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  1. And why would the military waste that technology on two shitty towers?
  2. You do insist Carlos that the plane penetrated the tower...sooo er...yeh.....where is it?
  3. Heres a better view of the hole. How strange that the hole looks pre-designed with straight rectangles and squares.
  4. Wheres your plane Carlos? Not one shred of plane debris in this hole. A hole that should have been so hot which made the towers fell yet theres a person standing in it. It defies belief that you see NOTHING resembling a giant aircraft that had apparently just plowed into the building at 500mph which was what created this hole. Those squares and rectangles are very suspect too. Perfectly straight and made. What a coincidence!
  5. This is the roof of WTC5 after the 'plane' hit. Wheres the planes parts? A week later you will see blue airliner fuselage wreckage laying on it. I wonder why it's not in this original pic?
  6. Oh really? Also, wheres your giant airliner in this photo? It's a bird, it's a plane....actually, it's just cutter charges and simple napalm-type Hollywood effects blowing a plane silhouette into the south face of WTC2. Study the actual perimeter columns and see how they were successfully blown in and in ridiculously straight lines. The problem the perps had, however, is that the ugly grey aluminum siding which had covered the perimeter columns was blown OUTWARDS and into the streets as you can see here. Not to mention, most of them were blown out in FULL LENGTH STRIPS! How can something have come slicing through the tower and not have sliced the aluminum siding which had covered it?
  7. Hi. This is level 1 of basic psy op orchestration. Crisis actors, media driven agenda, Mandela effect, unreliable witnesses. One witness on youtube says he said there were no planes, it was a bomb, and the journalist shit himself and walked away from him.
  8. You're clearly doomed, and will doom others too by association. If it makes you feel any better Mr Mephistophelian, I too hear voices, telling me to rid the world of the walking waste by way of commercial power tools, my lathe and contractor's polythene sheeting.
  9. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You're ineffectively cultivating lies and bullshit in your little echo chamber. Evil and deluded people, unable to face the painful reality of their character, will often place themselves in positions of power, or moral superiority. You're pissing in our ears and telling us its raining. You've become white noise at this point. All of your replies are laced with the overwhelming stench of a shill's conspicuous malevolence.
  10. In the plane videos, why is the plane half way in the building (when paused at this moment) and theres simply no impact? According to Carlos, physics don't apply. This is in every video from every angle you can see the plane impacting. If you have a ganders at a plane impact photo on my nukes thread, theres no plane there what so ever. This is a giant alirliner. We should see devastation taking place. All you can see is tower debris being spat out.
  11. And yet you have no means to prove it. Just infantile machinations that aren't fooling anybody. The only advantage you have as a shill is too rile up the 80% in confederacy against the 20% by way of mocking and discrediting, yet unfortunately more and more people are waking up to this horse shit. I think you fancy yourself as smart and cunning, I only see a conceited congregation of vapor.
  12. Your retorts are laughable. Every far fetched explanation for the plane simply not being there what so ever. Like at every other site. Did you say an engine went through three buildings at the Penta-con?
  13. You referenced Popular Mechanics. Thats all anyone needs to know about you. Abhorrent bullshit artists like NIST and NORAD. Dick Cheney is that you? Is this me?
  14. You show all the hallmarks of a shill who is here to simply discredit the bloody obvious. You're pretty boring now to be honest.
  15. Packed ground? It smashed into tiny pieces? Did the bodies do that too? Hahahaha. You are expecting anyone to digest this horses shit? You don't have any photos, as none exist. Strange don't you think for a GIANT airliner thats twatted the ground at full pelt. Also, you fail to mention the 'puff' of smoke that was photographed from the alleged crash site, where as in reality it would be billowing smoke for hours on end. Hey, maybe the plane actually did this instead?
  16. Are you a NIST supporter as well? Did you work for Ptech too?
  17. Well done for referencing one of biggest shill companies going. Moron. Your true colours are showing now. "Radio host Charles Goyette interviews Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics. Coburn was the senior editor and fact checker for Popular Mechanics’s debunking articles as well as the book “Debunking 911 Myths”. Coburn attempts to defend Popular Mechanics’s 911 debunkery and alleges the existence of WTC-7 photos which the world is not allowed to see, and which Popular Mechanics did not publish. Coburn also maintains that DNA evidence was used to identify the 911 hijackers."
  18. Try getting me going around in your pathetic circles all you like shill. At every so called plane crash site there is not a single shred of evidence of HUGE jetliner wreckage/debris. Nothing....absolutely nothing. FOUR planes...nothing...poof...gone. I'll say it again for you...NOTHING. What a coincidence. Using real planes is a dumb idea by professional perps. Theres too much that can go wrong. Faking it? Much easier. NO PLANES times infinity.
  19. No shit? Really? Yet not a spec of plane debris or anything inside the plane upon or after impact, especially on the roofs of the buildings below and the streets. Poof. Just vanished. Where is all this you mention? Swallowed up by the fireball no doubt and your psychosis.
  20. You make yourself look foolish and negate everything you have said by stating physics do not apply to 9/11. Do you even think before you write? Your logic is the equivalent of lobbing a can of coke as hard as you can against a brick wall and saying physics will not stop the coke can from going through. You are saying the full can of coke will use its kinetic energy and penetrate the brick wall. That's how deluded you are. Great going Einstein..
  21. Whats your point? The Empire State Building mostly consisted of 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone and granite and 10 million bricks supported by a steel frame. A B-25 bomber is tiny in comparison to a commercial airliner. How does your Pentagon plane penetrate 3 buildings creating a tiny exit hole? Was it the: Get real.
  22. This is the speed a giant plane travels at sea level. At 500mph its wings would have been ripped apart and would have crashed before it even made it quarter of a way to the twin towers. Notice how extremely loud it is on approach.
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