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  1. 9 minutes ago, mishy said:

    Back on topic, where are the black boxes?


    Wow, the person calling people names objects to INDIRECT banter. Back on topic, answer my question!


    Black boxes, if one was needed the perps could just fake one, or do you think they exceeded their massive man power list with all the other crap and they decided not to bother:classic_rolleyes:

  2. 19 minutes ago, mishy said:


    You're asking questions that I have no need to answer. 


    I'm asking questions that you CANNOT answer. Mainly because there is no explanation.  🐓🐓🐓🐓 


    19 minutes ago, mishy said:

    YOU need to prove a plane caused that hole, because what the videos show is IMPOSSIBLE.


    Circular reasoning - the videos show exactly what should occur. I don't need to prove that the explosion went inwards as we can see. You are the one making the moronic claim and you know there is NO explanation for it.



  3. 1 hour ago, mishy said:


    I don't care because It's all on film. CGI planes with no collision physics whatsoever.


    And regarding your picture, you need to prove a plane did that damage...how are you going to do that? Provide video evidence?




    You ran away like a big Jessie. Afraid to answer anything. 


    Regarding the picture YOU need to explain how an explosion goes inwards with no debris coming out of the entry hole. You cannot because it was a bloody plane!

  4. 7 hours ago, Albion said:

    Why would those who orchestrated 9/11 go to such measures? Surely when the powers that be met around the table, the bloke who said let's hijack some planes and fly them into the towers, killing as many people as possible, to further our agenda, was given a round of applause. And the bloke who suggested holograms was quickly escorted out the back door?


    Apparently all because there was a possibility the "big lumbering jet" might miss its target.



    " I propose a conspiracy theory that the conspiracy theories are themselves part of a conspiracy, intended to discredit the idea of there being a conspiracy — and to divide and conquer those who might sleuth out certain facts."


    "1. The terrorist pilots lacked the skill and training needed to fly jetliners into their targets

    This is an especially popular contention with respect to American flight 77.  Hijacker pilot Hani Hanjour was a notoriously untalented flier who never piloted anything larger than a four-seater. Yet he is said to have pulled off a remarkable series of aerobatic maneuvers before slamming into the Pentagon.  The pilots of American 11 and United 175 also had spotty records and had flown only private planes.  They should have had great difficulty navigating to New York City, and even greater difficulty hitting the twin towers squarely. To bolster this idea that the hijackers were Oswaldian pawns, the conspiromongers often invoke impressive-sounding jargon and fluffery about high-tech cockpits, occasionally trundling out testimony from pilots.

    Reality: The cabal’s feats did not require in-depth technical knowledge or a high degree of skill.  The attackers, as private pilots, were completely out of their league in the cockpits of those 757s and 767s; however they were not setting out to perform single-engine missed approaches or Category-3 instrument landings with a failed hydraulic system – or to land at all.  They were setting out to steer an already airborne jetliner, in perfect weather, into the side of a building.  Though, for good measure, Mohammed Atta and at least one other member of his group did buy several hours of simulator training on a Boeing 727 (this was not the same type of jet used in the attacks, but it didn’t need to be).  Additionally they obtained manuals and instructional videos for the 757 and 767, available from aviation supply shops.

    Hani Hanjour’s flying was exceptional only in its recklessness.  If anything, his loops and spirals above the nation’s capital revealed him to be exactly the shitty pilot he by all accounts was.  To hit the Pentagon squarely he needed only a bit of luck, and he got it.  Striking a stationary object — even a large one with five beckoning sides — at high speed and from a steep angle is very difficult.  To make the job easier, he came in obliquely, tearing down light poles as he roared across the Pentagon’s lawn.  If he’d flown the same profile ten times, seven of them he’d probably have tumbled short of the target or overflown it entirely.
    As for those partisan pilots known to chime in on websites, take them with a grain of salt.  As somebody who flies 757 and 767s for a living, I think my testimony carries some weight.  Ask around and you’ll discover that the majority of professional pilots feel the way I do."

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  5. Wowie, these two are really getting miffed at anyone taking them to task. Apparently anyone questioning their crazy claims is a shill and all posts are trolling. Notice people that the extremely large elephant in the room stays trumpeting away without them addressing it. Third time.


    How many people were in on this?


    1. How many to distribute airplane parts?

    2. How many to distribute DNA?

    3. How many to dispose of the actual plane and kill the passengers.

    4. Then since DNA was found, how many to toast the bodies and smash them up?

    5. If the DNA was faked, the laboratory was in on it? How many?

    6. How many in the military to execute the missile launch?

    7. How many to create all those individual films?

    8. How many to lace the buildings with explosives?

    9. How many to plan it? Oversee it?

    10. How did they communicate it all?

    11. Where is the paper trail for all of this, or the money trail to pay this huge number off?

    12. Adding - "crisis actors" total?


    The thing is, this has been going on for some considerable time now - SURELY you can answer these questions? It HAS to be part of the who, what, why, where scenario - filling in the dots. At least estimates??


    One final question:


    In the world of high explosives and demolition, all sorts of weird and wonderful techniques are employed to make the direction of the force as required. I am not aware of one that makes metal bend towards the explosion. The impacts showed NO outward ejections at the collision point - what Mickey Mouse world does this happen in?





    Bent inwards? Can the two noisy no planers please avoid answering anything in this post?


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  6. 4 hours ago, Haunted Universe said:


    And yet you have no means to prove it. Just infantile machinations that aren't fooling anybody. The only advantage you have as a shill is too rile up the 80% in confederacy against the 20% by way of mocking and discrediting, yet unfortunately more and more people are waking up to this horse shit.


    I think you fancy yourself as smart and cunning, I only see a conceited congregation of vapor. 


    How many people were in on your pantomime?


    1. How many to distribute airplane parts?

    2. How many to distribute DNA?

    3. How many to dispose of the actual plane and kill the passengers.

    4. Then since DNA was found at the site, how many to toast the bodies and smash them up?

    5. If the DNA was faked, the laboratory was in on it? How many?

    6. How many in the military to execute the missile launch?


    Every single time you try and nail someone down who has a mad theory they run away from obvious problems. Answers please.


    nb. The only people name calling around here are mishy and you - shill / moron. But then again being insulted by people like you is almost a compliment.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Haunted Universe said:


    According to Carlos, physics don't apply. 





    That is now the 3rd time you have repeated that lie. Physics applies most certainly but people like you are completely ignorant of it. YOU have no right to invoke "physics" particularly when it works perfectly well with such kinetic energy.


    What the hell are YOU doing on this forum? This happened nearly 20 years ago and you. together with your bonkers clan have been soiling the internet like an incontinent cat, with your incessant no plane no brain gibberish. For you Occam never even had a razor, he had a rusty blunt spoon that he used to scrape bird poo off of his windscreen.

  8. Just now, Haunted Universe said:


    Your retorts are laughable. Every far fetched explanation for the plane simply not being there what so ever. Like at every other site.


    Did you say an engine went through three buildings at the Penta-con?


    Arsewater. I said the landing gear did that.


    How many people were in on your pantomime?


    1. How many to distribute airplane parts?

    2. How many to distribute DNA?

    3. How many to dispose of the actual plane and kill the passengers.

    4. Then since DNA was found at the site, how many to toast the bodies and smash them up?

    5. If the DNA was faked, the laboratory was in on it? How many?

    6. How many in the military to execute the missile launch?

  9. 3 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:


    You referenced Popular Mechanics. Thats all anyone needs to know about you. Abhorrent bullshit artists like NIST and NORAD. 


    Dick Cheney is that you? Is this me?


    That is called an ad hominem where you reject the verifiable content and attempt to attack the person who presented it. Hopefully the moderators of this forum will pop up and politely request that the very large pot stops calling the kettle black.


    You seem a little bit miffed that somebody can be bothered to tear you a new backside. Calm yourself down, have a cocoa or something. It was planes. Four of them. The alternative is absurd, unfeasible and ludicrously difficult - it also involves untold numbers of people.


    Benjamin Franklin Quotes Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

    16 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Packed ground? It smashed into tiny pieces? Did the bodies do that too? Hahahaha.


    Yes. Yes. Almost certainly. Your laughter is like backwash from a toilet.




    16 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    You don't have any photos, as none exist. Strange don't you think for a GIANT airliner thats twatted the ground at full pelt.


    No. That's what happens. Did you see the pretty picture of the burnt out husk that actually landed?


    This one wasn't maxing out and trying to hit the target straight on!




    16 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Also, you fail to mention the 'puff' of smoke that was photographed from the alleged crash site, where as in reality it would be billowing smoke for hours on end.


    You mean the comedy villains didn't simply setoff a comedy fuel bonfire to placate all the crazies who would "notice" no plane parts?


    16 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Hey, maybe the plane actually did this instead?


    No, It hit the deck at colossal speed and it obliterated itself. The energy ricochet sent parts all over for miles. The clean-up team can corroborate this.





  11. 10 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:


    Well done for referencing one of biggest shill companies going. Moron. Your true colours are showing now.


    That is called an ad hominem where you reject the verifiable content and attempt to attack the person who presented it. Hopefully the moderators of this forum will pop up and politely request that the very large pot stops calling the kettle black.

  12. Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    Try getting me going around in your pathetic circles all you like shill. At every so called plane crash site there is not a single shred of evidence of HUGE jetliner wreckage/debris. Nothing....absolutely nothing. 


    You are the one cutting and pasting from your silly repertoire of nonsense. Planes that burst into flames and crash at maximum velocity don't tend to leave much behind.


    It is a total waste of time casting pearls before swine but anyway. THIS plane landed and caught fire. It didn't crash at 530mph into an enclosed space or come down nigh on vertically and bounce into a million bits:




    That's with fire engines putting the fire out. Leave it to burn, after you crash it at high velocity into an enclosed space and you'd get bugger all left.

    Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    FOUR planes...nothing...poof...gone. I'll say it again for you...NOTHING.   What a coincidence. 


    Nope, that's physics. High energy impact and long duration burning.


    Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    Using real planes is a dumb idea by professional perps. Theres too much that can go wrong. Faking it? Much easier.



    Stupid statement. Crashing a plane is so easy even a child could do it. An adult and they just need to point it in the right direction.




    Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    NO PLANES times infinity.








  13. 8 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Your logic is the equivalent of lobbing a can of coke as hard as you can against a brick wall and saying physics will not stop the coke can from going through. You are saying the full  can of coke will use its kinetic energy and penetrate the brick wall. 


    No you rather silly person. That is not what I am saying at all. If the coke can weighed 90 tons and was travelling at 500mph you might 



  14. 3 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    You make yourself look foolish and negate everything you have said by stating physics do not apply to 9/11. Do you even think before you write?


    Dude, is English your first language? I say that because nowhere have I stated that physics do not apply. I said that YOU and team no plane have no right to use it because your ignorance is substantial. As for making myself look foolish - when my "judges" are people like you, I kind of ignore it.


    Besides, looking foolish?



    2 hours ago, Haunted Universe said:


    Haha. Great. We will rely on delusion then. 


    THAT'S foolish.



  15. Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    Whats your point? The Empire State Building mostly consisted of 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone and granite and 10 million bricks supported by a steel frame.




    You need to shut up dude.😄


    Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    A B-25 bomber is tiny in comparison to a commercial airliner. 


    Haha, the very point - you really don't debate well do you. It still went through the outside of a massive building. Slower, lighter.



    Just now, Haunted Universe said:

    How does your Pentagon plane penetrate 3 buildings creating a tiny exit hole? Was it the:


    1. Magic missile invoking the masses of people to distribute the plane parts and the dna, fire the missile, dispose of the plane and passengers etc.

    2. Plane landing gear.


    https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a5659/debunking-911-myths-pentagon/#:~:text=Claim%3A Two holes were visible in the Pentagon,hole in Ring C%2C the Pentagon's middle ring.

  16. 1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    This is the speed a giant plane travels at sea level. At 500mph its wings would have been ripped apart and would have crashed before it even made it quarter of a way to the twin towers.


    Notice how extremely loud it is on approach.





    That is going around 430mph. I see no wings coming off and I imagine the pilot was briefed not to tear the arse out of the engines.


    Can you show me your stress diagrams and physics to show why the wings would fall off at a speed the plane is designed to do?

  17. 1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Yeh totally, aluminium planes were able to penetrate thick steel girders, then magically vanish never to be seen again. Then they put a pathetically small engine in some street which was the wrong type (lol) and a magical indestructible passport conveniently shows up.


    They were full of seats, people, luggage, cross members, food trolleys, fuel, instruments, tv screens, partitions, carpets, cables, undercarriage and other items all weighing at 82.4 metric tons. This travelling along at 530mph. 


    Only the truly brainless can fail to understand the colossal kinetic energy in play. The engine was the correct type, not placed there and the passport was iffy.


    1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Have you seen videos and photos of the towers being built? You must be on drugs to think an airliner would go through that.


    Irony. Anything with sufficient force would go through it.


    1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    9/11 was planned decades in advance. 'A new Pearl Harbor'. Piss easy to create fake videos and imagery.


    No it wasn't. Your sense of reality is quite disturbing.


    1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Also, to take out a building you destroy the foundations, not attack it top down. 20 REAL jetliners crashing into the top of the world trade towers still wouldnt have made them collapse the way they did on 9/11.


    I don't recall seeing anywhere how the hijackers claimed to be trying to bring the buildings down. Completely irrelevant.


    1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    WHERE was the remains of a giant airliner at Shanksville? Theres nothing there! Just a smoking crater.


    It hit an immovable object, the packed ground at maximum speed. It smashed into tiny pieces and ejected over many miles. I won't bother posting clear-up accounts and links.


    1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Why dont the bent FBI/CIA release the video of an airliner crashing into the Penta-con? Because it was a missile or drone. Photos show the exit hole 3 buildings in and tiny. 


    It was a plane. CCTV is fairly useless at capturing such fast objects anyway. 



    I just realised I am being dragged into an almost as dumb debate as the flat earth.


  18. When are the no-plane tag-team going to answer this?


    It boils down to a straight choice:


    Alternative one involves manufacturing dozens of sequences of footage and making sure it all ties together. Faking each crash with missiles or whatever and magical charges that blow the uprights INWARDS (right there is your opening clue). You then have to dispose of the planes with nobody seeing or pay off all who do (for life and hope they don't talk), then dispose of the bodies. And for the Pentagon you have to secrete DNA remains of the passengers onboard all around the crash site. Quite who does al that work is enough to worry about secrecy, but then you have to worry about all private cine-cameras and eye witnesses who are in a good position to see planes approach. Oh and just for good measure do all that complete ridiculously unfeasible list live on TV in front of the entire planet.


    Alternative two involves crashing the planes.


    Tough choice I know. 

  19. 1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:

    and he says physics don't apply?



    Reading not your strong point is it. I said YOU don't get to invoke physics. Of course it applies, but since you know nothing about it, it negates you being able to refer to it.

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