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  1. David Icke provides a site and a forum. I choose to use th forum as a place to address the different ideas about Archons. Sometimes I can get caught up in a discussion on 911, only because it use to anger me to realize how many people can't see or won't see the truth. Now days, I realize it does not matter and not only that, it is not my place to open some else's eyes, when for all I know my eyes may not be opened either. There is a good chance that what we think reality is or is not may not matter at all. I try to get too deep into something I am not meant to understand and guess what I still don't understand it. But neither does anyone else in this realm. All any of us can do is try to understand what we think our reality is and live it. So I am just going to write whatever my imagination can think of and ask anyone else to do the same. It doesn't matter if what I write is understood or not, I write just to allow my imagination to explore or interpret the different experiences I have or had.

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