data makes no such observations.
  19. Yep, I can confirm that I have not heard that immense pile of dog-do before. I flicked through it hoping to catch a bit that is referenced, accurate, fully explains things but couldn't find anything. Can you save people the absolute blackboard nail scratching chore of wading through this 2hrs plus of toilet-rinse and offer a summary as to how the Sun moves as taken from this video? How does the Sun set? Why does it stay the same size? Why does it move the same speed? That sort of thing. Thanks in advance.
  20. Wait, what? I mean WHAT? So you are saying it's not the Moon now? But some invisible other object that follows the exact path of the Moon in the sky? REALLY? https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=6RycG3oh&id=CECB2433027480DB9D06630A72553B18904D8E8E&thid=OIP.6RycG3ohR6lIVv8PZyA9lwHaE2&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mreclipse.com%2FSEphoto%2FTSE2006%2Fimage%2FT06-cmp207mw.JPG&exph=500&expw=763&q=Solar+Eclipse+Of+July+11%2c+2010&simid=608013880019848107&ck=7E96591110955CF31ABDD12AAF04C6F2&selectedindex=2&form=IRPRST&ajaxhist=0&pivotparams=insightsToken%3Dccid_TcZhNOX0*cp_DD29881085AFEB3C65EDC7247C156A11*mid_8468C025F301B386252F4773D6CA1D4294F39913*simid_607988823100950801*thid_OIP.TcZhNOX0TnrhGzKxdgqAKQHaE7&vt=2&iss=VSI&sim=1 No it doesn't. You see the world has people called physicists, astronomers, cosmologists and they explain things perfectly. Some dickhead on youtube who doesn't understand reality and makes numerous incorrect assumptions and observations doesn't actually count. The eclipse does exactly what it should do, exactly as predicted and exactly as the Moon moves. Hot air from your backside. You evade and squirm but cannot answer any of the questions posed. Explain on a flat earth how the Sun moves always the same size and speed and disappears. You cannot Explain exactly how an eclipse works - it's the Moon. If it is an imaginary object prove it!! Looks like the Moon to me.
  21. Nice dodge, answer the question! If the Moon is higher than the Sun how does it move across the face of the Sun? If it is the same elevation as the Sun as Flat earthers claim how the hell does it cast a 60km shadow!? You think that do you? So some bizarre and provably inaccurate thing crosses your mind and you feel the need to write it down? I know it doesn't change size. Air density doesn't alter the size at the horizon or anywhere else it's around 0.5 degrees. Again you dodge the question! How is it remotely possible that it does this in the first place. Fun fact for kids: Things get smaller as they move away. But not the Sun?? How come - explain properly! Do you mean the refraction of light around the horizon? Or the way heat and pressure vary this? It's basic physics. I'm reading it but it is just more nonsensical observation. None of this is "my philosphy". It is proven beyond EVERY shadow of doubt. The Earth rotates once every 24hrs. The Sun is 93 million miles away. As the Earth rotates the Sun comes into view(rises), travels across the sky and disappears from view(sets). It never changes size(tiny changes from orbital distance notwithstanding). Nor should it. None of this is possible on a flat Earth. The Sun could never set or rise, an object above eyeline cannot drop below eyeline! A receding object always gets smaller. How can you be so dumb not to see this? Not odd that this stunning non compartmentalised thing confuses you. No visual trick, just your piss poor observation and understanding of it.
  22. Alexa said: The sun doesn't actually set it carries on going through what is called the 6 portals or Gates throughout the night. There are 12 portals in total in which the sun travels through in 24 hrs. The sun goes down from the heaven and returns through the north in order to reach the east. PS Edit Edit It just seems like the sun is setting but in actual fact it is still traveling around. This is on page 79 GIBBERISH! Explain it properly that is just total meaningless nonsense.
  23. Wow, I'm starting to slowly pull out my little remaining pieces of hair! I KNOW you never said it changed size. It's bloody obvious it doesn't change size. Why is it a ridiculous notion that the Sun doesn't change size no matter how far away it is!! Using basic trigonometry from the flat earth bible (the Sun is 3000 miles away - lmao) if it is near the Horizon at 85 degrees let's see what should occur. On a flat Earth it is 3000 miles above the area it has now moved to and 5 degrees above the viewing angle from us. http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/calrtri.htm Big A is 5 degrees, little a is 3000 miles. The result? The Sun when it is at 5 degrees above the horizon, on a flat Earth is 34,300 bloody miles away. It takes a very stupid person to not see the major problem here. Explain that HERE. No you have not, you made up some gibberish. Explain it properly here. How does the Sun set with no size change, specifically. nb. The further away the Sun is from a flat Earth, the more ridiculous these figures get!!
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