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  1. Have you been up a very high mountain? The air density is significantly lower. If you climb Everest it is very difficult to breath with the drop in pressure limiting the amount of oxygen. The air compresses at sea level and gets progressively less compressed the higher you go. Question for you to avoid: Does air pressure decrease as you gain altitude? I cannot envisage anyone could be that dumb to deny this, it is one of the limiting factors in aircraft maximum altitude. It is fairly obvious that pressure gets progressively less and less until such a point that there is virtually none at all. There is no magic vacuum next to atmosphere. The whole atmosphere is held in place by gravity. A similar thing happens in the ocean the deeper you get - the pressure just keeps increasing. Your only recourse is to deny everything that literally billions of scientists work with and understand - it is the most incredible arrogance for you to assume that just because you don't understand how this incredibly obvious thing works, that your crazy claim is correct and every single person who knows otherwise is somehow mistaken!
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