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  1. For the record, I was ‘diagnosed’ with ‘covid’ in January this year while I was in hospital for psychiatric problems. For ten days solid I had a high temperature, experienced a reduction in my sense of taste and had ‘off the chart’ dangerously low blood pressure. I also have asthma but my breathing was unaffected. I also peed the bed once. i have never experienced anything like it before, but I am still with David in saying I believe covid is all a load of horseshit. I definitely had something nasty, but it certainly wasn’t covid. That’s how I see it.
  2. Just been sat in my garden when I heard a buzzing sound which initially sounded like a grass strimmer. As the sound increased I realised it was coming from overhead so looked up to see this grotesque drone flying overhead. as the drone disappeared over my neighbours roof, a seagull glided silently by, upheld on the current in the breeze, sweeping gracefully, in harmony with nature and all that is decent. what better demonstration of the two potential ‘futures’ the human race are currently facing.... Makes me wonder what the drone was up to - it didn’t look like a toy.
  3. The main symptom of covid is denying it exists. shit, we’re all screwed then!
  4. Steve H


    A statement like that can only come from the King or Queen of Cuntsville! The word ‘retard’ doesn’t even come close..... It’s a bit like believing walls have ears and looking for one in your ice cream.
  5. the self-aware universe by Amwit Goswami A synthesis of materialistic ‘realism’ and monotheistic idealism, science and spirituality. one of the most excellent books I have ever read, in fact anything by this author I highly recommend. this guy knows his stuff.
  6. The universe is frequency. In sound terms, which is the basis of ‘physical’ reality, the whole universe is based on the frequency of F# major. All you musicians out there will know the chords based on F# major. Also, all musical instruments these days are tuned to the frequency of 440hz, which is the accepted norm. Originally instruments were tuned to 432hz which is in resonance with the universe. It is the Rockefeller’s that insisted that musical instruments be tuned to 440hz. This way, all the music we play is out of sync with reality and helps to corrupt the frequency Of the planet and keep people trapped in a 3D frequency prison. It is really worth your while to watch this series of videos to also understand the significance of the number 432. https://www.sonicgeometry.com/ It will open your eyes!
  7. In sacred geometry, 666 is the diametrical opposite of 1080. 666 corresponds with male and 1080 corresponds with female. Hence the patriarchal system, we live in - 666 representing male dominance. It is the number of a man as the bible states. in the bible story, Jesus is 666 and Mary Magdalene is 1080. Add those two numbers together and you get 1746. Reduce them to the digital number, ie, add them together until you get a single number and you end up with 9. In numerology, 9 is the number of life. 9 months in the womb, etc. 1+7+4+6 =18. 1 + 8 = 9. If you understand sacred geometry, the New Jerusalem in the bible clearly points to the NWO.
  8. “I’m a rather fat feathery owl called Sage, I’m not at all happy, in fact in a rage...“ Perhaps they should try consulting with Mr Onion and the chives. or maybe even dill the dog.......
  9. it’s all bollox mate - the figures are meaningless. How can they even begin to ascertain the effectiveness of shots? Far too many variables and unforeseen ‘random’ elements. Stats are virtually meaningless and open to all kinds of manipulation.
  10. Do you really think they will publicise the FULL list of ingredients?
  11. Neither time, space or solid matter exist. It’s all just an illusion created by consciousness because consciousness is all and everything that exists. it’s that simple.
  12. Theodore Roszak - Where the wasteland ends. about the impact of the industrial revolution and its evolution into the coming technocracy. cant recommend this enough. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Where-Wasteland-Ends-Transcendence-Postindustrial/dp/0385027281/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=theodore+wasteland&qid=1604680721&sr=8-1 if anybody’s interested, send me a pm and I’ll send you my copy for free. Stuff amazon And the other sellers wanting £38+ plus for this. Robbing bastards.
  13. I’ll leave the thread opening to you BC. Yes, I noticed that, but is says watch or stream. whats the difference? And in that context what does ‘live’ mean? this shit is too vague. All deliberate of course.
  14. How is that possible in this world? I would have to go blind and deaf, stop drinking, eating and breathing.
  15. look at the middle one - it says if I stream YouTube on tv I need a bbc licence. So I’m screwed, because that’s what I do. So for the pleasure of playing a few music videos and meditation music on YT I have to pay money to bastards. How is that fair?
  16. yes, that’s true, you need a licence even if you watch iplayer on pc or tablet. if you don’t keep up with the regs BC I’ll wait for more replies before I cancel my dd. Thanks anyway for your input.
  17. sadly I’m still paying this shit but it makes my blood boil as I only use the TV for streaming (not iplayer) and watching the occasional DVD. I never watch live tv or catch up. I thought that if you have got a tv you have to have a tv licence, but I have heard that isn’t strictly true and there are ways to get round this. If somebody can advise on this I would be most grateful as I don’t want any of my money going to evil corporations like BBC. Thanks. perhaps I am just a retard after all....(no offence taken, I agree with the sentiment).
  18. Isn’t that the capital of Russia?
  19. Cheers mate, I’ve been so worried about him.
  20. Has anybody heard anything lately from this guy? I know he is very ill with cancer and I would like to know if he is doing ok. I last saw a video from him about 3 months ago on Bitchute and the poor guy kept breaking down in tears. I went to a lecture he did on 5g in Sheffield last year and he seemed ok but went downhill very fast after that. He’s done some great work with the AV conferences and played a significant part in my awakening. Any news would be much appreciated.
  21. Very interesting. I’m very much into sacred geometry. Thanks.
  22. how do you define “sound mind” in the current paradigm? Everything is inverted so the truly sane people, ie those that are awake will be deemed to not have a sound mind. It’s all word play. I know, I’ve been fighting psychiatry for years.
  23. Just thumbed down this shit. How can what is portrayed in the video come anywhere close to normal, rational behaviour? They are taking the piss out of people and laughing all the way to the bank. I’ve always hated T E Stockwell and Cohen for their aggressive marketing techniques and greed. My supermarket of choice has always been Morrison’s as they cater for single people like myself and have proper buildings instead of metal monstrosities thrown up overnight. Fuck Tesco.
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