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  1. Notes On Covid https://ia801408.us.archive.org/29/items/covid_notes/covid-0_2.pdf
  2. NourDeen

    Just Saying

    Take your vaccine The Bill Gate's special Alters your DNA Your body , His patent As one less useless CO2 Breeder exhales " How dare you " Greta Shall inherit the earth From a reader
  3. NourDeen

    Just Saying

    Great " Just Saying " . I am deeply moved ..Well-written piece with a flow.
  4. Alekum Salam Morocco , Egypt and the whole Arab / Islamic world in under their feet ( Arab expression for total submission and aquiescence ) . " We shall arrange elections to favor such presidents as have in their past some dark , undiscovered stain , some " Panama " - scandal- then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our PLANS out of fear revelations . " Protocols of Zion 10:13
  5. Talking Heads ----Once in a lifetime Rickie Lee jones---Under the boardwalk J J Cale----Friday Steve Forbert----Romeo's tune
  6. If you do a little digging and research , you will find that Pedophilia is part and parcel of joining a Satanic Cult ...You will have to engage in every form of sexual debauchery.
  7. I am currently much interested in reading - online - a book by Paul Bonnaci : Bohemian Grove -- Elitist Pigs and Pedophile Murdering Lust. Would like referral links....Thanks
  8. http:/www.summitnews.com/australia-authorities-give-themselves-power-to-remove-children-from-parents
  9. http://www.thedeenshow.com/dr-rachid-buttar-talks-about-the-coronavirus-agenda-and-what.we-need-to-know
  10. http://www.knowledgeofhealth.com/the-vaccine-from-hell/
  11. So in replay and for your edification , having enjoyed reading the fruits of your writing, I shall volley back a piece of my writing ... " Give them cookies and money " and sexually expliot them. I am sick to m y stomach of Morocco's never-ending problem of Pedophilia ...A pedophile safe haven , being much easier to access Morocco from Europe ( It's the only place Ryanair flies to outside of Europe ) than southeast Asia's child-abuse vacation destinations and populated by disadvantaged children - an easy target for pedophile tourists. Morocco has been a blind spot for decades . De
  12. Truth....I have been mesmerized. It's not often that an article or opinion piece impresses me so mush. Yours is a " must read" , jam packed with information. Right off the bat , I rue the day I defended " women rights " , " gay rights " , " human rights " , only to find out I was a satanist , waging a relentless war on my own society disguised as " progress" and " justicce " . The love between man and woman is one of the best things in life... Bravo
  13. Clearly Tyranny is being introduced under the guise of pandemic.
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