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  1. reminds me of the NIST report on Building 7
  2. Think I've noticed these on the self checkouts at co-op as well, they have a little screen pops up with your face on while you're in front of it, once you press start. I reckon it records you and if you forget cash/pay by card, this could probably link the screencap image/video to that card and there you have data that could be used with AI (learning your ID) for the future in their digital dystopian medical apartheid tyranical world that we never voted for or wanted. It's crossing the line big time, they think we're all stupid/"conspiracy theorists" (ie "nuts") This guy obviously is compartmentalised and probably doesn't know the big picture of what his megacorporation may be doing either Yet another piece of the puzzle this one. If it isn't doing this now, it's certainly set up to be a possibilty later down the line, once the tech advances and the more and more corrupt this agenda becomes. They never tell us what they're doing because they don't want us to connect the dots. Frightening how fast it's coming.
  3. He's obviously priming MSM for the "pandemic 2" that "will get attention next time", remember that interview ?
  4. This is definately child abuse; the government is intentionally harming them in this way, physically and mentally. Kids need to expose themselves to the environment to naturally build up their immune systems; they don't need all this abuse and endless vaccines, they need to go to the park, roll around in the mud, cough and sneeze on each other, eat well and be stronger, not weak & psychologically damaged. This is so retarded it's unbelieveable, but it's happening, parents need to gather together in mass groups, refuse to return their children to school with these abuses taking place and protest at the gates.
  5. Exactly why everyone should use try and make sure they use cash (most big supermarkets have a cash machine outside, just get plenty of cash before you go in), and I also now avoid offering up any reward card (eg. clubcard, nectar card etc.), just to make sure they don't track you with that as well.
  6. PLEASE, EVERYONE GET A FREE SUNFLOWER LANYARD FROM MORRISONS https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/1323809/morrisons-news-sunflower-lanyard-scheme-hidden-disabilities Because this has been an asault on our freedoms and mental health,there hasn't been a risk assesment and there is no real proof that this virus even exists (never isolated, therefore a scam), I believe we are all exempt and can claim that wearing a mask can cause "severe distress" AND because we are totally unsure of the detrimental effect to our physical health by using these dehumanising things when they are unnatural (could cause hypoxia,mask mouth and bacterial infections) If more people start to wear lanyards/exempt badges, I feel that more people will be encouraged to do the same and the rule should collapse as unenforceable. The sheeple mentality novelty factor will wear off soon hopefully (this fashion element is ridiculous, honestly I despair for the brain dead, not realising how they are just helping to enslave us all) Have you noticed the street stalls that sell this fad crap (bags of tiny rubber bands, stupid useless spinners) are now selling this Mask Tat as well? and they just get discarded everywhere, or dropped & not picked up, honestly they're gonna be everywhere the longer the insanity goes on. Get a lanyard before they run out or change their minds, don't worry about the stigma, it's so much better than the madness of masks to be able to be free and walk anywhere we like maskless (natural, normal), as we should.
  7. Hi, first time post here so go easy on me. I've followed David for many years and really apreciated his voice and at the beginning of this scam, I realized I had to check him out on youtube to start to make sense of this farce, as the mainstream media clearly were not telling us the real story and as usual, were not questioning these "scientists" properly. It's like they've dug a massive hole and can't get out so they are now just carrying on digging deeper and deeper, they are now quietly altering the figures, cos everyone knows they are phoney and it makes people realize that it's a complete hoax. (the multiple counting of "cases") Anyway, I have something to say about Hot UK DEALS, who have promoted many mask deals, allowing people on there to defend the wearing of them ie Sheeple but I have wanted to air my views about the possible dangers, one of the latest being Dentists speaking out about "Mask Mouth" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8604639/Dentists-says-mask-wearing-causing-tooth-decay-gum-disease.html I've tried my best to give my opinion on the imbalance and some good evidence about those speaking out (the 640 doctors, the 1m German protests) , but the team censors me everytime I've basically been suspended now because I was trying to persuade them to ban mask posts, warning them that they may be breaking certain laws and regulations such as the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 2005 with bias and persuading impressionable people these things are good when they are not (both physically and mentally) They forcibly wanted to change my username too, as I wanted "thegreatscamdemicof2020" haha, they didn't like that, even though I've seen other users with strong hints for usernames. I think all my posts have been wiped out now, for my stance on this issue of HUKD promoting the mask by censorship and allowing comments that support the narrative. (This is obviously one of the ways why people are being suckered in to buying the mussles, made even worse now by the ridiculous increase in fines to £3k, I don't care if this is £1m fine, I aint wearing the things, I am exempt, as are everyone on the planet. In the UK, we don't need to wear one, as the guidance says "severe distress" as a reasonable excuse to not wear one, as we've ALL suffered from this attack of psychological operations) HUKD showed no moral backbone whatsoever.
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