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  1. @zArk Answer my damn post! Answer the simple questions! You even ignored my reminder: When can I expect you to answer the post posted yesterday at 8.49? Because it wraps up all the nonsense I keep having to revisit. Your understanding of basic lunar motion is the problem. Your video had dozens of errors but even when explained to you, you still hang on to it by the fingernails. This simple diagram explains it for anyone - yet you arm-waved it away for some ridiculous reason that it wasn't to scale and didn't have the Earth rotating:
  2. Seriously considering bailing. 


    1. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      Please be patient.


  3. @amy G Hey, what's the problem? "Hopefully, we are all here in search of truth and that's really all I need to say about that." - amy G. Is that not the case here? "What fascinated me most was the fact that there was legitimate discussion." - amy G. Is this not discussion? LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS routinely ignored by flat earthers in all "legitimate discussion". Why does the Sun appear to be the same size all over the "flat earth" regardless of its distance to the observer? Everything gets smaller towards the vanishing point
  4. I made a very big post above answering all your points and providing examples for pictures in space etc. It was fairly obvious your first response was a diversion but that's 3 times now. Why are all you people so afraid? I have content above that you have ignored. The thing is, you can run and hide behind your computer screen and refuse to answer things but that is real sad. How can anyone believe this crap and be afraid to answer simple things? And a math nerd knows that it takes 24hrs. And a school child can divide 360 by 24hrs and conclude it MUST move 15 d
  5. When can I expect you to answer the post posted yesterday at 8.49? Because it wraps up all the nonsense I keep having to revisit. Your mistake is the same blundering one you keep making. By the way, YOUR source for times is NOT correct, it is longer than 5hrs for the visible partial to start and end. It is actually 5hrs 18 minutes. But that's not where you are wrong, you keep insisting that the visibility of the partial contributes to the total shadow on Earth time. It does not. Now don't go getting your knickers in a twist at wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/w
  6. Yet again another flat earther turns up and runs away from direct questions. Absolutely pathetic. Why are you people so afraid to answer things? The sun comes back to pretty much the same spot every 24 hours. That is 360 degrees. It is 24hrs on every single point on Earth. As a mathematician the inevitable conclusion should be bloody obvious. Since it didn't even occur to you that speaks volumes about your level of maths skills. Now at this point, anyone who is not a committed flat earther would investigate how this flat-madness explains it. Instead, what
  7. Wow, the person calling people names objects to INDIRECT banter. Back on topic, answer my question! Black boxes, if one was needed the perps could just fake one, or do you think they exceeded their massive man power list with all the other crap and they decided not to bother
  8. Why are you so afraid to answer? The building exterior shows an inward explosion and nothing was ejected out the entrance hole. How does your no-plane nonsense explain it.
  9. I'm asking questions that you CANNOT answer. Mainly because there is no explanation. Circular reasoning - the videos show exactly what should occur. I don't need to prove that the explosion went inwards as we can see. You are the one making the moronic claim and you know there is NO explanation for it. <thread>
  10. The Earth, but hey for the purposes of the question I shall rephrase it - since you are playing silly buggers! 1. Why does the Sun appear to be the same size all over the "flat earth" regardless of its distance to the observer? Yes, everything gets smaller towards the vanishing point. But you always have to look up to the sun - yellow line. Really? The Sun at zenith has an angular diameter of 0.5 degrees of arc. Wherever it is it stays the same size. 3. How can it set or rise full size in the first p
  11. I'm not angry at all. You ignored my reply and still haven't admitted it as being correct. The rather silly women who made the video forgot to check the local times.
  12. You ran away like a big Jessie. Afraid to answer anything. Regarding the picture YOU need to explain how an explosion goes inwards with no debris coming out of the entry hole. You cannot because it was a bloody plane!
  13. Wrong yet again. The shadow passed across the Earth surface in 3hrs 14 minutes. Please stop quoting the 5 hours, that is really dumb after it has been exhaustingly explained to you. The Earth rotates around 48.5 degrees in that time. Now I've read your post several times and I still don't understand what you are saying. It almost looks like you are expecting the Earth to have rotated 143.7 degrees. Please tell me you do not think this.
  14. Do you understand mathematics? Namely trigonometry? ONLY at the equator can the Sun be 3000 miles away because it is vertical above the observer. The red line below is matey at the Equator seeing the Sun 3000 miles up above him. Now the bloke at 30 degrees has just watched the Earth go across the sky and he sees the Sun at a distance of 5200 miles. But it hasn't changed speed or size and has been in view the entire time for both of them! Now change the observer to someone by the sea watching a beautiful sunset. He's watched the Sun go across the sky th
  15. You know my explanation and it fits everything we see exactly as expected. You are the one proposing the lunatic claim, the post needs answering, why are you so afraid? Example. Sun directly overhead how far away is it? ANSWER PLEASE. And don't give me that ridiculous shite about "portals". I can track the Sun across the entire sky, it gets further away on a flat earth, so why no size change and how the hell can it always go the same speed?
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