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  1. Max Igan started the Full Circle Project (fullcircleproject.net) and from that many of us formed small groups around the country to meet and chat with like minded people. It was great for a while but dwindled and I've just looked for the full project website and it ain't there any more! Does anyone know what happened to it? It was a really good idea.
  2. Just want to say Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum as from this evening. Hubby & I been aligned with David's views for many years (hub was even before he'd heard of David :)) So nice to be among like-minded people!!! I don't wear a mask, have been stopped from shopping in my local Spar but otherwise haven't had too much trouble. I will absolutely not take a vaccine. Looking forward to interacting with you all (for as long as we can do so!!!)
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