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  1. Hi Lovely Peeps This is my first post, how exciting! Thank you for letting me. Thank you for sharing information and knowledge also. This is not Satan this is Baphomet, The Goat of Mendes. It apparently symbolizes the astral plane or astral light (along with other things depending on the level of the initiation i suppose). Please read about egregores too, it might unlock many more concepts and make things clear. You can create one yourself using your psyche. Very unpredictable and dangerous. This hand gesture or should i say "mudra"? May or may not refer to the "solvet et coagula" of Alchemy. I see Reapse has a good idea of this symbolism. To have your head in the sky but your feet firmly planted in the ground, here on earth, as this is the place where the Great Work of Alchemy begins. "Ora et labora" is one of the phrases used in Alchemy. The higher aspects and processes of Alchemy are not possible without the intervention and help from God. Alchemy is a fascinating subject and extremely complex process. It can be applied to many things, all important renaissance figures studied this Sacred Art. It has been said that Alchemy shaped the world as we know it. What are your thoughts on this subject?
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